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  1. LiveTree ADEPT ICO Review : The world's first community-powered, film TV and content network.The CryptoniacLiveTree is an established, socially responsible crowdfunding company based in London, UK. Over the last two years, it has captured 5% of the UK crowdfunding market (in the film and content category) and forged partnerships with several leading names in entertainment, including the British Film Institute Future Film, the Screen Arts Institute, Red Rock Entertainment and 20 independent organizations. https://youtu.be/lnlZIfg9avw
  2. ICO Over and token conversion update! ___ https://medium.com/teamspectreai/ico-over-and-token-conversion-update-d8ab803fe8d3 ___
  3. Final hour of sale! Last chance to get in here: https://spectre.ai/ ___ Set gas to 400,000 and GWEI to 70 to get past the cat blockade. ___
  4. We are now entering the final hours of our crowd-sale. Thus far we have raised 36,623.51 ETH. If you've been on the fence about whether to get into spectre.ai or not, now is the time! https://spectre.ai/ ___ Set your gas to 400,000k and your GWEI to 68 to avoid the Crypto Kitties. Short explainer video and slightly longer spectre in under 10 mins vids below for your perusal: ___ https://youtu.be/i6x5broeSi8 ___ https://youtu.be/D37kqqmhO2o ___
  5. Sign up Today! LiveTree ADEPT Seed Token Sale. LiveTree ADEPT will change how TV series and movies are created using the blockchain. Learn more about the LiveTree ADEPT Seed token today! http://ADEPT.livetree.com/ ___ A cut of the action: earn from the content you watch ___ Join the cast: be part of the production ___ You choose: give the green light to the content you want to see on screen ___ Gamify, share and own what you watch ___ https://www.youtube.com/embed/kHa9B02oR9E ___ The entertainment world is changing. Fans share content and want to connect directly with the people on and behind the screen. We are reimagining the entertainment business. This is your chance to own what you watch. - Ashley Turing, LiveTree CEO ___ https://www.youtube.com/embed/jic2b6XQ4Vo ___ Sign up Today! LiveTree ADEPT Seed Token Sale. LiveTree ADEPT will change how TV series and movies are created using the blockchain. Learn more about the LiveTree ADEPT Seed token today! http://ADEPT.livetree.com/
  6. Time is running out on the #spectreai crowdsale, just 22hrs remain! Get your share now: https://www.spectre.ai/ ___
  7. ___ Token Issuance on Syscoin Platform and Masternode Innovations Assets and Token Issuance ___ Syscoin is adding a new token issuance service. This allows anyone to create custom asset tokens which can be sent directly to anyone on the network, and include a variety of use cases such as ICO token issuance, supply chain management, reward points, and loyalty programs. ___ Read the article: https://medium.com/@BlockchainFoundry/token-issuance-on-syscoin-platform-and-masternode-innovations-90988579585a
  8. Version 0.1.5: Change log ___ https://medium.com/@encryptotel/version-0-1-5-change-log-86dcf639ae79 ___ EncryptoTel and Centr-Telecom Partnership announcement ___ https://medium.com/@encryptotel/encryptotel-and-centr-telecom-partnership-announcement-39448ba12638 ___ EncryptoTel and Mtel Partnership Announcement ___ https://medium.com/@encryptotel/encryptotel-and-mtel-partnership-announcement-8a1cd0356d4d
  9. AMAZING SEED ICO?! LIVETREE ADEPT ICO - Cryptocurrency Price Prediction 2017-2018 Greg Valentinehttps://youtu.be/NY7QCkSl_nQFrom Ashley:Hi there,Thanks again for your interest and support in LiveTree ADEPT. As you may know, we started the LiveTree Seed crowdfund sale on Dec. 1st 2017. Several supporters have been trying to buy LiveTree Seed but have seen a slowed down in transactions. We wanted to let you know, the Ethereum transaction network is currently experiencing some congestion because of a new game that lets people buy virtual cats! Believe it or not this craze has driven up the gas price! You can think of the gas limit like the amount of liters or gallons of gas for a car. You can think of the gas price as the cost of that gallon of gas.In order to participate in the LiveTree Seed token sale we recommend the following: Gas Limit: 300,000The gas limit should always be 300,000, however, the gas price may change. Use this monitoring tool to find the latest price. At the moment, we recommend using a gas price of 51 Gwei.Gas Price: 51 Gwei
  10. Meet the Founder – Exclusive Interview with Spectre CEO Karan Khemani ___ ___ Spectre (which is an acronym for Speculative Tokenized Trading Exchange) aims to become the world’s first brokerless, financial trading platform with an embedded and decentralized liquidity pool that acts as a counterparty to all trades. ___ Spectre removes brokers out of the trading equation entirely, hence introducing a shift to today’s current yet extremely outdated model. ___ Read the rest here: https://www.chipin.com/spectre-ceo-karan-khemani-interview/ Take part in the crowd-sale here: https://spectre.ai/ ___
  11. Webinar – Monday December 11th We know December is a busy month, but make time to attend our upcoming webinar with our CEO, Saar Levy. Saar will speak about the CEDEX project and will answer all of your questions. If you are interested in participating, contact us at [email protected]
  12. [ANN] [ICO] DropDeck - crowdsale live!

    DropDeck.io Crowdsale on CoinComing.com and Trustdex.io and COSS.io! Publicity around the world! And More!___Participate in DropDeck.io Crowdsale on COSS.io for an additional 5% bonus!https://medium.com/dropdeck/participating-in-dropdeck-io-crowdsale-on-coss-io-7bacda21231cParticipate in DropDeck.io Crowdsale on Trustdex.io for an additional 5% bonus!https://medium.com/dropdeck/partici...dex-io-for-an-additional-5-bonus-10f151404234Join DropDeck.io Telegram Airdrop Event (Phase 2) to Claim Free Tokens!https://medium.com/dropdeck/dropdeck-io-crowdsale-airdrop-telegram-event-phase-2-300d6554f6a7DropDeck.io Publicity Around the World!https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vC1bA8JANlrs1ANqDXwlvYtuqUSYplRq3RgIiPOqMUU/edit#gid=01000-word on DropDeck.iohttps://medium.com/dropdeck/introduction-to-dropdeck-io-3ec3fb64ddeb10 Reasons to Use DropDeck.io!https://medium.com/dropdeck/top-10-reasons-to-use-dropdeck-e7fda6b30be5Shortfalls in Existing Funding Platformshttps://medium.com/dropdeck/shortfalls-in-lending-and-investing-platforms-b845401cbc3Explaining User-Roles in a DDD-Token-based Funding Ecosystemhttps://medium.com/dropdeck/ddd-token-and-user-roles-1958384fe1bb
  13. What are Smart Contracts and Oracles? Spectre CEO Kay KhemaniHello Steemians! I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Kay about his company Spectre that is doing interesting work on a "financial prediction market platform backed by a tokenized liquidity pool." The conversation covered a lot of ground including smart contracts, oracles, and how to launch a successful ICO. The video of that interview is embedded below.Watch it here: https://steemit.com/ethereum/@andrarchy/what-are-smart-contracts-and-oracles-spectre-ceo-kay-khamani
  14. Taking Over Hollywood- Livetree Adept- Ashley Turing We have another drop in with Ashley of Live tree to see how their Pre ICO is going. Remember, they are an already functioning business and have captured a great deal of the marketplaces. Keep your eyes on these guys! https://youtu.be/p-73QL7G2B8