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  1. BINANCE(DEX) - It's creating a huge noise in the crypto marketPeople were very much anticipating this platform to be implemented for their better convenience to face some security threats like Exchange Stealing from hackers, etc!Since your private key is not exposed to anyone, it's nearly impossible to track your key, but this case was failed in CEX platform and unfortunately, a lot of exchanges were stolen previously! Hopefully, this DEX platform overcomes those scenarios!Since this platform has got huge attention among traders, it has become the eye catcher for a lot of investors to create a new platform for DEX (Decentralised Exchange Platform) If you are one among them looking to build your own (DEX)Exchange Platform for your Business, please get in touch with ZAB TECHNOLOGIESGET YOUR FREE DEMO RIGHT NOW TO YOUR EMAILhttps://zabtechnologies.typeform.com/to/bly1lZ
  2. Hi all! As everyone knows, the Launch of Binance (DEX) Decentralised Exchange Platform has gone Live! You won't believe, it already started! Exchanges began to flow like a fountain. This is not just because of Binance Popularity, the main reason for the high buzz and success start is because of the secureness inside DEX platform.NOBODY CAN CONTROL YOU:In DEX concept no one can control your private key, and you are the only person who can take care and control your own private key as your wish!NO HACK IS POSSIBLE:Unfortunately, last time people lost their exchanges due to fraudulent activity with CEX method! But this time it's not in the cards, no one can even near you to steal your exchanges. It's Highly safe and secure as your private key is not visible anywhere apart from your visibility!So just create your Wallet and go ahead with your exchange transactions with DEX!As an Investor, if you are planning to create a highly demanded DEX platform like/better than Binance, get in touch with us.We develop Wallet, ICO, Altcoin, and both centralized and decentralized exchange platform for you! GET FREE DEMO RIGHT AWAY https://zabtechnologies.typeform.com/to/bly1lZGet it for affordable costs
  3. Hi there! If you are seriously looking to build a Trading platform for your business, hopefully, this 2019 is gonna be a great roller coaster ride for you! It's a great time to step into building Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, either you are focusing on bitcoin or Altcoins, the numbers will be pretty impressive in terms of profitable ROI Recently bitcoins price is climbing up for $3700 and it is expected to rise towards a huge value as we see in 2017! This will give life to other altcoins and that makes an essential path for increasing the exchanges happening between buyers and sellers. We Zab technologies develop both CEX(Centralized Exchange) & DEX(Decentralise Exchange) and as well as hybrid Exchange Platform as well! Since we are working for a very long time, we are getting more and more expertise in building a successful and secure Trading platform which will be better than coinbase! Before continuing I would like to provide you with our FREE DEMO exclusively for you! Click here to get our Live demo right away - https://zabtechnologies.typeform.com/to/bly1lZ We are Officially registered Start-up for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency solutions. Here is our Website for your reference! https://www.zabtechnologies.net/
  4. Security token offering (STO) is a fundraising platform which is recognized to be comparable to an ICO, but with reliable regulations that hold the token issuers responsible for their operations.STO (Security Token Offering) is the modern influential trend in the crypto world that is dragging eyeballs these times. Some even tell that they’re a great replacement for the ICOs. It is also being stated that security tokens would take over the market in the coming years.In the easiest of the form, Security Tokens are the junction of blockchain and traditional assets. They are tokens that operate some true value in the real world.For example, acknowledge shares of a company that you wish to purchase. When you buy a share online, you pay an amount for it and in return, you own the share and are free to trade it on an exchange. Upon purchasing the share, the receipt of this transaction is provided to you.Buying a security token is similar to this with an exception of replacing the shares with security tokens. Meaning that the shares of a given company can be represented in the form of tokens and then instead of buying the shares, you can buy these tokens from the company. Each token will have a specific value attached to it similar to a share.Security token offerings can be examined as securities. Securities can be anything that you invest in with the aim of earning profits in return. Some examples of securities are shares, real-estate properties, bonds etc. By providing STOs, companies ensure that these tokens represent shares.The one and the only reason for STO's success in recent days is the acceptance and the support given by the government with implementing better regulations. And further, these tokens are also providing greater versatility in terms of obtaining ownership and executing transactions rather than traditional paper-based contracts while rejecting the need for any middlemen in the process.Who Provides the Best STO development Service?We Zab Technologies an expert Blockchain Developers involved in developing Security Token Offering (STO) for our reputed clients globally! We have a ton of experience in handling projects for small, medium and Enterprise level companies and successfully launched many projects in the Crypto market! If you are looking to build STO for your Business, please do visit our Official web page - https://www.zabtechnologies.net/security-token-offering-services
