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  1. why to short BNB after CELER ICO, #CELR #Binance #BinanceLaunchpad The token sale will take place on 19 MARCH 01.00 PM UTC Looking at the historical data of BNB coin behavior before and after the recent Binance Launchpad ICO sales, I can conclude that shorting BNB prior to the sale will be very profitable! Ill explain why: 1) BitTorrent (#BTT) ToKEN SALE Started 28 JAN 2019 03:00 PM UTC finished 03:26 PM UTC -10.20% in 19 minutes So we could get 10% of profit by shorting it right after the ICO started. Moreover, if we would short BNB 2 hours before the token sale we could catch almost -15% Price drop binance article with the time of completion: https://www.binance.com/en/blog/296665704096014336/Binance-Launchpad-BitTorrent-Token-Sale-Results 2) FETCH (#FET) Started 25 FEB 2019 - 02:00 PM UTC Finished 02:11 PM UTC - 6.43% in 12 minutes So we could get 6.4% profit by shorting it right after the ICO started. and if we would short BNB on the evening before the token sale (24 FEB 09:40 PM UTC) we could catch 9% profit! Less than with BTT token sale but still good, don't you agree? binance article with the time of completion: https://www.binance.com/en/blog/306759139536019456/Binance-Launchpad-FetchAI-Token-Sale-Results Obviously this token sale will be the same, however, I am expecting less profit, in the short term, but still, it is worth a try! Oh And I forgot to mention that WE can MARGIN SHORT BNB with a maximum of 10x - hence resulting in the following profits for past data BTT if shorted with 10X after start 102% Profit if shorted with 10X the night before 150% profit FET if shorted with 10x after start 64% Profit if shorted with 10x the night before 90% profit We can short BNB now on BitMax So we need to register on BitMax and prepare to short BNB before the CELR Token sale (which will take place on 19 MARCH 01.00 PM UTC) If you find my info valuable please say thanks and register on BitMax with my referral link! THANKS! Register here:
  2. After some consolidation #BTMX rocketed 34% more! Dont miss the chance! There is more room to grow! Register here:
  3. Meanwhile, #BTMX (native BitMax token) made +310% in one day and is still looking bullish! don't miss the opportunity: buy on retrace! It might be a life-changer! Register here:
  4. YES THERE IS A WAY TO SHORT BNB and many other coins! Hey, guys, I found this new exchange which is pretty awesome! Let me explain why: 1) It is backed by Bitmain (the biggest mining equipment manufacturer) 2) Some new ICOs #LTO #ANKR listed on Bitmax first and went x10 after that, there is a chance that other new ICO's listed there will repeat their success. (must watch) 3) You can Short #BNB #BTT on Bitmax. It is supposed to be a Binance shitcoins Killer 4) As you can see all Binance launchpad coins were PUMPED than went down 40-50%, so we could have shorted it on BitMax !!! 5) BTMX (native BitMax token) made x2 from yesterday! 6) Margin up to 10x on MANY altcoins! 7) You get #BTMX tokens just for being registered on the exchange! 8) You can be rewarded for holding #BTMX token! Register here : I wish you luck and profit till the end of 2020 year! I greatly appreciate you using my referral link!
  5. Guys, while we are all trading on #BitMeX , we are all in continuous search of good alternatives as well which provides a more safer and overload free environment. Found this interesting margin exchange - Overbit which is also giving away 0.01 XBT of bonus trading balance for free for limited time. I have registered on it and would highly recommend you as well to register immediately. To claim 0.01 XBT, all you need to do is to register on Overbit with below link and activate the account. Bonus balance will reflect in your account as soon as the account is activated. Hurry up! https://accounts.overbit.com/?a=45uhc1 the promotion work if you register with ref. link only. but according to forum rules here is the non-referral link: https://overbit.com
  6. Hey guys. Hello first of all! I am Max, I am a trader and a cryptocurrency enthusiast. I want to present you my strategy for a quick scalp trades I've been using this strategy for more than 3 months and it's quite effective! If u like my post and u will use the strategy - there is a way to say thanks at the end of the post! Every instrument is free or has a trial to test it out! So no money needed! NO HIDDEN OR REF LINKS IN THE POST Is it possible to earn 1-3% on alt market in changing market conditions, with low risk, but steady reward? This is not financial advice, This is the way I work with the given services. It's completely up to you whether to follow or not! Let it FLY! Binance substitute First of all, we will need a convenient and reliable service for Binance Altcoins trading. The main function we are looking for are: friendly and intuitive interface, trailing take profits and trailing stop losses at the same time (very important) and visually friendly statistics. The statistics are very important as binance statistics is not really convenient, and it's a real hassle to calculate P/L if you have many small trades in one day. There are many services which can provide such functions and I tested them all. After many hours of testing, I personally recommend Trade-mate.io I use it myself on a daily basis and find this service very convenient. Now I log in to binance to make a withdrawal only! I also like the response from developers who are easily accessible via telegram chat. they can fix bugs and implement new features by user requests on the go! A very quick glance at the functions which are available at the moment: • You can set buy orders, stop losses and take profits at the same time by moving lines on the chart (BitMEX chart trading style) • All kind of trailing