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  1. Cryptocurrency made huge headlines in the last quarter (Q4) of 2017. The massive growth in cryptocurrency market capitalization brought this market under everyone's attention. The earliest adopters with good foresight dived in, although the majority of the world population has seen the benefits that underlies the market and have all come on board The cryptocurrency market witnessed a bull run and so a good number of usecases are providing positive returns (ROI). But some of these usecases, like data and marketplace were doing fine even in the bear market. Another huge category is the healthcare — although with few participation — have done pretty well going by the few projects that did target this usecase. While cryptocurrency attracted so much adoption, the market has consequently been saturated. To overcome this, important steps are being taken by cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance and some other new exchanges aim to offer varieties of crypto-fiat pairs. This move will help ease entry into crypto market, but a larger part of the population require a nudge. A start up blockchain project is going to deliver that nudge. Cures Token and the Crypto Market Cures Token is creating the largest medical and healthcare market-hub in the world, and the company is leveraging blockchain technology to secure this extremely sensitive and valuable sector. Cures token allow users to get quality medical care and also have access to third party healthcare applications store (HAPP). Cures is applying 6 major factors that are extremely appealing to the masses: Health Cures token could very well be the blockchain project that makes cutting-edge healthcare a reality, and that only means better healthcare facilitation for the world. It is clear that people value their health above everything else. And now a blockchain product is targeting what people cherish the most — this will surely have some degree of impact in bringing the wider market aboard the cryptocurrency community. While vast majority of people cherish their health, the potential improvement in healthcare alone might not be enough to attract some. Thus the reason why cures has developed other factors Money ( Electronic Health Record) The global healthcare industry is worth a massive hundreds of billions and comprises of major players across several countries. Hence, Cures is creating an Electronic Health Record where customised users data will be stored. The company is offering people an opportunity to monetize something everyone has — personal genomic data. Until now, people haven't been able to drive an income their medical data, but Cures Token is going to make this a reality. Consequently, those who are not motivated enough to join the community because of the quality healthcare and improved interactions with healthcare providers might be pulled in by the idea that they will be incentivized for trading something they already have but have not been able to monetize in the past. Marketplace And Trust Review Platform Recommendation is no longer enough for a patients seeking quality medical care — they are more moved to utilize the internet and search for healthcare providers by themselves. This gives them a direct access to quality service anywhere across the world in the most cost effective and secured way. Cures token is creating a marketplace where curious patients can have access to quality healthcare services by connecting directly with the best medical providers. Cures token has developed a decentralised review system where reviews (good or bad) from successful transactions can easily be accessed by other platform users. This will ensure the most informed and accurate decisions by the users. Trading platform Cures token is facilitating a medium where healthcare gadgets and equipments can easily be traded. The company is developing a comprehensive sales channel for Medical Equipment Suppliers (MES) to sell directly to patients or wholesale to hospitals, clinics and other traders. Thus eliminating long supply chains and reducing costs. HAPP store Cures token project is cored on improving vision, eyesight and the quality of life. Hence the company will provide an health application store among its core offerings. Cures token aims to encourage application developers by allowing them list their apps on the store for free. Crypto Adoption CURES tokens could become an entry gateway into the crypto market for many. This company is offering personal incentives to the community. While many people may disregard future benefits that healthcare investments hold, there is a huge tendency that they will pursue any source of income, and Cures token provides that. By offering the cryptocurrency community a way to monetize their personal medical data, Cures Token is providing monetization of something everyone has and so many might see its service as a means to get good money; this could bring in a new wave of cryptocurrency adoption Follow the links below to learn more about Cures token project. Web: https://www.curestoken.com/ Whitepaper: https://www.curestoken.com/#whitepaper_cures Telegram: https://t.me/curestoken_community Twitter: https://twitter.com/CuresToken Bounty0x Username: Yasu1