  5. Bitcoin trading software is now in high demand! With the recent stats taken, the number of transactions is getting growing each and every hour.Words from Binance CEO: ‘We’re Still at the Beginning of the Beginning’ of Bitcoin Revolution!Bitcoin Exchange Business makes your business more valuable for your future Investment when compared to the other niche business in the market right now. Yeah, Everything becomes trendy in upcoming business, So Starting a business with cryptocurrencies will be highly demandable in the future days.An Exchange software will be classified as best, only if it has the following things1. White label.2. Supportive of current trends.3. Easy to upgrade with multiple trading business add-ons.4. Multiple currency pairings.5. Packed with high security.6. Escrow integration.7. High-speed trade made an engine.If you need an Exchange platform with satisfying all these above features for the affordable price, please visit Zab TechnologiesVisit now - https://www.zabtechnologies.net/bitcoin-exchange-development-company
  6. It's a great idea to kickstart your own bitcoin trading business without depending on third-party business platform. Bitcoin trading software with a secure escrow application is now considering as the reliable platform for bitcoin trading business. By that, you can safely run your bitcoin trading website in a trustworthy and robust manner.Why Exchange Platforms are in demand?Due to the recent oscillations in the pricing and raise of Bitcoin price pushing people to make more exchanges from the market!Get in Touch with Zab Technologies for building your own platform for affordable value ever!Whether you are a startup or an industry veteran, we provide totally scalable and reliable top cryptocurrency exchange and Bitcoin Exchange Development services.Visit our Website - https://www.zabtechnologies.net/bitcoin-exchange-development-company
  7. If you have an Entrepreneurial wavelength inside you to be a part of great and massive technology revolution, then you are set to go and you will be able to create your own Bitcoin Exchange Platform for your Business.You can build one even if you are not too technically savvy and have limited capital to invest in software and infrastructure.Software packages are entering the market to help you set up your Bitcoin trading platform. For example, once you develop your application you might need some support for security features or any other critical encryption methods to full fill the project to the final stage!Then comes Zab technologies a leading start-up for developing Exchange software for any clients around the globe with affordable pricing.Zab Technologies is an experienced start-up offering “blockchain-enabled solutions to store, track, and trade digital assets. Its secure, scalable, and customizable platform enables customers to deploy blockchain technology to innovate, differentiate, and transform their businesses.”Check out our official website for more queries related to delivery time, pricing, etc!Visit - https://www.zabtechnologies.net/bitcoin-exchange-development-company
  8. Smart Investors started to think about Investing in new cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. As everyone knows, bitcoin success is the main and only reason to launch new coins in the market! If you are looking for ALTCOIN Development Start-up please prefer the team which has a better background with building security features and highly safe encryption methodologies. I Recommend you to check out one of the key player Zab Technologies They are officially rated by “Clutch and Good Firm” as Top Blockchain Development Company. They deliver their services in all over the world and their team has a vast experienced in blockchain development. Blockchain technology has enabled a new wave of crowdfunding that has overtaken endeavor capital funding in the past year. • Really excel by providing blockchain solutions • Short and long-term strategies • Promising services Get your Altcoin Development Service for affordable value. With their Altcoin Model, Your users (and everyone who wants to use your cryptocurrency) will be able to use your cryptocurrency on every major device and every operating system environment. Get in Touch - https://www.zabtechnologies.net/cryptocurrency-creation-service
  9. Before Investing, the smartest way to kickstart your ICO project is to choose the smartest start-up for your required scope! Once you picked the right person for your work, you made sure your 50% win ration in the initial stage itself! Zab Technologies is a distinguished ICO development company and concentrate on providing agile and secure solutions to raise crowdfunding for your business. We own Countless years of experience in creating tokens, deploying on Ethereum20. Based on your product approach and conceptualization, our expert team will come up with a concrete project plan for the development phase to begin. We support you in the structuring of the Initial Coin Offering from the design phase to completion. Ask your questions to our experts with our LIVE CHAT facility! Our Headquarters present in USA, Dubai, and India! Our experts will be available 24/7 To know more visit - Our Official Website
