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  1. OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF SaTT. https://www.satt-token.com/ Their is a common saying that says "No matter how good a product may be, no matter how rich and profitable a service may be if you don't say here i am like the biblical Jesus nobody will no where you are and what you do". Little wonder Advertising has been and will always be the most effective if not the only successful means by which business operators can reach their desired audience and increase the awareness of their brands, increase the level of demands for their goods and services which directly affect the proportion of their profit, thereby making it one of the largest industry in our 21st century and digital marketing ready to take the lion share of this field of endevour with the $1.2 Trillion Advertising industry also disrupted by the Blockchain Technology which will increase the growth rate of the Advertising industry to a greater height. And as more and more people connect to the internet the larger the audience grows in a geometric progression, thus one can categorically say that the digital market in few years to come shall take over the whole advertising industry and these is the business environment in which SaTT Project is to operate on. CHALLENGES THE ADVERTISING INDUSTRY IS FACING AND THE URGENT NEED FOR THE PROJECT CALLED SaTT - THE REVOLUTION OF ADVERTISING TRANSACTIONS. To start with it is indeed admittedly quite unfortunate that for a company to Advertise her product she has to contact and contract a 'stranger' that is a centralized advertising agency to facilitate her work. And sadly advertising in its traditional sense has always been the work of humans, that is manual agency work ranging from running Ad campaigns, printing brochures and security data, all been manually done till date, too bad for our digital century ! To add salt to the existing injury these centralized traditional means of advertising used by advertising agencies today comes with so many flows and impediments which include but the following: High cost of Advertising ( very expensive to bear) thereby making campaign to be highly expensive. High chances of clients data been hacked due to lack of security by these traditional centralized advertising agents. High level of commission fees. Transfer fees. In the face of Technical failure on a centralized platform all Ad campaigns will stop working pending when the issue will be resolved. These traditional and centralized advertising agencies is based on a prohibitive cost of entry and monthly billing for the services they provide and the minimum fee for using their interface ranges from hundred to thousands of dollars per month. The customer stand a chance of been blocked if there is no minimum amount on his balance to perform operations. The list goes on and on, But thanks to God for the arrival of the project called: SaTT is poised to providing us with a lasting solution to the identified problems above which our advertising industries are currently facing by creating a secure system of cooperation between advertising agencies and manufacturers of goods and services thereby eliminating fraud and ensuring that innocent advertisers pay for effectiveness of service and not mandatory monthly subscription that does not profit them. SaTT AND HER SOLUTIONS. AND THE TWO PRINCIPAL BENEFICIARIES ARE FIRST: THE ADVERTISER SaTT with the assistance of her smart token and blockchain innovation will set up a bridge among advertisers and publicizing platforms to run advertisement crusades in a smooth way. As per the SaTT Smart Contract, Advertisers can make publicizing efforts and the hidden information and the result of the outcomes are put away in a disseminated decentralized records, that is the blockchain which will be accessible by devoted APIs. At the end of the day, it implies that it won't be anything but difficult to mess with results. We are are also aware of the fact that advertisers pay publishers a predetermined huge amount of money for the campaign even when the campaign fails what a huge loss ! But SaTT through her smart contract shall nipp these anomalies out of the board indefinitely. with the help of her SaTT, Smart Contract communicate with thirty party APIs to assess the execution of every single advertisement and decides the expense to be paid to publishers in an instance. thereby sparing both parties of exchange charges as well as outrageous campaign cost while utilizing the SaTT Smart Contract. Also worthy of note is the fact that it is unimaginable on account of SaTT Smart Contract for data to be hacked and tampered with a thing that is a recurring decimal in the centralized traditional system of advertising, but here at SaTT Smart Contract campaign statistics is been tracked and the amount to be paid without any undue interference or misrepresentation. THE PUBLISHER. Here at SaTT Smart Contract the publisher shall also benefit maximally, how you may want to no. The Blockchain makes it possible for the campaign to be adequately funded and payment made as soon as the campaign ends and immediately the campaign is completed the smart contract automatically releases the stipulated funds and transfer made directly to their account see more benefits in the picture below. What a smart way of doing business! () TOKENIZED ECONOMY AND BLOCKCHAIN. The Smart Contract SaTT works in a decentralized and circulated way. The blockchain will incorporate every single current offer enabling any API or platform to perform tasks whether it is the creation as a feature of an adbuilder, the display to make a promotion catalog, or in Oracle for instance by giving the statistics expected to approve and evaluate the transaction. To make the SaTT progressively fluid, we will introduce the PayBySaTT work on our application store and offer a SDK for third-party designers with the goal that numerous items and exclusive events are payable in SaTT. CROWDSALE AND INITIAL TOKEN DISTRIBUTION: SaTT Token will be used to regulate advertising transactions between advertisers and publishers to be Instant, Transparent and Secure. MY HUMBLE SUBMISSION. SaTT is an ERC20 token created for the purpose of facilitating transactions with a smart contract, thereby eliminating late payment and expensive banking services. It is a centralised system for quantifying results of campaign, regulated by smart contract which list advertising offers with all data held securely in the Ethereum blockchain. And it quantifies the success and guarantees the final payment, what more! it is fast, inexpensive, versatile, save and secure. Thus without any webit of reservation in my heart i humble present to you the project called SaTT for your consideration and investment and you will be excited you did. Tanks love you all as you kindly reciprocate with you likes and upvotes. THE REPUTABLE TEAM MEMBERS: PLEASE SEE THESE LINKS FOR MORE DETAILS: WEBSITE: https://www.satt-token.com TELEGRAM: https://t.me/satttoken WHITEPAPER: https://www.atayen.us/satt/files/ico_satt_en.pdf ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3407522.0 FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SaTT.Token/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/SaTT_Token MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@satt.atayen REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/user/NicolasROY/ GITHUB: https://github.com/Atayen/satt AUTHORED BY: My Bitcointalk Name: crypto24hrs My Profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1840912 My ETH Address: 0x73841c19B4044F4C7CB216EE428A66F8e5d122Fa
  2. Do you no that regular banking tools are mostly not used in the middle East Zone and African region? Why because of conservative Islamic practices and poor banking system, Africa alone has a population of 1,307,564,142 and base on the latest United nations estimate African population is equivalent to 16.64% of the total world population, what a great potential! This region is highly fragmented structured with various currencies, and up till date no project seem to address this identified gap thus leaving a very big vacuum. All thanks to the project called ….. MENAPAY has emerged as the No ONE blockchain-based payment gateway that is fully supported in the middle East and Africa. Menapay shall replace traditional payment which have never been compatible with conventional Islamic practices with cryptocurrency fully supported with blockchain. The MenaPay platform through the introduction of blockchain technology involving the use of smart contracts has included steps and features to connect customers with traders directly for transactions that are very safe, secure, faster and more transparent. The Platform MenaPay intends to launch APP with a user-friendly dashboard that will help people in the Middle East and Africa with poor banking skills that are adapted to the new decentralized payment methods. MenaPay creates a single currency to be used every day via blockchain by bringing 100% Islamic and non-bank digital solutions. PLAN TO OVERCOME TOKEN VOLATILITY. Menapay Team has planned to introduce two tokens for the Menapay ecosystem, First is MENAPAY- Menapay shall be a participatory token which shall be used to distribute 75 percent of income and profit to the holders of the token while the second is: MENACASH- Menacash shall be used to overcome the problem of volatility in the token price. For more details about the difference between Menapay and Menacash please see youtu.be/ow54mDTgtEY 1 MenaCash will always be equal to 1 US dollar, and will make extracts from MenaPay funds. MenaPay also offers the same solutions such as desktops and mobile wallets, interfaces and SDKs, reports and control panels for sellers, all in Indonesian. MenaPay trading is an ERC20 type and will be used for the MenaPay platform, and will also be available for sale by users. VISION. MenaPay is building a