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  1. Blockchain in Intellectual Property can be applied to cut time on administrative tasks and help maintain IP record accuracy. Read on for more info.
  2. Oodles aims to provide you with advanced and innovative crypto/altcoin creation services. Our experience in the blockchain development helps us bring encompassing solutions for custom altcoin development services. Visit here for more information
  3. We, at Oodles blockchain , are pioneers in building high-quality Altcoin wallets with top-tier security that run seamlessly over the blockchain with minimal complexities. Not only Blockchain Wallet Development Services , but our team of Blockchain Wallet Developers is also capable of building virtual wallets for all kinds of cryptocurrencies. For more information visit here
  4. With blockchain consulting services , we, at Oodles, aim to develop, maintain and evaluate blockchain development and cryptocurrency related products and web services. We strive to provide long-term consultancy and assistance on related technological aspects for our clients worldwide. Visit here for more information
  5. Get Your Hands on Next-Gen Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Developed by Oodles Blockchain for a Unified Trading Experience Globally Oodles Blockchain is one of the early adopters of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Exploring and embracing cutting-edge technologies is part of our DNA. We help businesses grow with cutting-edge Blockchain and AI/ML technologies. Launch your own Cryptocurrency Exchange in no time using Oodles Blockchain’ Crypto ExchangeDevelopment Services. Also, get a turnkey solution for instantly getting started with your Exchange Platform. Make the most of a wide array of listings of cryptocurrency available under our software platform. The Mechanics of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Platform Getting started with crypto trading business without a cryptocurrency exchange platform is unthinkable. A cryptocurrency exchange platform is a digital marketplace where you allow users from the globe to buy, sell or trade in multiple cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currency. Providing users with a Crypto Exchange platform is a rapidly growing business idea. It bolsters them in setting off their crypto wheels in motion without friction. As per the Coinmarketcap, 208 Crypto Exchanges are operating online currently that support active trading. Surprisingly, the combined 24-hour trade volume of the top ten is over $6.5 billion. Types of Crypto Exchange Software Platforms Centralized Exchanges (CEX) Improved liquidity rates than other exchanges Enough capital for updating and developing the trading platform to match clients requirements Compliant with government laws than other exchange models Already implementing the government’s anti-money laundry acts (AML), as well as Know Your Customer (KYC) user requirements. Faster transactions due to their optimized trading platform Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) No need of a middleman to use the platform Reduced transaction costs and trading fees Execute trades on a peer-to-peer basis Provide the user with the autonomy to control their funds. Transactions are secure, private, anonymous, and transparent. Hybrid Exchanges Next generation cryptocurrency exchange Combines the startling aspects of both centralized and decentralized exchanges Aims to provide the liquidity of CEX along with the anonymity of DEX Probably the cryptocurrency exchange of the future An excellent example of a centralized and decentralized blend Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Platform Development For Different Business Sizes As per the organization size and their business processes, our crypto exchange developers help us provide cryptocurrency exchange development services customizable according to the specific business needs. Also Read: The Most Comprehensive Guide Ever to Starting Your Crypto Exchange Business Following the complexities that come associated with the client organization we work with, we allocate utilization of different advancements for respective cryptocurrency exchange software platform. SMEs > Angular & NodeJS Startups (New Businesses)> Ruby on Rails Enterprises> C++ Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development – Taking a Gander at Different Order Types For launching a successful cryptocurrency exchange platform, it is imperative for you to understand the order types. Market Order Allows your users to trade digital currencies at current market prices. They can set a market buy or sell to keep safe themselves in today’s highly volatile market. Limit Order Enable users to trade cryptocurrencies by ordering on the expectation that someone else’s market order would fulfill it. The user gets to set a ‘limit buy’ or ‘limit sell’ option. Stop Order It’s a conditional market order in which users sell their order after reaching a listed price. Users can set a Stop Buy or Stop Sell/Loss while assuring prudent actions. Copy Order It’s an order in which users get updates on the leading crypto-traders and copy their trades. It assists newbies in trading cryptos efficiently. Also, the top order would get incentivized as per the earnings of the copied trader. P2P Trading The Peer to Peer trading provides buyers and sellers with negotiation option before they transfer the coins. Here, escrow service ensures coin safety. Upon the agreement between the seller and buyer, the transaction gets completed. Buy Stop Order When the stop price is around or lesser than the market price, buy stop order or stop loss order can get placed. It protects the profit on a cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency exchange or limits a loss. Security Vulnerabilities that must be covered under Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development Google Two-Factor Authentication Google 2 Factor Authentication implemented on every login and withdrawal to ensure that a valid user is accessing the account. Demand Encryption and Authorization For checking the activities of a user, the activity request gets encrypted at the client side. Then, it goes for authorization at the server side. Both encryption and authorization are musts for a cryptocurrency