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  1. The year 2018 was an amazing year where we saw the rise of so many companies and also private individuals come up with brilliant and amazing ideas which uses the blockchain technology. This gave rise to the introduction of so many cryptocurrencies with all having their own different offers. Indeed it was an amazing growth in the crypto world as if shows more persons are beginning to accept the use of cryptocurrency for day to day transactions. Despite this amazing growth we saw the gradual decline of the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum which affected the price of every other cryptocurrency. The market was also faced with the issue of scalability, inefficiency in energy, falling mining rewards and low transaction processing times. Indeed one is forced to ask, will it be possible to achieve the initial goal of having a decentralized economy where we have an instantaneous and free cross-border transactions without interference of banks and other authorities. While going through the internet early this year (2019) I came across an amazing idea which has been put together by a team who desire to give the world a long lasting solution to the issues which Ethereum network faces so as to bridge the gap between expectations in the crypto world and reality. This team is suggesting a hard fork which will leverage most advanced solutions that is proposed for the world’s second-largest digital currency called Ethereum. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Ethereum Classic Vision. Ethereum Classic Vision will combine unique technologies including dApp development tools, P2P asset exchange, sharding, and also decentralized which uses IPFS. Ethereum Classic Vision will start with PoW-based system and later offer stable rewards to transaction validators while creating an optimal environment for the deployment of new assets. Ethereum Classic Vision team recognizes the shortcomings of the Ethereum network which includes declining rewards, centralization, rental storage fees, scaling and difficult bomb (see whitepaper here for more details; https://ethereumcv.io/whitepaper.pdf). To help the world solve the shortcomings in the Ethereum network so as to achieve a decentralized economy as planned, Ethereum Classic Vision has built an advanced, fast, easy-to-scale and highly decentralized system. Prior to now, people use the Proof-of-Work consensus protocol though it is highly inefficient and lies at the root of many problems faced by these distributed networks and also due to the fact that switching from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake is complex and requires significant resources and careful balancing. The Ethereum Classic Vision will initially use the Proof-of-Work and later switch to Proof-of-Stake and with this Ethereum Classic Vision will be able to execute a more decisive and confident transition. Proof-of-Stake is such that users stake a significant number of coins (freezing them as it were in other that they won’t be spent) so they can be chosen as block validators, for which they get a reward. Proof-of-Stake has so many unique advantages over the Proof-of-Work and this include; decentralization, stability, energy efficiency, security and fair distribution of rewards. IMPLEMENTATION OF THE ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION PROJECT There will be an initial distribution of free Ethereum Classic Vision coins and this will happen on 11TH January, 2019 (20:00 GMT) after a snapshot of the ETH network. All users across the globe who have Ethereum in the private wallet as at when the snapshot was done will get to receive the free Ethereum Classic Vision coins at a ratio of 3:1. Only users who have Ethereum in their personal wallets (desktop, mobile or cold storage) will get to receive the free ETCV coins. Those who have in exchanges will not receive it. Upon the completion of the snapshot, ETH holders can then be able to dispose of their coins. FEATURES OF THE ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION NETWORK PROJECT In an attempt to resolve the major problems like mining inefficiency, high costs of data storage and scaling which Ethereum has faced for so long, Ethereum Classic Vision will be offering a platform that has the following unique features listed below; • Sharding. • IPFS data storage integration. • VisionDex (decentralized exchange). • Platform for decentralized application development. ROADMAP OF ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION Q3-4 2018 ETH hard fork ideation & development; formation of the team; negotiation with and signing up first advisors. JANUARY 11, 2019 Snapshot of the ETH network & distribution of Ethereum Classic Vision coins. Q1 2019 Introduction of the dApps platform (initially with new dApps residing on the mainchain and support for migration from Ethereum and Ethereum Classic virtual machines); establishment of key technological