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  1. DNotes Global, Inc. is focused on Bringing DNotes Digital Currency Mainstream with a Platform and Ecosystem that will give it Intrinsic Value just as Cash If you’ve ever wondered how digital currency can ever really hope to achieve its promise of providing real financial empowerment to the people of the world through true democratization of money, you’re not alone. Most crypto-skeptics and even some enthusiasts have long wondered how decentralized currencies can ever manage to meet that goal. In a recent [interview]( with CEOCFO Magazine published on Monday, DNotes Founder Alan Yong offers his take on the problems confronting Bitcoin and most other digital currencies, as well as his ideas about how DNotes can meet those challenges. The interview provides an insightful look at the current state of digital currency, and deals with some hard truths that often go unaddressed by the cryptocurrency community at large. Mr. Yong notes that neither Bitcoin nor any of its rivals currently have what he refers to as “intrinsic value.” Instead, he suggests that much of their perceived value is based almost entirely on speculation. With just one question, he clearly identifies the real challenge facing all cryptocurrencies: “how do you get to a point where your currency has any kind of intrinsic value?” It's clear from the interview that Mr. Yong has given that question a great deal of thought, and considers the answer to be of paramount importance for any digital currency that truly wants to change the world. It’s equally clear that he is committed to helping bring that change, as he discusses the potential benefit for the world’s citizens: Having identified digital currency' current challenges and the global problems that need to be solved, Yong spends much of the remainder of the interview addressing the DNotes solution. As he describes it, that solution involves a long-term strategy that provides effective leadership to advance DNotes’ interests as a viable currency, protect its stakeholders, and develop its intrinsic value. Of course, there’s much more to that strategy, but there’s no better person to convey that message than Alan Yong himself. Fortunately, the entire interview is now available online, and you can read it at
  2. EncryptoTel: Development Update #2 Hello everyone, We wanted to post a short update about our recent progress and development. Our team is currently working on the personal investor dashboard, where every investor will be able to track the company’s activity and vote on certain key decisions, for those instances where our team needs to resolve a controversial activity. At the same time we are working on our pre-release software, as stated in our roadmap. Read more: https:[email protected]/encryptotel-development-update-2-bb4834d29d55
  3. Particl is a decentralized privacy platform built for global P2P eCommerce #PART Where we've been: Amazon is 22 years old, eBay is 21. The online services we use are increasingly demanding more of our personal data, a disturbing trend. Corporate entities such as Google and Facebook have grown to extraordinary sizes solely by monetizing on user data. These entities are charged with keeping said data secure and, in the case of social and economic interactions, safeguarding the privacy. This approach of centralized security models is not applicable to the new generation of technologies such as Bitcoin. Where we're going: Satoshi Nakamoto had initially created a marketplace which was included in the official Bitcoin codebase but was stripped out later on. The concept of a decentralized marketplace in itself is not novel, there have been a small set of academic constructions and even serious attempts at creating them. (OpenBazaar, BitMarkets, Beaver, DropZone) They either propose solutions that scale extremely well and neglect the privacy implications, or they propose very privacy conscious solutions that do not scale well. Privacy and efficiency are often at odds with each other. [align=center]"to hide the signal you must generate noise". -Ido Kaiser[/align] Tor exemplifies this well, the traffic is pushed through various nodes with several layers of encryption before arriving at its destination, it is deliberately inefficient but the privacy provided by the trade off is well worth it. And then there's governance and how do you attach a self-governance mechanism on a decentralized network? The issue of governance on decentralized models is already starting to become a hot button for blockchain platforms. How we get there: Particl is an open source, decentralized privacy platform built for global person to person eCommerce. The native marketplace, currency tokens and suite of encrypted communication tools offer unfettered access between buyers and sellers worldwide or just down the street. You can buy or sell anything, similar to eBay, Etsy or Amazon, except that all the transaction data, payments and conversations happen over a