website and cellular-based application that will enable integration of crypto payment solutions to various websites and supports Arabic on the dashboard. TOKEN DISTRIBUTION. THE IMPECCABLE TEAM MEMBERS BEHIND THE SCENE. MY HUMBLE SUBMISSION. My critical and holistic examination into the the project called Menapay depicts that the project idea which matters most in the life of every ICO is viable and verifiable with great potentials to all investors, and the team members been real and traceable i do have no shred of doubt in my mind whatsoever to recommend the project called Menapay for your investigation and investment in the ongoing ICO and you definitely be glad you did. There are different stages of #token sale; #PrivateSale, #PreICO and #ICO. Our content manager Simge Icen explains the differences between these stages in her latest blog post #crypto4mena. Tanks for reading love you all as you also reciprocate with your loving upvotes, likes and sweet comments. PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINKS FOR MORE DETAILS: Website:https://www.menapay.io/ Onepager: https://www.menapay.io/onepager.pdf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/menapayio Twitter: https://twitter.com/menapayio Telegram: https://t.me/MenaPay Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/menapay LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/menapay/?originalSubdomain=in Ann Threads: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4884588 AUTHORS DETAILS: My bitcointalk Name: crypto24hrs My profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1840912 My ETH Address: 0x73841c19B4044F4C7CB216EE428A66F8e5d122Fa
  3. It is indeed an indisputable fact that as the world makes a quantum shift from analog to digital age, with a rapid growth of more than three billion internet users around the globe, the urgent need for a dependable constant network among individuals and gadget is expanding and will keep on expanding exponentially, hence a decentralized network that permits interminable availability with a certification of security is indeed a "sinoquenum". Thus it is my humble pleasure to introduce to you a project called-VANTA NETWORK. (https://vanta.network/) PROJECT TEXT. Before i proceed to talk about the project called- VANTA NETWORK please permit me to first of all subject the project into what i call " a litmus paper text". to see whether the project merits our consideration, attention and presentation. VANTA PROJECT VS THE POTENTIAL MARKET. No doubt every right thinking investors should ask himself some salient questions and try to find answers to such questions before investing in any given project if he must succeed, questions like; Does the potential market exist? Does the project have what it takes to compete with existing investors? What are the advantages to investors? Interestingly VANTA NETWORK is not only prepared to give an answer to these questions but is also prepared to give you "a breaking news". please kindly follow me as we go through the details and you will be glad you did! THE POTENTIAL MARKET Just imagine a business environment with more than three billion people all over the world- been the estimated number of internet users and the number contenious to increase on daily basis thereby given rise to the number of consumed content on the internet with trillions of files been uploaded every day, this is just a glimpse of the market. VANTA NETWORK intends to be pioneers in the realm of communication and the worldwide exchange of data and have produced data on the Global Datasphere which represents every single new datum that is caught, made, and recreated. They demonstrate that the Global Datasphere will develop from 33 Zettabytes (ZB) in 2018 to 175 ZB by 2025, and that 90ZB of information will be made on IoT gadgets by 2025. Likewise, more than 150B gadgets are estimated to be associated over the globe by 2025, with the dominant part set to make information continuously. The Datasphere comprised of 15% real time data in 2017, and this is anticipated to develop to 30% by 2025. Also, they feature that Gartner figures that the all out market estimation of blockchain-related organizations will develop to more than $ 176 billion by 2025, and will reach $ 30 trillion by 2030. Now Let me ask you is this business environment not big enough to contain any wise and season investors? the answer is obvious. Subsequently, VANTA is focusing on a noteworthy market and is expecting to be the most widely used decentralized messaging and data exchange platform that gives reasonable options in contrast to both regular clients and commercial bodies alike. DOES THE PROJECT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO CONTEXT WITH EXISTING INVESTORS? No doubt the project VANTA NETWORK faces rivalry from prominent organizations already i existence, for example, Google, Slack, and Twilio, but they intend to create APIs that allow VANTA to incorporate with these platforms notwithstanding items, for example, Stripe, IBM Watson, Cloudinary, and Amazon Web Services. The utilization of APIs may permit VANTA to get an a dependable balance in the market as it doesn't have to contend straightforwardly against progressively settled industry heavyweights and can rather work to use their officially existing client bases. The group likewise looks set to take advantage of key organizations with driving organizations, for example, Voiceloco, Sejong Telecom, Oracle, and Microsoft to help build up their remaining in the realm of trade and the blockchain economy. Advantages of using VANTA 1.VANTA-based administration engineers With VANTA, it is conceivable to create and develop versatile, stable, and very secure constant systems administration requiring little to no effort. Engineers can rapidly and reasonably grow constant systems administration capacities dependent on VANTA without working up a different server or develop real-time network from scratch. As per the staking based token economy, designers may use VANTA's system assets by staking VNT tokens. It is accessible at no expense, aside from a little charge when VNT tokens are unstaked. In the event that an engineer does not have enough VNT tokens to anchor the assets they require for their services, they have the alternative to make a strategy requiring end clients to stake VNT tokens for all or their very own bit asset use. As such, designers and clients can share staked VNT tokens to run a service. It empowers to fundamentally diminish the development and activity expenses of real-time network related services. 2.VANTA-based service clients End clients utilizing VANTA-based administrations profit by lower cost expenses and privacy. At the point when an administration engineer stakes adequate VNT tokens for the administration's system assets, end clients for the most part don't need to stake VNT tokens for their very own asset utilization. Be that as it may, if the administration is set up for end clients to stake VNT tokens to run the administration as clarified with the past areas, every client needs to stake VNT tokens for their very own asset utilization. Clients can likewis create a VANTA account without a different membership procedure or verification. This is conceivable on the grounds that organize members communicate through a anonymous hash esteem that can't be used to track their identity. Additionally, clients can make another record whenever, further guaranteeing that an individual can't be recognized. Since there is no focal control specialist and all information is encoded and transmitted between peers, it is difficult to give correspondence records, data/media, and so forth in line with the central government or experts. This implies it is conceivable to utilize secure, decentralized correspondence administrations without privacy issues. 3.Benefits for associations from taking VANTA as a telecomunication network. Since VANTA is specialized inreal-time network and has different correspondence capacities, VANTA blockchain can be utilized by associations, for example, governments, organizations, and schools that need to construct their own telecommunication network. The VANTA blockchain media transmission system can be constructed rapidly and cost-successfully without the requirement for a different server or foundation. VANTA will likewise give coordinate counseling and customized advancement for cases in which the government, organization, or school, and so forth has specialized challenges utilizing VANTA as a media transmission network. In this way, it is workable for every association to manufacture a streamlined blockchain based system. VANTA has no limits in the quantity of clients and the quantity of utilizations. In this network, you can actualize different services for conveyance services, web based games, sound and video documents, inn booking, vehicle rental, assets for Dating, sports occasions, motion pictures, data content, the structure of the sensors of the Internet of things, media transmission structures of open experts and wellbeing establishments. VANTA network is general and can be successfully utilized on any part of the earth. see pix. A SNAPSHOT ABOUT VANTA NETWORK. The VANTA Network is a decentralized and permissionless system that guarantees ongoing, secure and private connectivity. Through the VANTA Network, the two people and partnerships will almost certainly grow real time data transmission services and market those services at low expenses. The VANTA Network will in the long run intend to permit boundless connectivity among all gadgets irrespective of location. The VANTA Network aims at enabling people to make decentralized systems that perform ongoing information transmissions just as process and store that information by choosing shrewd companions, working together, and assessing each other utilizing the VANTA Network protocol and the consensus algorithm. TOKEN DISTRIBUTION THE PROJECT ROADMAP VANTA NETWORK TEAM IS MADE UP OF 26 IMPECCABLE MEMBERS AND YOU CAN SEE THEM ALL HERE @ VANTA website — https://vanta.network/TeamFull MY HUMBLE SUBMISSION. It is my humble pleasure to inform that VANTA NETWORK have successfully passed the three stage litmus text set at the outset of this presentation hence, i hereby without any iota of doubt present this project called VANTA NETWORK (https://vanta.network/) for your careful consideration and investment and you will certainly be glad you did tanks. USEFUL LINKS: WEBSITE: https://vanta.network TELEGRAM: https://t.me/vantanetwork WHITEPAPER: https://vanta.network/doc/VANTA_White_Paper.pdf ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5095100 FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/vantanetwork/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/vantanetwork MEDIUM: https://medium.com/vantanetwork REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/vantanetwork/ LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/vantanetwork AUTHORS DETAILS: MY BITCOINTALK NAME: crypto24hrs MY PROPHILE LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1840912 MY ETH ADDRESS: 0x73841c19B4044F4C7CB216EE428A66F8e5d122Fa