functionality: Trailing stop loss, trailing take profit. (trailing buy will be added soon) • Averaging down buys • Panic Sells • Auto trade: You can subscribe to the given channels to automatically follow the channels trades. It can be completely or semi-automatic. You can also create your own channel and make money on providing profitable signals for the users to follow. + BitMEX exchange gonna be added soon Signals Bot Then we will need alt-coins signals provider with a very high success rate! (not less than 80%) And we have such a signal provider! it's BounceBot! (it's free) The Bot has a unique algorithm that tries to find market bounces at oversold levels. It combines multiple indicators and completely written by professional TA analysts and uses pure mathematics and statistics. Bot is using Binance prices. According to official statistics, the success rate is 90% for yellow signals, 88,65% for red signals and more than 92% for blue signals. Step by step instructions Here I will explain step by step how I am utilizing the benefits of both instruments: trade-mate and the bounce bot) I personally find this strategy very effective and almost risk/hassle free. Its up to you to decide whenever you are gonna follow it or not. But discovering new things and self-educating is ALWAYS a good thing, so read till the end! First of all, we need to register an account in Trade-mate.io, there is a 7 days trial period for trying out the service and deciding if you like it or not! (NO Credit Card required). But believe me its one of the best! First of all complete, the INTRO and Tutorial section left the top of the screen. It will take you not more than 3 minutes. Than connect Binance through API, its also covered in the tutorial. Please spend some time to make yourself familiar with the service, test everything and just "push all buttons, to see what they are for" After you are familiar with the service it is very unlikely you will get back to standard Binance trading! If you have questions or feedback you can write to developers in telegram chat They are usually very responsive and can fix the bugs and implement new futures very fast! After receiving the bot signal (it looks like this: Coin name_traded pair [BUY] - the price you are advised to buy [Min Tgt] - the minimal price the bot is advising you to sell (I usually use trailing sell with 0.5%) Success in is added automatically after the signal is successful Now the fun part comes! After receiving the signal you must act very fast! Sometimes it's not more than 30 seconds before price bounces up! Go to Smart trade in trade-mate and input the signal: 1. Pick your exchange 2. Pick a pair 3. Decide on the size of the order. I usually risk 2% on red signals - up to 5% on yellow and up to 10% for blue (will be described later in the text) 4. Input the BUY price 5. Input the Take Profit 6. Must be a LIMIT order (because the spread on the market order can eat up a big chunk of the profit) 7. Use a trailing sell if you wish. I usually use 0.3% - 1%, depends on my own observations. 8. Use of a stop loss is up to you as well. According to my statistics, 6% is usually enough. It's very rare to see the price touch the stop loss. (must note the BTC movements, if BTC drastically dumps its better to close the trades straight away) Of course, the trailing stop can be used! In the same window, we can see the summary and EXPECTED profit. What is extremely convenient! Press START - and voila! - our trade is active! It's possible to Keep track of all the trades in the Dashboard. By clicking on the trade we can STOP, EDIT and AVERAGE our trade. With this strategy, sometimes I use averaging, with the following parameters: 2% price gap for every average. Now we can sit back, relax and wait for the new signal to come! Don't forget about the basics of Money Management! It is extremely important in trading! and in this strategy in particular! a few Statistics from my trades: Official bot Statistics (from the start 01 October 2018 until today) Yellow Signals Signals shared so far: 783 Signals hit the target: 706 Signals failed: 77 Signals waiting: NA Success Rate: 90.16% Red Signals Signals shared so far: 1489 Signals hit the target: 1320 Signals failed: 169 Signals waiting: NA Success Rate: 88.65% JUST look at the stats! Whoa! You can check how fast the signals are getting to the result in the bot channels. There are 3 types of signals, BLUE (mostly in premium, which is closed for new entrees now, but 1/5 can be found in free) Yellow and Red. They all differ with a success rate. I hope you will spend some time testing my strategy as it really works quite well! It's not a @[email protected] button, but it helps to get a chunk of a pie from big crypto market! Links If you find this article helpful and would like to say thanks to the author (me). You can register with a referral link which in case you like the service after the 7 days trial period, will give you -20% for the payment! You can ask me for a ref. link in PM or in this topic https://trade-mate.io - NON REF TELEGRAM support chat FACEBOOK YOUTUBE TELEGRAM Channel TWITTER INSTAGRAM VK.COM BOT: So, until bouncesignals becomes a closed channel, you can ignore red and yellow signals in bouncebot cuz full set is available in bouncesignals currently. contacts If you have any questions or need help feel free to contact me in telegram @greenbullinvest_bot or on this topic directly. Will be glad if you could give some feedback! Thanks for reading! hope u like and try the strategy out! Its completely free to use now) Don't forget to use a ref link to say thanks) @GreenBullinvest - Make PROFIT, NOT war! Make PROFIT - NOT war telegram channel GreenBullInvest twitter Instagram Steemit Golos.io Medium Yandex ZEN
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