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  1. That's right. Any business needs a good investment and of course a lot of knowledge in this sphere.
  2. Yep, the only thing that before trading one should know exactly how to do it without loses.
  3. Yes, unfortunately nowadays a lot of ICOs are the scam. Sometimes it is not so easy to find out, whether the project is real or a scam.
  4. It is great that people decided to use blockchain technology for such good purposes. Hope this trend will spread to other spheres too.
  5. I don't think that there are any restrictions concerning the investment and exchange business. However, in some cases, you should be above 18.
  6. Does it really work? Maybe who tried and can share an opinion?
  7. No, ACT is not a coin to withdraw. Just a forum currency, collected for posting.
  8. It is not profitable to mine now, better to trade or participate in bounty campaigns.
  9. Sounds good. I guess it's a great opportunity to use it at leverage trading.
  10. I liked the presentation of this project too. The first that attracted me in this ICO is sport-relation. I like sports and sure that sportsodium will be a successfull project.
  11. I also support ETH, hope it will grow further. Of course, it cannot replace BTC, but still has a lot of advantages as a dApp cryptocurrency.
  12. I think in future the cryptocurrencies will stably move upwards. But it will happen not soon, maybe during the year it will recover.
  13. I also think that the exchange section is necessary. But I don't think, it will increase the activity if the forum itself is not active.
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