exchange development. Hot Wallet Protections To prevent wallet attacks, we integrate multiple private keys rather than a single private key that might be vulnerable to hacks. Software Vulnerabilities We execute a method, using which, the request by a user from anywhere gets encrypted with salt and body. Further, when the request gets decrypted at the exchange, both salt and body get a match. If it matches, the system proceeds with the request, otherwise not. Cryptocurrency Exchange Software with Robust Features KYC/AML Verification Get thorough KYC verification authority over the traders’ registration timing. AML supportive system, customer documents management, and document verification. Accurate Security We possess an exchange software solution that reduces the website development time, adheres to blockchain security protocols, and improves the quality and accuracy of data. API and Liquidity Integration It provides irregular estimates of the activities of the trading on the crypto market. And enables you to comprehend current trading activities executed on the website. Order Book with Matching Engine It consists of the dashboard for order payments, matched order and relevance, balance monitoring, withdrawal request, and unfinished transaction details. Multi-Sig Wallet Configuration Enables your cryptocurrency exchange to manage traders KYC and AML checks for regulatory adherence. Also, it allows integrating multi-signature and encrypted hot wallet, cold wallet and frozen wallet. Trade Chart and Market Data Get a comprehensive view of every cryptocurrency from an overall level on rational chart visual presentation, as well as, a thorough grasp of the market provided with the volume of trades at that specific point of time. Added Attributes of a Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Developed by Oodles Blockchain Extensibility High-level scalable platforms API Layer for 3rd party services integrations Modular Designing Custom-tailored platform for specific features Utility Unique User Experience as a result of our Intuitive Dashboards, Trade Chart, Market Depth Chart, etc. Intuitive signup and trading process Custom Themes by Oodles Blockchain UX/UI specialists Security & Assurance Comprehensive vulnerability evaluation Decentralized ledger technologies for improved security Two-Factor Authentication and Alerts A dedicated in-house team of security professionals Decentralized Exchange/Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Smart Contracts deployment for business process automation Highly Customizable platform Granulated User Access Controls User-friendly platform settings access from Admin console Why Work With Oodles Blockchain? Oodles Blockchain is one of the early adopters of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Exploring and embracing cutting-edge technologies is part of our DNA. We help businesses grow with cutting-edge Blockchain and AI/ML technologies. Launch your own Cryptocurrency Exchange in no time using Oodles Blockchain’ Crypto Exchange Development Services. Also, get a turnkey solution for instantly getting started with your Exchange Platform. Make the most of a wide array of listings of cryptocurrency available under our software platform. A few insightful reads about Crypto Exchanges: Using Artificial Intelligence to Build Cryptocurrency Exchange App Exchange Development | Insights to Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Exchange Solutions as Public Utility Exchange Application Development Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Cryptocurrency Exchange Development
  6. Blockchain Technology Solutions | A Suite of Custom Blockchain Services > WE CONTRIBUTE TOWARD BALANCING THE BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION Oodles Blockchain has advanced beyond the innovation and R&D lab with blockchain. Now, we have gained real-world expertise linking blockchain technology and business processes—encompassing the complete blockchain journey—for clients. “The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.” Don & Alex Tapscott, authors Blockchain Revolution (2016) Here’s a rundown of what will new business applications result? The blockchain enables internet users to create value and authenticate digital information. Smart contracts The sharing economy Crowdfunding Governance Supply chain auditing File storage Prediction markets Protection of intellectual property Internet of Things (IoT) Neighbourhood Microgrids Identity management AML and KYC Data management Land title registration Stock trading And everything of Value Our Blockchain Technology Solutions and Offerings Oodles Blockchain brings to the fore its core potential in technology areas to integrate or complement with blockchain solutions and help magnify its value. Blockchain Incubation Services Research on trends Design Thinking-aimed evaluations for use case identification in business Technology gauging Agile Prototyping Blockchain Technology Services Consulting Services Development Services Integration Services Testing Services Blockchain Solutions Industry-based Blockchain technology Solutions (such as loyalty management, letter of credit, energy trading, etc.) Integration solutions with enterprise apps Blockchain Platforms Scalable and business agnostic blockchain platforms that for enabling ready–to–onboard permissioned (shared)or permissionless (decentralized) networks. Where to begin Blockchain Development? Set out your blockchain development journey with Oodles Blockchain. Here’s a gander at how it would work for you: Analyze blockchain opportunities with our Design Thinking-aimed evaluation procedure and form rapid prototypes. Augmentation, design, and implementation of selected blockchain-based business use cases. Execute blockchain solutions with technology and perform considerations on the chosen platform. Examine for requisite scale, execution, and security. Analyze and execute consensus and governance methods. Position the blockchain solution across the entire network. Allow modifications and updates. Outcomes Description of pertinent use cases and perceptible prototypes Affirmation of the preferableness, practicality, and attainability of the blockchain use case. Ready to execute blockchain solution Operational blockchain network Why Work with Oodles Blockchain? Oodles Blockchain brings out the best for your business by utilizing blockchain and its related technologies like smart contracts, distributed ledgers, and shared ledgers. Oodles Blockchain offers a myriad of blockchain technology solutions. Our offerings help in the widespread adoption, integration, and realization of blockchain networks. Which in return; Uplift integrity and commitment of customers Obtain unprecedented visibility across the entire supply chain Allow sufficient traceability of actions and events, including transactions Explore Technology Expertise of Oodles Blockchain IOTA Steem Stellar Ripple OpenChain MultiChain Ethereum Industry Use Cases of Blockchain Healthcare Real Estate Legal Automotive
