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  1. Why so ? Tell us what happened. Maybe someone here had the same issue and can assist you ?
  2. @Jake Well, yeah same happened to me and probably to all the guys here who deposited. It's normal to be asked to put more money. This is a commission based busines. For each successful trade you make they earn a percentage. That's why they strive to work with larger accounts in order to make more money for them as well. I understand your concerns but dont worry you will not be left alone. Even if you decide to stick with only your initial deposit the worst that can happen is to be re-assigned with a junior trader. My advice to you is not to depend only on your account manager but to try and educate yourself and start opening trades by yourself as well. Next time your AM calls tell him to sign you up for the different webinars they provide and to schedule an academy session for you.
  3. It is standard documents for all trading platforms. It's for protecting your account and money laundering prevention. Nothing to worry about as your info is protected by the new GDPI law
  4. Yeah... nowadays people want only to press a button and money starts falling from the sky.. sorry but it does not work this way.
  5. There is no such thing as a platform that trades for you there are softwares that can give you signals but still you need to place the trade by yourself
  6. Of course they do i am south african as well
  7. @EnCrypThor ofcourse but when you take a bonus you must consider the turnover that comes with it.
  8. I will make one at the end of the month for now I'm building up my capital
  9. I am trading only crypto pairs but there is more assets to trade like Crude,Gold,Silver etc.
  10. I started with them on monday. So far very good service my account manager calls me everyday adn gives me signals. And the academy is very good they give webinars and learning materials. Very good choice you made
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