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  1. Blockchain has succeeded in getting the attention of many businesspeople and technologist alike. Although its applications are far-reaching, many people are skeptical about how it will directly benefit them. Since blockchain is a nascent technology, people still have got many questions. Truth to be told, after the Bitcoin buzz, we also had questions regarding the success of blockchain. However, now we, at Oodles, think that blockchain is leaving a mark for itself on the digital world with untouched possibilities that various industries can leverage. For those who still have doubts, here are blockchain questions and answers we gathered while consulting with clients and speaking on technology panels. Read here
  2. How long would it take for blockchain technology to experience mass adoption like the internet? Why are DApps becoming more popular than traditional apps? Why develop a DApp? Well, it’s quite hard to answer all these questions in one go. However, given the recent advancements in the blockchain development arena, we may be able to see blockchain applications and use cases revamping the world around us soon. And, we, at Oodles, also believe that the distributed ledger technology is not going anywhere soon. One of the types of DLT, blockchain is becoming a source of value by providing businesses with enhanced security, transparency, and data storage. Additionally, there was another technology advancement in the blockchain ecosystem in 2015, the launch of Ethereum. It is open-source and offers an innovative way of developing decentralized applications (DApps). If you develop a DApp on the blockchain, it functions decentrally without involving an intermediary. In general terms, you need a suitable, open source blockchain platform like Ethereum, Hyperledger, TRON, or EOS to develop a DApp. Visit here to know more
  3. Oodles Blockchain is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company based in India. Apart from offshore services for developing exchange platforms, we maintain them, offer constant technology upgrades and integration of new features. visit here for more information
  4. The concept of blockchain based smart contracts is reaching the masses and steadily impacting various areas of life, including the real estate landscape. Read on for more info. Visit here for more information
  5. Blockchainoodles

    ICO Development Services

    We have realized that technology usage is about ideas to render a change and innovations to materialize a solution. ICO Development Services in Oodles stands out with innovative ideas in DApp development. Our endeavor to maintain pro-active reporting ensures transparency in each stage of development. Our consultants understand the exact requirement of clients through adequate communication. This helps in delivering the most effective solution within the stipulated time. Cost-effective solutions, maximizing ROI and seamless transactions are our benchmarks of service delivery. Consult an expert now
  6. Being a cryptocurrency and blockchain development company , Oodles Blockchain offers Security Token Offering Development services better than its adversaries.Our team of expert blockchain developers with years of experience can develop efficient security token offering programs for the clients. visit here for more information
  7. Looking to start your cryptocurrency trading/exchange platform? Then, ready-made solution or turnkey Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is a choice which you can use for enabling trading of digital currencies Visit here for more information
  8. Hire Blockchain developers from Oodles Blockchain and get developed fast and scalable decentralized blockchain applications. Oodles Blockchain has the best blockchain developers. Rest assured, for a flawless journey into the new world of blockchain technology. Choose from a full spectrum of blockchain Application development services and expand your business potency using Blockchain technology. Visit here for more information
  9. In general, there's no hard and fast rule for it, still here are some tips on how to choose the best cryptocurrency wallet to store your crypto coins. Read full blog here
  10. Oodles Blockchain is among the leading enterprise blockchain solution providers. Our forte in blockchain solution development emerged with years of experience and knowledge of the industry. Oodles Blockchain App Development Services render the technology in enterprise operation to its full extent. Visit here for more information
  11. Blockchain based identity management would disrupt the current system by laying the foundation for a more promising and secure platform. Click to know more. Read full blog here
  12. Along with numerous other benefits, digital identity management with blockchain can enable us to become the owner of our own data. Read on for more vital info. visit here to read full story
  13. Oodles Blockchain offers cost-effective services to start a crypto exchange. Our experience and knowledge of blockchain technology and market dynamics of cryptocurrencies have made us cryptocurrency development experts in the domain.Visit here for more information
  14. Blockchain based ICO services (ICOs) are an innovative way for businesspeople to gather capital for their early-stage enterprises, for customers to acquire rights to underdevelopment products or services, and for investors to enter a new asset level. Read full story here
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    Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

    Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services help you gain complete control over your digital currency. They enable a wallet to function in a way that allows users to earn, monitor and transfer their crypto coins. visit here for more information
  16. Oodles Blockchain has been developing high-scale blockchain solutions to offshore clients. Backed with a strong team of blockchain developers, the company has been delivering effective solutions for the last few years. We provide several blockchain solutions using diverse blockchain technologies. Visit here for more information
  17. If Stable Coins can achieve true stability, they could unlock the potential of the crypto domain and help in its adoption, applications and impact. Read full blog here
  18. Read how numerous technologies and innovations are making significant differences in our modern society. Oodles Blockchain strives to leverage these technologies and inventions turn visions into reality. Read full blog here
  19. Blockchain in Intellectual Property can be applied to cut time on administrative tasks and help maintain IP record accuracy. Read on for more info.
  20. We were one of the early adopters of the blockchain technology. Now, we are one of the early adopters of Hedera Hashgraph Technology as well. Being a Hedera Hashgraph development services company, we have expertise in developing DApps using Hedera’s unique API. Visit here for more information
  21. Blockchainoodles

    Blockchain Wallet Development

    We provide cryptocurrency/blockchain wallet development services as per the specific requirements of the enterprise or the business with adequate market research. Our team of skilled crypto and blockchain developers ensures the timely realization of the crypto and blockchain development projects. Visit here for more information
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    Exchange Application Development

    As a technology partner, we oversee each aspect of a platform and ensure unhindered operation. We regularly update security features and integrate new functionalities on demand. In-depth market research is another advantage of Oodles Blockchain. We offer solutions after stringent analysis of the market. It helps our clients to gain a natural advantage as our solutions are as per both long-term and short-term demands of the industry. visit here for more information
  23. There are various open source blockchain platforms for DApps available for easy and quick blockchain app development, some of which are featured here. Read full blog here
  24. Blockchainoodles

    Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

    We harness the power of Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain to create robust, scalable and highly secure enterprise blockchain solutions Visit here for more information.
  25. While it’s unlikely that technology would substitute doctors entirely, Blockchain based healthcare applications provide a secure platform to access healthcare facilities readily. Read on for more thorough info. Visit here to read full blog