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  1. cowoxi (COnstruction WOrker) is so funny construction faucet game. When you start; You gained 2000 points and some foods, Feed your worker character >> worker produce brick, aggregate and steel >> sell your product collect the points >> convert points to XRP Every convert points give to you experience. Exp is upgrade next floor your character. In every floor has a different food for feed. You can upgrade your foods for more points. NOTICE; Worker has hungry and health. If worker's hungry reach %0, stop your produce and health goes to weak. If worker's health reach %0, your character will die. No has produce, no has unconvert points, Every end of the month all workers are reset. Your XRPs and foods are not delete. BUILDING: you can see your worker situation SHOP: You can buy/upgrade foods for your worker BAZAAR: You can sell your foods between cost +%50 / -%50 KITCHEN: You can cooking your food for cheaper than shoping cost -%50 EARNINGS: Convert your points to XRP. 400 k points = 1 XRP You can convert min. 40k points CHAT: You can speak other player HELP: More information please read referral link : https://cowoxi.com/register.php?id=15 non referral link: www.cowoxi.com
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