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  1. Hello everyone I am here to talk about an awesome opportunity to invest in Online (OIO). Here I will give you a short intro about project, current problems faced by end users while using World wide web, the solution provided by OIO, token details and distribution, roadmap of company and at the last I will go for conclusion. Online.io an Intro Online is a project that is working to make internet decentralize, more transparent. Online is re-inventing the internet and driving it towards more privacy, un-traceable, Spam-free, Ad-free and more user friendly by adopting transparent and open-source blockchain technology. While being online the end user’s every movement and visits on websites is tracked by Govt agencies and other anonyms agencies and based on his/her activity on internet a profile prepared which includes your social, financial, health data and later sold to other companies for marketing purposes. Socially and Financially, this data is a threat to user if it is In the hand of anti-social elements thus online will put a stop to this tracking activity and make your browsing experience faster, spam-free, ad-free, un-traceable and user friendly. By adopting Online, website owners will also get benefit. End users will rate website according to their experience on the web and higher rating will attract more users to the particular web and Websites can generate revenue by Online unique proof of online algorithm, thus website owner will also be able to contribute towards a neat and clean and any malicious activity free internet. Proof of online is a very sophisticated and a very eco-friendly method to generate ICE tokens, and further can be used as micropayments with 0% commission to merchants. in this method the tokens will be generated as per the traffic, time spent by user and according to the rating of website. The Problem There are numerous problems in existing internet structure some of the are describe below 1. Spam — Whenever you try to open a website an annoying pop up come from nowhere any it will only go when you try multiple times. There are a huge number of person who just close the website if any ad or pop up displays. 2. Advertisements — There are lot of advertisements on the world wide web and they keep growing. 3. Slow browsing- Due to so many ads the browsing speed is very slow. 4. Tracking/Cookies- Websites keep asking for location and cookies. 5. Theft of Data- There is no guarantee of safety of your data while entering on web. 6. Virus- There are numerous sites spreading viruses all over the web. The Solution by Online Above mentioned serious problems can be solved by Online. Here are the details and reasons 1. Spam/Ad free Websites- Website owners have the choice to opt for online and they don’t have to monetize ads as they can generate revenue by proof of online. 2. Fast Browsing- As by using online protocol there will be less or no ads making browsing faster. 3. No Tracking- There will be no tracking in Online. 4. Safety of Data- In Online safety of user’s data is paramount so your data will be safe. 5. Free from Viruses/Malwares- By using its rating system the Viruses/ malwares from website or content can be filtered and users can browse without any tension. Token Details Token Name- OnlineIO Token Symbol- OIO Token Price- 0.04 USD Total Supply- 2,500,000,000 Available for Public- 70% of total supply Currency Accepted- Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Eth. Classic Soft Cap — 5,000,000 USD Hard Cap- 50,000,000 USD Platform- ERC-20 Pre Sale From — 15 Jun 18 Public Sale 10 Jul 18 to 31 Jul 18 Road Map 2017 The idea first appeared in June June to December: Initial research Phase December: Validated the potential of the idea 2018 Studying blockchain in terms of platform integration perspective Risk analysis, associated with blockchain Starts the development for the TGE Website & Platform 2nd phase of research completed Whitepaper published Development finished for the test network and base contracts code Development finished for user API Development starts for data aggregation and financial dispatcher Smart contract development starts UI design finished Private TGE sales starts TGE platform beta version TGE platform published accepting user registrations Malware protection development starts User validation development starts Online time tracking development finished Chrome and Firefox browser extensions development starts Web dashboard for OIO token owners development starts ICE token distribution algorithm implemented TGE starts Malware protection beta User validation beta Private cloud beta, guardian script beta Wallet development starts Chrome and Firefox browser extensions beta ICE token smart contract published Web dashboard for OIO token owners release Private cloud release Guardian script