self-governed, distributed network instead of a central server. Think of it as going to a local market to buy something you need, from the person who is actually selling it, without a third person's permission, "service" or fee required for the sale to happen. PART is the native 2-token currency in Particl. Users have a choice when sending money on the distributed ledger. Pseudo-anonymous transactions use a public token and truly-anonymous transactions use a private token. Particl will be currency agnostic, meaning it will support the use of many cryptocurrencies with the intent of being an inclusive platform. A decentralized privacy platform focused on free markets cannot be limited by its own built-in token system. Our goal is to lower barriers of entry and reduce friction in online shopping, allowing for easier adoption by buyers and vendors anywhere in the world. The very nature of a free-market built on a distributed network immediately brings up the question of governance. To get right to the point, Particl is being built with protection to ensure the market does not become an ultimate version of silk road. Our main focus is researching self-governance models that can be adapted to a decentralized network. The self-governance model for Particl will have two components to it: * Platform Governance. Protection against illegal goods. "How do we protect the platform?" * Privacy Governance. Providing user privacy. "How do we protect the users?" Who's on the team? Particl core developers * Ryno Mathee - Lead & Core Developer ([email protected]) (rynomster) * Gerlof van Ek - Developer, Branding & Graphics, UI/UX ([email protected]) (crz) * Ido Kaiser - Developer & Software Architect (kewde) * Tecnovert - Core Developer, Cryptographic Researcher * Shazzy - Research & Development ([email protected]) (dasource) Particl non-developer core * Paul Schmitzer - Communications ([email protected]) (litebit) * Henk Swardt - Project Manager, PMP ([email protected]) * Nick Sy - Treasurer ([email protected]) Extended Team: * Arcanum - PR / Writing * FFmad - General Relations * Edu - Community Manager * Allien - Front-end Developer * Ludx - Developer Advisors: * Micah Spruill - Business & Finance - Managing Partner, Aurora Investment Advisors ([email protected]) * Yann Alleman - Business & PR, - Engineer, Ferrari A.G. ([email protected]) * Joe Fisher - E-Commerce Strategy - Private label online seller, Product Developer ([email protected]) What technology is Particl built with? Particl is based on the latest and market-leading Bitcoin codebase. We are currently adding the privacy functionality from ShadowCash onto the Bitcoin Core 13.2 codebase but with .14 released in March it is highly likely that by the time we create the Particl genesis block we will be on Bitcoin Core .14 codebase. Will there be a token exchange for PART? A seed round is scheduled to start March 18th, 2017 and last 4 weeks. During this time existing ShadowCash token holders can exchange SDC for PART. To participate in the Particl token exchange, you must have ShadowCash (SDC) tokens. Please visit for investment inquiries and information. Useful links: Website: Reddit: Blog: Twitter: Slack: | Slack invite: Riot: IRC: #particl Github: Contact us: General queries: [email protected]
  4. From the Blockchain Foundry Blog post: https:[email protected]/announcing-blockmarket-desktop-beta-4-4f8132a0f798 Announcing Blockmarket Desktop Beta 4! We are pleased to announce Blockmarket Desktop beta 4! You will find many improvements in this wallet as it gets close to our release-quality bar we set on the onset of development. We would like to reach a target of 80% in terms of bugs fixed on our bug list before we release BM Desktop to the public on mainnet. Beta 4 fixes a majority of the high-priority issues reported thus far. We hope to achieve 80% target with this release as we continue to pursue a security audit on the finalized code. While the community is working through the (, we are working on integrating paging, scrolling and categorized views, escrow and encrypted wallet support. Beta 5 will be feature-complete and barring any major showstopping bug, we will be on the way to releasing our latest major commercial product for Blockchain Foundry! Read more: https:[email protected]/announcing-blockmarket-desktop-beta-4-4f8132a0f798