  4. Be happy doing whatever your hands finds to do, please kindly share your joy with me by your kind upvote, like and uplifting coments tanks Godbless you
  5. If you can think it, then you can do it! Rento have carefully given a thought to a common situation which have a recurring decimal in our everyday life but have eluded us all for ages, a situation where whose who have does not no the value of what they have while the have not or those who does not have are busy looking for opportunity to acquire what some persons have out their but does not need it at the moment or better still does not even no the value of what they have. While some persons are busy acquiring what they do not actually need or what they can do without just becouse they do not no how to go about it. RENTO says NO to this ugly situations which also is a sabotage to our world economy by thoughtfully creating a global application which is first of its kind that enables you to SHARE, RENT AND PROFIT only here @ Rento https://rento-app.io/ . RENTO is a global exchange platform for business and individuals alike, which allows you to rent underutilized or unused assets. One unique thing about RENTO is that it does not focus only on one market (ie cars or appartment) like her competitors rather it offers hire of any item for any person, as an added advantage Rento uses blockchain technology to implement a trusted economy via smart contracts, theirby providing Rento with the conditions that the parties can count on one another to deliver and return products or services. With this concept in place Rento will be able to introduce economic exchange in the day to day life of people all over the world, thus reducing waste in our world economy and even converting potential waste to wealth. Here at Rento everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy the option of services and products without actually bearing the cost and burden of buying each type of product they use. The primary worldwide application: share, lease, profit all that you need with Rento https://rento-app.io/. Rento offers a worldwide trade platform for organizations and people, enabling you to lease underutilized resources. In contrast to rivals in the market, Rento offers contract of any thing for any individual, and not concentrate on just a single market (vehicles or apartment). Also, Rento utilizes blockchain innovation to actualize a confided in economy through keen contracts, furnishing Rento with the conditions that the gatherings can rely on one another to convey and return an item or service. Rento seeks to present financial trade in the day by day lives of individuals around the globe, decreasing waste in the economy and enables more individuals to appreciate the alternatives of administrations and items without expecting the expense of purchasing each kind of item they use. Rento makes a product answer for people and organizations to trade goods and services. Rento's answer depends on the developing business sector of "trade economy", and does not concentrate on one part, Rento gives a total solution, including a smart contract for the individuals who lease any item or service. In the same way that e-commerce sites such as eBay are not limited to one type of product or service. Rento utilizes blockchain innovation for shrewd contracts that give trust all through the framework. Rento seeks to achieve economic exchange which is build around the use of economic resources for their maximum capacity. Rento offers a mobile form of the platform and a web platform that enable clients to exchange their unused assets for leasing or sharing on their platform. Each Rento posting incorporates key parts of a benefit or asset, for example, rental rates, accessibility timetables, pictures or recordings, particulars and conditions explicit to the advantage. Rento offers a few items and service fragments, with a unique spotlight on business and specialist organizations, to fill the platform with a vast supply of accessible assets, which regarding giving the platform at first has enough assets for shoppers to make it attractive. Rento will keep running with essential posting fragments, for example, family unit things, similar to grass cutters or snow blowers, through a few business offers, for example, general workplaces and gathering rooms, development hardware, parking spots, and uncommon callings of individuals. Notwithstanding building up a trade store, Rento wants to contract something like one block for the store, as verification of its idea of biological system sharing. Rento makes an environment for the improvement of a common economy. You will not only reduce consumption, but shall also make profit from what you already have but does not make use of it. BENEFIT TO RENTO TOKEN HOLDERS shareholders can receive dividends from companies profit after the supply of safety token ICO participants can become a RENTO model for franchise owner. The lowest worth of RENTO Token can be used as a fee on RENTOBLOCKCHAIN Their are whole lots of benefits in helping the expansion of sharing economy etc. INFORMATION ABOUT THE TOKEN Token name: Rento Ticker Symbol: RTO Start of public sale: 16.10.2018 End of public sale: 28.02.2019 Total supply: 600 000 000 RTO Decimal places: 8 Token standard: ERC20 Network base: Ethereum Network Tokens for sale: 264 000 000 Owners tokens: 305 000 000 Bounty tokens: 6 000 000 Tokens for team and advisors: 25 000 000 Price range for token sale: $0.01 - $0.12 Source code: rento-rto-erc20-token PROJECT ROADMAP PROJECT ASSESSMENT FOR POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION FOR INVESTMENT. In my usual way join me while i assess RENTO in the following vital areas by answering YES,NO or NOT SURE as to no if the project merit our consideration for investment. RENTING ABILITY = Yes everything that you wish to rent. SHARING OPPORTUNITIES = Yes millions of people are available and willing to share their unused assess. COMFORTABILITY = Yes just one app does it all @ Rento https://rento-app.io/ . PROFITABILITY = Yes opportunity abounds for you and me, expense reduction and profit in an unused assets SECURITY = Yes using blockchain technology BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT = Yes it practically exist and is ever increasing. RESULT RENTO SCORE= 7/7 EXCELLENT. WIth the above score line i am very confident of the fact that the project called RENTO shall accomplish her mission statement of providing people with the opportunity of become part of the global exchange economy and easily share their unused assets while making profit. Indeed RENTO deserve our a round of applause, thus without any shred of doubt in my mind i do hereby wholistically recommend the project called RENTO for your consideration and investment and you will be glad you did cheers love you all as you also love me with your upvote and likes. OUR PROJECT CONTACT LINKS: Website: https://rento-app.io/ Whitepaper: https://rento-app.io/assets/whitepaper.pdf Bounty BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5076209.0 ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5074644.0 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rento_app Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rentoapp/ Telegram: https://t.me/rentoapp Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rento.app/ Medium: https://medium.com/app-rento Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Rento/ AUTHORS DETAILS: BITCOINTALK NAME: crypto24hrs PROPHILE LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1840912 ETH ADDRESS: 0x73841c19B4044F4C7CB216EE428A66F8e5d122Fa