  2. A good number of crypto exchanges available today are in the supremacy tussle of providing a highly capacitive engine that can easily carry out a good number of orders every second. The Atomic Swap Wallet network is the best of it kind ever because it provide exchange related services for beginners by ensuring that its new subscribers (beginners) are able to earn better, learn faster and also reduce their losses. The ASW encompasses an array of needs especially the needs of its beginners traders throughout, it gives the opportunity for them to actually learn how to effectively trade, make profit, borrow money and later spend it in anywhere around the globe. All this is made possible in ASW because it combines a tripartite functionality of highly demanding crypto exchange, payment channels and a social network to cap it up. The ASW network is a globalized initiative aimed at harnessing and at the same time use blockchain peculiarities, innovations and to offer the best of exchanges for beginners; it is system that is designed to function as a mutual economy. WHAT IS ATOMIC WALLET? AtomicWallet is known as an ingenious cryptocurrency wallet which can support a reasonably wide range of different cryptocurrencies and also equip its users with the highest security. Amazing Features Of ASW Atomic Wallet offers strong in-demand services that enable its wallet users to get rid of the labor spent in managing their cryptocurrency assets. Exchange Strong Encryption ( Securing Private Keys ) Multi-currency ( supports more than 300+ cryptocurrencies and tokens) Atomic Wallet enable users to get the following features Accept cryptocurrency assets in any generated wallet. Store secret keys in a secure encrypted environment. Choose a mode for cryptocurrency use. Can import assets into the wallet using secret keys ( known as a private key ). Transfer of crypto assets to different wallet addresses. Wrap Up The Atomic wallet offers asset management tool for all forms of a crypto asset. This offers effective security and interface to make all cryptocurrency trading perfect. The users of the different products offered by Atomic wallet will be able to generate wallet they can receive digital asset with and import old wallet with their private key. All of these features make it a fantastic crypto asset management tools for investors and traders globally. Official Links For more information about this platform, visit the links below: Website: https://atomicwallet.io/token Whitepaper: https://atomicwallet.io/download/atomicwallet-whitepaper.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/atomicwallet Telegram: https://t.me/atomicwalletchat My Contact CryptoMonger: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2110141 Eth: 0x4933F4d60ED6c3d8FB104De8B13eB9664a4381F8
  3. Since the invention of Bitcoin in 2009 as a specific algorithm of blockchain technology - a peer to peer (P2P) electronic cash system that allow people to perform online payments and transfers of value, the creation of the Ethereum open software platform only served to realize the massive potential of blockchain technology beyond Bitcoin. Ethereum technology uncovered a world of unimagined decentralized possibilities, where very sophisticated applications of value can be created, distributed, and managed with much more ease and transparency. In recent years, we have witnessed developments beyond these two blockchains Although innovations have been slow and singular in their approach, and have failed to provide a comprehensive solution to the obvious challenges that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology face – especially relating to adoption and usability. A new world of decentralized opportunities awaits, but only if we can create new generation of blockchains that can provide solution to some tough challenges. Elisia project is creating a new blockchain protocol; it aims to build a blockchain technology that offer decentralized environment for huge real-world adoption — to create a platform that offer developers with the required toolkit that will allow for easy developments of decentralized applications for every use case. Notably, there are many previous attempts to create blockchains platforms aimed at providing new opportunities of blockchain utility; such attempts will take quite a long time before it is realized. But instead of following a cowardly route, Elisia project will leverage some cutting edge protocols to create a value-additive blockchain. This time the utility will be cored on a real world usage. The Elisia project is a startup blockchain project that is originally developed and managed by an outstanding team; the development team comprise of innovative individuals who posses experience from different industries ranging from science, technology and business. But most importantly, the members have a good understanding of blockchain technology and how the existing models have failed to offer the full benefit of the technology to the world. Thus the team is cored on leveraging advanced protocols to improve on blockchain experiencs in areas of scalability, security, speed, transaction fees etc. Elisia is a platform that provide huge support for developers and incorporate and enterprises to achieve distributed trust at scale. In order to build an ecosystem that will make available to the people the right knowledge to successfully utilize the blockchain technology, Elisia will provide a low-cost commercial platform and a management framework that will provide all the support needed to dapp developers that are either launching soon or have already launched and are not happy with the main chain they have selected – moreso since Elisia is offering an easy and smooth migration or swap between different blockchains Wrap-Up Elisia is giving blockchain technology real world utility in businesses and all other industries by introducing its successful infrastructure for decentralized blockchain utility. The Elisia project will partner with early adopters and clients to identify opportunities that will help in building a comprehensive ecosystem of stakeholders who will take the blockchain experiencs to a whole new level. LINKS Web: https://elisia.io/ Whitepaper: https://elisia.io/white-paper.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/Elisiaio Telegram: https://t.me/elisiaio Article Written by: Crypticyasu: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2136963
