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    An exciting new cryptocurrency designed for mass adoption by being based around a mobile app. The iCambacoin, built on its own blockchain, mining by phone. www.icambacoin.com Social Media CHANNELS www.instagram.com/icambacoin www.facebook.com/icambacoin
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    Learn more about how to multiply your BTC by up to 170% a year! http://www.mycryptobuddy.co.uk/
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    By investing your funds via our online platform bitbotpro.net, you increase your income while getting our company as a reliable partner. Thanks to our carefully selected methods of funds managing and trading strategies, your investments will be risk-proof despite volatility and the situation at the cryprocurrency market. https://bitbotpro.net/
  4. Global Trade Mining Exchange — MICRO MICRO will be the most advanced and complete form of trade mining system that allows users to create innovative value while maintaining an honest and complete exchange that gradually develops and shares platform revenues with its users. Visit website : www.micro.com.br Know More About MICRO https://medium.com/@marketing_45184/global-trading-mining-exchange-micro-153549e849ce https://medium.com/@marketing_45184/micro-bounty-program-2ea583b63e08 Social Media's FB: https://www.facebook.com/Micro-255657511687069/ Tw: https://twitter.com/micro_mic
  5. Bee Cashback Home Tokens (BCH) It is the most profitable ICO and real estate ecosystem Token of all times. Different from other Tokens the BCH Token is a necessity for homebuilders around the globe. Today you can buy 1 BCH for €0.70 and exchange it after the listing at the price of 1 BCH = € 1.98 ($ 2.25). https://www.bch-project.io
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    Investing project Eth2x is a new generation open source cryptocurrency fund. It provides up to 9% daily profit. https://eth2x.com/index_eng.html
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    MarcusMillichap (MM)

    MarcusMillichap (MM) This token can be used for Commercial Real Estate Investment Service https://tronscan.org/#/token/MarcusMillichap/TWFKgaKaqm1q467fwzerb2ATJy7FainHuy
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    EOS blockchain

    We are gaming platform built on EOS blockchain. Very nice and cool. Right now we only have 1 game but more are coming. Every time you play you get from TGC tokens. Here is out gaming website: https://eostiger.io About EOSTiger is a classic entertainment platform based on the EOS.IO blockchain.It is a collection of classic games with different senses, such as slot machines, Texas hold 'em, roulette, and blackjack.
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    CoinGirl is a cross-platform application and the first cryptocurrency focused on adult digital entertainment and audiences seeking new experiences. The main functions of the platform will be: Social Profile, Classifieds, Tips, Chat Open Groups, Private Groups and Possibility of Live Chat with Cam. The CoinGirl token is a native of the Ethereum network, this crypto-currency will have integration with various wallet Applications and negotiations around the world, will be used inside the platform. Our goal is to facilitate digital payments, creating partner channels for a virtually instant exchange of CoinGirl, all in a friendly, dynamic, easy and totally confidential environment. https://coingirl.live/
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    Convert your traffic into Bitcoins! Instantly buy or sell ads all over the world! Every advertiser is welcome to enjoy the highest quality of advertising. http://coinverti.com/go/home Twitter - https://twitter.com/coinverti Press Release-- https://coindoo.com/coinverti-digital-bitcoin-advertising-network-buy-sell-ads/
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    We are proud to present WolfpackBOT, Wolfcoin, and Wolvex! WolfpackBOT is a highly advanced cryptocurrency trading system that allows you to execute trades at lightning speed using our proprietary trading algorithms, proprietary “Werewolf” Trading Analysis configurations, or your own customized settings based on your unique trading style. WolfpackBOT also gives you simultaneous trading access to all the major cryptocurrency exchanges and all trading pairs in one single bot subscription! We are introducing an industry first, a beautiful hardware console that gives you access to all major cryptocurrency exchanges, including our own Wolvex Exchange, and all trading pairs. Our console also includes a built-in secure Hardware Wallet and RFID card reader for crypto to FIAT conversion! WolfpackBOT trading software is enabled with limit, market, and “Wolf Trade” orders on all trading candles, including one-minute candles, with the widest array of technical trading indicators available on the market. Our proprietary “Wolf Trade” orders provide superior market sell orders with a bite! WolfpackBOT is incredibly fast and can complete up to 10,000 trades per day or more depending on market conditions. WolfpackBOT also gives you trading access to all the major cryptocurrency exchanges and all trading pairs in one single bot! Inferior bots only allow access to one exchange and one trading pair per bot and they store your API keys in their own database and servers which are susceptible to hacks and pump and dump attacks. Your API key protection and security is a high priority and WolfpackBOT is the only Trading Bot that gives you full control and security over your API keys. Wolvex is a new groundbreaking cryptocurrency exchange featuring competitively low trade fees as well as generous bonuses and referral programs. Wolvex and WolfpackBOT are powered by the newly developed cryptocurrency Wolfcoin, and Wolfcoin holders receive discounts on trade fees in the Wolvex exchange. Wolvex also provides our customers the ability to purchase the top market cap cryptocurrencies at discounted rates. Visit Here!
