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  1. Hello, welcome to my blog today. It's yet another publish on Atomic wallet. This edition would be solely on the solutions and suggestions to improving atomic wallet. The dream of every crypto investors or traders is to have an error-free and smooth trading experiences and transactions backed with adequate security measures to curb theft. In as much as no project has been able to effectively provide this, Atomic Wallet project is a bomb shell that has disrupted this to some certain extents. And the fact that nothing on earth seem to be 100% perfect makes it more understandable. In as much as all expertise and experiences has been deployed into designing the Atomic wallet, it is not without blemishes or backlogs. Still, kudos to the team for their incredible efforts so far. Below are some issues related with the wallet and way forward to ameliorating it. 1. Sometimes the wallet app usually is unable to fetch data from the explorers. This is a major issue with the wallet App as in most cases, users are in hurry to access their wallets in other to make trades and transactions hurriedly. In a situation where data can not be fetched from the explorers can be so dissapointing and frustrating. However, I trust this particular issue is within the solutions of the team and developers. If possible, let there be an update to be able to fix most of the bugs. 2. Stellar wallets and tokens should be updated along side so as to make wallets available at all times for users. 3. The Atomic mobile app don't get to display all tokens. This should be updated within possible short time. Although team said it would be update hopefully in the next 24hr. Let me take their words for it. 4. Security issues is a big blow to most crypto wallets. Atomic Wallet has deployed every means to ensure a massive security in its wallet kudos to them. However, the importance of a 2FA security cannot be over emphasized this will to a great extent grant additional security to user assets in the wallet. I urge the atomic team to look into deploying an additional security to its wallet. 5. The team should consider adding camera function for scanning Gcr codes to the windows wallet for easy transfer of coins. For now, these are inefficiencies of the Atomic wallet and possible suggestions to improving it. Let's trust the Atomic Wallet Team to providing us with a laudable result soonest. Atomic Wallet still the best multi wallet for a safe storage of your assets. You can download it's application from https://play.google.com/store/applications/details?id=io.atomicwallet For any issue, talk with Atomic Wallet supports [email protected] Author: Adaora
  2. Hello crypto investors specialists and enthusiasts. This is yet another content of Atomic wallet and it's unbelievable advancements. This time around, I will concentrate on the Airdrops called BITTORRENT token bolstered on the Atomic wallet. Right off the bat, let me bring to your notice that the Atomic wallet presently bolsters Bittorent airdrop for Tron holders. WHAT IS BITTORRENT (BTT) BTT is a local token of a document sharing monster called BitTorrent. Bittorrent is the greatest P2P document sharing convention that was made by Bram Cohen in 2001. BitTorrent pursues the logic of decentralization, and by including BTT, it will give both substance makers and purchasers an opportunity to spend and acquire without requiring any middle people. The BTT token is incredibly used for enhancing download speeds on the stage, while it's likewise being tradeable on a few trades. HOW BTT AIRDROP WILL TAKE PLACE AND HOW USERS WILL RECEIVE THE AIRDROP February 11, 2019, marks the primary day of the occasion when the bittorrent group will set out and discharge the airdrop tokens which is 1.1% of the all out coursing supply.of bittorrent being 10,890,000,000 after which it increments to 11,880,000,000 BTT following a year. The group likewise will discharge 1.3% of the complete flowing supply being an aggregate of 12,870,000,000 BTT by the center of 2020. Accordingly an aggregate of 99,990,000,000 BTT will be circulated among long-term holders. The shores of BitTorrent was developed to over 100 million month to month clients which was accomplished by Tron and its originator Justin Sun last 2018 being a year ago. HOW USERS WILL GET THE BTT AIRDROP Following the btt airdrop declarations and the arrival of its airdrop tokens, BTT will be airdropped to holders of Tron on the eleventh of every month between February 2019 and February 2025. For example, an aggregate of 990,000,000 BTT will be conveyed between February 2019 and March 2020 while the next year, 1,072,500,000 BTT will be dispersed. In the last year of the airdrop which is March 2024 to February 2025, 1,402,500,000 BTT will be disseminated. HOW to RECEIVE THE BTT AIRDROP IN ATOMIC WALLETS. This is a basic and clear guide to get the bittorrent airdrop straightforwardly on your Atomic wallet. Below is a step by step guide to getting the BITTORRENT airdrop: 1. Go-to https://play.google.com/store/applications/details?id=io.atomicwallet and download atomic wallet. 2 After downloading the wallet on your android device, install the Atomic Wallet application. 3. Users should store any quantity of TRX in it. 4. Once stored, users will get 0.11 BTT for each 1 TRX kept in the record. For instance: Mr A deposited 1000Trx in his Atomic wallet. Mr A receives 0.11BTT for every 1trx. That is 0.11 multiplied by 1000 will give MR A a total number of 110BTT. For more information, visit the Atomic Wallet website: https://atomicwallet.io/token You can also read through the white paper for more in depth details:https://atomicwallet.io/download/atomicwallet-whitepaper.pdf To speak with a support:[email protected] Author: Adaora Bitcointalks profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2011741;sa=summary