  4. The world has seen the increase in adoption of blockchain technology, just as it has seen as much significant blockchain fraud cases. Frequently, close to the end of the first quarter of the year, there were roughly 24 million blockchain wallet cryptocurrency users globally. Yet, with its reputation became its exposure to fraudulent ventures. In the year 2014, Mt Gox, which is a cryptocurrency exchange platform for cryptocurrencies, which was hacked for the second time with over 850,000 bitcoins. In the year 2016, Bitfinex, also one of the famous cryptocurrency exchange, suffered a loss of about 120,000 bitcoins or 808 million USD in today’s present value. Just January this year 2018, the Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange, Coincheck lost about 500 million NEM coins or 550 million USD as it was worth back then In the event of cryptocurrency exchange platforms, an area of development originates in a form of Distributed Orderbook (DOB) and Atomic Swapping. Therefore, the Atomic Wallet is a crop-up cryptocurrency exchange platform, which is setted to metamorphose the aspect of cryptocurrency shifts and exchanges. Blockchain's Distributed Ledger is Not enough to combat security threats This project is a platform for carefree, transparent crypto-trading, which allows users to reduce the effort expended on managing crypto assets. In order for users to be comfortable and comfortable to trade, the development team uses the best user interfaces and security methods, which facilitates the use of the platform functionality in full. AtomicWallet allows users to: • Get crypto assets in a generated wallet. Import assets into the wallet using secret keys of various formats. • Store secret keys in a secure, encrypted environment. • Transfer assets to other addresses. • Select a cryptocurrency node for use. The wallet's functionality is built on SPV technology (simplified payment), which allows customers to avoid long blockchain synchronization while maintaining security. Keys are stored in encrypted form on the end-user device or hardware wallet (for example, Ledger, Trezor). Keys can be copied with a code phrase for all currencies represented on the platform or using the string format for each currency. Atomic Wallet Utilizing DOB A distributed book (DOB) is a way of presenting market offerings in a decentralized way. DOB is based on the BitTorrent protocol. Atomic DOB is an immutable and decentralized solution designed to transmit information about transactions among users of the Atomic wallet platform. An order is an offer, not an obligation. Creating an order, the client sends an ad for future trading. When it comes time to trade, the client can avoid processing the transaction if he so wishes. He faces a moderate decline in his rating in the event of failure to trade. Placing orders with Atomic Wallet does not block customer funds. If the orders do not match between the two traders, the funds are not moved. Offline traders can not trade. If the user logs out of the Internet or closes the wallet application, the order becomes invisible to other traders. Atomic Swap technology is the best among the rest, because even inside the client of the exchange, control over private keys is retained. Summary Atomic Wallet collects successful and unsuccessful transactions in the block. The entire unit is approved atomically. Each transaction is executed separately from the Blockchain Atomic Wallet. Atomic Wallet will be used for data storage purposes only. Since each block includes the hash of the previous block, it is impossible to change one block without corresponding changes to each of the following blocks. Atomic Wallet is designed as a multicurrency lightweight wallet that supports a large number of top coins. Official Atomic Swap Wallet Links Website: https://atomicwallet.io/ Bitcointalk Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4437510.0 Whitepaper: https://download.atomicwallet.io/atomicwallet-whitepaper.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/atomicwalletchat Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/atomicwallet Twitter: https://twitter.com/atomicwallet Medium: https://medium.com/@atomicwallet My contact BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2136963