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    Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

    Cryptocurrency Exchange Development > Exchange Get Your Hands on Next-Gen Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms Developed by Oodles Blockchain for a Unified Trading Experience Globally As per the organization size and their business processes, our crypto exchange developers help us provide cryptocurrency exchange development services customizable according to the specific business needs. Following the complexities that come associated with the client organization we work with, we allocate utilization of different advancements for respective cryptocurrency exchange software platform solutions. SMEs > Angular & NodeJS Startups (New Businesses)> Ruby on Rails Enterprises> C++ These Must-Have Features Come Equipped With Our Exchange Development Services Safety & Stability Multi-tier & Multi-cluster system architectureMost Compliant Exchange An end-to-end blockchain-based verification systemMultiple Cryptocurrency Support BTC, ETH, XRP, BEL among othersMultiple Device Supported Web, Android, and IOSHIGH LIQUIDITY One of the efficient liquid order books GLOBAL PRESENCE Presence in Asia, Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe Added Attributes of a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Developed by Oodles Fund Management Cryptocurrency exchange platform developed by Oodles empowers users to oversee virtual assets in an effective way. Using our cryptocurrency exchange development services you can give your clients a productive exchange/trading platform to play out any number of digital transaction in the most secure condition. Modified Features To feature the uniqueness of your business, we let you outline and modify your cryptocurrency exchange platform according to your requirements. However, there will never be a compromise with safety and security as it is a paramount priority regardless of the business. Also Read: Important Features of a Cryptocurrency Exchange for Definite Success API integration To help exchanges including multiple digital currencies, we incorporate diverse APIs to make all the finance related activities simple and smooth through the platform. For each new cryptographic money, we guarantee that it is incorporated into the exchange platform so that your business never comes to a halt. Multicurrency Wallets With over 1600 cryptocurrencies operating in the financial market, it is imperative for a cryptocurrency exchange platform to have (digital wallets) cryptocurrency wallets which need to support multiple currencies, including FIAT currencies as well. We create multi-currency blockchain/cryptocurrency wallets to fulfill the needs of your customers by utilizing fluctuating monetary forms over the world. Administrator Backend Panel With a great administrator backend panel in set up, you can simply stay ahead of everything that occurs on your crypto exchange platform. It additionally empowers you to change your platform according to the most current patterns and advancements in the crypto market. Oodles Blockchain, Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Provider? Oodles Blockchain, a micro-site of Oodles Technologies, is an offshore Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company in India. We have been creating cutting-edge arrangements using the Blockchain technology for the last few years. To empower quick and secure exchanges using virtual money, our best blockchain/crypto developers strive to deliver robust and reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform solutions. Set up as one of the pioneers of Blockchain innovation, Oodles Blockchain aims at advancing cryptocurrency exchange solutions by executing the latest advancemen
  8. EOS DApp Development > EOS The Problem with Ethereum Blockchain Ethereum boasts one of the massive developers’ community globally in the landscape of cryptocurrencies. The number of decentralized apps on Ethereum blockchain will surpass 2000 this year, which is no less than a miracle and unprecedented for any other cryptocurrency today. Despite Ethereum’s supremacy in the sphere of Smart Contract Development Services andDecentralized Application Development Services, there are still some weak links attached to it that might give way to new competitors. Why Develope a DApp on EOS Blockchain Platform EOS is a blockchain used to develop fast and scalable decentralized applications (DApps). Indeed, supporters have named it the Ethereum executioner. EOS makes DApp development simple by giving an operating-system-like set of services and functions that DApps developers can utilize for their enhancement. The concept behind EOS is to unite the best highlights and guarantees of the various Smart Contract Technologies out there. In simple words, the EOS community is attempting to give one easy way to utilize, enormously versatile DApp stage for regular users. EOS DApp Development The primary target of EOS is to help make a decentralized blockchain that can execute quick and feeless exchanges. EOS won’t just enable Smart Contracts to get assembled over but also empower EOS DApp Developers to develop efficient DApps. Decentralized applications can be known as the future of the web. There are over a thousand of them accessible on various blockchains. An instance of a DApp that could keep running on EOS blockchain is a decentralized type of Facebook, where no single entity can control the system and consent to get to your data. The traits of EOS DApp Development Feeless Transactions EOS executes each transaction for free, however, for