partnerships; listing Ethereum Classic Vision at a number of major digital exchanges; testing the P2P exchange module VisionDEX; security audit of VisionDEX smart contracts; expanding the team and adding more developers; launch of a large-scale marketing campaign. Q2 2019 Implementation of the P2P decentralized exchange module; onboarding of an advisory board specializing in sharding and decentralized storage system based on IPFS; testing the PoS consensus protocol; roadshow covering major coding events and hackathons in Europe and Asia. Q3 2019 Switch to the PoS consensus protocol; integration of the dApp platform with VisionDEX; Sharding implementation; testing of the file storage module and the associated rewards system; attracting advisors from the field of the zero-code movement. Q4 2019 IPFS integration with rewards for storage space provides, launch of a marketing campaign for the storage system; establishing partnerships with blockchain foundations in North America and East Asia; expanding the number of digital exchanges where Ethereum Classic Vision is listed. Q1 2020 Beta testing of additional features for VisionDEX (margin lending, limit orders, etc) Q2 2020 integration of new exchange features; stop-loss, limit orders, margin trading; implementation of a Sidechain Development Kit for the dApp platform. Q3 2020 Implementation of cryptocurrency derivatives trading; introduction of a migration tool for the dApps developed outside of EVM (NEO, EOS Lisk, Stratis). Q4 2020 Integration of a zero-code, drag-and-drop dApp development module. The Ethereum Classic Vision project indeed will change things in the crypto world. Please take out time to go through the website and whitepaper and make sure you are part of this great project. It is what the world has been waiting for and together we can achieve its success. Thanks for your time and happy New Year to you all. Whitepaper: https://ethereumcv.io/whitepaper.pdf Website: https://ethereumcv.io/#subscribe Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5089443.0 Github: https://github.com/ethereumclassicvision Telegram: https://t.me/ethereum_classic_vision Twitter: https://twitter.com/eth_cv Written By: thankyoulord Bitcointalk Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2076086 Wallet Address: 0x2859DD117e5E186B2dec97b50012C66D0E7597Ad
  2. Hello guys, trust the year has started in an amazing way for you. 2018 will be a year to remember for me as I saw and experienced so many amazing things. One of the things I won’t forget so soon which happened in 2018 was the rapid growth in the crypto world. We saw the rise of numerous amazing ideas which were built under the blockchain technology so as to offer the world a decentralized way of doing almost everything especially transactions. This rapid introduction of ideas which uses the blockchain technology brought about the influx of several cryptocurrencies as every company has its own coin which will be used on the platform they introduce to the world. These cryptocurrencies introduced all need exchanges where they can be changed to other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency and thus new exchanges rose up in 2018 and were introduced to traders who desire to exchange their tokens / cryptocurrencies into other cryptocurrencies or fiat thereby competing with already existing crypto exchanges. An amazing year indeed. While all these were happening, a team of experts who desire to give the world a worldclass means of converting their cryptocurrencies in any way they so desire took out time to analyze the already existing and new cryptocurrency exchanges and they discovered so many lapses. They even went as far as having a one on one interview with crypto traders so as to get feedback on how they have been enjoying their trading with the already existing and new exchanges and then discovered almost all are dissatisfied with the services rendered by these exchange platforms. The team from their analysis discovered exchanges have lapses which includes; • Lack of functionalities of established exchange systems (Forex, commodities, etc) • Having a very complex user interface for basic operations having too much emphasis of unimportant tools which traders don’t need or use. • Instability issues. • Lack of easy-to-use trading from charts, a tool used by traditional exchanges for years. • Only few of the most common coins and tokens are offered by even the biggest exchanges. • Daily and monthly restrictive transaction limits being imposed by most exchanges. The team having gone through their analysis and discovered these lapses came together and in an attempt to give the world a long lasting solution came up with an amazing idea, one never seen or heard of before called SONATA. Sonata will build an exchange which will meet the expectation of large trading volumes, thus offering solution based on scalable microservices architecture. Sonata has a goal to create a balanced, easy-to-use product suitable for