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  1. What is the point of creating new and new cryptocurrencies when there is no stability even in the most popular coins such as Bitcoin?
  2. Too tempting offer to be true. But I will definitely try it, because I heard about this site more than once.
  3. Earnings on referrals are the fastest and most profitable, the main thing is to bring people the right information so that they would like to invest in your project
  4. Never believed in GIVEAWAY. Especially when it comes to such big money. I participated many times and never won.
  5. The opportunity to purchase lottery tickets pleased me, I really love this kind of promotion.
  6. This is certainly a very good business idea, quite promising and profitable but requiring large investments, so not everyone can afford such a business.
  7. HYIP projects are now really at the peak of popularity. I think their number will grow, because this is a real opportunity to make money, of course it is for those who are not afraid of losing money.
  8. Everything is too good to be true. Do you have any proof of such earnings? It would not be bad to look at the screens
  9. The larger the investment, the more salary is understandable, but is it possible to withdraw profit as it is received? and what guarantees?
  10. What kind of lottery is this? I hear about this for the first time.... how is it posible that the prizes are given out by the crypt?) How to buy a lottery ticket?
  11. As for me, the main thing is to go to zero, and then how it goes. If you earn something - well. No - it means no luck) By the way, need to try to develop some kind of investment plan and estimate roughly how much you can go to breakeven.
  12. I can not even imagine what will happen to the price next year, now the main thing is that the cost would return to its former level 6k
  13. Many miners have now stopped their work, but against this background, the complexity of mining has fallen a bit, so whoever is watching the news may well earn money on a general panic.
  14. How quickly was your withdrawal request processed?
  15. The price of bitcoin and the rest of the currency depends entirely on the crypto-enthusiasts and on those interested in it. Now a lot of investors are well-known people and politicians who are willing to spend big money on cryptocurrency - this rather strongly influences the price of Bitcoin, also the price is formed by crypto makers because their currency and their savings are not controlled by the authorities. The release of new currencies and the extraction of already existing ones can be compared with the mining of gold, we all understand that minerals tend to end and this is also one of the key factors in shaping the price of Bitcoin. Of course, digital currencies have a certain cost (electricity, iron, commission), but this is not the key factor that could influence the price. I can see that cryptocurrency traders also play a big role in price formation, as they create movement in the market by adjusting the rate every minute. When trading in cryptocurrencies, first of all, you need to take into account, as I said above, the role of large players, ie investors, as well as fundamental and technical analysis - this whole process, in turn, will have little influence on the course and form a price.
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