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  1. Okay, this is pretty crazy. Some user did a $14 Ethereum transaction, and was charged a $311,577 transaction fee! This is really insanely unusual and I never heard about anything like that before. https://all-stocks.net/a-user-was-charged-over-300k-in-fees-for-a-14-eth-transaction/ Some speculate that it's some sort of money laundering scheme but I'm not so sure... What do you think?
  2. This is just fantastic news! Now the crypto company BitGo begins to offer insurance on digital assets, which obviously include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin! https://all-stocks.net/digital-asset-insurance-is-now-available-with-bitgo/ This is really a great day for crypto because it will certainly bring more mainstream investors into the crypto world now that they would feel much more secure to invest in it. This can turn out to be really big, isn't it?
  3. The crypto mining giant Bitmain presented a new chip for cryptocurrency mining, and this chip is supposed to be the next generation in the mining industry. It uses far less energy and therefore fees. https://all-stocks.net/bitmain-introduces-new-lower-energy-consuming-chip-for-bitcoin-mining/ I think that if it can really use far less energy as presented, it can really change the entire crypto world because it will drastically bring down the price of cryptocurrencies with which it will be worthwhile to mine!
  4. Here's something quite fascinating: using the advantages of the crypto world to improve our democratic systems. By exploiting blockchain technology's attributes, voting and elections could become much more transparent and trusted. https://all-stocks.net/featured-further-decentralizing-democracy-with-blockchain-for-voting/ With a blockchain voting platform, there could be very little chance of fraud because everything would be open on the blockchain while still maintaining the anonymity of the voter. It's such a great idea and several countries have already started testing it!
  5. So another top executive now declares that almost all (95%) of all cryptocurrencies will perish. Matt Hougan from Bitwise also added that there is a bubble in the crypto industry, like the dot-com bubble. https://all-stocks.net/bitwise-top-exec-a-painful-death-will-be-the-destiny-of-almost-all-cryptocurrencies/ But he does also say that those cryptocurrecies that will survive will make an interesting investment. Do you think that essentially the entire crypto market will collapse, leaving only a few survivors?
  6. Ripple is a cryptocurrency company that in addition to promoting itself in various ways, also invests in the future of the entire crypto industry by collaborating with many educational institutions in order to promote blockchain (which is the technology behind cryptocurrencies). https://all-stocks.net/ripple-has-11-new-university-partners-to-fund-blockchain-research-and-education/ This is really encouraging to see that there is an academic investment in crypto technology, which will not only push forward cryptocurrencies, but will also draw into the industry many bright minds!
  7. So now we have a presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, who actually holds cryptocurrencies - that can give a major push to the entire crypto industry because it is for sure legitimizing cryptocurrency. https://all-stocks.net/crypto-holder-tulsi-gabbard-begins-her-2020-run-for-president/ Bringing cryptocurrencies right to the forfront of politics is a remarkable feat, and surely can bring more people closer to investing and trading digital assets!
  8. It is just terrible that despicable terrorist organizations are using cryptocurrency in order to raise funds for their awful deeds! They are abusing the qualities of cryptocurrencies to seek donations anonymously, so the money transfered would go under the radar. https://all-stocks.net/islamic-terrorist-organization-hamas-leverages-crypto-exchanges-to-solicit-funds/ I think that crypto exchanges MUST take actions against identified accounts of terrorist organizations and completely ban them because innocent lives are at stake here!
  9. The social network mammoth Facebook has made its first blockchain related acquisition by hiring the team behind the blockchain startup Chainspace. https://all-stocks.net/facebook-acquires-the-blockchain-startup-chainspace-for-its-university-college-london-team/ Isn't it exciting news that such a huge tech company such as Facebook is entering the crypto space? I wonder how it is going to impact the crypto industry, which would certainly be affected by a giant like Facebook.
  10. Have you heard about this crazy story? The founder of the Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX has died, and consequently the exchange couldn't access the funds to which only he had the passwords and keys. https://all-stocks.net/crypto-exchange-quadrigacx-in-double-mourning-founder-dies-funds-inaccessible/ Now the exchange is looking for experts to open the crypto accounts that are worth $137 million. I guess this is the one time that crypto security has been proven too strong...
  11. Have you heard about this new cryptocurrency investing method through prove-of-stake? You keep your tokens in your wallet in order to validate transactions on the blockchain and earn from interest. https://all-stocks.net/many-investors-choose-staking-as-the-safe-way-to-play-the-current-crypto-market/ Apparently, more and more investors are going with this investing option as the crypto market still doesn't move up (and sometimes even further down). What do you think? Is it really worth it?
  12. Through swapping people's SIM of their mobile phone, this guy Joel Ortiz managed to pilfer more than $5 million in Bitcoin from crypto wallets in California, and it's hardly the first case of such stealing! https://all-stocks.net/20-year-old-college-student-sentenced-to-10-years-in-prison-for-sim-hacking-and-stealing-bitcoin/ This just shows that companies that operate crypto wallets and even big companies like Apple and Google should invest more in securing people's mobile devices and wallets. Today, smartphone are essential in people's lives and we need more safety and security using them!
  13. Samsung reportedly might include a crypto wallet in its upcoming Samsung Galaxy 10 after the company has filed for a crypto-related patent. https://all-stocks.net/crypto-wallet-in-samsung-pay-samsung-galaxy-s10-may-come-with-a-crypto-wallet/ If true, this might give a huge boost to crypto since the Galaxy is one of the most popular smartphones in the world (maybe even the most popular Android phone). It will bring crypto much closer to the mainstream.
  14. While Bitcoin ETFs are still being rejected by regulators, a new crypto product for traditional investors maybe underway: Bitcoin custody service, which can mitigate risks involved in cryptocurrency. https://all-stocks.net/fidelity-moves-to-launch-bitcoin-custody-service-as-a-first-crypto-product-for-big-investors/ If indeed this crypto product will roll out, it can make a significant change to the crypto industry. It can really bring traditional investors with a lot of buying power into this arena, and consequently bring crypto further into the mainstream!
  15. pepeg

    Chicago Gets More Bitcoin ATMs

    Now another Bitcoin ATM operator, Lux Vending, is bringing more cryptocurrency ATMs to Chicago, and overall there are almost 2,400 Bitcoin ATMs in all of the U.S.! https://all-stocks.net/more-bitcoin-atms-deployed-in-chicago-by-crypto-atm-operator-lux-vending/ I think that the massive growth of crypto ATMs is an attestation to growing mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. People vote with their feet and operators deploy more and more machines.