  5. From the original post here: https:[email protected]_Blog/mybit-one-page-summary-c90aca68194c MyBit One-Page Summary The MyBit platform (MyBit) connects investors from around the world with businesses and individuals seeking to fund revenue generating assets. No Banks, no attorneys, no middlemen required. Fast, convenient, secure peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions governed by smart contracts running on Ethereum. For individuals and businesses who wish to obtain revenue generating assets but face financial or geographical restraints, MyBit unleashes a world of opportunities through cost-effective access to global capital. The result is a far more scalable and efficient funding model than provided by traditional financing. Product/Service Summary Enabling worldwide crowdfunding of revenue generating assets will be a game changer for everyone?—?eliminating financial barriers to entry, enabling new business models, accessing previously untapped capital from the many and providing an extremely low cost, paperless and efficient capital market for the masses. The use cases are limitless, ranging from solar energy micro-grids to rental equipment to autonomous machinery and vehicles. Any asset whose usage can be automatically monitored is a potential use case. The proliferation of microprocessors in everyday items (think IoT) will enable the explosion of revenue generating assets and the explosion of growth of the MyBit platform. The positive societal impact to individuals previously excluded from economic opportunities due to geography (proximity to a lending institution) or ability to meet minimum investment requirements (think net worth, investor sophistication, etc,..) will disproportionately propel the accelerated adoption of the MyBit solution. First Target Market?—?Decentralized Energy Grids With the forthcoming increase in electricity demand resulting from the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence in the areas of transportation and robotics, utility companies are exploring ways to scale the production of electricity outside their high cost traditional power generation facilities. Microgrids?—?small, decentralized solar energy production units?—?are a key component of their solution strategy. Given there is no platform to securely connect small investors and individuals who wish to participate in the creation of microgrids (revenue generating assets) and sell the power production to the utility companies, the masses are left on the sidelines. Solution By commoditizing solar power systems and other forms of renewable energy, investors and landowners can crowdfund the coming decentralized energy grid and share in the corresponding revenue streams. Utility companies benefit since the new power generated will ride atop existing distribution lines and requires no material capital expansion expense. It is a win for investors, a win for private entrepreneurs, a win for the utility companies, and a significant win for the environment. MyBit connects investors from around the world with businesses and individuals seeking to fund revenue generating assets like microgrids. The MyBit platform gives investors security on their investment, while landowners get access to investors willing to help in exchange for profit. By standardizing and automating setup, sales, and dividends, Mybit takes us step closer to an equitable economy. Fundraising Terms Brave New Coin will manage escrow and releasing funds through a multi-signature wallet contract stored on Ethereum. Begins July 17th Length: 30 Days or until maximum amount reached
  6. The pre-sale is going on now (closed) but you can PM DApptothefuture for details. The auto-buy script will be made available in the dashboard on the MyBit on June 28th with minimum 25 ETH requirement and will run until July 17th when the TokenSale officially starts. MyBit opens registration for tokensale We have some exciting news for you! Our Journey commenced back in November 2016 when our idea was first conceived. Since then we’ve published our white papers, designed the architecture, nearly finished our Ethereum TestNet Demo…and now we have reached our next milestone. READ MORE Interview with MyBit COO - Thomas Pollan
  7. The Platform for Tokenizing Revenue Streams Pre-sale: OPEN (Contact for details) Automated Buy Contract: Released no later than June 30, 2017 TokenSale Official Launch: July 17, 2017 Website: TokenSale: Whitepaper: Video: Ropsten Testnet Demo: (Coming Soon) Front-end Demo: (Coming Soon) Telegram: Slack: What is MyBit? Mybit makes financing and maintaining revenue streams efficient and automatic. How? MyBit gives small investors new access to revenue streams previously reserved for banks and investment funds. With MyBit, anyone can invest -- or raise capital -- from anywhere in the world…peer to peer, seamless, fast, and secure. By commoditizing solar panel installation and other forms of renewable energy, investors and landowners can crowdfund the coming decentralized energy grid. With Mybit, investors get security on their investment, while landowners get access to investors willing to help in exchange for profit. By standardizing and automating setup, sales, and dividends, Mybit takes you one step closer to an equitable economy. The Future Our 5 year goal is to be at the forefront of commoditizing the coming AI economy. Mybit will be Europe's platform tokenizing any automatable or machine infrastructure. And it will be owned by the crowd. Why Decentralized Energy? Since the current energy structure is not sustainable (scalable at speed), it will require decentralized energy solutions. This claim has been