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    Blockchain Q and A | Finding Answers That You Always Wanted to Know

    That's very good to know.
  2. Eliza Abrams

    New cryptocurrency exchange

    Thank you for the information.
  3. Eliza Abrams

    The Twitter CEO Is Promoting the Wrong Crypto

    Meanwhile two pension funds in Virginia, US are taking part in a new 40 million USD venture capital fund focused on the crypto on market and managed by Morgan Creek Digital. Let's see how that goes.
  4. Eliza Abrams

    US Pension Funds invest in crypto assets for the first time

    Well, for their sake I hope that Bitcoin has hit rock bottom and the only way is now up.
  5. Eliza Abrams

    Trust No One: Creating A Blockchain Based Identity Management System

    That is a very interesting project.
  6. You can start at any time as long as you have the knowledge and you're legally an adult.
  7. Two pension funds in Virginia, US will take part in a new 40 million USD venture capital fund, focused on the crypt on market and managed by Morgan Creek Digital. According to a statement by Morgan Creek Digital other investors in the fund include an insurance company, a university endowment and a private foundation.
  8. Eliza Abrams

    Samsung Galaxy 10 Might Be With A Crypto Wallet

    Let's see how popular it will be.
  9. Somehow I doubt anything will be sorted within 30 days.
  10. Eliza Abrams

    #1 Trusted Bitcoin Crypto Trading Bot Platform

    Sounds interesting, I may try it out.
  11. A Canadian court gave Quadriga 30 days to repay customers 250 million CAD (190 USD), after the founder of the biggest Canadian crypto exchange died, leaving no passwords for the digital wallets stored with the exchange. A Halifax judge ordered a 30 days stay, which will prevent creditors from filling lawsuits against the company. According to the court files Quadriga owes about 115 000 clients the equivalent of about 250 million Canadian Dollars or roughly 190 million USD. The company has only 30 million USD in bank drafts.
  12. Eliza Abrams

    Ethereum Scams More Than Doubled in 2018

    Sadly this industry is fully of scammers.
  13. Eliza Abrams

    Crypto Holder Tulsi Gabbard Runs for President

    Let's see how far she'll get in the race.
  14. Eliza Abrams

    New Crypto Investing Method: "Staking"

    That depends on how well it works.
  15. Eliza Abrams

    Christmas bitcoin bonus. Free 71 $

    I am generally not fond of bonuses.