  5. The basic attribute of blockchain and cryptocurrency is to distribute the powers decision making from a central authority and big power houses through decentralisation. One of the most interesting chacteristics of cryptocurrency is that it can not be controlled by any middle men or authorities. On blockchains like Bitcoin where the structural framework is peer to peer, the distribution of real value does not require the contribution of any central power, since exchanges are approved by a distributed set of miners that exist on the system. Unfortunately the actual concept of decentralisation which exists as the baseline of cryptocurrency has not been completely adopted in cryptocurrency exchanges. Large portion of popular exchanges with Hugh trading volumes are designed on centralised framework rather than on decentralized framework. While blockchain technology and distributed ledger system have been very remarkable for business and enterprises because of the degree of fairness, transparency and security, it is still up to cryptocurrency trading platforms exchanges and their clients to protect important information and assets. I have utilised quite few cryptocurrency exchanges and discovered that a significant number of other users are oftentimes confused about the right choice of cryptocurrency exchanges due to some of the challenges faced on the platforms. These problems such as insecurity, scalability, ease of use, simple user experience and many more are the reasons why the Cryptonity platform is created. Cryptonity will disrupt the crypto trading framework particularly in it's attempt to making it community oriented and free from the manipulations of power houses and centralised authorities. A Comprehensive Cryptosystem CRYPTONITY is actually the first and 'truly' decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform which is created to improve on the challenges and deficiencies of existing exchanges and give individual users and traders genuine value and good user experience. On CRYPTONITY, every registered user or coin holder is seen as very important member of the community. CRYPTONITY welcomes and encourage every member by developing amazing tools that will give them smooth trading experience. The design of CRYPTONITY decentralized exchange is to provide a real and lasting solution and attract newcomers into the cryptocurrency trading, thereby encouraging wider adoption of cryptocurrencies. The platform is created with many amazing features. CRYPTONITY is built to offer a wide reaching trading platform with many trading pairs "crypto to crypto" pair and extending the same to "fiat to crypto" exchange . CRYPTONITY will also make reserve funded aimed to help finance other activities which will improve the CRYPTONITY community and further address real challenges that people face during trading A Community Centric Trading Platform CRYPTONITY exchange will give lower transaction fee to all registered users and members of the platform that hold XNY token. Also user can easily benefit from this amazing offer only by purchasing the XNY token. This feature of cryptonity will bolster community engagement and improve the trading on the platform. The exchange will provide a good experience for the users - CRYPTONITY has put in place a multilingual customer relation that will attend to the needs of the traders regardless of their language. This is already demonstrated by the number of multilingual wallpapers created by the platform. What's more? The CRYPTONITY exchange guarantees maximum security of the information and assets of the client and users. Following the recent hacks of big exchanges, CRYPTONITY has sort to prioritize the security of the funds of the community by insuring the exchange. TOKEN INFO Below is information about token distribution and allocation. | Crypticyasu |
  6. For the first time in history, we are able to directly transact and interact with the world around us without the need to go through intermediaries. Cryptocurrency has proven this, as value can be transferred across border without the need of any bank, but this just scratches the surface. Besides the lower cost and instant transactions, playing into the hype isn’t a bad idea either. It is true that e-commerce has revolutionised the traditional method people used to exchange things. E-commerce has mobilised everything online and offer speed and convenience to customers through online shopping. People can easily shop for just about anything while sitting on their sofa sipping soda. The items or goods and e-commerce services that the customers seek are offered by online retail outlets and mega stores who have collected them together in one place in order to offer the customers easy and fun experience while purchasing things. Unfortunately, with the advantages of convenience and ease of transaction there is the problem of means of payment for these transactions that are done electronically. All of these retail platforms have one objective: generate sales and revenue. Furthermore, they all have one element in common, which is that they all need a payment gateway to process their transactions. Most stores use VISA, PayPal, Stripe, Shopify or Apple Pay. As cryptocurrencies are slowly becoming more and more popular and prominent in today’s economy and society, it is clear that there need to be more cryptocurrency payment gateways for businesses and marketplaces. The e-commerce industry needs a complete, end-to-end solution that would enable customers to have a fully interconnected experience, with a currency tied to an online marketplace in order to spend, save, transfer and receive funds in a seamless and easy way. This said currency could be used in physical stores or online and would allow customers to actively engage and participate in the ecosystem in multiple different ways. This is where the ARAW Token Ecosystem and Araw Pay come in. The ARAW ecosystem is created with the understanding that there need to be a platform that provide solution to payment problems customers face when performing e-commerce transactions. Araw platform is built on a high level of transparency and has features that are designed to help accommodate the customers and provide a marketplace for easy payments. Part of the features of the Araw ecosystem is the Araw pay which is an open