using Bandwidth, Computation, and Storage, a sender requires to spend EOS tokens. Performance EOS can process thousands of transactions per second. It has the potential to scale further. EOS blockchain based Dapps can provide seamless user experience, along with being scalable to a live product with millions of users. Secure Upgrades and Bugs Improvement EOS is a robust platform that can easily fix bugs, by allowing the block producers to regenerate the account’s code without requiring to hard fork the entire blockchain. Better Inter Blockchain Communication EOS is Inter blockchain communication supportable through Proof Of Action sequence. These proofs can get connected to application architecture for the interaction with other blockchains. Smart Contracts Development For compilation, Smart Contracts in the EOS ecosystem uses Web Assembly (WASM), which get support from languages like Rust, Python, and Solidity. However, also, C++ can be used for Smart Contracts development in EOS due to high performance and security traits. DApp Development Using EOS blockchain as the development platform for a decentralized application is a good start. It’s because it apportions the authentication from execution. EOS DApp Developers can freeze or fix the application even after deployment. EOS enables role-based permission. A wide variety of toolkit is available to assist in development. Oodles Blockchain, as your EOS DApp Development Expert? Choosing us as your EOS DApp Development experts could help you cut the competition and race ahead of your competitors. We are a blockchain development company having years of excellence in blockchain development services. We utilize some of the best blockchain platforms, including EOS, Hyperledger, Steem, IOTA, etc. to deliver top-class consumer-based and enterprise-grade applications. If you think you have an idea that we can execute, feel free to reach us, and will be at your disposal in less than no time.
  9. Why is EOS blockchain the Best Platform for Commercial-Grade DApps Share Tweet Pin Email Share Mudit Kumar January 15, 2019 Leave a Comment Introduction to EOS Blockchain Platform: Perhaps the Best Choice for DApps EOS.IO is one of the latest and unique blockchain-powered platforms. Mainly focused on decentralization, Blockchain Developers use it to develop and deploy Decentralized Applications. Created by Block.one, a Cayman Islands Company holds the ownership of this platform. Based on smart contracts, developers can opt EOS blockchain to define the characteristics of their dApp. Using EOS blockchain, they can code their DApp as per the requirements. However, the blockchain technology has the issue of scalability. EOS blockchain platform claims to fix this issue for good. In comparison to the scalability of the existing employed worldwide financial framework like VISA, the scalability of the prominent blockchain platforms like ethereum is quite low. VISA can process thousands of transactions on its network per second (TPS). However, for bitcoin and ethereum, this number is still below 100. So, if millions of people are using a decentralized application developed on a decentralized platform, its scalability must be in the upper end. EOS blockchain aims at this issue. It wants to make its platforms suitable for development of commercial-scale decentralized applications. How does EOS blockchain platform do that? EOS applies a unique consensus algorithm at its core. Instead of deploying standard consensus algorithms like Proof-of-Work (PoW), EOS makes use of the delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS). Owing to the DPoS consensus mechanism, EOS can handle much more transactions than others like ethereum. What is Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPos)? EOS deploys the Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) at its core, allowing it to forms blocks within 0.5 seconds. For obtaining irresistibility, the platform also uses asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (aBFT) along with DPoS. Altogether, these frameworks ensure that the transaction irreversibility is within less than one second. In contrast to the traditional PoS, where the token holders cast their vote for the confirmation of the blocks, the token holders decide to vote for block producers in the ecosystem of DPos. Now, the block producer group, capable of achieving the largest number of votes, votes and organizes the creation of the blocks. The initial step of the BFT-DPoS combination is the assortment of the group of block producers. The selection gets conducted on the basis of some pre-defined commands. Then, the top 21 block producers get selected through constant voting conducted by the EOS token holders. After the selection of the group, the next aspect is achieving consensus between the block producers. Disagreements get settled within this group of block producers through voting. It requires two-thirds (2/3) votes to get an agreement; 15 block producers need to agree on something to call it final. Then, it can be considered irreversible. The method of producing block also gets taken into consideration. All the block producers agree on the method in which the blocks will get produced. For producing a block, a block producer in the EOS ecosystem get 0.5 seconds. If a producer fails to create the block in the given time, it gets skipped. The longest chain in the group gets regarded correct. If a block producer finds a longer chain than the rest, he shifts to that chain. Transactions also get confirmed in the EOS ecosystem. All the transactions carry the header hash of the terminal block in the chain. If the terminal block is not available in the chain, the transactions get considered as incorrect. Who is in Competition? Competition in the blockchain world is cut-throat. Numerous decentralized application development platforms are getting launched with each passing day. However, EOS blockchain platform has significantly managed to announce its place in the upper league. It has a direct competition with Ethereum (one of the biggest platforms in the blockchain arena), NEO and Cardano, and thus, is being called the ‘Ethereum Killer.’ So, now we’ll have to wait and watch who wins this race of becoming the most prominent blockchain development platform for Scalable and Fast DApps in the next few years.