  3. My love for Atomic wallet and it's innovations cannot be over emphasized. This is because the Atomic Wallet project has what it takes to remain on the space even in past 10years. The team strive beyond the ordinary to give to its users and investors the best ever crypto experience ever thought of. For the sake of visualization, and quick grasp of the functionalities of the product, I shall take you round the walls of Atomic Wallet application... Let's go! I won't fail to mention that Atomic wallet is a Universal multiple assets wallet encompassing series of crypto assets/coins/tokens in it. Atomic wallet application is the product of Atomic wallet which was released on Jan 30, 2019, rated 4.4 with over 240 user reviews and over 10 thousand downloads world wide. The Application is an Android version of 0.38.5 last updated on Feb 8 2019 and downloadable with about 3.90MB. You can download the wallet application from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.atomicwallet For more information, visit the Atomic Wallet website: https://atomicwallet.io/token You can also read through the white paper for more in depth details:https://atomicwallet.io/download/atomicwallet-whitepaper.pdf To speak with a support:[email protected] Author: Adaora Bitcointalks profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2011741;sa=summary
  4. Despite the laudable developments recorded in ICT, lapses are still visible. Communication isn’t as seamless as we often claim they are. Real-time interactions and activities have remained elusive regardless of what lens you might use in your observation. This isn’t borne out of some desire to stay sophisticated. Data is the new cool. Everyone and everything is gulping it at an alarming rate. A real-time networking technology would help people ‘digest’ this data without the need to take it slow. Frankly, it more about feeding our growing addiction to the Internet and what it stands for than anything else. More people use the Internet than 10 years ago, and this will only increase in the coming years. While large media files might have been an enigma of some sort in the past, this is clearly not the case right now. People are comfortable with movies online. Apparently, Netflix wouldn’t be in business without some real-time networking working in the background. While it has been a long journey, the destination still lies ahead. Introducing Vanta With more people using the Internet, there’s bound to be a stretching point of the current networking arrangement, and this would definitely be exceeded as users transmit data. While expansion to avoid a collapse might be a great idea, this comes at a steep price. In this regard, Vanta intends to leverage on devices around the globe in cutting cost and achieving just about the same result desired. Lots of things are still under the umbrella of centralization despite how badly damaged this supposed layer of protection has become. While technology has come a long way, networking still suffers from the rigors of centralization. The repercussion goes beyond security as operations are also affected. This explains the use of decentralization by Vanta to handle networking of every kind. It’s goodbye to excuses, hiccups, and interferences in operation. One of the biggest fears associated with the use of centralized servers is the possibility of being hijacked or theft of data stored on servers. Encryption might not be enough. This explains the massive lift which blockchain is bound to provide in such a situation. Also, nodes without any central control would prove helpful in forestalling the loss of data. Every third party in data transmission will only affect any real-time networking arrangement. It’s expected that instances, where repetitive actions are required by a person, can be bypassed to match the demands of an ideal real-time interaction while keeping cost low. Vanta plans to put together a setup which fits different situations with a matching network. It’s no longer a case of one size fits all. While everyone goes about their regular business online, tabs might be kept on people, their devices or activity. With the data economy growing by the day, things are changing. The browsing history of people has already become a commodity in the virtual world. This would only get more in-depth as time flies. Credible trust can be attained, and Vanta intends on making this feat possible To have more insight about this project, kindly click on the link below; Website: https://vanta.network/ Whitepaper: https://vanta.network/doc/VANTA_White_Paper.pdf ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5095100 Telegram: https://t.me/vantanetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/vantanetwork Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vantanetwork/ Writers Details Bitcointalk Username: Makdon Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2532288;sa=showPosts