  6. Following the massive failure of most ICOs in 2018, with just a few been able to secure listing, should ICOs still be a subject of discussion ? Most persons are saying NO that the idea of ICO as a means of funding raising should be discarded and never even be mentioned again, and their reasons are evidence base as we can see in FORBES Article which cited an ICO Rating.com 2018 Q2 Report which state as follows: 55% of all ICOs from the period above failed to meet up with their funding target Only 7% of ICOs from Q2 where able to secure listing. No doubt this facts can not be disputed and most importantly KRYPTOIN is also part of this ugly system we found our self. now comes the big question- How will kryptoin survive this difficult crypto-market to which it is surrounded with and meet up with her funding target? ANSWER KRYPTOIN has proven to the world that it is a project with a difference by already having sold 100,000 KRP Tokens in Pre-sale phase. It may also interest you to no that it has also secured another listing on the 8th largest trading volume Dobitrade exchange, with a last minute placement deal almost in place. What is more kryptoin is poised to putting a smile on the faces of its investors & subscribers, little wonder it has decided to extend her project up to march 2019 to ensure that success is secured thereby given everyone an equal opportunity to be a partaker of her success. A WORD OF ADVICE FROM A LOVING FRIEND Whenever you think of investment in crypto may you never be down hearted by the present bearish market, this is not the first time neither shall it be the last the market will rise and fall, all analyst report are pointing to the fact that their will be another bull run and it is in hurry to come, hence now is the right time to invest and KRYPTOIN is the right place to be, hurry now while the offer last and you will be glad you did! A SNAPSHOT ABOUT KRYPTOIN. Kryptoin ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) is a blockchain based platform which permits to create a digital token that makes an estimation of a blend of digital currencies on a similar arrangement of blockchain hubs which is coordinated to their application. They are incorporating the blockchain innovation on account of disposing of dangers of security and value-based process from the customary ETF biological community. They are making the decentralized framework where with the assistance of smart contract they are satisfying an explicit prerequisite of a trade between an ETF guarantor and Authorized Participant. The point is to make an ETF token framework which enable clients to utilize this token for trade or exchange under the Kryptoin Trading Desk. KRYPTOIN ETFs ECOSYSTEM The principle parts of an ETF trade biological community are – Five User Levels which is characterizing jobs and abilities. Ability of amassing a Creation Unit (CU) and making a file. Giving MegaWallet Application which gives the capacity to interface all the blockchain hubs and to make wallets for every client has been contrived and executed. This MegaWallet and the blockchain hubs will enable the framework to make addresses for every client and to store these coins in their record. They empower every one of the exchanges among clients and records them on the database under the blockchain. FOCAL POINTS OF AN ETF SYSTEM. The ETF exchanging framework is entirely unexpected from Closed-End Fund (CEF) framework. They are putting forth Kryptoin Blockchain 10 under the file gathering where they will follow the record comprising of the main 10 biggest promoted and fluid digital forms of money. ETFs can follow each execution of a hidden list, item or container of advantages. This is extremely useful to the clients who need to or require a presentation to specific markets and would prefer not to buy the individual resources. From this, clients can maintain a strategic distance from huge managing expenses and spare their time. From Kryptoin ETFs, clients can essentially buy a solitary token which will follow the fortunes of the considerable number of coins in the record. INFORMATION ABOUT THE TOKEN Token Name – KRP Hard Cap – 144,311ETH MY HUMBLE SUBMISSION Having critically examined the project called KRYPTOIN, Her Project idea and of-course the impeccable team members which include Dannie Kim, Tariq Ali Asghar and John Tracey, i have no shred of doubt that this project will succeed hence my humble recommendation for your consideration and investment. useful links: Website: https://kryptoin.io Reddit : www.reddit.com/r/kryptoinETF/ Github : github.com/consynor/Kryptoin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kryptoin Twitter: https://twitter.com/@kryptoinETF Telegram: https://t.me/kryptoinETFs AUTHORS DETAILS: My bitcointalk name: crypto24hrs My prophile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1840912 My ETH Address: 0x73841c19B4044F4C7CB216EE428A66F8e5d122Fa
  7. HAPPINESS CUM CHALLENGES AFFECTING CRYPTOCURRENCY. Our world of 21st century was thrown agog following the invention of cryptocurrency which has given birth to blockchain technology- which i call "the mother of all inventions and innovations of our 21st century" - this was a very good instrument in the hand of our global community for a faster and safer means of transactions, the transactions done using cryptocurrency are fast, secure and transparent which is contrally to what is obtainable in fiat transactions. But quite unfortunate the smile put on our face and happiness it radiated in our heart is gradually declining just because of one singular but troubling issue which is - VOLATILITY in cryptocurrency, this according to experts is the most biting challenge that have bedeviled our world of crypto, of which the contributing factors include market manipulation, low adoption by the masses, absence of regulation and of-course failed system reserve payments. Although some projects have made ambiguous promises to address the challenge but non seem to have totally nipped the problem in the bud. Hence the need for a project that is totally committed with the technological tools capable of saving our world of crypto Thus the arrival of a project called- BITCOIN AIR. BITCOIN AIR AND HER SOLUTIONS. Bitcoin Air main issue of center is to convey a modern and adaptable convention that have highlights that can make the coin to be an accepted methods for payment among Cryptocurrency fans, ordinary undertakings and normal people. The platform will have the capacity to comprehend fitting issues that are constraining the adoption of existing Crypto solutions which are flexibility, unpredictability and adaptability. The group of the task made striking cases that the project will convey greater security to the business and diminish the danger of instability in this way expanding the trust of the general population in making utilization of Cryptocurrency for purchasing and selling. Bitcoin Air will have the capacity to coordinate the joined intensity of twofold chain conventions with the Lightning Network, Segregated Witness, and Atomic Swaps in making another stable coin for mass selection. With this methodology, they will have the capacity to assemble a simple to-utilize, modern and flexible merchant incorporated system that can help in offering back to our planet through day by day exercises that we are largely well-known of. Bitcoin Air Technology Architecture The innovation behind Air Protocol make utilized of off-chain decentralized stores framework with a limit of keeping up the innovation behind the end estimation of shippers profit while impacting the environment indirectly in a positive manner. A normal Cryptocurrency speculator's realizes that the significant issue of the business is instability which is being caused by market controls supported by low appropriation, no direction and fizzled attempts by reserve framework. Bitcoin Air has what it takes to overcome them all by eventually offering both decentralized installment framework and a decentralized reserve framework with operational limit of being trustless and free from central establishments. BITCOIN AIR COIN So far Bitcoin Air is the fork of Bitcoin and PeerCoin, there won't be any Crowdsale for the undertaking. Those that have Bitcoin and PeerCoin will be credited with the coin in a proportion that will later be made known to people in general. The aggregate supply of Bitcoin Air will be the equivalent to the supply of Bitcoin which is 21 Million Coins and the image of the coin will be XAP. UNIQUE FEATURES ABOUT BITCOIN AIR. Bitcoin Air shall be the: First to implement Air cash with the ability to mint off chain and maintain the value. First to achieve a stabilized cryptocurrency market with its reduction of human carbom footprint which shall be evidenced via its mode of operation. The underlying circulating supply of bitcoin air will be constrained and will be entirely founded on mining and consuming air convention. The coursing supply will lessen close by with the accessible market cap, this in turns keeps up each share value on the unpredictable chain. Bitcoin Air will take advantage of the market possibilities by making a reasonable stage which will be appealing to every single private company universally with a simple, fast and easy to understand payment framework. What are you steel waiting for horry now and be among the FIRST to invest in Bitcoin Air, you will be glad you did see the website link @ https://bitcoinair.org/ HERE ARE A LIST OF GREAT PARTNERS TO THE PROJECT THE IMPECCABLE TEAM MEMBERS MY HUMBLE SUBMISSION Having critically examined the project called Bitcoin Air, her promising tools of implement the project, the business opportunities, and her impeccable team team menbers i have no reservation what so ever to recommend the project for your consideration and investment, surely success and victory shall be yours. Definitely you will like to find out more about this wonderful project called Bitcoin Air please the available links bellow: Website:https://bitcoinair.org/ DiscordApp:https://discordapp.com/channels/446913784779374592/446913784779374594 Telegram:https://t.me/BitcoinAirENG Reddit:https://www.reddit.com/r/BitcoinAir/ Twitter:https://twitter.com/BitcoinAirNews Twitter:https://twitter.com/BitcoinAirUSA Discord:https://discord.gg/Cr92Htu Medium:https://medium.com/@BitcoinAirNews Github:https://www.github.com/BitcoinAir Announcements:https://t.me/BitcoinAirANN AUTHORS DETAILS Bitcointalk Name: crypto24hrs Bitcointalk Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1840912 My ETH Address: 0x73841c19B4044F4C7CB216EE428A66F8e5d122Fa