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    Blockchain Software Development

    What Oodles Blockchain Emphasizes Oodles Blockchain focuses on robust, scalable and effective solutions. With stringent internal audit mechanism. We have been ensuring bug-free blockchain software and applications. Our comprehensive package of customizable blockchain products delivers effective solutions to multiple industry verticals. Oodles Blockchain: Technology Expertise Services The Correct Approach to Successful Blockchain Software Development A strong approach to successful blockchain software development is segregated into Identification, Design & Development. Identification Developers identify a number of aspects of the solution. The use cases, the most efficient agreement mechanism, and the best platform. These involve an evaluation of the specific objectives of the software apart from general ones. Since Distributed Ledger is primarily a scalable platform, it will have many potential use cases. A single network of such ledgers can be customized to attain different objectives, however, determining the best use cases and limiting them is important as it improves the performance of the platform in what it is supposed to do. The next factor to evaluate is the consensus mechanism because it is the basis of both security and transparency of the network. From platforms like Ethereum to new emerging ones, there are a plethora of options to develop an application. The platform should match with the objectives. Design & Development A blockchain primarily comprises of Nodes, APIs, the UI, and elements of implementation. Design of Nodes of the blockchain is dependent on hardware and intended operating systems. Any language is good for designing the User Interface, while, APIs are based on the type of platform used to develop the blockchain. APIs are developed to execute following functionalities in a blockchain: Executing Smart Contracts Audits Address and Key production Authenticating hashtags and signatures Storage and Recovery of information Lifecycle management of assets The key elements of a blockchain application require stringent scrutiny. Some of these elements are the issuance of assets, consents, handshaking, the format of address and keys, signatures, supervision, atomic exchanges and limits. Building each of these elements with optimal care is the basis of a reliable blockchain software development. Setting the Goals Since the software is different to a conventional application, developing any solution in this domain need to fulfill certain goals. These are the basic objectives of development for the realization of full potential of the application. Attaining Decentralization, Transaction, Security, and Transparency are primary objectives. Decentralization is the basis of this technology. It is basically a growing network of servers held together with a mechanism of consensus for receiving and releasing information. Developers create the program which is self-replicating across each node of the network. Hence achieving a true decentralization is the primary objective of blockchain software development even if it is meant for private networks. Transactions are the next primary feature of this technology. A Decentralized app acts as a record keeper of each transaction. The capacity to handle transactions is among its top performance parameters. Developing such a solution is based on a foresightedness to create strong networks built for unlimited transactions. Attaining security and transparency at the same time is another objective of blockchain software development. The technology is based on “Trustless-ness”, which eradicates the need of any mediator or a third party authenticator for a transaction. The system is supposed to be so secure that transactions between two blocks cannot be corrupt. To attain these objectives, developers need to follow the most appropriate approach. Read: About Blockchain Application in Legal Industry. Public Voting. Military and Defence. Automobile Industry. Blockchain Software Development Adoption of blockchain is gradually increasing in the enterprise landscape. Advantages of this technology over conventional web-based applications are the major reasons of its latest popularity as Enterprise as well as Public applications. Due to its emerging relevance, Blockchain Software Development is taking over the traditional industry of application development. Blockchain Software Development, however, has a larger realm as the term means a broad set of technology, narrowing down to segments such as cryptocurrency, exchange, Decentralized Ledgers, and DApps. The diversity of technologies under this proffers a broadness into its approaches and techniques of development. Developers often follow a different approach toblockchain development in contrast to conventional traits.
