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  1. Areding

    real money online

    Ways of working should be severa. When in internet is possible to earn money with instantly admissions to card - its dounly nace
  2. Areding

    selling bitcoin

    Speculating on bitcoin is not as easy as seems. There very unstable (market?) and need to be able to not only analyze it, but also wait a "that" moment
  3. Yes, you are right, there are not so many reviews yet, as the project has recently started its work. However, it's been a while since I've made my first investment in this project, so I can say that at the moment the company has shown itself very well, in terms of honesty and reliability. I have withdrawn money many times, I will reach the breakeven pretty soon)
  4. In general, it is better to build a strategy on your own and for yourself, since everyone has their own opinion and everyone needs their own strategy, but all variations should be reconsidered.
  5. According to experts, IOTA and RIPPLE should rise in price by the end of the year, there are, of course, others, but they are less promising and popular. There are hopes that they can make a profit for you, but you decide.
  6. Areding

    ETH or XRP?

    Ethereum is currently very useful in contracts and transactions, but I think that Ripple will be more promising, as long as it is more stable and has gained more popularity.
  7. Excellent! I hope, here in real time I can place my bets in Bitcoins, and that my funds will be protected. It's fun to link Bitcoins with bookmakers, let's see what happens.
  8. As a rule, rising Bitcoin pulls behind it all other currencies, if you catch the moment when bitcoin rises with a margin of more than the average you can sell. But this is one of the options, look for more)
  9. Litetcoin will be the most similar option, while it is the most promising and even exceeds Bitcoin in some parameters, Dogecoin will be next in popularity, followed by Ripple. Choose what you like)
  10. Areding

    How to make money off cryptocurrency?

    We earn on standard programs, platforms and systems of exchangers. Look for these, then just wait for the drop. Personally, I did it, and you see for yourself, maybe you will find something better.
  11. In my experience, I invested in Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. It was easier with Litecoin, fast transactions allow you to have plenty of time. These are good cryptocurrencies, but in any case you decide.
  12. I read the description in detail, and indeed the platform is not bad, but still today there are a lot of similar systems. Still I would like to know about the key properties of Tokeneo.
  13. Can you describe in more detail how Discord works, how did you get started and how did you achieve the result? I got very interested in channel, I do not mind to try.
  14. Areding

    ETH wallet

    A very detailed description of the wallet, even bitcoin wallets are not represented like that. And what about the speed of transactions? How satisfactory is it according to time?
  15. The platform is intriguing, but how far can it be available both in terms of its use and in order to understand its work? Will institutions be able to implement it in their system?