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  1. Damian Oconnell

    TOKIA.io - Wallet, Exchange & Direct Crypto Debit Card

    Dear Tokia! Finally the new site has a great UI kind of like coinbase. As you add other Alt Coins I'm sure it will change, but so far looks like it is going in the right direction. I am in the US so i would like to see ballances in dollars. Same goes for european user or any other user who is using any other FIAT rather than EUR
  2. Damian Oconnell

    Aiodex — 80% commission for players

    Thank you for your concern
  3. Damian Oconnell

    What is cryptovalue Bitbon about?

    In what country you are settled in? Any plans for visiting you in future guys? Would like to get more informations about your team advisors and etc Looking forward for your answer. Best Regards, Damian
  4. Do you have intended a plastic card into your vision??? Project looks promising tho
  5. Damian Oconnell

    Guys,help needed thesis!

    I suggest you to visit linkedin and get in touch with someone who is working with blockchain Usually they are very kind people but oftens bussy
  6. Damian Oconnell

    Daily Crypto News & Analysis

    Where could i start learning basics of trading?
  7. Damian Oconnell


    But how about Digitex itself? How they are gonna make profit for themselves?? Arent there any concealed sections? Looking forward for your answer. Best Regards, Damian
  8. Damian Oconnell

    Aiodex — 80% commission for players

    Guys do you already have some kind of alpha version? I would like to see some pictures or something else regarding this exchange platform. Best Regards, Damian
  9. So its basically a marketing chain?? First ones get the most of it and the last users grinding their way to heaven?
  10. Damian Oconnell


    Woah! Thanks a lot!!! Have a question about those 12 words. I didnt saved them.. Are those words are really necessary to save?? Or could i recover them somehow later on? Best Regards, Damian
  11. Damian Oconnell

    Thoughts on gaming cryptos?

    I think it would be super nice if this card game could suggest you something like tournaments. For example you pay entry fee and play multiple rounds to the final which would be big prizes. Well the prize would depend on how many entries have been made. Later on trading or something similar could be suggested. Thats my opinion
  12. Damian Oconnell

    Block66 - Securitizing Mortgages on the Blockchain

    Hi there! I have a question how can we (investors) earn money by lending to others? If it will be some kind of fees for those debtors? Or will we be able to set the price by ourselves? Kind Regards, Damian