widget on the websites that will accept accept payments from customers in Araw tokens. This and a mobile web wallet will provide an easy means of payment to customers and provide a smooth user experience. The ARAW platform also offer a touch & pay card system called Araw card which is like the credit and debit cards provided by the financial systems. The card will allow customers to make micropayment in coffee shops, bars, malls or perform daily online transactions easily. Conclusion The advantages of Araw system is enormous since it is designed with only the problems of customers in mind, it is clear that they are on the mission to provide a smooth and seamless means of payment in e-commerce. LINKS Website: https://arawtoken.io/ Telegram: https://t.me/ArawTokenOfficial Twitter: https://twitter.com/arawtoken Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arawtoken My BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2136963
  7. Blockchain adoption can bring more value-additive to surfing Generally, sporting activities have built a very huge industry that has attracted billions of people all over the world. In a space with this large number of participating individuals, one would expect that it would be a den of business opportunities. However even this industry has challenges of investments- only few sports are selected for investment. Hence, other sports with relatively smaller fan base attract very limited investments. One of the prominent sport facing this challenge is surfing. Surfing is a sport that is well known globally and is particularly popular because of its amazing nature. From statistics, way over 60 million people are engaged in this sport. However this number is considered small as sport investors usually tend to see better opportunities in bigger sports like football and basketball. Identifying Oppurtunities Presently, the engagement in most sports around the world rely on investors to set up the stage and handle mostly the industrial aspect of the sport. This kind of model has proven to be the wrong approach towards more adoption and growth of surfing sport. Fortunately, a new project called LipChain plans to disrupt the surfing sport by leveraging the decentralised powers of blockchain technology to build a more functioning ecosystem that will empower more people that are engaged in surfing. LipChain is an application powered by the blockchain technology that aims to create a strong and unique ecosystem for the Surfing community. LipChain application will build social medium for surfers all around the world, creating a community where they can share contents and experiences amongst themselves. The highlight of this design is that the revenue generated from ads on this application will be used to reward the content creators on the community. Surfing is a big sport that has a huge monetary value. And presently, the sport lacks any strong existing model that is focused on more adoption of surfing sport. Thus LipChain project aims to utilise the blockchain technology to attract more investors and create more reach for surfing sport. Amazing Reward Model . The model of LipChain is the one that integrate ads in order to generate revenue internally. The revenue is used to incentivize the community. LipChain provide a platform that allow surfers to create contents of any kind that is related to surfing sport and share with the community. The creativity of the content creators is rewarded with the revenue from the ads. As a multi-benefit model, creators on LipChain will also have the opportunity to grow their skills while reaching their audience with their contents. LipChain is building a platform that bring together surfing enthusiasts from across the globe. The project will be leveraging the community trust and willingness of people to attract more investment into surfing. Unlike many other blockchain projects that focus on the gains to be achieved, LipChain is creating a viable environment for opportunities, empowering every member of the community especially the younger talents to encourage them to pursue sports. While a lot of people individually lack the ability to create a good future for the sport that they so much love, it has become clear that this can be achieved by the joint power of the community, . Also Blockchain technology, through its secured and trustless decentralised design will make it easier than ever to leverage the network effect. Wrap Up: LipChain project is standing on the shoulders of giants to utilize the powers of blockchain technology to create a strong and responsive ecosystem that leverages a combined community buying power to portray a network effect that can improve the nature of surfing. Official LipChain Community Links Website: https://www.lipchain.io/ Whitepaper: https://www.lipchain.io/assets/pdf/white_paper.pdf ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4507111.0 Telegram: https://t.me/LipChain My Contact BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2136998 Eth: 0x0Df415736Be40485c5016F21eEb373fB326A7847