release Beta version of web dashboard for OIO and ICE token owners release Chrome and Firefox Browser extensions release Wallet beta release Web dashboard for OIO and ICE token owners release Mobile applications development starts 2019 Marketplace architecture API SDK for custom integrations architecture Plug-ins for E-Commerce solutions architecture API SDK for custom integrations release Wallet additional security features Marketplace beta release Plug-ins for E-Commerce solutions beta release Marketplace release Plug-ins for E-Commerce solutions release * Roadmap is indicative and short for detailed roadmap please visit to website. Conclusion Due to raise in the recent cybercrimes and threat to user’s private and confidential data every body is in need of a decentralize and safe internet experience. Online is came up with a one of a kind revolutionary vision and to re-invent the internet with use of OIO tokens and protocols. A unique project with a high vision by team of enthusiastic professionals will surely reach to the peak. It is a great opportunity to invest in the future of a very fast growing market. In the last I want to say Online will change the Internet for users as well as web operators. Interested ? visit following links for more information and to invest in this awesome project ★ Website ★ ANN ★ Whitepaper ★ Twitter ★ Facebook ★ Telegram ★ Reddit★ Author- Abhishek Dwivedi BTT- Koolboyabhi
  2. Greetings Everyone Today I am here to review another high rated project “Treon : Brings Crypto Revolution to Utility Payments “. Staring from Introduction and till conclusion I will tell you why you should consider investing in this project. Introduction Treon aims to become the utility payment platform to process transaction in online as well as offline networks. All of us have dreamed about a place where irrespective of their status i.e. banked and unbanked all consumers will be equal in the terms of their utility bill payments that can be his mobile bill, electricity bill, natural gas bill or water bill and like many more utility bills. All payments of utility bill can be paid by the touch of their fingers in a dashboard running in an application installed in their smart-phone without any boundations of currency mean to say he/she can pay in crypto if he desire or in fiat. A very simple and one of a kind digital payment platform that is a smartphone application which has inbuit wallet for every consumer to manage their service, connecting each service/utility provider using transparent and open source blockchain technology. His payment towards any bill payment and while doing so he/she will be awarded every time using the Treon tokens to sattle their utility bills or on topping up of their account. You can see Website here. Treon platform and ANN thread is here for your further information. The Concept of Treon’s business model is based on various stream of payments derived from utility services, primarily from distributions margins, transaction cost on bill payments and fee on using platform. Treon will provide healthy margins and significant saving to utility providers connected to platform. The Problem 1- Hassle free utility bill payments 2- The Problem of long queue 3- High transaction fee on online bill payment 4- Different platform for different bill payment 5- Different time schedule for different utility and forgetting the pay the bill at time 6- Wastage of time 7- No Cash-back on online utility bill payments 8- Wastage of paper,fuel and various other things 9- No online bill payment for unbanked So you all can see and know there are various hurdles are in bill payment even if you are banked and can pay your bills online without getting into any que. The Solutions Treon will provide you a smoother, convenient and beneficial platform to pay bills online using block-chain technology. Here are the solution Treon will provide to its customer and make their life happy and tension free. 1- Anyone can payment their utility bill without any hassle just by clicking few clicks. 2- Avoid long queue, pay bill via Treon. 3- Treon will take 80% less transaction fee compare to existing platforms, thus you can save by using it. 4- One screen one dashboard to pay any utility bill payment. No multiple signup/accounts require to pay different bill. 5- Smart reminder for easy and timely settlement of bill to any utility. 6- Time saving and convenient platform 7- No use of paper and no wastage of fuel to go anywhere for settlement of utility bill payment you can do by few simple clicks thus contributing to an eco friendly system. 