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  1. Binance is expanding the trading capacity of institutional investors by letting them run sub-accounts for their firms, with Binance account acting as a lead to direct the other accounts. According to Coinnewspress While sub-accounts will be able to oversee their own trades, create and edit their own API keys and place their own orders, the main accounts will be able to view all data, transfer funds between accounts and cancel any and all orders placed. Read the exclusive.
  2. The future of money is in the Digital, it would only take time. More and more companies are keying in, to create the futuristic and seamless transmission from fiat to cryptos. Gemini has launched their much-awaited app to update the community. Gemini supports bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash, zcash and litecoin. According to Coinnewspress, “Among the offerings is Gemini’s basket, dubbed the Cryptoverse, which allows customers to simultaneously purchase all of the coins currently offered by the exchange” read the exclusive.
  3. The idea of spreading Blockchain knowledge would save the industry from the misconceptions that plague it. The US Airforce running an educational tool for Blockchain for their graduate school (AFIT) with the sole purpose of helping students learn more about Blockchain and its potential uses should be emulated. Yes, we have started applying Blockchain, but there are still spaces that need to be filled in terms of its education. Read the full exclusive on coinewspress.
  4. Integrating Blockchain tech in almost every sector would go a long way to curb the miseducation and stereotype associated with Blockchain since Blockchain has gone past the era of knowledge to practicability. This collaboration would automate oil and gas production across the value chain. This probably would stabilize oil prices globally. I hope every oil producing country would key into this development, especially 3rd world countries. Read the full exclusive on Coinnewspress.
  5. Since most communities of Blockchain users face scalability problems, more people are joining the fabric Blockchain open source community Hyperledger which also promotes confidentiality in production business networks. As a permissioned Blockchain, Hyperledger can support private transactions and confidential contracts for industrial Blockchain solutions. Few of the new members include Alibaba cloud, Deutsche Telekom and Citigroup. “The growing Hyperledger community reflects the increasing importance of open source efforts to build enterprise blockchain technologies across industries and markets. The latest members showcase the widening interest in and impact of DLT and Hyperledger” says Executive Director of Hyperledger, Brian Behlendorf. Coinnewspress has the exclusive.
  6. If you get scared whenever you want to initiate a transaction or send and transfer cryptos because of missing the long wallet ID, then you are not alone. APIS is bringing in masking to make things easier and encourage Blockchain usage. “Users who are not familiar to cryptocurrency often face difficulties with a simple transfer. To ease the inconvenience of a complex address, in particular, we provide service that put a mask on each address and makes them more ‘legible’. (ex. [email protected]) therefore users would get to grasp their transfer record and they won’t have to feel insecure about this simple cryptocurrency transfer anymore.” Says Ronny JooYoung Yoo the CEO of APIS in an exclusive interview with Techbullion.
  7. One may never know the importance of dental care until a toothache or decay arrives. It is imperative to understand that every Dental issue can be prevented. Why wait to cure while we can prevent? Dentacoin is leveraging the characteristics and properties of the Blockchain to deliver efficient and low-cost global dental solutions. “Dentacoin is the first blockchain solution for the global dental industry. It aims at shifting the focus from “sick care” to preventive care and creates a new dental ecosystem through an industry-specific cryptocurrency, an intelligent Assurance model and a set of incentivized software tools.” says Jeremias Grenzebach in an exclusive interview with Techbullion.
  8. It is no news that little or no knowledge of Blockchain, or its miseducation is a sad factor militating against the growth of the industry in some parts of the world. However, some companies are offering solutions to this using the same Blockchain. “CryptoZink’s strongest differentiator is curation. Everything on our platform, from the coins listed to the educational content to our news aggregator will be curated through a decentralized TCR” says the CEO Noel Borges in an exclusive interview with techbullion.
