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  1. If you test it, do it with really small amount, because when paypal is involved anything isn't anonymous anymore. If you want close to anonymous and tested to do that rather use peer to peer cryptocurrency exchanges. I think it is safer.
  2. Concept is good but, did somebody tested it? I can not find this site on in my opinion most trustworthy crypto site cryptolinks.
  3. I don’t want to sound silly, but have you seen anything like this https://cryptolinks.com/ in Crypto industry before? I have recently found this site, and I have seriously got no words on how much I have loved this! I have bookmark this because now I can pretty much check about everything at one place. This sounds crazy but check it yourself….. Let me know IF you know any other site that is like this site, which is almost a Crypto directory!
  4. My project free to use cryptocurrency directory, to help crypto community to grow, learn and expand. You will get all the information whether you are complete newbie or professional trader in crypto world. Form cryptocurrency exchange to mining of bitcoin and altcoins. It took me over the year to finish this with all reviews site will refresh every day so if you have any suggestion you are welcome to give me please. https://cryptolinks.com/ What do you think about it, give me your feedback please? Thank you very much Nate
  5. Thank you very much for your feedback, I will try to solve this overwhelmed thing. And thank you for suggestion, much appreciated. Best regards Nate
  6. Hey, I am trying to build something good for crypto community, because I am a trader and crypto enthusiast. In my free time for about year and half I am building a crypto site with a lot of crypto site links that are helpful one of that link is this forum too and each site I review. All the site links that I have collected during the years of my crypto involvement in trading. I want for site to stay completely free whit no ads and without any shitty aff links, to help crypto community to grow and learn faster. Because with gorwth, my coins grow too, I have added all the sites that I know by the best one on first place and then so on to the worst one. Now I am on the edge and don't know if I did include everything can you guys give me a bit of help or opinion, if I forgot to include anything or should I throw out something because it is too much...? Please give me any suggestions that can help me and whole community. I just want honest opinion on my site that I was building now for 473 days so hard it is http://cryptolinks.com/ Thank you very much Nate
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