  8. As the awareness about cryprtocurrency increases, so more and more people troop into cryptocurrency business, and as more people join so the increase need for more platform for making more transactions, as well as for the purchase of and sale of cryptocurrency assets grows in geometrical progression. Although their are a lot of platforms that offer transnational services but with so many gaps to the dismay of clients which include but the following; Low Speed Transactional Charges Complexity Low Security etc. Thus the urgent need for high quality platform for the exchange of crypto assets. On this bautiful note we are very happy to announce to you the arrival of an all encompassing platform that is poised to address all the aforementioned gaps in the world of cryptocurrency exchange- It is known and called ENCRYBIT. ENCRYBIT EXCHANGE IN A MOMENT Encrybit exchange is the principal explore based organization, that has done such huge numbers of research's and succesful reviews among over 12k cryptographic money merchants in more than 167 nations. Encrybit trade is determined to give clients a straightforward, dependable and ease administration to utilize, purchase, move, and exchange different crypto resources, from scope of nations. Encrybit token known as ENCX will be the utility token of the Encrybit stage. Encrybit exchnage makes available to its users with extensive market research tools which include data analytics, trading strategies, trade signals, cryptocurrency news and so many others you can think of. MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROJECT. The project will have its very own token, which will be essential for the activity of the platform. This coin will be utilized for the creation of exchanges, and also to keep up the monetary circumstance as a rule. Which is likewise critical. With this coin will be less expensive and commissions that will happen when exchanging on the stock trade. This task is one of a kind and is at present effectively taking a shot at tackling the major issues of current crypto industry all in all. All things considered, the group of this project are specialists in the blockchain technology, as it has been occupied with this field for over a year. Further I propose to think about more point by point data about this venture token, which is utilized inside the stage. This token is currently being sold to pull in venture advancement of this undertaking. SOLID REASONS WHY EVERY INVESTORS HAS TO TRADE WITH ENCRYBIT Please carefully take a closer at the following reasons why you should switch over to ENCRYBIT DEMO TRADING: This element will enable clients to exchange on the Encrybit stage with virtual monetary forms, allowing them the chance to rehearse distinctive exchanging startegies and furthermore investigate the platform STOP LOSS: This element makes it feasible for clients to set trailling to stop misfortunes on their exchanges MULTI-CHART LAYOUT: This element makes it workable for brokers to screen diverse exchanging sets on a similar window. No requirement for minimization. SCREEN CAPTURE AND SHARE: With this element you can screen capture your current exchanging window VISIT AND DISCUSS: This component enables dealers to talk and examine about exchanges and techniques BENEFIT AND LOSS REPORTS: Traders will have the capacity to see the benefit and misfortune reports displayed in Business format. SMART ALERTS: This component enables merchants to set warnings on value changes. TOKEN INFORMATION ABOUT ENCX. Token Symbol: ENCX Token Type: Utility Platform: Ethereum (ERC-20) Total Supply: 200,000,000 ENCX Circulating Supply: 172,800,000 ENCX Token Price: $0.2 USD Soft Cap: $5,400,000 USD Hard Cap: $32,400,000 USD Accepting: ETH, BTC PRIVATE SALE DETAILS Token Available for Private Sale: 27,000,000 ENCX Private sale Ends: DEC- 03 - 2018 (17 DAYS ) Accepting: BTC , ETH TOKEN ALLOCATION 50% of Tokens for sale 2% Referrals and Bounties 2% Advisor 11% Encrybit 10% Founder 10% of Initial Investors 5% Team 10% of ongoing development funds DISTRIBUTION OF FUND 30% Development 25% marketing 15% Administrator and Support 13% Security and Audit 2% legal 15% reserve TEAM MEMBERS AND ADVISERS MY HUMBLE SUBMISSION ABOUT ENCRYBIT PROJECT. Having critically examined the project, its idea and team composition, i am quite optimistic that the project is sure to succeed with a promising future, Hence i do recommend the project for your consideration and investment cheers. IMPORTANT LINKS. website: https://encrybit.io/ facebook: https://www.facebook.com/encrybitofficial/ Telegram: https://t.me/encrybit Twitter: https://twitter.com/enbofficial white paper: https://encrybit.io/pdf/encrybit-wp-v1.pdf AUTHORS DETAILS Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1840912 ETH Address: 0x73841c19B4044F4C7CB216EE428A66F8e5d122Fa Bitcointalk name: crypto24hrs.
  9. Do you no that Web-based social media influencers ie (consultant) which i best describe as and call the "goose that lays the golden egg but never its any" are looked with the difficulties of getting rewards commensurable to their endeavors, often at times they come up short on the capacity to adapt their exercises on the greater part of the current sharing economy, the industry is been monopolized. Now the big question is shall we continue to watch the social media influencers suffer endlessly? NO is the answer, hence on this beautiful note i am very much glad to announce to you the birth of a project called RALLY- a project that is poised to addressing all the challenges in this field of endevour. Here at RALLY there is a guarantee for a wider audience understanding to advertisers and the Shylock like activities of the middle men is been eliminated while getting feedback from users. It is strongly believed that the project will give Content writers a favorable environment where they can without much of a stretch profit by means of writing, referring, downloads and so on. A LITTLE MORE ABOUT RALLY. Rally is a platform that assembles networks around a business or message utilizing content sharing with crypto token rewards. Rally joins ideas from conventional verbal exchange and influencer advertising with gamification and strategies that have fabricated digital currencies and their networks. The organization as of now has a social platform that is accessible for the clients to download on App Store and Google Play. Due to the reason that this project isn't saling its tokens rather taking the course of airdrop to disseminate the tokens, there is no need for crowdsale fund. To download RALLY app please click on the links bellow: App Store (iOS): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rallyapp-by-rally/id1050316357?mt=8 Google Play (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rallyapp.rally SEE THE RALLY APP REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE RALLY OVER OTHER CONTENT SHEARING ECONOMY. You may be aware that their exist some content shearing shearing economy platforms, as such you may be tempted to compare such platforms with RALLY platform on the bases that they all have a reward for content shearing. If you have drawn such a hasty conclusion then you are totally wrong because the applications differs in so many ways, Here at RALLY there is a refferal system and action reward system. Rally is a platform where anyone can take part and it is focused on incentivized peer to peer communication where ever they are taking place. Messages received on this platform is designed to secure privacy with the option to opt in and out. There is a large market environment that connect advertisers with users, when advertisers create and send offers to users and engage with them, RALLY then tracks, attribute and rewards users that take action. Rally Token provides a strong incentive for new users and advertisers to sign up, get authenticated and refer others to Rally. Authenticated users receive ongoing rewards from the activity of those that they refer to Rally. These rewards are the community royalties that are generated whenever a user earns tokens. I strongly put it to you that you will never find a versatile platform made of advertising like RALLY, having the right channels for ads that are worthy of creating a win-win situation to both the users and advertisers. BENEFITS USERS OF RALLY PLATFORM STAND TO GET Expounded reach of audience Low cost of advertisement Increased loyalty. YOU CAN EARN TOKENS ON RALLY BY: joining on the RALLY platform, authenticating yourself, download the Rally app and then link social media accounts Promote advertisers and then get token Refer someone and then claim your prize whenever the refereed users get token etc. INFORMATION ABOUT THE TOKEN It is an ERC20 Token with a fixed supply. Name of token- RALLY TOKEN Token symbol - RALLY Token supply- 5,000,000,000 Decimal - 18 NOTE : Their won't be ICO sale but users can purchase the token on the Rally platform. DISTRIBUTION OF TOKEN Airdrop Rewards: 40% Community manager: 7% Advertisers: 35% Bounty program: 5% Company Reserve: 10% Advisers: 5% TEAM COMPOSITION MY HUMBLE SUBMISSION Having critically examined the project great idea of RALLY Her mission and vision and of course the impeccable team members i have no iota of doubt in my heart to recommend this project called RALLY for your consideration and investment you will be glad you did tanks. IMPORTANT LINKS Website: https://www.rallyairdrop.com/ Whitepaper: https://www.rallyairdrop.com/assets/docs/RallyWhitePaper.pdf Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5032410.0 Telegram: https://t.me/rallyairdrop Twitter: https://twitter.com/rallyapp_com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rallyapps AUTHORS DETAILS: BITCOINTALK NAME : crypto24hrs MY PROFILE LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1840912 BITCOINTALK WALLET: 0x73841c19B4044F4C7CB216EE428A66F8e5d122Fa