8- Get reward every time when paying for any utility or topping up your account in Treon Tokens for future bill payment 9- No requirement of banking system to pay bill. These are the few advantage of using Treon. Token Details Token Name- Treon Symbol: TXO Total Supply : 1,000,000,000 Allocation : 429.7 Million Soft Cap : 4 Million USD Hard cap : 25 Million USD Currency : ETH, BTC ICO date: 21st of May 2018 End: 17th of June 2018 Token Platform: ERC-20 Token Distribution Marketing: 25% Operations: 10% Admin & Legal: 5% Technology: 60% Token Allocation Founders: 9% Ecosystem: 5% Team: 2% Reserve: 84% Q1 2017: Starting from Idea and planning Q4 2017: Technical architecture and prototyping Q1 2018: ICO planning & preparation Q4 2018: Request a Token on the Crypto Stock Exchange Q1 2019: Onboarding Telecommunication Provider Q4 2019: Agreement with Telecom top-up distributor Q1 2020: Agreement with payment gateway Q4 2020: Onboarding Electrical Company Q1 2021: Smart Contract for natural gas companies Q4 2021: Onboarding company Water Utility Q1 2022: Launch of Telecom reseller agreement Q4 2022: Close all reseller agreement of utility provider Treon core team Hesham El Metainy — Founder, Strategy Khaled Khorshid — Founder, Technology Mohamed T. Kesseba — Head of Marketing Binal Patel — head of technology Hoda El Kara — Head of Corporate Communications Miranda Rector — Head of product Harshil Sanghavi — Blockchain Conclusion Treon is based on Ethereum block-chain and to enable consumers around the globe to manage their utility bill payments in a smart, convenient and hassle free way by using their smartphone as a tool. Be a part of the Treon and join revolution as its market strategy is simple to be adopted by billions of customer worldwide. Join today and live an almost carefree life as regards your utilities usage and management. Interested ? visit following links to know more about treon. Good Luck. Reference Links Website : http://treon.io/ ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3403731.msg35625366 Whitepaper : https://www.treon.io/data/Treon-WhitePaper.pdf Twitter : https://twitter.com/TreonNews Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Treon-171801956857915/ Telegram : https://t.me/TreonOfficial Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/treon/ Authored by: KoolboyAbhi BTT URL- KoolBoyAbhi
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    Tradeconnect and ThinkCoin ICO : A Review

    Hello Friends Good Morning. Today I am going to present a review of one of the most promising ICO in 2018 that is ThinkCoin and its parent platform TradeConnect: A multi Digital asset trading platform. ThinkCoin presale is already concluded successfully and if you want to invest in this awesome project then there is an excellent opportunity to invest by registering on website here. Private investment is ongoing is around the globe for institutional investors. It is a very innovative project as described by various reputed Inter-national websites, media and business magazines like Forbes, CCN, Coinspeaker, etc. ThinkCoin ICO has also received high ratings from various reputed ICO rating websites Such as 4.3/5 by ICO bench, 4.6/5 by TrackICO etc. In today’s world, investment in digital asset whether its traditional or modern is facing various hurdles, some of the hurdles are 1- Requirement of multiple accounts for investment in different digital asset, 2- Excessive charges levied by brokers and so many intermediaries and less benefit to investors and large benefit to all intermediaries and brokers 3- Huge price manipulation of price and markets by brokers and investment agencies for their benefits 4- Investors funds are always at risk by the investment agencies and brokers 5- Use of old Technology and less beneficial for investors. TradeConnect will bring solution to all these hurdles by using blockchain technology in financial investment sector. Due to usage of Blockchain the investment will be transparent and funds invested will be visible. TradeConnect will be a multi-digital asset trading platform so one can invest in Forex, CFD, Commodities, directly from Crypto. There will be a single platform to invest in all type of digital Asset so no one need multiple signup/ Accounts to invest in different digital asset. Blockchain will make all transactions transparent so there will be no chance to manipulate market/price in any manner. Tradeconnect will be a peer to peer investment platform so no intermediaries or brokers required resulting minimum trade fee for investors and will bring more benefit to investors. Investments made by the investors will be secured by using smart contracts and there will be no chance to temper it. The funds will be secured and readily available when any one wishes to withdraw or to reinvest in different digital asset. Think Markets group is already a market leader in digital asset investments and working in this field since 2009. They have made a huge 15000 % user growth in last 8 years. It shows their orientation towards customer satisfaction and professionalism. TradeConnect’s MVP is already live and