validated by many major utility companies who have recently started researching decentralized grids. However, traditional financing models would only enable a small fraction of the population to own / participate in the decentralized solutions. This creates an opportunity where MyBit can provide immense value. Our Approach MyBit commoditizes decentralize energy infrastructure and takes it down to the micro level (99%) - to the people. Benefits of this approach include: a)Removes financial barrier to entry by crowdsourcing the purchase of decentralized grids in exchange for per-usage revenue sharing b)Enables faster access to capital (than traditional financing mechanisms such as bank loans and other debt instruments) c)This creates a highly scalable (at speed) & sustainable energy model Token Model All transactions on the MyBit platform are assessed a 1% network fee which is distributed to token holders based on their percent stake. Types of transactions include: • Investing in Energy, AI infrastructure, and other revenue generating assets: Funding & Revenue Sharing • Peer to Peer trading (buying and selling) of decentralized energy • Machine to machine payments • Trading on Open Exchanges Graphic Explained: Step 1: Someone who desires sustainable infrastructure to be installed on their premise will select the asset they desire, choose the length of time funding should be active for before automatically terminating if the goal is not reached, and the value that needs to be raised will be automatically populated based on cost of hardware, installation, and the recipients location. Step 2: Via the investment portal, investors will be able to review investment opportunities and filter based on location, cost, forecasted future cash flows, depreciation values, total raised, etc. As much information as possible will be provided to aid the investor. By integrating a machine learning algorithm to record and analyze historic data, we believe that over time data insights will become much more intuitive. Investors will send funds to the smart contract governing the share issuance for the asset and will automatically receive ownership units (in the form of a tradable Blockchain token, governed by Ethereum smart contracts). If the amount needed to fund the asset is not achieved prior to the deadline then all funds will be returned to investors and the contract will be terminated. If the amount is reached prior to the deadline, the contract will not accept additional funds and ownership units will be minted and accessible to the investors to hold or trade as they desire. Step 3: All of the funds sent to invest in an asset are held by a smart contract. This completely eliminates counterparty risk. The MyBit platform has no access to these funds, and neither does the person receiving the asset. Upon total value raised, the smart contract will automatically send the funds to the (highly reputable and vetted) hardware manufacturer/installing party responsible for delivery the final product. Step 4:Once the asset is installed or otherwise up and running, investors will begin to profit from revenue distributions. The investors can choose to hold the tokens and continue receiving shares of the profits, or they can liquidate them at any time on the open market. This creates an immensely powerful tool for investing that provides liquidity from day 1. Go to Market Our strategy to bring the MyBit platform to mainstream market begins with pilots in the German market due to their presence as leader in the renewable energy sector. The MyBit platform involves basic partnership agreements with renewable energy hardware providers and utility companies. The partnership requirements are very minimal to facilitate going to market. To accurately determine usage, MyBit will need access to certain data to create oracles to interact with the DApp. To comply with data privacy laws in the European Union (and elsewhere), consumers will need to agree with disclosing data to utilize the MyBit platform as a financing tool. Utility company partnerships require access to their infrastructure to sell electricity back to grids (and in the future for peer to peer transactions). These partnerships are typically already in place between the renewable energy hardware providers and utility companies so we predict minimal circumstances where we will have to enter into partnerships directly with the utility companies. Our current expansion plans are to focus on one national market (or large regional market with major economic-hub) for our first large production deployment. At this time, we can confidently predict it will be in the German market. After the successful roll-out in a large market, we will begin aggressive expansion plans with the help of our advisors, partners, and employees. Markets where we have conducted preliminary research that appear lucrative consist of: Western to Central Europe (France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy), Scandinavian region, Western