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    Blockchain Services Company

    Why Choose As Your Blockchain Development Company? Being a torchbearer in the blockchain development landscape, Oodles Blockchain stands tall for its inventive approach to provide the best experience to its customers. We understand and add value to each project that we undertake. Blockchain Services The blockchain technology is dominating the online world and reshaping the business processes across a wide range of industries. The rise in the demand for blockchain adoption is due to the need for simplified business processes with complete transparency, security, and immutability. Blockchain-based decentralized applications involve numerous business transactions such as; Business Order Tracking, Supply Chain, Banking & Finance, E-Learning, Healthcare, Online Shopping Portals, Insurance, Travel, Music, Contract Validation, Renewable Energy and many such transactions. Why Are We A Top Blockchain Services Company in India? Oodles Blockchain, a micro-site of Oodles Technologies, is an expert in Blockchain Development Services due to its experience of more than four years in this domain. We aim to fulfill the demands that drive true differentiation in today’s enterprise ecosystem. We are trying to cope with the increasing demand of companies for decentralized environments to offer them cutting-edge development services in decentralized ledger technologies including; Smart Contracts Development, Blockchain Development Blockchain Product Development, Exchanges, Hyperledger, Wallets and so on As a top blockchain services company in India and the USA, we operate with a dedicated team of blockchain developers and designers to match your evolving needs. What You Get By Choosing Us As Your Blockchain Services Company? Flawless Coding Increased Performance Security Effective utilization of resources Scalability Compliance Also, we ensure that our smart contract services for each client pass through stringent review to not fall short in any development process.
  12. Today, the global economy and the digital world are growing rapidly. Because of that various disruptions are happening in these two domains, causing businesses and traditional institutions to change the way they operate. And, now the issue that is all the rage and on the brink of disruption is traditional payments solutions. They are soon to be replaced by virtual payment solutions. Governed by cryptography, the decentralized, distributed ledger technologies like Blockchain is offering numerous prominent advantages over fiat currency and traditional payment systems. Why are we focusing on virtual payment solutions today? It’s because of Ripple, representing the next-gen of blockchain technology, that has so much to offer. RippleNet specializes in almost every significant attribute of a blockchain network, such as swift transactions, improved transparency, low transaction fees, etc. Ripple addresses the challenges that some of the existing blockchains fail to do. Its primary aim is to provide a secure and integrated global payment solution. The problem begins with today’s global payment systems. Most of the enterprises lack in having a decent infrastructure, wherein the networks fail in providing the necessary features, including sufficient inter-connectivity to serve the demands of the international users. In a nutshell, the current networks either are inefficient in proper regulations or are ineffective at handling the obstacles involved in cross-border payments. Whether it’s the high processing fees or improper servicing facilities, the incompetencies of the existing global payment networks are driving brands and consumers away from centralized systems and banks to Fintech providers like Ripple and Stellar, which are adept at handling such issues at hand. Being among the top blockchain systems, Ripple has presented itself as a viable digital investment option for domestic as well as cross-border transactions. Revamping Cross-border Payments with RippleNet We discussed in the previous section that how Ripple strives to eradicate some of the biggest barriers within the current global payment systems. Being one world’s leading global payments networks, RippleNet gives a seamless user experience for global payments. In contrast to numerous other institutions that are a result of many disparate technologies, unstandardized communications, and centralized systems, RippleNet is an individual entity formed of a network of banks that allow transactions via Ripple’s distributed blockchain technology. The quickly developing ecosystem of RippleNet could be segmented into two sections, network users or the consumers and the network members or the payment providers. The network members or the payment providers, also known as the enablers. They consist of banks and centralized businesses willing to process transactions for corporate firms and customers. It makes apparent that the banks would likely capitalize on RippleNet to grow their servicing schemes in the future soon. On the contrary, the network users, also called the originators, comprise of the blooming businesses corporate treasury, alongside the consumers. RippleNet’s decentralized system is based on the contract between the Ripple executives and other network members, who dispose of the corresponding blockchain system, besides adhering to the standard set of payment regulations. The network’s members, particularly the banks, profit considerably well from the powerful connectivity, regulated technology, and payment execution methods. Ripple’s avant-garde financial technology leave behind its adversaries in terms of adequate down payments charges, processing fees, and transparency. Thus, guaranteeing prompt transactions across the globe.