  8. In the realm of web based business today, it is quickly developing all around, Most business organizations at present favored cryptographic money method of exchanges. A large portion of the money related and account-managing businesses is expected to move to blockchain soonest and this development will cause increment in blockchain populace. This is the place araw came in as the core of decentralized installment framework that is controlled and fueled by the ethereum blockchain. Araw's point is to increase blockchain populace for customary individuals over the world. Araw is the main organization to join the advantages of online business and the installment industries,touch and pay digital money card, online cryptographic money installment and furthermore give end to end answers for internet business commercial center. The araw stage needs to address the squeezing issues that happen in online business ventures and digital currency financial matters. Globally, numerous organizations thought that it was hard to give appealing prizes plot. The araw tokens will now go about as a reward focuse on the grounds that it is used and redeemable over all the araws environment members. The araw token holders can have the capacity to change their tokens into fiat monetary standards using araw portable wallet and they can take the money back to their separate financial balances. The araw innovations are made in a way that it bolsters a brought together reward framework and this framework guarantees the simplicity of appropriation and expansion of client outreach. The token can enable its holders and clients to have stake in the extending digital money world. What is ARAW The araw stage was made in the year 2016. The stage was fundamentally executed utilizing the virtual tokens without the assistance of blockchain bolster. The stage attempted such a great amount to fulfill its customers and give numerous administrations to their diverse customers, for example; • Increment incomes with new and their unwavering clients , • Draw in and renumerate their clients, • Keep tracks of their devoted customers, their focuses and recoveries in truly time, • Connects to the clients data and furthermore • Transform bits of knowledge into deals and clients reliability. The stage have a versatile application and another computerized cash that is the araw token. One of the application is called client application and it is use to target traders/retailers day by day clients in other to enable organizations to stay in contact with their clients and along these lines assembling a solid association with them. Another kind of application is the business application and this application is utilized by the traders and the retailers to complete solicitations that is produced using the client application. The third one is known as the clients knowledge which gives the dealers and the retailers breakdown points of interest of normal and lethargic client base measurements. What are the aims of ARAW The araw stage principle point is to focus on various channels and furthermore increment the appropriation of the blockchain innovation. The stage needs to accomplish these points by utilizing two fundamental vertical methodologies which are (1) Making utilization of the E-commerce industry. The araw stage makes utilization of the internet business site which they exclusively accept is straightforward and furthermore coordinated with decentralized installment (2) With the utilization of decentralized payments, they will beige the talk between merchants, customers, cryptocurrency trades and the ethereum brilliant contracts and this keen contracts is in charge of the administrations of the araw tokens. Refer to the links below for more information. Website: https://arawtoken.io/ Telegram: https://t.me/ArawTokenOfficial Twitter: https://twitter.com/arawtoken Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arawtoken My BTT name: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2142818
  9. Without precedent for history, we can straightforwardly execute and connect with our general surroundings without the need to experience delegates. Cryptographic money has demonstrated this, as esteem can be exchanged crosswise over outskirt without the need of any bank, however this fair touches the most superficial layer. Other than the lower cost and moment exchanges, playing into the promotion is certainly not an awful thought either. The reality of the matter is that online business has reformed the customary technique individuals used to trade things. Internet business has prepared everything on the web and offer speed and accommodation to clients through web based shopping. Individuals can undoubtedly look for pretty much anything while at the same time sitting on their couch tasting pop. The things or merchandise and web based business benefits that the clients look for are offered by online retail outlets and super stores who have gathered them together in one place so as to offer the clients simple and fun experience while buying things. Lamentably, with the benefits of accommodation and simplicity of exchange there is the issue of methods for installment for these exchanges that are done electronically. These retail stages have one target: create deals and income. Besides, they all have one component in similar, which is that they all need an installment passage to process their exchanges. Most stores utilize VISA, PayPal, Stripe, Shopify or Apple Pay. As cryptographic forms of money are gradually ending up increasingly famous and noticeable in the present economy and society, unmistakably there should be more digital currency installment doors for organizations and commercial centers. The web based business industry needs an entire, end-to-end arrangement that would empower clients to have a completely interconnected affair, with a cash attached to an online commercial center keeping in mind the end goal to spend, spare, exchange and get supports in a consistent and simple way. This said money could be utilized as a part of physical stores or on the web and would enable