  10. How can I find skilled ICO developers for my ICO development project? Your topic is a clever one! As you stated in this question, there is an immense difference between a team who knows to develop ICO and who knows how to do implement it successfully! (There stays the meaning of skilled developers) To be able to launch a successful ICO you need a top ICO development company to create an (ERC20 based token/altcoin), White Paper, smart contracts development, cryptocurrency wallet development and cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform that people can use to leverage your cryptocurrency. Zab Technologies is one among that start-up which has the core knowledge in implementing the concept of ICO successfully in the market! 1. They have 6+ years of core experience 2. They provide ICO for affordable than any other providers 3. They have 40+ Certified Developers of ICO Implementation 4. Rated as best Blockchain developers by the clutch and good firms As people use these digital assets and platforms trust in your product and organization grows and herein lies the success of your ICO. From concept to design to programming to branding and your online presence as a top ICO development company we provide total turnkey ICO development services for businesses of all scales. GET FREE CONSULTATION - https://www.zabtechnologies.net/ico-development-company
  11. In General, Blockchain Developers have a various set of skills with the fields like cryptography, algorithms, networking and data structures, etc. In recent days with the demand of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Developers had to play a critical role in delivering crypto-based products like ALTCOIN's similar to bitcoins and ethereum, etc. A cryptocurrency is digital assets created to work as a medium exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets. We(Zab Technologies) as leading Blockchain Developers in the market have delivered a lot of ALT coin projects and Exchange Development projects for various clients across Europe, Asia and mainly North America. A choice of different cryptocurrency and altcoin technologies Interested in Ethereum? We have got you covered? Want your new altcoin in hashgraph? Yes, surely it can be done. What about Algorand? Why not? By Hiring our Developers, we can develop your cryptocurrency or altcoin in all major contemporary blockchain technologies. Visit our Site for more Info https://www.zabtechnologies.net/
  12. Ready-made scripts will be cheap, fast and dangerous in terms of securities and encryption whereas if you turn up your gears towards an efficient and highly experienced technology provider who can develop your application from the scratch, will make sure your product competes with top tier Giants in the market and will sustain with all security threats We Zab Technologies provide High standards of Security with escrow application, secure wallet integration and two-factor authentication for your bitcoin traders and exchanges. Advantages in choosing us! 1. Since we are the early players in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market we have handled umpteen projects and undergone various challenging phases and got fine-tuned with latest tech stacks. this makes us better developers to consider for any developments related to Crytpo! 2. Our strength is our equipped developers who have 5+ Years experience and certified in various crypto platforms to implement high-quality product with safe encryption. 3. We are rated as one of the best Developers for Blockchain Technology by following review sites for start-ups - "Clutch" & "Good firm" 4. When compared to other start-ups we are truly affordable for your projects and will be comfortable while engaging projects with a great friendly relationship. Hire our developers for your Cryptocurrency Exchange Project Check out more details with our Official Website - https://www.zabtechnologies.net/
  13. Programmers are the pillars of every start-up and they should adapt to every change happening in the industry rapidly! According to us If you pick a programmer who is specialised in a specific industry and have enough experience before are the deserving people for your project! For Example - You are searching for a crypto developer but you are in touch with the Programmer who has enough experience in e-commerce development of any other platforms, he will be struggling to make it! Instead, choose the right Developers who have specific core industry experience (Ex-Developers who handled Crypto Projects Before) Zab Technologies is one among those developers who are specifically playing with purely crypto trained developers and currently, they are the leading cryptocurrency exchange development services company, they are chiefs in developing custom cryptocurrency exchange service solutions that are safe, secure and reliable. Hire Our Developers! Explore our Website - https://www.zabtechnologies.net/
  14. Before getting into any start-up do an effective R&D about the firms which you are focusing. Take these factors considerations team size, years of experience, previous portfolios, Quality of developers, etc! Depending on these factors filter out the best start-up and get in touch with their support time live and get insights.Their Premium Services includes ICO Development Exchange Development Altcoin Development STO Development Blockchain development I reckon Zab Technologies a leading and well-rated company for Exchange development. get in touch with their team via following the link (Live chat available) Official Website - Click Here Skype - [email protected]