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  1. Have you got any business experience? Are you talking about a centralized exchange? Cause, if you are, you should know it's not so easy as you've got to invest a lot of money into this business and also go through a lot of structures to adjust to all the compliances. Try to find a video on youtube or any blog so that you could have at least an initial idea of how it works
  2. Talk_To_Me

    How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Coinbase?

    I don't think people who are going to establish a cryptocurrency exchange are browsing this forum to find a solution to build up an app.
  3. Talk_To_Me

    Ethereum: Five Things You Must Know About It

    Don't you think many projects are now trying to outrun the Ethereum technical advantages?
  4. Talk_To_Me

    US Pension Funds invest in crypto assets for the first time

    What do they purpose by investing in crypto assets? A pension fund...interesting
  5. I agree, if you are a long-term investor, there is no need to store your funds in the exchange wallet.
  6. But if you trade, you've got no other options, have you?
  7. Talk_To_Me

    Crypto Holder Tulsi Gabbard Runs for President

    I would like this woman to be a president, she's young and have got advanced views of the world functioning
  8. Talk_To_Me

    Do You Want To Pass Docker DCA Exam Questions At The First Try?

    What does this exam stand for? What does it allow for? Thanks
  9. How do you think if they will be able to sort it out within these 30 days? I've got bad presentiments
  10. All good exchanges comply with AML and anti-terrorists policies
  11. Talk_To_Me

    Getting ready for the coming Crypto Bull run!

    I guess, it's not going to happen earlier then late spring or summer, just intuition on how it's mowing now.
  12. Talk_To_Me

    Samsung Galaxy 10 Might Be With A Crypto Wallet

    "Smartphone-based TEE is designed to function separately from the Android device. It comes with its special storage memory to ensure maximum security even when the smartphone is compromised. An override or worse, a malware infection can never find its way into the wallet as the only key to accessing it is through an API that interacts with the trustlets running on the TEE. This makes it a tight security for hackers or cybercriminals to gain access to. Samsung is doing even more by incorporating additional protections to the already security-tight wallets" Sounds really convenient but I can't get my head around all these technical details yet
  13. Talk_To_Me

    White Label Exchange Platform!

    Can anyone please explain what it actually is? How does it differ from a, say, decentralized exchange?
  14. Talk_To_Me

    Lost quite a lot of money

    Please, do not invest all your money, I'm begging you. It will always be a losing game. Just take the amount you can afford to spend on your trading and go on with it until you are tired or is able to afford more. Good luck to you!