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  1. Currently, we are living in the midst of the transition, where traditional and knowledge economies co-exist in a somewhat uneasy balance around the world. At the same time, the emerging social economies’ concept is coming to shake things up some more. Now more than ever, it is of crucial importance to support a cultural and social system that converts available information into scientific and technological values used in everyday life making sure that knowledge economy and Social Economy grow aligned and follow similar routes in the years to come. Full read: https://medium.com/@SocialPolis/spl-coin-the-societies-of-emerging-knowledge-in-late-capitalism-250b128bdee1
  2. SocialPolis mission is to promote Blockchain technology in order to disrupt Social Economy while providing a financial instrument able to ensure trusted and traceable transactions. Amongst other application areas, SocialPolis team has developed a unique platform making wholesale trading much simpler. In the text below, the features of SocialPolis decentralized online marketplace and its advantages over centralized marketplaces are thoroughly analyzed. Read full: https://medium.com/@SocialPolis/α-decentralized-marketplace-38c99197a872
  3. Recently, there has been an agitation on a series of Greek islands. Residents, State and Companies are trying to transform the outdated and malfunctioning energy model of those islands to drive Europe’s transition into a sustainable, low-carbon and inclusive economy. SocialPolis Coin aspires to become a trustworthy and transparent alternative for financing such projects with the vision to transform whole terrains into Blockchain Areas. Read full: https://medium.com/@SocialPolis/smart-terrains-towards-sustainability-33020e4444f
  4. SocialPolis Coin may suggest a rather new yet much promising Blockchain-based project but, Social Development Goals’ concept is not so new. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) came into our lives in September 2015 when the 193 member countries of the United Nations adopted a developmental agenda in order to achieve end of poverty, protection of the planet, safekeeping of global peace and prosperity and enhancement of well-being for all. In our recent Medium post “What are the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their importance to SocialPolis Coin Project?”, we elaborated on SDGs’ characteristics and separate targets, and the way that SocialPolis Coin initiative is related to these goals. This time, we will be addressing the concept around SDGs’ focusing on the contribution of Blockchain tech to their implementation across the globe. Read full: https://medium.com/@SocialPolis/how-does-blockchain-technology-contribute-to-sdgs-concept-9ce730e39f79
  5. Since 2008, many pages have been covered by articles about Cryptoeconomics’ usability and potential. Perhaps, the most influential definition of it has been given by the prodigy and founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin: “Cryptoeconomics is about trying to reduce social trust assumptions by creating systems where we introduce explicit economic incentives for good behavior and economic penalties for bad behavior.” Buterin (2018) But how Cryptoeconomics are connected with economic, social and environment sustainability? Here you can read some thoughts and learn about SocialPolis (SPL) Coin Project — the first cryptocurrency fully devoted to Social Economy and Sustainable Development! Learn more here
  6. The economic term ‘Social Economy’ may sound familiar to EU citizens’ ears. Social initiatives and/or projects are blooming in most of the countries after a period of a harsh financial crisis and a following refugee one which shook them up. The main object of this text is to present the main theoretical approaches related to the Social Economy concept and to identify public policies related it at a European level in the period 2010–2016. SocialPolis Coin as the one of the kind cryptocurrency to support Social Economy could not be ignored in this context. Read in more details here:https://medium.com/@SocialPolis/social-economy-in-europe-hour-of-change-23e734a1c00
  7. SocialPolis Coin (SPL) is able to act as a connector between Investments and real estate development in Greece, suggesting a trustworthy and transparent financial solution in reducing the real transactional costs at the same time. Being a participant of the projects powered by SPL Coin equals both tangible and intangible benefits such as the handing of assets via an electronic wallet, low-cost investing rates to AGORA land development project and more importantly, enhanced participation to Social Economy initiatives within the broader context of Social Responsibility Programs Find out more about the project at socialpolis.io and access your tokens through LAtoken until the 31st of March at: https://wallet.latoken.com/ico/ETH-SPL
  8. SocialPolis Coin is targeting to become a trustworthy and transparent financial tool able to reduce the real transactional costs. Investments and real estate development in Greece need to be organically linked. That’s exactly the double mission of SPL Coin. The applicable Public/Private partnership in the programmed projects will transfer benefits to all participants and the Greek State itself. SPL holders will benefit from: - The Low cost funding of a significant land development project - The severe real estate development outside major Greek cities - Participation in the creation of both a new human smart city and the first living lab city for Blockchain - Accessibility to core financial tools in order to develop secure platforms and applications for all Find out more about AGORA City project, through the circulation of SPL at: https://socialpolis.io/Technical Paper_2019.pdf SocialPolis Coin is now listed on LAtoken exchange! Stay tuned and get your token at: https://wallet.latoken.com/ico/ETH-SPL
  9. The vision to transfer a small island or a city to a Blockchain Area is to develop a Human Smart City operating based on the principles of blockchain trust and transparency. Blockchain Area, either it is a small island or a city, is a new concept of functionality. Towards the notion of areas structured on AICBM (AI, IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Mobile), Blockchain Area seeks to integrate all these technologies to upgrade public operations, emergency management protocols, public safety policies, energy consumption and urban logistics. Find out more here or at the Project's official YouTube channel
  10. LAtoken new listings include SocialPolis (SPL) Token Working towards the social economy of the future - Proudly listed at LAtoken's brand new token sales as of the 19th of February. GET SPL NOW: https://bit.ly/2TSaAK0 More on the project: https://socialpolis.io/ https://blog.latoken.com/latoken-lists-empire-cash-hyperspace-usat-selfkey-latium-every-coin-araw-26787e26968b
  11. SocialPolis (SPL) Token | Live on LAToken SocialPolis Coin (SPL) is now listed on LAtoken! Register now at LAtoken and buy your SPL tokens. Stay tuned and get your token at: https://wallet.latoken.com/ico/ETH-SPL
  12. SocialPolis (SPL) Token | Live on LAToken If you are interested in buying SPL coins, access the token sale through LAtoken, until the end of March. Stay tuned and get your token at: https://wallet.latoken.com/ico/ETH-SPL
  13. SocialPolis (SPL) Token | Live on LAToken Do not forget! You can access the token sale through LAtoken and buy SPL coins until the end of March. Stay tuned and get your token at: https://wallet.latoken.com/ico/ETH-SPL
  14. SocialPolis (SPL) Token | Live on LAToken SocialPolis Coin, established by a Blockchain Coop, aims to become the world's first cryptocurrency that focuses on social economy & solidarity and sustainable development. There is no coin similar to SPL yet. We are glad to announce that Socialpolis (SPL) is now listed on LAtoken! From now on, you can access the token sale through LAtoken and buy your SPL coins until the end of March. Stay tuned and get your token at: https://wallet.latoken.com/ico/ETH-SPL ---------------- LATOKEN is a rapidly growing Top-30 crypto exchange focusing on providing liquidity for new tokens: - $140+ million daily turnover - 120,000+ registered traders - 250+ crypto pairs available for trading
  15. Transparency and Trust: The major advantage of SocialPolis Coin The major advantage of SocialPolis Coin with regards to preventing any trust and transparency issues is that it uses a reliable and completely secure environment within Ethereum. That is because the team focuses on exploiting any technological advantages within the operating function of the social economic sector, rather than investigating yet another possible approach to the Blockchain. Thus, stability and zero risks in terms of the technological functioning of the SocialPolis Coin are ensured. The implementation of the solution to real economy retains the advantage of trust, security and transparency. The SPL Coin creates more of an operational protocol rather than a vague technological perspective. To learn more about SocialPolis Coin Project, please visit our official website https://socialpolis.io
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