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  1. Sounds interesting. Unfortunately, I don't know about hosting a lot although I try to learn about it more. I read an article on shared hosting here https://medium.com/@kingservers/what-is-shared-hosting-2fd2a79f33d0. Now I try to figure out the best option for web hosting.
  2. When it comes to investing money, I personally prefer less risky opportunities at this point. Crypto market is low so I stick to other investment tools discovering p2p investing strategies for example. Hope that the situation with crypto will improve and I'll get back to investing in bitcoin and other currencies.
  3. I don't think that purchasing musical instruments via cryptocurrency is necessary nowadays. I mean, let's be honest we don't transfer all the money we have into crypto. And musical instruments aren't the things that require a high level of privacy and safety. But it's still good that like options appear, no doubt. By the way, are you gonna broaden the range of products? After reading this article https://musiety.com/fender-jaguar-vs-jazzmaster-vs-mustang/ I really want to get Fender Mustang 90. I find it awesome.
  4. I think it's an awesome initiative! Although I don't see it accepted in the near future but maybe one day it'll help to increase the quality of football. Also, to make football more popular it's necessary to create useful tools like http://777score.in/ . Here you can find schedules, finished matches. It's easy to use it.
  5. With all due respect to cryptocurrencies, I don't like crypto casinos. I prefer common ones and especially Platinum Play Casino. It has several welcome bonuses and there are more than 700 games. That's why you will never get bored.
  6. Sounds really cool. Such decentralized platforms would be so useful for musicians and other people of arts. Maybe one day I'll take part in it but before I have to buy a good equipment. I need an amp now and hesitate to choose one of those https://musiety.com/a-complete-orange-cr120-review/. What're your thoughts on them?
  7. Oh, I hope I'll be able to bet in this way on Dexter Jackson https://jbhnews.com/will-dexter-jackson-come-back-olympia/20809/ at the further Mr. Olympia competitions. Interesting to see an implementation of blockchain into bookmaking. I think it's the next step of protection, transparency, and reliability here.
  8. Blockchain gambling... 21st-century surprises more and more. But actually, it's a good idea because blockchain provides with safety that traditional gambling cannot. Well, for gambling it'd be useful if you have a full list of current matches, results, and schedule. https://777score.com/ gives you all this info.
  9. Such proposals are interesting but since I moved I have to pay for a rent. And now I'd rather choose stability. That's why I found a good job thanks to labor-recruiting.com . Now I have a full-time job at a company I really like.
  10. Thank you for this guide! That's really interesting to read. Actually, to find out if this is really useful collect responses. I mean, you can create a form (here, for instance, https://aidaform.com/forms/contact-form.html) and accumulate reviews, claims, wishes, and so on.
  11. Besides modern ways of promoting and web advertisings to make my business more popular I try to sell branded stuff too. Bags or even pencils https://www.promoparrot.com/pens-pencils.html . I think in some cases it's more remarkable and useful. By the way, do you use such a marketing strategy? What're your thoughts on it?
  12. I am not really keen on Youtube. But as far as my children like it I take part in it too. I don't allow them to see all content there and maybe that's why I find youtube boring But maybe I should send kids to play some games https://papasgames.io/ and I'll go to observe youtube on my own.
  13. I have a great advice for developing websites too. With https://spyserp.com/ you can easily and effectively promote your sites. It's a reliable firm that provides lots of features and options. Check them out.
  14. Wow, blockchain is getting into healthcare. That's so fantastic that this technology is being implemented everywhere. But still, it's not that spread I'll buy medicine here Melbourne-chemist.net . At least they haven't tricked me never yet.
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