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  1. Eliza Abrams

    Low Investment High Return In Bitcoin Mining.

    Thank you for the information.
  2. Eliza Abrams

    Crypto courses

    No, I've never tried one. I usually go for online tutorials that require downloads.
  3. Eliza Abrams

    The future of crypto?

    Why do you think it will be stable?
  4. Eliza Abrams

    Crypto regulations - are they needed?

    Even the Philippines are enacting some regulations. I don't think it's a matter of whether or not regulations are needed, they are just inevitable.
  5. Eliza Abrams

    The future of crypto?

    Perhaps, over time. Cryptocurrencies need to recover first though.
  6. Eliza Abrams

    Best multi-coin mining platform.

    Thank you for the recommendation.
  7. Eliza Abrams

    Bitcoin trading

    And here I thought that the depreciation is over, by the looks of things Bitcoin may drop below $3,000 soon.
  8. The lack investor protection hinders the approval of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) said the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chairman Jay Clayton. The main concern for Chairaman Claiton remains the fact that cryptocurrencies can still be too easily stolen or manipulated on the so called crypto exchanges. The remarks were made at the Consensus Invest Conference in Manhattan, New York. He added that the problem has to be resolved before SEC would make any move to allow the first Bitcoin ETFs.
  9. Eliza Abrams

    Bitcoin on NASDAQ

    I don't know about it changing anything, but it is a definite signal cryptocurrencies are getting ever more popular.
  10. Eliza Abrams

    Serenity to Change Financial market trading.

    That was a very informative interview!
  11. Eliza Abrams

    Bitcoin trading

    I had seen Gann's theories being applied to forex trading, but not cryptocurrencies. Why not though.
  12. Eliza Abrams

    Will Crypto Rise If the Global Financial System Collapses?

    There's one thing that we should ask ourselves, I think. Whatever causes such a global collapse of the financial system would have far-reaching effects on every aspect of human society, civilization as we know it would be very different afterwards, should such a thing ever happen.
  13. Eliza Abrams

    Trending Cryptocurrency Market News

    Let's see how ASUS' clients will react to that idea.
  14. Ohio became the first US state to allow bitcoin payments for a wide range of corporate taxes. Starting this week businesses throughout the state are allowed to use the crypto coin to pay for as many as 23 taxes with just 1% fee, which is a smaller charge than the standard 2,5% credit card fee. For the time being the authorities in Ohio accept only Bitcoins and not any other of the major crypto coins like Ethereum, Ripple, Monero or Dash. Also, the option is limited to corporate taxes and citizens are not allowed to pay personal taxes with the crypto currency.
  15. Eliza Abrams

    Who decides the price of bitcoin?

    Thank you for the interesting and detailed article.