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    Blockchain Technology Services

    Business Growth and Development The world wide web is a complex marketplace, involving different practices and methods to be seen and heard with your business here. Along with it comes the challenges and trial and errors that possibly anyone operating online, whether an individual or an organization, faces due to irregularities and defiant online systems. For a business to succeed in the traditional market or online, it needs to follow the fundamental basis of business conduct. Blockchain Technology and Development Services Not only blockchain development solutions would help in enhancing the online business operations/processes but also aid in strengthening conventional complexities within various business types on a global level – without requiring any third-party to intervene. They can help SMEs to address the challenges and sustain the structural model of business operations. Blockchain technology services focus on these underlying aspects of business success as well as social development; Confidentiality Securely Almost Instantly Revolutionalize and eradicate inefficiencies Potential to restructure various business practices as we know them Blockchain Solutions in Access Control TBusiness intelligence and Big Data system developed using Blockchain Technology Services at Oodles Blockchain can not only help enterprises in strengthening their online security processes but go much deeper into hierarchical levels, encompassing from their online access control to other security systems. In the case of online access control, you can, Aggregate and Analyze tremendous amounts of data using secure blockchain based distributed and shared ledgers Create better future online access control, security, and data analyzation system Allow end users to obtain inputs and insight from the data gathered and analyzed. Adding and increasing value to their online access control system. Ultimately, enhance the security and increase the productivity of an end user’s organization. Blockchain Technology in FINTECH In the finance sector, utilize blockchain-based Fintech applications by Oodles to streamline its bulky procedures. The applications can streamline the whole procedure of Client portfolio, AML, Regulatory reporting, Financial planning, Banking and money movement, Portfolio management, Asset management, etc. Approach Profile stored on a blockchain/distributed ledger Trusted parties are granted access to all or part of the profile based on cryptography New relationships would be initiated by the profile owner The system inherently enables an audit trail for tracking changes to the chain. As a result, processes requiring fact-checking, such as AML, are simplified Integrate blockchain technologies into onboarding and ACH and ACAT systems and processes. Are we the right fit for Blockchain Technology Services? Oodles Blockchain is a seaward IT and blockchain improvement organization situated in India. We endeavor to move forward with the possibility of Blockchain Adoption on a worldwide scale. In this sense, we utilize the aptitude of our gifted blockchain engineers that assist us to create the best blockchain projects. What Oodles delivers Business and functional requirements Design, development, testing, and training of blockchain solutions Integration and management of third-party implementation partners Rigorous PMO And proactive management of overall efforts Blockchain Technology Services by Oodles Blockchain Custom Blockchain solutions developed by Oodles Blockchain can play a crucial role in transforming sectors. We also have expertise in Cryptocurrency Development, Asset Management, Smart Contract Development, and Blockchain Wallet Development, which can provide; Security Privacy Interoperability of data related to information Protective sharing of information among individuals associated with the procedure Exclude the obstruction of an outsider and decrease overheads. Explore Technology Expertise of Oodles Blockchain IOTA Steem Stellar Ripple OpenChain MultiChain Ethereum Industry Use Cases of Blockchain Healthcare Real Estate Legal Automotive
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    Develop Blockchain Solutions A reason behind enterprises racing to develop blockchain solutions is due to the versatility of this technology. Apart from cryptocurrencies, blockchain framework and solutions are growing as an intensive mechanism for both inter-business and intra-business operations. The blockchain is the latest buzz in the Industry and its relevance is imperative now, especially in the wake of increasing utility of the Internet. As operations on the internet are becoming more sensitive, aspects such as security, trust, data protection as well as transparency are transforming as paramount necessities of any enterprise. Blockchain services emerged as effective solutions to the conventional roadblocks in the internet ecosystem. How to Hire a Good Blockchain Developer? Enterprise Blockchain Solutions Develop Blockchain Solutions for Audits Blockchain Solutions are emerging as an effective technology for Audits of large transactional operations. The technology can effectively bypass the need of paper-based trails and record keeping. Blockchain has the fundamental property to act as a transaction monitoring mechanism. Quality Assurance Blockchain has the fundamental property of immutability. A record in blockchain cannot be corrupt because the network runs on a mutual consensus. Thus, quality assurance is highly effective in the blockchain ecosystem. The technology offers the most effective way to recall and investigate any transaction without an error. Smart Contracts Smart Contracts emerged as one of the best uses of blockchain technology. This is a mechanism that translates agreements and contract provisions into computer codes, which are immutable. Smart Contract is now considered a strong technology in business and enterprise landscape with strong use cases in Legal, Digital Advertisement, Real Estate, and many other industries. Blockchain for Voting Another imperative use case of Blockchain is in voting. The technology can be leveraged effectively in consensus building from a small