entry-level users while providing advanced features which experienced investors need. The company’s motto is maintain continuous technological and functional development of the product. Sonata is backed up by huge investors, the main one being Solidni Finance, a.s. company. This company has been active in the investment for years since 1994 and will provide all necessary financial resources which Sonata needs to complete their amazing project. Thus, the Sonata team won’t be bothered about finance and can put all focus on building a high quality product. ICO will just be used for marketing campaign to reach out to people so they are aware of the project and not to gather financial resources. That’s not all, Solidni Finance, a.s, also cooperates with brokers and stock brokers who help the team with user experience testing and provides advisory services in processes behind the curtain. No doubt, Sonata is a project that will have a strong position in the multibillion cryptocurrency market. Sonata aims to reach out to the large and steadily growing group of investors which will be their main target group. This group includes; • Holders who want to gain passive income from transaction fees which Sonata will divide between investors. • Experienced users who search for better trading platform for replacement of his or her current exchange. • Strategy providers and asset managers who manage asset portfolios of all their clients. • New users who search for the business opportunity and require help of a community of professionals. • Exchange specialist who knows how to maximize all his earnings with the use of a few different exchange platforms. • Owner of large amount of cryptocurrencies who desire a safe way to multiply his holdings via high interest P2P loans. Sonata’s platform will be built to have an necessary features and even more. Sonata will put in place features which includes high level security, low transaction fees, a very user friendly interface, margin trading, AI algorithms predicting price trends, Bot-friendly API, social elements, all coins and tokens in one place and also ability to use it on mobile devices. Sonata has planned a good mobile application with a good user experience having all features which the web exchange will posse. TOKEN DETAIL AND SALE OF SONATA Sonata has its own token with the ticker SONT and it is based on Ethereum Blockchain system and also standard ERC20 compliant. Sonata will carry out an ICO during which 250, 000, 000 tokens out of total supply of 500, 000, 000 tokens will be offered for purchase. This ICO will commence 8TH October, 2018. The Sonata token sale will be limited by amount of tokens and not by time. Sonata plans to keep the price of SONT tokens stable and to do this they will lockout the tokens and release them in regulated quantities with a period of time. SONT will be sold at $0.1 per SONT tokens and minimal transaction is 1, 000 SONT. Sonata’s hardcap is placed at $21, 000, 000. Sonata’s token sale will be in different phases and the first phase which is the private sale will have 100, 000, 000 SONT tokens for sale with no bonus. The second phase, public sale 1 will have 30, 000, 000 SONT tokens for sale with 15% bonus, the third phase, public sale 2 will have 50, 000, 000 SONT tokens for sale for 10% bonus while the last phase which is public sale 3 will have 70, 000, 000 SONT tokens for sale for 5% bonus. DISTRIBUTION OF SONATA TOKENS Team, investors, advisors: 20% Bounty system: 5% Acquisitions: 25% Public sale: 50% USE OF SONATA FUNDS Development: 25% Operations, admin: 8% Infrastructure: 16% Legal: 9% Security: 19% Marketing, PR advert: 23% ROADMAP OF SONATA PROJECT Q2 2015 First cryptocurrency investments. We are searching for a single exchange platform that would fulfill all our expectations. We fail to find one. Q3 2015 We enjoy cryptocurrency and we see enormosus potential in this branch. We are thinking about ways to enter the cryptocurrency market with a new product. Q4 2016 The idea is born.; Sonata will become a cryptocurrency platform designed for exchange, trading, P2P lending and maybe even more. Q3 2017 We set up a team of designers, developers, marketers and specialists in the field of exchange market analysis. Q1 2018 We create a simple currency exchange aimed for the Czech market; SonataCoin.com. There is a lot of potential for a new full-fledged exchange and the team agrees to start the development of such a service. Q2 2018 The team laid the groundwork for Sonata.ai. we have a chance to meet with partners and advisers who are as enthusiastic about our idea as we are. Q3 2018 The first internal version of the exchange. The AI for price prediction is consulted with AI experts and we can see the first results of short-term predictions. Q4 2018 The public sale of SONT tokens is launched. We strongly believe that the investment will be beneficial for investors, thanks to our smart payment mechanism. The mechanism pays out 80 percent of trade fees back