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  1. 1X2 is the project focused on direct transparency and decentralization among masternode coins. I believe that experienced team (also very friendly) behind following project will achieve their goals. Another point that attracts my attention is future ideal plans about sportbetting.- the work is to be appreciated. In addition, the partnerships with successful projects is an indication that promises are not just words.
  2. Great investments for passive income with its pos coin or mn for more rewards and already trade at 3 exchanges. be it under the POS system and Masternodes, that is very good, since it can generate good profits. And also the masternodes are configured very well, so as not to distribute so many currencies and avoid inflation in the currency. Good idea and good structure. Big project.
  3. I am happy to share that 1X2 COIN'S volume on MNO (https://masternodes.online/ 1x2) is gaining momentum again. Their price is more expensive. excited to see how the market unfolds in upcoming days.
  4. We are happy to know that stakinglab.io added 1X2 to their shared MN services They are offering instant node for 1X2 . 1X2-MN-001 | INSTANT- https://stakinglab.io/pools/1025 DISCORD-https://discord.gg/ureFt88
  5. now this is what I call news and worthy oneee! Thanks for sharing
  6. We earn on standard programs, platforms and systems of exchangers. Look for these, then just wait for the drop. Personally, I did it, and you see for yourself, maybe you will find something better.
  7. Here is a great opportunity for small investors of 1X2. We can stake and receive POS rewards of 1X2 with minimum of 10 coins A input of 10, 1X2 coin gives you reward under 10h, so in a day you can receive 2 stakes easy at this difficulty level And not to forget , now every 5 days ROI keeps increasing ..
  8. The purpose of 1X2 Coin is to become one of crypto currencies accepted in crypto sportsbooks sites As payment option (Deposit/Withdraw) The purpose of 1X2 Coin is to become one of crypto currencies accepted in crypto sportsbooks as payment option (deposit/withdraw), and that’s just 1st phase. We will affiliate all good sportsbooks in market and future plan is to develop our own crypto enabled sportsbook site which will enter strong in this multibillion market. We will start as advanced Masternode coin with progressive reward scheme and very attractive ROI for our investors. Sport betting Sports betting makes 30 to 40 percent of global gambling market. Size of one part of global gambling (online) is estimated as 37.9bn USD in 2017(1), and its constantly rising. Goal The main goal of 1X2 Coin is to serve as the cryptocurrency that is used by our partners worldwide sportsbooks which accepts cryptocurrency, for transfer of funds and payments within our platform. Plan We will affiliate all good sports books sites in market and future plan is to develop our own crypto enabled sports book site which will enter strong in this multi billion market. WEBSITE ★ DISCORD ★ TELEGRAM ★ TWITTER ★ REDDIT ★ GIT ★ EXPLORER ★ WALLETS ★ ESCODEX ★ CRYPTOBRIDGE ★ COIN SPECIFICATIONS ★ Constant growth and the innovation of our systems is a crucial objective for our strategy. Therefore, 1X2 is a self-funded system that has its own dedicated masternodes, used as budget to maintains and improve the project. Based on this model we have developed financial structure that would generate income for 1X2 Coin owners while utilizing 1X2 Coin itself for security of the blockchain. In masternodes networks users of the platform and owner of 1X2 Coin are compensated by the network trough allocation of rewards based upon 1X2 Coin owner contributions to the network as confirmation nodes and masternodes. 1X2 Coin is distributed within a hybrid network for securing the blockchain by confirming transactions while ensuring the privacy of transactions and facilitating instant transaction with users of our platform. 1X2 Coin is not limited to securing the network, it can be used as instrument for payments. The main goal of 1X2 Coin is to serve as the cryptocurrency that is used by our partners, worldwide sportsbooks which accepts cryptocurrency, for transfer of funds and payments within our platform. PROOF OF STAKE In traditional blockchain technologies, such as Bitcoin, preliminary proof-of-work concept was an energy-intensive blockchain technology based on the hashing protocol where miners are used to verify transaction on the network. This concept used substantial amount of energy, computation power and time needed to mine the coin. In this concept there is clear distinction between stakeholders and miners. Stakeholders are individuals who use network to facilitate a transaction. For example, if someone sends to someone one Bitcoin on the network, the block transaction is then verified by third party miners. Miners produce a mathematical computation based on the difficulty set by the network's parameter. The first miner to solve mathematical equation is rewarded and this is announced on the network before the block is created to be solved. Proof-of-stake algorithm is based on storage of all the operations in the 1X2 Coin wallet with the distributed database. This system is based on the principles of decentralized management in the absence of single controlling authority. Synchronization of 1X2 Coin nodes which is running on proof-of-stake is done through the peer-to-peer network, P2P. Proof-of-stake is more efficient and environmental friendlier than proof-of-work, which utilizes lots of energy by using specific integrated circuit (ASIC) machines. This method can be use without expensive mining equipment on a normal entry level computer. 1X2 Coin user-friendly proof-of-stake removes the need for miners altogether. With proof-of-stake users earn rewards on the coins held in their wallet by following few simple steps: 1.Download the 1X2 Coin wallet from website 2.Purchase 1X2 Coin from an affiliate exchange 3.Place coins in digital wallet 4.Coin earn rewards through being staked as collateral to verify transactions on the blockchain ★ REWARD TABLE ★ Below listed is the block reward distribution table for 1X2 coin ★ PRE-MINE & PROJECT FUNDING ★ ★ ROAD MAP ★ ★ MASTERNODE SETUP GUIDE ★ https://github.com/1X2coin/1X2coin-install ★ EXCHANGES ★ https://www.coinexchange.io/market/1X2/BTC https://wallet.escodex.com/market/ESCODEX.1X2_ESCODEX.BTC https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/market/BRIDGE.1X2_BRIDGE.BTC ★ BOUNTIES ★ We will be launching Translation bounties and other social media bounties , kindly follow us on Discord and check bounty section for more details ★ MN TRACKING SITES ★ MNO https://masternodes.online/currencies/1X2/ COINGECKO https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/1x2-coin MNCN https://mncn.online/coins/1X2 MNRANK https://mnrank.com/coin/1X2/
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