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  1. Introduction In this modern world, data has really played a significant role in many business organizations. The use of data been collected, measured, reported and been analyzed by different organizations, institutions, government and non-governmental organizations has made it possible to help increase in growth and add value to many organizations. Research made it known that 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data are being created every day, and 90% of the world’s data today has been created in the last 2 years alone. Data stored grows 4x faster than the world economy and contributes to a substantial shift in economic power and source of economic value. However, a lot of this data is created by individuals or organizations and being owned and stored by large private organizations in huge data market where it is sell-able, and prone to exploitation, and extraction. The owner of the data often loses control over its data when registering to different services in exchange for exploitation of data such services like Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram. Internet of Value enables the exchange of any asset that is of value to someone, including stocks, votes, frequent flyer points, securities, intellectual property, music, scientific discoveries. DISTINCTIVENESS OF IOVO The Internet of Value Omniledger (IOVO) is a unique global open network database for storing and exchanging information type of quantitative value asset. It is specifically designed to allow business organizations, individuals to have ownership over their data. Having providing a decentralized database network, users will be able to benefit from collecting, storing and sharing their personal value directly or through different decentralized apps (dApps). IOVO also serves as global ledger capable of securing every type of knowledge-based piece of value relating to entities and individual. The IOVO also helps to facilitate the process of personal data management and monetization. The IOVO DAG provides the infrastructure for any and all future dApps based on user values and/or focusing on data usage, including but not limited to finance, credit, insurance, banking, news, and non-monetary payments. IOVO is a DAG (directed acyclic graph) effectively created and designed as a platform for different kinds of applications. User data privacy is utmost and secure and cannot be accessed by other users without the consent of the original user. An agreed fee would be paid to user who shares their data when accessed. Users also decide how much data is made accessible to other parties, while having control of such data. The IOVO also serve as a personal data wallet with unrestricted analysis opportunities. WHY IOVO IS IMPORTANT AND NECESSARY Many of this data is being created by different individuals and large organizations while the real owner of the data do not see any significant benefit and they mostly loses and do not actually have full control over the data because of its centralized nature. There is also a need for a well secured universal database that can be browsed and analyzed easily without intervention. The IOVO DAG would be made available for analysts and researchers. UNIQUE BENEFITS OF IOVO IOVO gives users full control and ownership over their data and privacy. Users also enjoy benefits such as: Data ownership. Data wallet and access to IOVO network. Data security and transparency. Data monetization. Anonymity. IOVO also provide utmost data security to operators of applications and decentralized applications. It monetizes data and provides high security and privacy. Below are the benefits of IOVO to dApp and application owners include: dApp and application owners would have access to a large global database via data wallet. Data security. Monetization of owned data. Acquisition of more users. Unchangeable history. Companies and Data Analysts also enjoy numerous benefits which include: Full anonymity of data. Data research and analysis. Secure data storage and unchangeable history. Having access to complete big data network. Having direct contact with surveyed users. SOME EXAMPLES OF IOVO-BASED APPLICATION ONLINE INFLUENCE-BASED DYNAMIC PRICING: This is developed to help facilitate the exchange of personal assets other than money, starting with social media consumers behavioral influence. INSURANCE SCORING SYSTEMS: with the innovation of this App, insurance companies will be able to create scorings and get across to IOVO users. DROPP NEWS DAPP: This is a decentralized news application with a geographical focus based on the idea of user-generated content and news. It empowers its users to engage in both local and international news infrastructures by uploading news information. Users will also be rewarded for their significant contributions. BANKING AND FINANCE SCORING: IOVO DAG will help in securing banking activities and transaction processes. The IOVO DAG encrypted database-network can also supply wide range of infrastructure for document processing and all types of transactional ledgering. HR: PROFESSIONAL AND COOPERATION DATA AND RATING: The IOVO DAG can also facilitate the creation and establishment of an HR and recruitment platform to handle multiple networking and job offering processes. KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE SCORING: The IOVO DAG will help facilitate information exchange that gives societal and consumer decisions on acquiring knowledge and expertise. FOOD QUALITY AND DISTRIBUTION SCORING: An aspect of the IOVO network will help score food production and tracks distribution until it gets to final consumer in either shops or restaurants. IOVO WALLET IOVO wallet gives users access to their IOVO coins, tokens and all their data accessible in the network through the scorings/apps. Users will also be able to manage their asset using the IOVO wallet. A single wallet can be used to manage multiple accounts, allowing users to use different accounts for different applications if they so choose. The IOVO TOKEN IOVO allows users to create tokens —coins of a new currency built on top of IOVO. dApp developers can also create a new token in lieu with their dApp. The owner of the token discovers and states the rules governing how tokens will be distributed and traded. TOKEN DISTRIBUTION AND FUND ALLOCATION ROADMAP THE TEAM AND ADVISOR Kindly visit the below website for more in depth knowledge about the project: Website Whitepaper Ann Thread Facebook Twitter Telegram Medium Github Reddit Youtube Bitcointalk username: bosunbossman Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1197648;sa=summary ETH ADDRESS: 0x1802c850A7703D8Cd69f8f8CDF948B69034fA699
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