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    Barthor is a decentralized open source cryptocurrency with focus on secure, fast and private blockchain solutions for everybody. It's a self funded project of a big independent community with a suitable strategy for a fair distribution and successful mass adoption. www.barthor.com No ICO, Barthor will giveaway in advance all 6 million Coins from the genesis block as Token for free. After the Token is distributed by our bounty programs, all Tokens will be changed into the Barthor Coins. Our blockchain will have a secure and stable network of masternodes and stakers right from the beginning. So our users can send their transactions instantly and privately. Join our Telegram Bounty Bot https://lnkd.in/gktn5BX Earn 3 Barthor Token for every partner you refer!
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    At times it can be so tiring look around where you can buy or sell bitcoin for your local currency or emonies in your community. Together my friends and I for the past months have worked tirelessly to design a platform that can solve your problem. Our solution, Cryptogem a secure peer to peer escrow trading platform for bitcoin. How exciting is this? For the next few days we are giving a chance to all our family and friends to pre register and become part of our affiliate, an easy way for you to earn bitcoin from your trade partners. Join us in the count down to the big launch date 01/11/2018. Below is the link you can use to sign up https://cryptogem.global/?referral_id=15 And link to our Telegram group, be part of the growing community. https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFEkA6UyZGZxwVPbkg
  14. Meet Carnomic - a new blockchain-based platform that aims to revolutionize how marketing data is transferred in the automobile industry. In times when an industry like this is rapidly growing, Carnomic’s efforts are totally geared towards the use of blockchain - revolutionizing the way data-driven marketing campaigns work across the industry. The innovative approach by Carnomic is currently listed under an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), in which the project aims to become “the next 100x cryptocurrency.” Even though their moves are quite optimistic at this (early) point, Carnomic cannot promise anything regarding the token sale. What the team can promise, however, is something very innovative and something that shifts the focus in the automobile and transportation industry as a whole. Carnomic’s Innovative And Blockchain-Based Approach - In Detail One of the best ways to explore the innovative approach behind Carnomic is to see their video which presents the platform and its main advantages. We are featuring it below. https://youtu.be/zCyHHW3SgEI As you can see from the video, there are a couple of statements and facts that Carnomic pitches in its attempt to fulfill its ICO and raise capital before issuing its own token in the cryptocurrency marketplace. Essentially, Carnomic is a startup with an innovative strategy and clear vision to overcome all of the short ends in the traditional data platforms - particularly in the automobile industry. In times when there is no data platform for the car industry, Carnomic aims to revolutionize the unique system of car registration and put it directly on the blockchain. Some of the key points of Carnomic include: ● The MVP/Product - As the prototype from the app already exists, its Beta version is still in development. As a startup, Carnomic is working hard to have its final product ready. ● The Team - Passionate and experienced, the team at Carnomic is reachable and really exists. In other words, the team comprises of blockchain specialists, financial experts as well as individuals that are well-versed in law and legislation. ● Token Use Cases - There are many potential use cases for Carnomic’s token. Carnomic believes that its unique Carnomic Tokens will act as the official payment tokens for the Carnomic Platform, giving the tokens actual use cases and value. ● Hardcap - As a startup, Carnomic requires a realistic and justifiable capital prior to developing the platform to the end. More importantly, their hardcap will be implemented in the smart contract for the token sale. ● Project Roadmap - Carnomic has all of the milestones and future goals outlined - each of which important for the development of the company. The roadmap is realistic and does not deliver any false promises. There is even a white paper which introduces everyone to the platform in detail. ● Customer Base - As Carnomic believes, there is a wide potential customer base for their product. Speaking of, the automotive industry is full of innovation - and the blockchain is obviously a next step in which it could develop. From Volkswagen to Toyota and BMW, there are many automobile giants that are already aiming at blockchain adoption. For more details, check out Carnomic’s white paper. ● Legal Security - Carnomic is currently opening its company in the blockchain-friendly country of Liechtenstein and will be registered as a “LVC – Liechtenstein Venture Cooperative” in a process that is expected to finish by the end of October 2018. Back Carnomic’s ICO Today And Gain Stake In A Promising Blockchain-Based Company. If you believe that Carnomic has all that it takes to reshape the automobile and transportation industry as we know it, the best decision to make is to back up their token sale and make most of the blockchain-based platform that aims to disrupt the industry by improving the use of data and giving a magnitude of benefits to the automobile companies. For more information about the project and a chance to back it up directly, visit https://www.carnomic.io/.
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    Ethereum has introduced .eth 2017. The advantage of .eth is, that owners of this crytocurrency can substitute the 42-character addresses, which are not memorable, by a name like ben.eth and use the short ben.eth for all transactions. The domain extension .eth belongs to the alternative root systems. All partners must download a plug in software in order that the routing works. The owners of these .eth domain names can now preferably register the corresponding Luxe-Domains, which work without a plug in software. #Ethereum #dotluxe #luxe #blockchain #cryptocurrency #doteth http://www.domainregistry.de/luxe-domain.html