scale to a massive level. Blockchain has a strong perspective even as a public utility for government and administrative operations. Supply Chain Management Blockchain Technology has revolutionized the Supply Chain operations. Many premier enterprises have implemented this technology successfully in this vertical. It incurs massive transparency in the supply chain across its stages. It also proffers clarity in transactions of each stakeholder in the chain. Explore How Blockchain Solutions are being used in Different Industries Blockchain in Crowd Funding. Blockchain Solutions for Aerospace Industry. Blockchain Applications in Public Governance. Blockchain in Automobile Manufacturing Industry. Blockchain Technology in Healthcare. Best Approach to Develop Blockchain Solutions The best approach to a develop blockchain solutions to have a long-term strategy. A blockchain has immense prospects depending on its state of decentralization. Several Industry giants have come up with massive Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) solutions. IBM Blockchain, Azure Blockchain from Microsoft are some examples. However, Blockchain Solutions Company offers Development Services related Blockchain Technologies and Applications. There is always a possibility of modification and evolution of the objectives of a blockchain. Another important aspect is to ensure a bug-free development because a small vulnerability in the system can put the whole mechanism in a jeopardy. It is the reason Oodles Blockchain Solutions scrutinize every stage of development. Technology Expertise of Oodles Blockchain Advantages of Blockchain Solutions Developed by Oodles Blockchain At Oodles Blockchain, we understand and leverage the unique approach to develop enterprise-grade blockchain based solutions. Our development procedure follows a strong methodology personalized as per technical as well as business requirements of the application. Maintaining seamless communication with clients, we ensure transparency in each stage of development. Our priority to build solutions with a long-term approach towards their applicability is the reason for the active involvement of clients in our every blockchain development project. Explore Services by Oodles Blockchain We offer consultation for blockchain development related quer
  15. Credits Blockchain Platform Credits is a public, fast, and completely decentralized blockchain platform with Turing-complete smart contracts. The beta version released in March 2018, with the mainnet platform released in June 2018, Credits Blockchain platform is an innovative technological platform for the development and execution of blockchain technology and smart contracts based decentralized applications. During the first stage of the Credits Blockchain Platform load test, its transaction speed reached 1.3 million transactions per second. Credits Node A Node refers to as a client-side application installed on the user equipment. The Node performs the storage and processing of transactions, the deployment, and confirmation of the smart contract conditions, and provides data upon the request. Credits Monitor It is a blockchain explorer that contains current and previous transactions, as well as smart contracts on the network. Explore your transactions history Credits Monitor is a multifunctional web-based tool used to monitor the transaction history of all network members, circulation of nodes globally and gathering of general statistics. The number of network nodes Details of the execution of the transactions Transactions details of a specific account Information about the smart contract Transactions list for the specific smart contract Performance and status of smart contracts Credits Wallet Credits Wallet enables you to transfer currency to other network members (CS internal currency or tokens) without requiring to install the Network Node and use existing smart contracts available in the network registry. Written in Java, this electronic wallet is accessible using public and private keys. Attributes of Credits Blockchain Platform Developments undergoing the patenting: New Credits Decision Consensus Algorithm Credits Blockchain uses a completely unique consensus and decision method based on data processing and multiple validations with strong implementation solution. Credits Transmission Data Protocol It offers an innovative high-speed data Transmission Protocol within a decentralized network. That is capable of executing transactions from 0.1 sec per transaction. Credits Data Validation Algorithm Based on high-security cryptography algorithms, it gives a different block and transaction validation and confirmation solution. Latest characteristics The blockchain platform is open source with self-sufficient smart contracts. It aims to create services for blockchain systems using self-automatic smart contracts with a public data registry. Speed: Transaction processing speed around 0.1 seconds Fees: Approx. 0.001 USD Volume: 1.3 Million transactions per sec Credits Blockchain Based Applications and Solutions Develop decentralized applications and services using Credits blockchain solutions. Smart contracts Autonomous solutions Run as per the method and the requirements specified in the program Execute any external or internal commands and actions Make offline actions on a cycle, schedule, event or on call by the user Credits advantages The complete Turing programming language of smart contracts. Connect external systems to a smart contract. The smart contract’s language backs loops and task scheduling. Storing data on the blockchain Superfast writing and reading information Access from the API Distribution or Credits client software between numerous nodes. Data encryption and its hiding gets written to the blockchain* Credits Blockchain Platform features Store information in a network having decentralized administration Store information with guaranteed invariability Store information open or personal data encryption Store data with free or exclusive access to information Financial assets issuing A single, adaptable solution inner and outer of the platform Efficient moving of assets between accounts and products Implement any algorithms of the asset operation with smart contracts