North America (Canada, California, Mexico), Australia, and Northern Africa. We are still conducting research on the Asian-Pacific and Middle-Eastern regions. Business Model For legal structure please see Section 7.1 of the whitepaper The MyBit platform is designed to facilitate and secure the process of investing in decentralized infrastructure, beginning with decentralized power grids. By enabling investors to easily tap into revenue generating assets that have previously proven burdensome or unavailable, MyBit has the potential to disrupt current models that have limited reach, scalability, and a majority of the money flows to the top. Leveling the “playing field” for everyone is predicted to have extraordinarily advantageous economic and social benefits. After a successful deployment of the initial MyBit core application in the decentralized power grid sector, entities from other verticals may elect to contract the MyBit Foundation or to design, build, and deploy additional industry-specific implementations. If the MyBit Foundation is contracted, bids will be accepted by any company that meets the requirements. The Directors of the Foundation will make the final decision of what company or group of companies will be hired to complete the work. If is approached directly, they will assess the project scope and enter into a contract if they can fulfill all requirements. If requires assistance, does not have the manpower (at time of contract), necessary operating cash, or believes they cannot fulfill the entire project scope, they will forward the request to the MyBit Foundation. Revenue from additional implementations or custom projects after the milestones outlined in the crowdfunding terms are completed will be the property of the entity which completed said work. However, this does not mean network participants will not benefit from future functionality updates or industry integrations. Adoption by other industry-verticals resulting from custom integrations, increased ease of use, or functionality components will result in an increase of network users, transactions, and overall usage which in turn results in revenue growth to be distributed among token holders and an appreciation in token value due to the principals of supply and demand. Technology TokenSale Details Details are available on our website or upon request (for pre-sale discounts). Please monitor for updates. Team Advisors Roadmap Social Linkedin: Facebook: Twitter: Reddit: Slack Registration: Slack Channel: Youtube: Telegram: Medium: https:[email protected]_Blog Translations (Will be added as completed) Bounties For full list please look at the following link: Media As seen on: Direct Links:
  8. SPT to SNM token migration is automatic and has begun. PreICO SPT tokens migration details PreICO SPT tokens will be migrated to SNM tokens after the end of SONM ICO. Migration will be processed automatically, so pre-ICO participants don’t need to do anything. SNM tokens will be issued to the same ETH address where SPT tokens were stored. read more:
  9. We’re Happy to Announce That SONM has Reached lCO Goal, by Raising $42M It is a great day for us and we wish to thank all of those who participated in ICO. First of all, we want to thank you for believing in our project. We understand completely the business value of web performance and we apologize for all the inconveniences which took place. Read more: Join the community on Telegram and Slack
  10. Dear LEOcoin users, the UPGRADE has now started. If you hold all of your LEOcoin on external exchanges like Livecoin, DABTC or LEOxChange, then you do not need to do anything. Your LEOcoin will be automatically upgraded. If you hold any LEOcoin on an external desktop wallet or a mobile wallet, you need to download the new LEOcoin wallet. This new wallet is available for download at Once you have a new wallet, you need to go to and swap your old LEOcoin for new LEOcoin. You must complete this process by 21 July 2017. If you are finding this process difficult then simply load your LEOcoin onto an exchange that you trust, like LEOxChange or DABTC or Livecoin, and your coins will be Upgraded during that process. There are also guides available on For information about the Upgraded LEOcoin visit here: The Upgraded public blockchain is here: The Wallets are available here: You can see more updates on the LEOcoin Facebook page and other social media channels. In the course of the coming weeks, we will gradually update the data in the first post on this thread. Main LEOcoin thread is here:
  11. From the original post here: https:[email protected][email protected]terdam-3e27b546c6be On June 20 at 19:30, Primalbase, a startup that aims to tokenize a WeWork-type coworking space provider and grant micro-ownership to its investors, will be hosting a meetup for Waves community in Amsterdam Werf, an office space that serves as Primalbase Proof-of-concept. Please, register using this form: Primalbase team is set to transform traditional office rental into a new-generation community-based ecosystem where one can share, sell or rent out high-quality office spaces using Ethereum and Waves-based digital tokens. Ever since Primalbase has announced the date of an ICO, the social media accounts and communication channels have been smoking hot for the flow of questions and feedback. The team was trying best to address every one of those in four Q&A sessions - https:[email protected] To commemorate the fifth one Primalbase invites everyone to come along to Amsterdam Werf and find out how the project is developing from those who are at the very heart of it! Who can attend? Everyone who is interested in Blockchain technology, innovations pushed by Waves platform, and Primalbase project. Why attend? Tech community needs to go offline sometimes. We foresee a lot of great projects choosing Primalbase infrastructure as the platform for their development. We need to meet, get to know each other, where we are coming from, share our ideas and vision — this is the only way to move forward. Who are the speakers? Dmitry Faller, Chairman of the Board at Primalbase, and Researcher at Russian Academy of Sciences, and Sasha Ivanov, Founder of Waves platform, adviser to Primalbase project, and true Blockchain Ambassador will open up the floor for questions and fruitful discussions. Can’t attend? Follow the live stream! Use #primalbase to ask questions! If you are not able to come to the meetup, please join the online streaming of the event on Primalbase Facebook Page - Primalbase is an inclusive bunch — questions passed along on Twitter and Facebook tagged #Primalbase will be addressed as well. So, save the date — June 20. See you at Primalbase on Helicopterstraat 25, 1059CE! After the semi-official part, the gathering will move into the bar nearby. Please, register using this form:
  12. From the newsletter/blog: $30,75M+ have been raised by now 250.000.000 SNM tokens sold SONM team is extremely excited about the huge interest in SONM project among investors. The official SONM website was overloaded at the very start of ICO which hit a home run. We want to thank all our investors for their trust, patience and support of the SONM Project. The number of tokens on the website has now been updated. The data was incorrect as the number of tokens sold for altcoins was displayed on the website incorrectly due to some technical issue with token amount return fuction which have been successfully fixed. read more: The sale may end as early as midnight Moscow time.
  13. From the original post here: https:[email protected][email protected]am-98c4d35b1bef Primalbase Advisory Board Update, Current Tasks & Meetup in Amsterdam As we have said many times before, primalbase is a project about the infrastructure and community, and first of all about the Blockchain community. When we talk about this, it’s probably right to look at the biggest community at the moment in the field of Blockchain — the Ethereum community. And thus, It is reasonable to have a representative of this community in the project. When I talked to Vitalik Buterin about it, I did not even have any doubts whether to invite him or not — he is the leader of the Ethereum followers. It is indicative — where the leaders look, the community looks too as a whole. We wanted to draw attention of the Blockchain audience to this Blockchain project. And I think we did it. As the Primalbase project is about the infrastructure for the community and about the development of the community as a whole, then the key Blockchain communities will undoubtedly benefit from the development of Primalbase. They will have a closer connection between each other, joint projects can be born around this. This is a very interesting physical interpretation of what we now see online. Read more
  14. Jaron Lukasiewicz and Lisk Founder Max Kordek Join SONM Advisory Board SONM will launch its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on June 15, 2017 and issue tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. SONM (Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining) today announced that Lisk CEO Max Kordek and former Coinsetter and Cavirtex CEO Jaron Lukasiewicz, have joined its board of advisors. Read more Left: Consensus, NYC | Right: Blockchain Expo, Berlin SONM ICO goes live in under 15hrs! June 15 @ 1700UTC
  15. For more information please check out the original post here: https:[email protected]/ico-wgr-or-wagerr-or-the-betting-blockchain-or-bounties The Wagerr ICO has now raised well over $8,000,000 So, we’re feeling pretty good about things. If we were the betting types, we’d be going all in. But since we’re mainly digital currency developer types and business developers, well, nevermind, we’re going all in anyhow because we absolutely believe in the project. The future of betting is accessible, fair, and safe. Betting belongs on the blockchain, and that blockchain is Wagerr. You still have until 6/25, or until round 20 is complete, to take part here: