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  1. Strong program and project management professional with a Bachelors Degree focused in Marketing/Management.
  2. These services are embedded into idea sharing and social networking sequence via the using of the blockchain node. Covex provides a combined hybrid security trading system with enormous trading tools, market updates etc for the users
  3. We are not a big team with promising big ideas, but rather we are a small but focused team who has moved from promising to proven.
  4. The crypto-payment card will create flexibility even being offline. The unique price of the card will be $20 USD
  5. Blockchain will forever change how e-commerce and logistics business is being done today.
  6. The cryptocurrency investment platforms involved with 24 hours opened for market investment which involves market price
  7. This process leaves crafters out of the chain link with the buyers but also bring about confusion to them due to the technicality with technology advancement which leaves them vulnerable such as fear of dishonest buyers (scammers) which tend to total loss of product and money, lack of buyer confidence because both individuals involved in the means of transaction got no means of knowing who is who?(communication), lack of international knowledge which I mentioned earlier as technicality due to technology advancement, unable to showcase their products in competitions and exhibitions, proper means of showcasing their products and difficulty in direction traffic to products they produced
  8. You are improvising an artificial intelligence technology gives powerful data analysis for users and market data analysis for manufacturers rather than going about traditional process of advertising which still doesn’t handle the problems of marketing alcohol industry.
  9. All the user needs to do is to simply use his brands to identify wallet point of entries and suspend any form of copying and pasting long unending user-names in general. it is thus, the best possibility for users in a simple manner when transactions are carried out.
  10. we want to keep our position on the cutting edge of innovation.ThinkCoin seeks to resolve all issues thanks.
  11. Buddy is a Blockchain based decentralized software, which will help to automate the entire application development process.
  12. This has led to the innovation of cryptosolartech project, a project that uses solar renewable energy to generate power needed by crypto miners and mining services for individuals in the crypto world. These will give power at cheaper rate and no pollution to the environment.
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