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  1. New CoinDeal ad, made with Wolverhampton Wanderers, looks really great! What do you think?
  2. I think the most important thing is to done proper research and after that you can choose the best option for you - especially when you're going to buy altcoins. With BTC is easier, I'm personally using Buy Coin Now, everything is going there faster and smoother than on any other sites
  3. This year wasn't so bad after all. I''d read and article on Buy Coin Now which made realize that now will probably be only better. This bubble around Bitcoin had to burst sooner or later - and it's good we have it behind us already
  4. It's good to haven an eye on new altcoins as same as "mainstream" cryptocurrencies. Some new coins are really promising, like, for example GCC, which is really interesting and I would tottaly missed that one if CoinDeal hasn't added it to their market
  5. Since last G20 (and after crisis on market), a lot of governments have announced that they're going to introduce some crypto regulations (I've heard about such a plans in Korea, Japan, USA, last one was from South Africa - here you have whole article on BlockChain24.co). Are we need them? What do you think?
  6. I've read today on BlockChain24.co that Nasdaq will launch Bitcoin future contracts, despite crisis an price drop. You think it changes something? This is the second biggest exchange on the world, it could be a great support to BTC. But on the other hand, will it be enough?
  7. Hi guys, I'm pretty new in crypto subject and I was looking for place when i could potentially buy my firs coins. I found a site called BuyCoinNow and it looks legit for me. What do you think? It is good for beginner?
  8. I've read an article on BlockChain24.co about G20. Global leaders was discussing there a subject of potential taxation of cryptocurrencies. What do you think about it? We should be worried? Governments was never interrested in crypto on such a scale.
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