clients to effectively draw in and take an interest in the biological system in numerous distinctive ways. This is the place the ARAW Token Ecosystem and Araw Pay come in. The ARAW biological system is made with the understanding that there should be a stage that give answer for installment issues clients confront when performing web based business exchanges. Araw stage is based on an abnormal state of straightforwardness and has highlights that are intended to help oblige the clients and give a commercial center to simple installments. Some portion of the highlights of the Araw biological community is the Araw pay which is an open gadget on the sites that will acknowledge installments from clients in Araw tokens. This and a portable web wallet will give a simple methods for installment to clients and give a smooth client encounter. The ARAW stage additionally offer a touch and pay card framework called Araw card which resembles the credit and check cards gave by the money related frameworks. The card will enable clients to make micropayment in cafés, bars, shopping centers or perform every day online exchanges effortlessly. Conclusion The upsides of Araw framework is numerous since it is composed in view of just the issues of clients, plainly they are on the mission to give a smooth and consistent methods for installment in web based business. LINKS Website: https://arawtoken.io/ Whitepaper: https://arawtoken.io/assets/araw_whitepaper.pdf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arawtoken Twitter: https://twitter.com/arawtoken Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3497194.0 Medium: https://medium.com/@TheARAWToken Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3QKDkSt7UbhqWlAm2T5Abg Telegram: https://t.me/ArawTokenOfficial My BTT: Ranie (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2136998)
  10. MXC is a blockchain for the Internet of Things. It not only allows for the transactional facility within IoT devices, but also provides the infrastructure to easily develop applications for IoT devices, and increase number of data transactions. MXC Bounty: http://bit.ly/2Q6udw4 MXC Telegram Group: http://bit.ly/2Od4XCI Read on to learn about its value offering. MXC VRIO Analysis VRIO analysis gives a clear and comprehensive explanation of the value additives of a project and its ability to sustain those value additives. MXC's value offering is cored around what the first and second generation blockchains have provided, only this time the benefits are for IoT. Bitcoin, as the first generation blockchain provided a network for transactional throughput in a decentralized environment. Ethereum, as the second generation blockchain, laid the ground for smart contracts. Both developments have had an incredible impact but at their core, these blockchains are meant for human interactions. The internet of things is equally important, and MXC recognizes this. Thus, it carries the benefits for the most prominent blockchains to the IoT. MXC's primary value offerings are to increase IoT data transactions through the best simplified systematic process blockchain space has to offer. MXC will provide the transactional network for various IoT devices and will allow the developers to utilize smart contracts and the transactional ability of devices to develop IoT applications that focuses on reducing network collisions and develop an inter-chain data market for network coverage. There are few existing blockchains projects that focus on IoT technology, but the fact remains that the vast majority of existing blockchains focus on individual or corporate interactions on the web. We are entering a stage in the digital era where the IoT market is facing a rapid growth. Additionally, as AI advances enough, the value of communication channels among devices may outvalue the communication channels among humans. Therefore, there’s a huge shortage in blockchains—and projects in general—that focus on the internet of things and that will increase the data transactions throughput The blockchain technology is plagued with imitators but luckily these individuals/teams are usually not able to imitate much beyond the base functionalities of a blockchain: transactional throughput. MXC's competitive strength comes from its unique structure and protocols underlying the technology. The team is utilizing cutting edge technologies and protocols that create the environment for easy utilization of its technology. A platform for IoT devices isn’t much if it cannot attract rapid interest of people who want to utilize the underlying technology. Thus, it’s important to note that MXC isn’t just a network for transactional throughput, rather, it’s a blockchain platform designed to enable all IoT devices to attain high usability and efficiency. This staunch differentiation from a base functionality blockchain makes MXC incredibly difficult to imitate. Unlike a typical analysis of a blockchain project, MXC is far past its ICO, to be listed soon. And the technology has been delivered. This is a testament to it's good design and organizational ability; the team stands ready to take on future challenges and to beat the road map deadlines. Wrap Up: MXC provides the leading blockchains best facilities—secure transactions and applicational support—to the internet of things. And given the potential value of IoT in the years to comes, there’s a severe shortage of blockchains that target this sector. MXC is one of the pioneering players targeting IoT sector with blockchain technology.
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