to holders. Q1 2019 The sale of SONT tokens is closed. We are expanding our team of developers and other specialists focusing on different tasks in order to innovate and upgrade the platform. Q2 2019 The first public beta version of our exchange platform is released. Holders of our tokens are given the opportunity to be the first ones to try using it. Q3 2019 We are focusing on further development and testing of our platform and upgrading our mobile applications. The first batch of altcoins is listed. Q4 2019 The first versions of mobile apps for Android and IOS are released to public. We are publicly testing AI price prediction. Q1 2020 The exchange application is continuously upgraded. We are implementing our own AI prediction of cryptocurrency prices. A large number of altcoins is listed. Q2 2020 We expect almost 200, 000 active users and the average daily trading volume of roughly $300, 000, 000. Q3 2020 Public listing of altcoins and other tokens. listing of sont tokens expanded to other exchange markets. TEAM OF SONATA Eduard Sedlmajer: CEO, INVESTOR Jakub Langr: PROJECT DIRECTOR Radim Bastan: PR MANAGER Jan Sedlacek: LEAD BACK END PROGRAMMER David Stuller: LEAD FRONT END PROGRAMMER Martin Bus: SENIOR DESIGNER Vitezslav Hungr: EXECUTIVE STRATEGIST Renata Hadravova: MARKETING AND PR Silvie Odehnalove: MARKETING AND COMMUNICATION Petr Polanka: LAWYER Petr Nemecek: BLOCKCHAIN EXPERT Jaroslav Cehovsky: SECURITY SPECIALIST ADVISORS OF SONATA Martin Bocanek: EXCHANGE ANALYST. Tomas Horak: EXCHANGE EXPERT You asked for a perfect exchange, now Sonata is here. Waste no time and go through the website and whitepaper for more information about the Sonata project. WEBSITE: https://sonata.ai/ WHITEPAPER: https://sonata.ai/documents/whitepaper-en.pdf TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Sonata_ai FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/sonata.cryptoexchange/ TELEGRAM: https://t.me/joinchat/IwX6Zg-NhB3cJK1hPfbzVw AUTHORED BY: thankyoulord BITCOINTALK LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2076086 WALLET ADDRESS: 0x2859DD117e5E186B2dec97b50012C66D0E7597Ad
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    StateU: Fintech Dapps and Real State

    The world is filled with so many people with different unique ideas and dream. Ideas and dreams that will positively affect the world but most times it is difficult bring these dreams to reality. One major obstacle people have in putting an idea or dream together is finance. It is always a challenge to get funds to start up any form of business or project. Some have very little while some don’t have at all and thus they are propelled to seek out funds from people and organizations. To even launch a growing project is also not easy as no project can be launched successfully without a team and of course to raise a team who would work with you to make your project successful you need funds. This has always been a major setback for people and has led to the death of so many great ideas and dreams as people are unable to put this together. Though government and even private organizations sometimes assist individuals with loans and other means of funds, it is on a rare case and the number of persons who benefit from this are very small when compared to the great multitude who need funds to bring out a great idea. The money government and private organizations and individuals give most times is even not enough which brings startup founders back to the issue of how to raise funds. A team of expert noticing this issue and having sat down to analyze it critically came together, putting their years of experience together in an attempt to provide a long last solution for startups to easily gather the right team members who would help in bringing a dream project to reality. This great idea the team put together is called NAMEK.IO. Namek.io is a strong turnkey platform which will be developed to give tokenized startups opportunity to find the right team members quickly thus launching their core projects on time. Every startup requires one major thing to succeed in the project which they plan to execute and that is gathering of experienced team before getting funds. One way to reward team member is by tokenized team payment contrary to a classic freelancer job and this reward gets its value when the project becomes successful. Namek.io has a bounty and airdrop platform which will enable startups get desire bounty team members, airdrops and also advisors after setting their desire ICO / Token sale. Namek.io can also help those who are new to the crypto world set up desire token sale in which case the startup can see the services of an experienced bounty manager to set up and manage the desired campaign or even create bounty program for each of the skill needed. Namek.io creates an opportunity for startups to manage and control every aspect of the bounty they create and get the right people they desire for their project by making a bounty program