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  1. Yes, you need to be well experienced and have good skills for margin trading. For newbies, it is good to use the old and proven strategy, buy low - sell high
  2. I'm only trading, I don't believe that other ways are profitable in the current time
  3. Some banks and financial systems work with Ripple and Stellar and they feel nice, I don't get why other banks struggle to overcome crypto
  4. For banks, it would be better to cooperate with crypto businesses because they can't win the game, but they can try to adopt technologies
  5. Coinmarketcap is the best place to check all prices
  6. Maybe there was a mistake in the system, I suppose it is a too open way to launder money
  7. Investing is a very risky thing, you can make the wrong investment and lose all your money:)
  8. I have read that Facebook cryptocurrency could raise 19$ billion. How do you think can it be real?
  9. So as I got it, there is an idea to transfer gold into crypto assets? Am I right?
  10. Good idea, but where do I take money to build my own cryptocurrency exchange platform?
  11. I would add South Korea, Japan, Italy, Spain they also support cryptocurrencies and blockchain
  12. CCN has different news, not only related to crypto
  13. Hi! Did anybody hear about the GetEx exchange? I looked through the website https://www.getex.com. For me this project looks promising, they keep funds in cold wallets and it is a licenced exchange. Check it please and share your opinion!
  14. There are some coins which are worth to mine, like FTT or Monero for example, but in general, mining is not profitable with a such bearish market
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