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    What are the key steps to run a simple ICO?

    In my opinion planing and set a goal is the best initiate for project and then you have to build a strong team build good project, create roadmap to share your upcoming steps and promote from social media as much as you can. the main thing is do your steps as you promised in roadmap.
  2. Theoretically, the implementation of this project is set us an absolutely another level of cryptocurrency world. this crypto can be a better choice for sports betting and it will take a part soon in crypto sportsbook. now It is working fine so far and pays block rewards for stakers and MN holders following the block reward scheme and yes 1X2 is stable coin in crypto and there is no fear to invest....
  3. John charly

    What can you do to keep your digital assets safe?

    In my opinion Using a very distinct password that you change regularly is the most powerful thing you can do to keep your on-line life safe. ... Use Multi-factor Verification To Sign Into iCloud....Don't Share Personal Information On-line.... Protect Your Email Address. ...Disable Automatic Updates.
  4. John charly


    Atomic wallet is one of smart process of the latest blockchain innovations and also it is intelligent integration to create a robust. so Atomic wallet is better crypto.
  5. Sports betting can be hard enough tying to understand how everything works. As a beginner,you should start slow learning and it's important to focus on primarily on just the basis. So 1X2 will helps you learn sports-betting by just giving Tips and Ideas to beginners and team is very friendly and very active and also team have realistic expectations towards sports betting.
  6. It is really helps for me and thank you for your guidance and many people will help for beginners and investors...keep guiding to newbies. And our own research also helps a lot to us because that fulfils the satisfaction than other. so do your own strategies and research also.
  7. The goal of the project is good and i just want to tell that, The idea behind blockchain gambling platforms is since everything is powered by smart contracts that can be audited, anyone can verify what is going on behind the scenes. This could potentially allow for a much more honest and open gambling and casino experience. Secondly, being able to use this crypto instead of fiat currency could potentially open up this industry to thousands of new players each year.