using the tools provided by the Namek.io application and the bounty enthusiasts they find on the platform. Namek.io has different platforms which includes the airdrop platform (enables both users and ICO projects to locate each other), bounty platform for freelancers and bounty platform for ICOs (platform to get whole project information about teams, task, payments and deadlines). See the Namek.io whitepaper for more details WHITEPAPER OGA PUT LINK Indeed the Namek.io platform is for everyone who want to make a tech startup project, wants to know more about the crypto-economy and how it’s done, want to promote own project, a true crypto enthusiast who wants to see latest projects and get some tokens in the way, looking for new projects to invest their time in and for freelancers looking for a new mission (find bounties, get tokens and also be part of the best innovative teams). The Namek.io idea offers so many benefits to different people for instance, entrepreneurs can be able to raise much more money by making an ICO or promoting their current project and start to hire before the end of the fund raising with the Namek.io platform. Freelancers are not left out as they can get some works done and generate remarkable cryptocurrecny revenues. For investors they get to secure their investments by buying the startup ICO’s tokens. PARTNERS HOW IT WORKS During an ICO, a total number of tokens will be allocated and issued and it will be composed of both the tokens of the ICO project and Namek tokens. Take for instance, let’s assume a company by the name KARMA wants to do a bounty and they will be issuing 7, 000, 000 tokens for it. The total allocation will then be 7, 000, 000 + 1, 000, 000 NMK tokens. This is the total allocation that will be received among bounty hunters of the bounty campaign, bounty manager as well as his team. Bounty hunter / bounty manager both have badge and rank system which represents the accomplishments of bounty hunter / manager. See whitepaper for the different ranks. NAMEK.IO TOKEN SALE Namek.io has its own token which is a utility token has the ticker NMK and it is based on the ERC-20 Ethereum standard. Namek.io will be issuing a total of 400 million NMK tokens. Namek.io will be offering tokens to the public for purchase in different stages. The first stage known as the private sale will commence on the 21ST of October 2018 and last till 4TH November 2018. During the private sale there will be total of 22, 857, 142 tokens and a 60% bonus with a minimum purchase of 25, 000€. After the private sale, Pre-ICO begins and will start on 5TH November 2018 till 2ND December 2018. The Pre-ICO stage is splitted into two stages. First stage know as Pre-ICO 1 which starts 5TH November having a total of 22, 857, 142 NMK tokens available for purchase with a 50% bonus and a minimum purchase of 1, 000€. The second Pre-ICO stage known as Pre-ICO 2 will begin on 19TH November 2018 having 22, 857, 142 NMK tokens available for purchase at a 40% bonus and minimum purchase of 1, 000€. The Namek.io ICO will begin on 3RD December 2018 and end 27TH January 2018. It has three phases and first phase begins 3RD December 2018, having 22, 857, 142 NMK tokens readily available for purchase with a 30% bonus and 50€ minimum purchase. The phase 2 of the Namek.io ICO starts 17TH December 2018, also having 22, 857, 142 NMK tokens available for purchase with a 20% bonus and 50€ minimum purchase. The ICO third stage starts 31ST December 2018, having 22, 857, 142 NMK tokens available for purchase with a bonus of 10% and 50€ minimum purchase. The last of the ICO beings 14TH January 2018, having 22, 857, 142 NMK tokens available for purchase with a 0% bonus and 50€ minimum purchase. Namek.io ssoftcap is targeted at 400, 000€ while the hardcap is targeted at 2, 000, 000€. During the Namek.io token sales different currencies namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dollar and Euro will be accepted for payment for purchase of tokens. NAMEK.IO TOKEN DISTRIBUTION A total of 400 million Namek.io tokens (NMK) will be generated and these tokens will be distributed such that 40% (160 million) of the total 400 million NMK tokens will be available for token sale to the general public. 25% (100 million) of NMK tokens goes to bounty and airdrop, 12.5% (50 million) of NMK tokens goes to reserve. 15% (60 million) of NMK tokens goes to founders and team while 7.5% (30 million) of NMK tokens goes to advisors. HOW FUNDS GENERATED WILL BE USED The funds generated from the Namek.io token sales will be used such that 50% of it will be used for bounty management and advanced payments methods, 20% of the funds will be used for operational expenses which include pitches during conferences, exchange and ICO listings while 10% of the funds will be for legal purpose (lawyers). THE NAMEK.IO ROADMAP Q1 2018: Designing the platform Q2 2018: MVP release and tests Q3 2018: Whitepaper released and first users Q4 2018: PRIVATE – PRE – ICO and Smart contract release Q1 2019: END ICO Q2 2019: Beta Bounty and Airdrop Platform release Q3 2019: Roadmap update THE NAMEK.IO TEAM Mehdi Tagaizine: CEO and CTO Anne Sarah Ratsimbazafy: CDO Simo Laraki: CFO Daniel Aguas: COO Yassine Khaled: CMO Warren Azzoug: CCO Daron Bennett: Head of Growth Surnantha Shankaranarayana: Head of Conversion Optimization Isaac Atoyebi: Head of Communication Delia Rojo: Community Manager ADVISORS Max M.Mansoubi Phd: Technology Startup Advisor Abiodum Ayorinde: Blockchain Advisor Dr. Sheraz Majeed: Global Blockchain Consortium Anil Kumar: ICO Advisor Daniel Arroche: Legal Advisor Stephane Daniel: Legal Advisor Richard Shibi: Blockchain Entrepreneur and Market Influencer