  10. Just imagine a world with Energy power production free of air pollution, cost effective, with no threat to our planet earth, no global warming/heating, environmental friendly, high durability and affordability, just to mention but a few, all this are achieved not with expensive fuel nor diesel but by a simple technology that converts water into hydrogen courtesy of WPP president Mr. Rafael Ben and His team of supervisors, this is indeed quite amazing. THE CRUX ABOUT WPP ENERGY ECO- FRIENDLY POWER INDUSTRY OF OUR TIMES. The requirement for electrical vitality today is high to the point that numerous organizations attempt to form this industry into an exceptionally alluring industry for speculators who need to put resources into this industry. With the expanding interest for power required, WPP makes a vitality arrangement as Hydro Power Generation, Biomass Power Plant, HHO Power Station or HHO Power Conversion, Solar Power. WPP ENERGY will apply the most ground-breaking trend setting innovation that all around helps second and underdeveloped nations to have new chances to address substantial lodging and vitality issues. We will work with electric utility power utility projects and real organizations, for example, new sustainable fuel endeavors by Exxon-Mobil utilizing green growth for inexhaustible powers, to accomplish the objective of being green or without contamination. Customer administrations from utilities and expansive organizations, which we will impart to our individuals and give the WPP Green Energy Project Fund to fabricate clean vitality creation and dissemination. WPP plans to assemble the world's biggest Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Driven, Green Energy Rebate Program in its endeavors to give Green Energy arrangements worldwide and essentially decrease carbon impression and contamination and imaginative motivating forces for Go Green. INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES WPP ENERGY OFFERS HHO CONVERSION OF ENVIRONMENTAL FEATURED POWER PLANTS WPP has efficient power vitality arrangements by changing however much as could reasonably be expected from around 20,000 Power Plants that contaminate far and wide into non-dirtying power plants. WPP ENERGY MOBILE POWER STATION Set inside a fixed 40 foot fixed compartment. This is a turnkey atomic power plant that will create between 1MW/h and 2.5MW/h as independent arrangements that require just contribution from common water channels. HHO FOR HOME STAY Moment minimal effort clean vitality assets for the individuals who need to deny their overrated vitality supply and make the most of their own effective, independent, reasonable, and clean autonomous assets. This vitality produces 100% clean vitality. GOT CONTRACT BY GOVT OF $ 50 BILLIONS Contracts have been set at the national government level for green power creation for a consistent multi year time span. Contracts incorporate PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) that changes Municipal Rubbish Waste into power and turns into an item to be utilized for the nearby market. MAKE GREEN ENERGY GLOBAL PLATFORM The WPP ENERGY Green Energy Platform is intended to decrease environmentally friendly power vitality costs universally, at first, using WPP advances, associations, licenses, affiliations and outsider connections. We will likewise welcome Green Energy Suppliers to take an interest in lessening environmentally friendly power vitality costs universally. WPP EXCHANGE PLATFORM This will result in expanded liquidity for all taking an interest digital forms of money by enabling numerous monetary standards to exchange with each other. Somewhere around 20 distinctive vitality related cryptographic forms of money will have the capacity to be exchanged on the stage. Advantages FROM WPP TOKEN WPP TOKENS is likewise preference since it very well may be utilized as an installment strategy for all exchanges, for example, Purchase AND SELL IN GLOBAL GREEN ENERGY PLATFORM Installment METHOD FOR PHYSICAL ENERGY SOLUTIONS PAY UTILITY BILLS TOKEN SALE DETAILS WPP TOKEN TOTAL SUPPLY: 5 Billion Tokens Private Sale Price: $0.16 Pre ITO Sale Price: $0.20 Pre ITO Sale Terms: level rate that does not change over the 62 days, initiating July first and consummation 62 days after the fact on September first. The motivation behind the Pre ITO deal is to initiate improvement of the two computerized blockchain stages and to dispatch the Green Energy Rebate program. WPP Energy trusts that our digital money activity ought to act naturally financing. The ITO swarm deal which takes after will raise capital on a bigger scale to quicken arrangement of our 3 physical HHO vitality arrangements around the globe and to put resources into our administration ventures business and furthermore work out our two advanced stages For more details please hory now and visit any of the following sites: Website - https://wppenergy.io/ Whitepaper - https://wppenergy.io/pdf/Whitepaper.pdf ANN - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4449273.0 Twitter - https://twitter.com/wppenergycoin Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/WPP-Energy-575263249486648 Telegram - https://t.me/WPPEnergy Authored by: Bitcointalk name-crypto24hrs Bitcointalk Profile URL- https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1840912
  11. JUST IMAGINE A WORLD WHERE DATA SHALL BELONG TO THE PEOPLE SHALL BE BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE!!! The Internet of Value Omniledger is next generation Blockchain (DAG) decentralised database ecosystem. It is dedicated to giving data ownership and power over it’s monetisation to those, whose lives generate it – the people (U & I ). together with the liberty to manage and monetize all their digital records. IOVO will become a universal, secure and transparent data ownership and exchange system. It’s mission is to sustain individual human value (capital of assets) and make it fully operational, This is not just a dream but a physical reality! please follow me and see details for yourself and you will be glad you did. THE REASON BEHIND THE PROJECT CONCEPT OF IOVO. Most internet users are unaware of the fact that the huge amount of data they spend on internet is been gathered and monetized, as users of internet interact with the platform, these social media platforms collect valuable users data, such as interest, preferences etc, thereby making huge profit for themselves. We wouldn't have known this not until when Facebook reported of an alarming revenue of $ 9.16 billion in second quoter of the year 2017. The report continues that in the 2006 alone the user data access by Facebook hit the sum of 6 million and increased to 87 million in 2018. As if that is no enough, the INTERNETWORLDSTAT.COM reported that global number of internet users increased from 1.80 billion in the year 2018 to 4.20 billion in 2019 amounting to 33% sharp increase, and this increase will definitely continue as Ecommerce is no longer a child of circumstance but have come to stay. WHY ARE WE INTERESTED IN THIS REPORT? YOU MAY ASK- The reason is not far-fetched their is so much profit potentials in this sector and it is yet to be taped. THE NEED FOR IOVO- TO PROVIDE A TOOL THAT WILL ENABLE ME & YOU TO BENEFIT FROM THE DATA THAT WE GENERATE JUST AS WE ARE DOING RIGHT AWAY. In this forgoing situation we find ourself their is no single device or tool given to guarantee the ownership or to hold and monitize these data for anybody, Hence the urgent need for the project called IOVO. IOVO- the internet of value is a tool to function returning ownership of data value back to the individual, and have it stored in a save and secure manner. IOVO- will likewise democratize the monitization of of data possessed - communicated as an electronic identity for everyone taking part. Just put in a simple term IOVO- aims at providing a decentralized infrastructure that will enable users to make profit by collecting, storing and shearing the data that they themselves generated either directly or through several decentralized Apps (dApps). By this IOVO will be promoting and enhancing human life and value through the use of blochain technology on its data platform. Being an OMINILEDGER, IOVO will turn into principal apparatus for different quantitative esteem platform dAdpps, given the two advantagies to clients and working as a social business utility. THE TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT OF IOVO. The IOVO platform will be based on various mechanical layers which would go far guaranteeing the precision, effectiveness, security and adaptability of information accumulation passing by the progressed and computerized worldwide network, the physical data age and its abuse is the foundation of IOVO's biological community. When the capability of the data stage is augmented, a positive turn up is certain to be accomplished. Consequently, making ready to different parts of the advanced economy, where the blockchain will save the autonomy and the network will be free. THE BENEFITS IOVO USERS WILL GET Access to a complete worldwide database by means of information wallet. Monetization of claimed information. Data security. Acquisition of more clients. Unmodifiable history. TOKEN DISTRIBUTION -20% of the total supply allocated to Smart drop -10% Is Locked -30% Allocated to private sale -20% Allocated to Team & Advisory -10% Allocated to Public Sale -10% Allocated to Reserve. TOKEN SUPPLY: 1000,000,000 TOKEN SYMBLE: IOVO NETWORK TYPE: ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN NETWORK IMPECCABLE TEAM MEMBERS MY HUMBLE SUBMISSION Having holistically examined the project idea, the impeccable team members and the business environment and opportunities i have no iota of doubt in me to tell you that the project is good and promising for your consideration and investment just as i do and you will be glad you deed cheers. SEE ESSENTIAL LINKS BELLOW: Website: http://iovo.io Bitcointalk Forum Announcement Thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4509519.0 Telegram: https://t.me/iovoledger Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iovoledger Twitter: https://twitter.com/iovoledger Medium: https://medium.com/@iovo Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/iovo Github: https://github.com/iovoledger AUTHORS DETAILS MY PROFILE LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1840912 MY ETHW ADDRESS: 0x73841c19B4044F4C7CB216EE428A66F8e5d122Fa MY BITCOINTALK NAME: crypto24hrs.