  9. Financial trading can be very volatile and risky since it has high returns. Consequently, many traders both and experienced or not lose money or are swindled. But through Blockchain, Serenity financial is changing the story, by protecting traders from Reckless or fraudulent deals. “The demand for escrow arises from the fact that many Forex brokers have no regulation. The reputation of all brokers is compromised because of the actions of certain companies, while traders who work with unlicensed brokers risk losing their money. As a result, there’s an issue of trust between traders and brokers. Moreover, even if a broker is licensed in one or several countries, the funds of a client from a third country still aren’t properly protected, since they have no one to appeal to in case of a dispute. Serenity offers an alternative solution for the problem of regulation and security of trades, with modern technology as the main tool.” Says Stanislav Vaneev in an exclusive interview with Techbullion.
  10. Faceter combines AI, facial recognition and Blockchain to create a powerful surveillance system that can help reduce crime rate. This is very fascinating since it is a working product and can be purchased by both Governments and individuals. “Faceter is a video surveillance system that allows us not only to recognize people caught by the CCTV camera, but also to detect their emotions, actions, as well as various situations that happen in everyday life—accidents, thefts, and attacks, amongst other things. Moreover, our software can distinguish between people—for example, workers at an office or a production site and strangers who are forbidden to enter this area/space.” Says the Robert Pothier the CEO, in an exclusive interview with techbullion.
  11. Soldo is offering a big solution to companies in terms of expense management. Registered in the UK and with a licensed MasterCard and app to make transactions easier. “Soldo allows business owners to focus on growing their business and not waste time on managing expenses. Soldo shaves hours off the purchasing, payments and expense processes, freeing companies to focus on their core business and putting them in control of their expense payments.” Says the CEO of Soldo in an exclusive interview with techbullion. Read More
  12. Most times the online marketplace is a recipe for disaster, from getting scammed, to poor product delivery etc. it is difficult to establish a certain level of trust with the current system. This brings in Blockchain and smart thinking. Ink protocol is trying to solve some of the marketplace problems. “Ink Protocol helps users securely buy and sell anywhere with decentralized reputation, escrow and dispute resolution. Our vision is to enable trusted peer-to-peer transactions on any marketplace or platform.” Says the CEO of Ink protocol in an exclusive interview with techbullion.
  13. “Encrybit is solving some of the most prominent problems being faced by existing cryptocurrency exchanges, such as: major security concerns, poor and inadequate crypto exchange UI, lack of in-built technical analysis tools, high trading fees and the lack of a unique social trading reward ecosystem.” Says Jitendra Rajput the CEO of Encrybit in an exclusive interview with techbullion. Encrybit is not just an exchange platform but also a classroom for traders who plan on developing the right understanding and attitude towards the volatile currents of the Cryptocurrency market. With special features like social trading, smart alerts and FA and TA analysis tools exchanging couldn’t get any better. Read the full interview here
  14. Managing identity and personal data is a major challenge facing our time. With big data giants been hacked, Privacy information been sold, the future of secure data sharing can only be Blockchain. In an exclusive interview with techbullion, Stefan Neagu co-founder of Persona Bio (a solution that makes digital identity over Blockchain available) said: “The main scope of Persona is to put individuals back in control when it comes about their private data. There is no need to transform the third party entities we are interacting with into custodians of our personal data. Keeping our data safe is not their core business, but yet we are used to sharing these details with everyone who asks for them without realizing the potential damage, and without realizing that once shared, we lose control over them. We can know for sure what is happening with our details, and if they are sold, to whom, and for what are they being used.” Read the full interview.
  15. The real estate industry is doing a lot with Blockchain technology. More and more companies are making way for this tech to be adopted mainstream. Chelle service capital takes it to another level. “Chelle Service Capital is a real estate investment firm, which deals in Crypto, high cap rate real estate, commodities, and currency trading give it a unique position in the evolving world of finance…Chelle Coin is a real estate token with unprecedented customization features, land title security, rental income generation and a payment service empowering people to purchase any property using their crypto assets”. Says Ronice Harrison CEO of Chelle Service in an exclusive interview with techbullion.