  4. Ever since the inception of cryptocurrency, there has been the need for users with crypto assets to trade their assets. Most importantly is the need for security and transparencyon the digital exchange through which they choose to trade these assets. As the saying goes, when there is high demand, there will always high rate of supply, this has therefore given rise to many crypto exchangeplatforms. Even though there has been a lot of improvement in the functionality of most of the current crypto exchanges, there is still a lot to be improved on. The issue of crypto exchange to various legal tenders has always been a headache to crypto traders. Because there is no regulation, market traders have been forced to trade without any form of secure transactions on these platforms. Exchanges have undefined classification for assets, very low level of professionalism and undefined methods for protecting clients. Many popular exchanges do not allow users to buy crypto with FIAT money, and there is a limited selection of available coins for the few that do accept FIAT currency. There is also the general low quality of service and lack of proper human infrastructure in many exchanges today to support customer’s transactions which raises the non-transparency level and makes customers lack the confidence to trade. Other major issues include subpar technical architecture and transactional experience, poor liquidity, lack of proper online security. The latter has been the most catastrophic risk to traders and exchanges alike. Security and data protection is a major concern that may not have been properly addressed by many exchanges over the years. The search has been on for so long to provide a long lasting solution which will forever change the way traders trade and recently I stumbled into an amazing idea which I believe everyone will find amazing too. A well regulated, service-focused exchange with very standards and strict procedures is being brought up by a team who desire to make the crypto world a lot easier for everyone by providing the world class trading platform which we so much desire all these years. This idea they call IRONFX. The IronFx Exchange aims to be a properly regulated exchange. The major focus of IronFx is to seamlessly bridge the gap between crypto trading and traditional trading. They plan to achieve this by methods which include leveraging existing practices, processes, solutions and real operating company functions, inviting crypto investors who wish to diversify and add low correlation asset classes offered on the IronFx Group trading platform to their investment portfolios, providing safe and easy access to the mass retail market, and lastly enhancing deep liquidity via its existing, wide customer database. By utilizing its operational track record, robust industry reach, access to top-tier financial institutions and deep liquidity and also already amassed significant group assets, which includes multi-regulatory licensing, large customer base of more than 1.2 million retail online trading accounts with strong financial base, IronFX Group will bring unrivalled expertise and operational excellence to the crypto exchange world. IronX Exchange has been carefully planned and will be established as a Joint Venture between between IronFX Group (one of the online trading global leaders) and EmurgoHK (one of Blockchain technology global leaders, creator of the decentralized public Blockchain Cardano and ADA Coin). Forces will be joined with Smartologic Technologies, a leading Blockchain consulting company and with this an exchange ecosystem based on a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Licenses will be created, providing unique, operationally efficient and highly secure CRYPTO-to-CRYPTO and FIAT-to-CRYPTO exchange, seamlessly blending with traditional online trading via a common trading portal. With this in place, IronX Exchange will be able to provide adoption and awareness increase of cryptocurrencies and crypto trading which will lead to greater use of infrastructure that are previously unavailable to early adopters and also mass retail clients. IronX Exchange has an ecosystem which will have a superb customer service representatives for users and traders. The customer service will include a myriad of