  12. BREAKING NEWS IN DATA STORAGE TECHNOLOGY. Do you no that their is a ground breaking technology which has given birth to online data storage media known and called cloudstorage? the whole world must here this ! Before now we only no of data storage media, such as hard disk in computers or portable flash drive, never to be forgotten is the fact that this outgoing technology was constantly prone to virus attack and requires special devices which has to be caried about. But all thanks to OUTOFCLOUD technology which can now gove us an easy access to digital data all you need is just but a device equiped with internet access with no fear of virus attack, loss of data storage device or theft it is wholly secured. A BRIEF ABOUT OUTOFCLOUD Here their is an existing working program , it has a well developed state of delivery platform for sending multimedia files which surpass the traditional file shearing method to include; a dynamic and quick spilling introduction of those records in a completely adaptable presentation that can be customized for every beneficiary. These secured presentation can be made in just a moment and with a only a couple of snaps of a mouse. What an amazing technology! OUTOFTHECLOUD IN DETAILS. The outcloud system was first developed exclusively for use by a private investigator office , as a means to safely send case related materials which regularly included large videos, documents, audio and image files. Other document shearing services at that time came with genuine security concerns, and does not have any form of presentation at all. Existing file shearing services required the collector to download records each one in turn before they could even be seen and required the clients to give them numerous obtrusive authorizations to try and utilize their framework. This was basically not a worthy method for working together effectively in this particular industry. The issue was then recognized and an answer was created presently by Matt D. Ballard who banded together with web engineer Robert Keddie Together they made a model framework and called it MyCaseViewer.com (MCV) which has been in effective use since 2013, (MCV) has served the private investigator industry to date. The (MCV) framework has created essentially in the course of the most recent quite a while by taking in client input and placing it without hesitation which prompt various item upgrades. MODIFYING THE SYSTEM It didn't take long to understand that with negligible alterations and item upgrades (MCV) would have the capacity to offer the worldwide network a similar file shearin g and presentation of the same superior shipping experience which is currently enjoyed by a private detective industry. The expanded team which include additional program developers, marketing staff, and business consultants then began working on an upgraded version (MCV) with the intention of been a fully decentralized version change towards a wider market. We are also glad to inform that the general version of My Case View has been completed and is called OUTOFTHECLOUD.COM (OOTC). and this outcloud system, inc. has now develop a way of instant sending multimedia presentation to the world in a way that is not dependent on cloud computing or long term long file storage. THE NEED FOR BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY TO IMPROVE ON THE OPERATING SYSTEM. The outcloud system will operate in a peer to peer manner with the exception that no download is required by the recipient and all files received are directly displayed by turning its customer base into a decentralized global storage space that make outcloud services for current project development for things such as bandwidth and storage space that make outcloud services for free for 98% of her customers, switching from AWS and cloud services that are relatively less secure. REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE OUTCLOUD AMONG OTHERS. No download is required at all Invasive Permissions is not Required Professional Presentations Delivered Changes are made in Real Time File Security and Access custom branding Multiple device access Lower security risk Easy to use For details of above information please kindly visit: https://www.outofthecloud.io/OutCloud_Systems_White_Paper.pdf All these amy many more services can only be possible here in OUTCLOUD system. PLEASE SEE THIS SHORT VIDEO FOR EASY OF UNDERSTANDING Total offer: Pre-ICO: 300,000,000 ICO: 400,000,000 Founder and Management: Reserved: 100,000,000 Reserved: 300,000,000 Advisory Council: 50,000,000 Marketing: 50,000,000 Name: OutCloud Symbol: OUT Platform: Ethereum Price of the coin: $ 0.10 (before sale) and $ 0.15 (ICO) Pre-ICO Timeline: 4 weeks ICO Timeline: 4 weeks Weekly regressive special rates will be offered during the pre-ICO weeks, as mentioned below Week 1: 30% Week 2: 20% Week 3: 10% Week 4: 5% MY HUMBLE SUBMISSION The project idea is real and viable, it is vast and can only be executed in stages , thus it is for an ICO model and every investor have equal opportunity to grow along with the project, hence i hereby strongly recommend the project for your consideration and participation, you will be glad you did. USEFUL LINKS: WEBSITE https://www.outofthecloud.io/ WHITEPAPER https://www.outofthecloud.io/OutCloud_Systems_White_Paper.pdf TELEGRAM https://t.me/joinchat/GGVHiA9p9YUJS2mfi4a58A TWITTER https://twitter.com/OutCloudSystems FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/OutCloudSystemsInc/ MEDIUM https://medium.com/@admin_9757 YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJGpH31JeC9Pc7wWtzCpCNQ GITHUB https://github.com/outcloud786/OUTSmartContract/ INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/outcloudsystems/ Bitcointalk ANN thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4768024.0 AUTHORS DETAILS. Bitcointal profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1840912 Bitcointalk name : crypto24hrs. pVt5O-AuWz4[1]
  13. CHRYP.TO IN A MOMENT Chryp.to is a social network a holistic crypto and blockchain platform aimed at bringing crypto players closer together as never before to leverage mass adoption of blockchain applications. One unique thing about chryp.to platform is the fact that it comes with a plethora of features that makes it to be an all-in one platform for crypto organizations, speculators, designers, and analysts to use the intensity of group financial matters, crowd creativity and inteligency meeting the basic needs of a decentralized world. The platform also aim at been the largest showcase of ready to use blockchain applications from all blockchain companies, thus you and i have the golden opportunity to participate in this ongoing project by contributing meaningfully in the creation of versatile and multi-functional platform that facilitate all kinds of interactions and leverage mass adoption of crypto trading and blockchain applications. The platform is powered by Authoreon.io. To get more information about CHRYP.TO please kindly visit the website at : https://www.chryp.to UNIQUE FEATURES ABOUT CHRYP.TO All CHRYPTO utility token holders appreciate all advantages of an exceptional participation to get to selective functionalities of the Chryp.to stage Clients can exhibit their Talents also look for co-creation or work for association New businesses can list their contributions and items for venture, advice and collaboration. The news area brings update on bockchain technology and its application around the globe clients remain educated about digital currency cost. We are also please to inform you that upcoming features include tools that will enable you follow successful investors. whats more there are also blockchain particular instructional exercises for individuals that desire to learn more. Forthcoming highlights incorporate devices to pursue effective financial specialists and a commercial center to purchase and offer blockchain related products. TOKEN INFORMATION The aggregate token supply is 100 million, of 54 percent are being sold in the underlying coin advertising. The most extreme top on the crowdsale is $8.1 million. A sum of 16 percent of the tokens will be assigned to boosting interest. A fifth of the aggregate supply will be held by Chryp.to, A tenth of the tokens will go to a Reserve Fund. • 54% sold in the ICO • 16% assigned to boost interest • 10% Reserve Fund • 20% held by Chryp.to Utilization % Improvement half Showcasing 25% Legitimate 10% Hold Fund 10% Other 5% C T MY HUMBLE SUBMISSION Having critically examined the vision an mission of CHRYP.TO as contained in the whitepaper and other relevant documents i have no iota of that doubt in mind that the project idea is great, viable and tale hence my recommendation for your consideration and investment thanks you will be glad you did. USEFULL LINKS: https://www.chryp.to Chryp.to Whitepaper. Check out the #Chrypto Get started section @ https://www.chryp.to/get-started/with-blockchains/ #cryptocurrency #crypto #ethereum #bitcoin AUTHORS DETAILS: Bitcointal name : crypto24hrs Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1840912