available to download in various application stores. If you want to see how TradeConnect will be and how it will work you can download the application that is official MVP from apple app store and as well as android play store. As you know TradeConnect belongs to ThinkMarkets group and they are already recognized by various high rating agencies and received many awards from different governments for their contribution in customer satisfaction in financial investment industry. Token information as per website and ANN Thread – Token Name- ThinkCoin Symbol- TCO Total Supply- 500 Million Total Allocation- 300 Million Hard Cap — 300 Million USD Soft Cap- 50 Million USD Currency — Eth, BTC, BCH, Fiat Spend Allocation 45% — New user acquisition and marketing 30% — for TradeConnect development 12% — for Operations 10% — Licensing and Changes 3% — Legal and audit TCO Token Allocation 60% Private Sale, PreICO and ICO 24% Retained 15% Team 1% Bounty For more information about this awesome project and investment visit- YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/thinkcoin Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thinkcoin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThinkCoinToken Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThinkCoinToken Medium: https://medium.com/thinkcointoken LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/thinkcointoken Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/thinkcointoken Whitepaper: https://www.thinkcoin.io/#whitepaper Website- www.thinkcoin.io Authored by — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1830050
  4. A Crypto-Currency runs on a Blockchain, which is a shared ledger or document duplicated several times across a network of computers. The process of using computer power to process transaction of crypto-currencies and to create new currency called Mining.Today’s world Mining of crypto-Currencies consuming the 10 % of global power supply and spreading pollution to an alarming stage. Due to high level consumption of power mining is now damaging the environment. Swiss Alps Mining Project : An Intoduction Swiss Alps Mining is project based on distributed ledger based Technology (Blockchain) Technology which will mine Crypto-Currency in an eco-friendly way by using existing infrastructure abandoned by local farmers at Swiss Alps without any damage to it and any hazard to the environment. Swiss Alps Mining and Energy (SAE) is a swiss company which is strives to exploit environmental friendly Mining and started its amazing project and established cryptographic farms at Swiss Alps in 2018. Mining Process SAE is creating autonomous and independent versatile mining blocks ( SAM Cubes) which will offer high mining power and less maintenance. The SAM cubes will work on SAMAIX and will mine most beneficial crypto currency. SAE has already created two cubes and they are functioning very well due to location on high altitude and climate it will not require any cooling unit or air-conditioner to work. Same cubes can be taken on rent on a price of 4K USD per cube or can be purchased at a flat rate of 200K USD per cube. Each cube has 14TH/S mining power. For more information visit to https://swissalpsmining.io . Aim of SAE SAE desires to promote blockchain technology and its uses to a broad level. It will help clients / third parties to develop their own blockchain based projects by providing decentralized infrastructure. SAE will take step to address the issue of hazardous alarming environmental problem with crypto-mining globally. SAE will also provide support the local economy in Switzerland alpine areas and facilitate the digital transformation in these areas. SAE will be a huge hydropower supplier by using blockchain technology. SAM Token and ICO As mentioned above SAE has already created two functional cubes now they have issued an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3799103.0 to raise funds to finance the development and expansion of the mining facilities and to acquire holding in hydropower plants. In this ICO they are issuing Token SAM which will run on ERC-20 Block-Chain and will be used to pay for rent or purchasing of cubes on its platform at https://swissalpsmining.io SAM Token Details Token Name — Swiss Alps Mining Token Symbol — SAM Total Supply — 239,682,538 SAM Price — 0.30 USD (In ICO) Blockchain : ERC-20 For More Information About the Project please visit following : Website: https://swissalpsmining.io/ Whitepaper: https://swissalpsmining.io/pdf/whitepaper.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/swissalpsmining Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/swissalpsmining/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/swissalpsmining/ Telegram: http://t.me/swissalpsminingICO Authored by – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1830050;sa=forumProfile