client-oriented features which includes hotline support and live chat options and also multilingual support in over 30 languages. The ecosystem will also have an easy-to-use and straightforward trading platform which gives users efficiency devoid of costly slippages, with an amazing page loading speed and rapid server responses to site activity. IronX targets different kinds of users all across the globe including digital asset traders, new-to-market users and also ICO companies. VISION IronX Exchange has a great vision to explore the possibility that will bridge the gap which has long existed between traditional finance and crypto trading by addressing existing challenges which has been faced for so long in an experienced and effective way and this will help facilitate entrance of new users to crypto trading with so much ease on the right basis with higher efficiency and lower cost. Also, IronX Exchange will enable safe and easy transition from the mass retail market into the crypto market. That’s not all, with IronX Exchange, customer-centric and quality-focused service will be offered by leveraging on existing regulatory and operational practices, processes, solutions and real operating company functions which includes back-office, risk management, account management, and payment and banking solutions. Also, crypto investors who desire to get their investments diversified will have direct access to low correlation asset classes provided to them by IronX Exchange which are offered in the IronFX Group trading platform (like spot FX, CFDs, shares, futures, commodities, indices) and also ability to utilize higher than normally offered leverage when trading is being carried on the IronFX Group trading platform. FEATURES OF THE IRONX TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM · Simple systems management · Seamless fail-safe modes · Quick failover support · Error detection codes on all records · Intutve, easy-to-use interface · Ultra-high performance architecture for handling global scale industries · Monitoring and alert · Easy FIAT-to-CRYPTO purchasing capabilities · HFT capable systems · Comprehensive customer coverage and service offerings · Constant, top-of-the line system performance · High-grade security and data protection · Accelerated performance, 1 million trades per second · Always active, dynamic database BENEFITS WHICH IRONX OFFERS UNIQUELLY As a top class exchange, IronX will be offering special benefits never experienced in any other exchange before and they include; · Rapid accepted deposits and withdrawals in CRYPTO and FIAT for all users · Audit trades · Nine supported order types including market, limit and stop. · Access to multiple different cryptocurrencies · Ability to place, edit and cancel limit orders into the order book via API · 24/7 supported trading. · Matching Engine-lean design matches orders at throughputs in excess 1 million transactions per second · Fixed transaction fees · Automated dispersal of Daily Account Statements or configure default recurring daily reports for newly registered users. · Run reports. DEVICES WHICH IRONX SUPPORTS IronX Exchanges unlike existing exchanges will make it possible for users to be able to trade in variety of devices including Android and IOS systems, Tablets, Traditional online platforms (e.g. MT4 and Webtrader) and Desktops. THE IRONX TOKEN IronX token is known as IRX which is the exchange coin and it’s an ERC-20 utility token which will serve as the main coin that will back the system’s usage. On the IronX platform, users will be able to make a choice of paying any form of fees in the currency of the transaction or using IRX tokens. Al; fees paid using IRX tokens will carry a discount on the exchange according as shown below and this will incentivizes frequent traders to use IRX for all fees and transactions. Those who hold IRX coins will enjoy benefits like additional services and incentives including personal account management, market updates and marketing bonuses. All holders of IRX on the IronFX Group will enjoy benefits which includes; · Discounted fees for Portfolio Management · Open an IRX Base Currency Trading Account to trade CFDs on the IronFX Group trading platform, deposit and withdraw in IRX. · Discount in spreads on traders on trading products. · Free IronFX Card, VIP Accounts with no requirements, free Virtual Private Server (VPS) without requirements. · Upgrade introducing Broker / Affiliate without existing requirements. · Additional commissions for the introducing Broker / Affiliate when paid in IRX. THE PLANNED TOKEN SALE FOR IRONX IronX had a private token sale which ran from June 20th, 2018 and lasted till August 30th , 2018 and a total of 67,691,787 IRX tokens were sold at $0.33 (USD) per token for a value of $22,338,290 (USD). IronX further released a total of 82, 308, 213 tokens after the private sale for a public sale. Minimum investment: $100 Total amount of tokens available for sale: 150, 000, 000 Tokens sold during