  14. An adage has it that "a young man of 25 years that have traveled far and wide to different part of the world is more knowledgeable and wise than an old man of 80 years with out any traveling experience". Little wonder traveling has become a necessity in the life of many people, traveling for either business or pleasure but quite unfortunate a lot of people are often disappointed in their desire and aspiration for travel just because of lack of finance. How grateful we should be to AIRSAVE TRAVEL- a social DApp that help users to save and earn for trips, currently in partnership with AST. Airsave Travel uses blockchain technology to attract, authenticate, and reward all users in their ecosystem that desire to save and earn money for their travel, It is a one-click technology that does not require login or installation, a trial will convince you. savings can also be made in foreign currency, cryptocurrency tokens can double your actual income by tracking virtual and real-time balances. When you save up to 20 percent each month with us (or the equivalent in AST), you earn £ 5 each month for each friend you save, and when you invite your friends and express your referral list, you can watch your uncovered income. Every 4 months you can withdraw your savings and earnings in the Fiat cryptocurrency or any of your choice, at least 20% of the amount paid as a travel voucher from their exclusive partner of STA Travel. A DREAM COME TRUE! SAVE AND EARN Save and earn: Users and their friends have the opportunity to earn money in tokens or currency. SHARE WITH FRIENDS Sharing with friends, Money can be earned when users turn to friends through their Facebook Friends list. AWARDS Delete your savings and redeem STA Travel tickets. FREE The ability to save and earn virtual money is free. Therefore, there are no risks associated with testing the product. EASY TO USE Monthly savings and profits can be viewed in easy-to-use dashboards. AST TOKEN AST is a mix of new cryptocurrency revolutionary economy and acronyms for blockchain technology attributes AST, which is called Airsave coin, are ERC20 tokens, access to the AST DAPP and the ability to spend money kriptovye prices and coupons STA Travel allows you to save and earn , AST marks can be found on various exchanges after the completion of the ICO. NB It is indeed amazing to no that here at AIRSAVE TRANSPORT you can change your savings and profit for cash in the STA travel ticket. The world is at your palm make the hay while the sun shines. ABOUT AST TOKEN This is a cryptocurrency platform built on blockchain technology. AST Attributes, also called Airsave Coin, are the ERC20 marker that allows you to access AST DApp and save and earn money, crypt rewards and vouchers STA Travel. AST signs can be sold in different markets after completion of ICO. The cost of the ICO token is 0.4 USD per 1 AST with a total amount of 125 million USD. TEAM COMPOSITION MY HUMBLE SUBMISSION Having critically examine the project i do hereby state as follows, that the project idea is viable and the business opportunity exist hence i recommend the project for your consideration and participation you will be glad you did. SEE USEFUL LINKS TO THE PROJECT BELLOW: Website: http://www.airsavetravel.com White Paper: http://www.airsavetravel.com/doc/OnePager_AST.pdf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AirsaveTravel Twitter: https : //twitter.com/airsave_travel ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4949911.0 Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/FZXBqw6RJG2DBYrs6Mq0oQ AUTHORS DETAILS My Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1840912 My Bitcointal Name: crypto24hrs
  15. In our times, you will agree with me that for any business development to succeed it requires an exceptional business idea and a reasonable amount of initial capital, although their are subsidies from banks and states but the percentage given is always very small to fund a project and the fund comes with a lots of strict conditions which everyone can not pass, Hence the need for initial coin offering otherwise known and called ICO which has replaced the traditional way of raising fund as a means of capital start up for business and projects. SUCCESS STORIES ABOUT ICOs AS A MEANS OF FUNDING PROJECTS Many projects through ICO has been able to raise enough fund to finance their business reaching their desired goals. In 2017 alone the total amount collected is estimated at $5 billion and since 2018 it has reached 14 billion dollars, indeed this is quite interesting, by this figure it means that ICO does not only have great potentials but has become an important element in blockchain technology. ICO INVESTMENT AND HER CHALLENGES ICO which is a common means of raising fund for blockchain projects has been bedeviled by the following challenges ; First is the risk it poses to unsuspecting investors who in most case lack the technical nohow it takes to evaluate or assess the viability or potentials of a project, thus making most investors to plunge their money into ICO projects that have no vision and less or no experience team that can fastract the accomplishing of the mission and vision of the project. It is not also a new story that a lot of investors have loss their heard earned money in the hands of ICO holders who run away with investors funds causing heart break and colossal loss to investors, this is mind bugling. To worsen this Ugly situation is the fact that currently their is no platform that offers funding insurance or solutions to funding risk the investors condition can better be describe to what my people call " O Y O" you are on your own. this is referred to as a centralized ICO platform like Indiegogo doing ICO while not implementing blockchain. The centralized platform requires employing 3rd parties who carry ‘own risks’ such as; hacking, manipulation, excessive margin, and abuse of power. Hybrid stages, for example, KICKICO give buy of ICOs dependent on the ERC-20 Standards-based Smart Contract. Then again, all assignments, for example, exchange observing and administration are brought out through customary, unified frameworks that are mind boggling. There are different stages in the improvement stage that are better than Ethereum like Neo, Cardano and EOS but cannot yet be operated in the ICO market. LOLIGO PLATFORM- OFFERING SOLUTION TO THE IDENTIFIED CHALLENGES. LOLIGO- has been adjudged to be the most safe and advanced ICO crowdfunding platform LOLIGO Offers token making through LCC smart contracts. This guarantees a reasonable dispersion of assets dependent on members' turning points and voices and Loligo is a progressive stage that ensures smooth task of the ICO through imaginative and controlled contracts under the control of the members. Loligo empowers a network and a concentrated methodology while receiving numerous rewards. By and by, this is a cryptographic money dependent on open blockchain and open-source, kept running by organizations that work as legitimate agents. The production line highlight will enable the ICO launcher to alter, check, test and distribute 'LCC on blockchain through collaboration with the Dashboard. • notwithstanding the great highlights the Dashboard enables clients to oversee ICO battles through the realistic wizard. • Market parts will incorporate ICOs with their refreshed appraisals and names. progressively by associating with the Benchmark highlight. • The benchmarking device gives master check results and programmed ongoing investigation of tests utilizing ICO, for example, code examination, unit testing, testing in a mimicked domain and load testing. • Personal digital currency trade that bolsters all ICOs propelled on stages that enable token holders to exchange their tokens previously the official rundown. At first BTC, ETH, LTC and ZCL will be upheld. • Smart Wallet will enable buys to the ICO and vote in favor of them • Loligo offers proficient help straightforwardly to speculators through its parent organization. This help incorporates finish bolster, aptitude, examining or notwithstanding composing code. • Unlike conventional wayfarers, for example, Etherscan, Smart Explorer given will enable financial specialists to screen the advancement of ICOs and undertakings in detail alongside a general perspective of their unique situation and nation. • Ethereum transfer is another essential element of the stage where in fundamental terms, it is a segment that permits connection between two blockchain. PLEASE TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT LALIGO ECOSYSTEM. In view of the future and competition that will arise with time LALIGO has gone ahead to develop a business model which include paid options for ICO lunch see the model below. ICO LAUNCHING All that is requred to launch an ICO is made available here. seasoned team of specialists put their experience serving clients who need to launch a fund raising campaign. This incorporates specialized ability, advancement of different shipments, and additionally campaign scheduling and advancement. Security SERVICES To deal with each inquiry regarding the originator of ICO and its experience, our specialists painstakingly consider each side of the undertaking including white paper, venture convenience, sources on account of free activities, correspondence with asked for amounts and that's just the beginning. GOVLINK Our administrations are initiated by locale. It offers every nation an assortment of instruments to screen the budgetary status of the record and make the strides required on account of extortion recognition IDSafe Wellbeing marks that identify with the personality of the author of ICO and the foundation at that point check the importance of the venture. ICOSafe Finish security mark with an ensured LCC contract. Guarantee specialized help and intercession freely of the objective number. TOKEN DETAILS Total supply: 150,000,000 LLG (Minable) Amount of ICO supply: 16,000,000 Technology LLG: ERC-20 then Loligo Blockchain (see road map) Available for purchase: 11,200,000 LLG Currency received: fiat / ETH during private sales. FIAT, ETH, BTC, LTC in SoftCap / HardCap general sales : 0.95M $ / 12M $ Initial value : 1 LLG = 0.003 ETH (± 1.07 $) TOKEN SALES Crowdsale Deals are completed utilizing a brilliant open contract, which will be accessible on the web. Since the token deals are programmed, the tokens obtained are promptly exchanged to the purchaser's location. The length of the exchange relies on the network load and the measure of gas accessible. The buy charge is the obligation of the speculator or investor. Sales are carried out using a smart public contract, the source of which will be available online. Because the token sales are automatic, the tokens purchased are immediately transferred to the buyer’s address. The duration of the transaction depends on the network load and the amount of gas available. The purchase fee is the responsibility of the investor. REFUND In the event that Softcap isn't achieved, all buys will be returned. Discounts begin promptly toward the finish of the crowdsale and are accessible for months. Since the discount is an exchange, related expenses are charged to the buyer. ROADMAP TEAM ADVISERS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Having critically examined the pron and cons of LOLIGO platform more especially the robust business idea, future, the impeccable members and advisers i have no webit of doubt that LOLIGO project will success and shall give desired returns to investors hence my humble recommendation for your consideration and investment tanks. SEE THE USEFUL LINKS WEBSITE – https://loligo.co/ WHITEPAPER – https://loligo.co/assets/doc/LOLIGO-EN-V0.68.pdf FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/loligo.co TWITTER – https://twitter.com/Loligo_co TELEGRAM – https://t.me/loligoico AUTHORS DETAILS: My Bitcointalk name : crypto24hrs My Bitcointalk Profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1840912
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