private sale: 67, 691, 787 Public sale duration: 1st November, 2018 to 15th January 2019. Public sale token supply: 82, 308, 213 Hardcap: $50, 000, 000 Token purchase payment options: BTC, ETH, Wire Price per token: $0.42 Those who get to participate and make contribution greater than $50, 000(USD) will get bonus tokens and it will be issued as a percentage of the initial tokens purchased by the contributor and will be vested with the company for nine months with 1/3 released every three months. Below shows the bonuses in the different percentages. NOTE: all contributors in the public token sale will undergo KYC. There are citizens of some countries not allowed to participate, check whitepaper for details; https://ironx.io/IronX_WP_Version_1.2.pdf. DISTRIBUTION OF TOKENS 15%: Management Team 10%: Advisors and Partners 40%: Sale and Early Contributors 8%: Community 10%: Liquidity 17%: Company USE OF PROCEEDS 35%: Operations 10%: Legal, Cap requirements 15%: Marketing 40%: Development Systems ROADMAP OF IRONX MAY 2018: IronFX Group and EmurgoHK join forces to build a world class exchange – IronX JUNE 2018: Smartologic joins IronX as a strategic advisor, development of IronX Exchange platform begins and IRX Token Private Sale begins. AUGUST 2018: IRX Token Private Sale ends SEPTEMBER 2018: IronX Exchange platform Alpha version release for internal testing, Estonian incorporated entity of the Group was awarded a full regulatory license by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). OCTOBER 2018: Coin and Smart Contract Security by Audits Conducted by Hosho NOVEMBER 1ST 2018: Public Sale of IRX Token begins DECEMBER 2018: Exchange Security Audit Conducted by Hacken DECEMBER 15TH 2018: IRX Token distribution to Private Sale contributors commences. DECEMBER 2018: IronX Exchange platform expected beta version release. JANUARY 15TH 2019: End of Public Sale of IRX Tokens. JANUARY 2019: Expected IRX Token distribution to Public Sale contributors. JANUARY 2019: Add of the IRX Token to the IronX Exchange and activation of IRX Loyalty Scheme. TEAM OF IRONX MARKOS A. KASHIOURIS: Founder & Chairman DIMITRIS HATZIS: Chief Executive Officer STEFANOS KASHIOURIS: Chief Risk & Exchange Officer LOUKIA KANARINI: Chief Legal & Compliance Officer ELENA PANAGIOTOU: VP Marketing STELLA ERMOGENIDOU: VP Human Resources SOCRATES I. SOCRATOUS: Chief Technology Officer MARIOS STYLIANOU: Chief Security Officer YUKI TERAI: Director of Sales, Japan YEJI JUN: Director of Sales, South Korea MARTIN KREISINGER: Director of Sales, Central Europe JAIME GONZALES: Director of Sales, Spain & Latin America NUNO VASCONCELOS: Director of Sales, Portugal & Brazil YUN MA: Director of Sales, Australia & APAC VICTOR MAKI: Director of Sales, Scandinavia ROMAN RUZINSKY: Director of SALES, Russia FABIO FARINA: Director of Sales, Italy WAQAS KHAN: Director of Sales, India & Pakistan RICHMOND ZALAVARRIA: Director of Sales, Phillippines MOMEN SILK: Director of Sales, Arabic-speaking DAPHNE FRANGOUDIS: Director of Sales, France ADVISORY BOARD OF IRONX KENJI SASAKI: Cardano Co-Founder, Chairman of the Advisory Board ALEX HAYASHI: EmurgoHK CEO, Chief Blockchain Strategy Advisor ANDREW RAIKES HARGREAVES: Corporate Governance Advisor & Government Liaison HILLIK NISSANI: Strategy, Marketing & Crypto Advisor OPHIR GERTNER: Blockchain & Crypto Advisor TAL COHEN: Blockchain & Fintech Advisor DR. PAOLO TASCA, PHD: Chief Blockchain Advisor DR. NICOLAS T. COURTOIS, PHD: Chief Security Advisor DR. THEODOSIS MOUROUZIS, PHD: Blockchain & Information Security Advisor DR. SHAMYL MALIK, DPHIL: Electronic & High Frequency Trading Advisor DR. YOON HEUISEON, PHD: Artificial Intelligence & Distributed Technologies Advisor KRISHAN RATTAN: Structuring & Alternative Capital Solutions Advisor IVAN DIDUR: Algorithmic & Artificial Intelligence Advisor KUNAL NANDWANI: Blockchain & Algorithmic Trading Advisor NEOKLIS NICOLAOU: Capital Markets & Regulatory Advisor GAL RON: Marketing Advisor CONCLUSION: no doubt with the brilliant idea IronX team have put together, crypto trading will become a lot easier. Traders will now have an easy to use platform where they happily trade to their satisfaction. Indeed IronX project is a project everyone needs to pay close attention to and also invest. Please take out time to view the website and whitepaper for more information. Also join the different IronX social media platform so you stay connected and receive regular updates regarding the project. Website: https://ironx.io/ Whitepaper: https://ironx.io/IronX_WP_Version_1.2.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/IronX_Official Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/IronX_Exchange/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/IronXExchange Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IronX-165411397629420/ Author: thankyoulord Bitcointalk link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2076086 Wallet address: 0x2859DD117e5E186B2dec97b50012C66D0E7597Ad