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  1. Pixels came in

    haha nice
  2. Christmas Lights

    oh cool seems like a nice idea, yeah amazon for better or worse you at least see some results.
  3. Home network

    Oh cool set up
  4. Blog section rules.

    We have opened a blogger section for bloggers / content writers. Though we do have a few rules: Do not post your articles in the sites chat box. You must add a small bit of the article to the post you make as a tease for users to read. You can post as many as you like just not re-post the same article more then once. Not following these rules will result in post deletions and being given a warning to your account.
  5. Allcryptotalk is on the move, lets build a safe place for people in cryptocurrency.

  6. SPORTSBET.IO - Win tickets to EURO 2016 finals!

    i believe soccer,tennis,golf is bigger on the west coast of the united states east coast is more heavy into football. I think basketball tho is universal
  7. If you want to get users you going to need to put more work into your post everyone is opening gambling sites these days what makes your any different?
  8. Been a while since i checked this post you guys sure do update a lot which is kinda what i like in a coin.
  9. Adding a Pfsense Router to the mix

    Really surprised i didn't notice these.
  10. Home networking

    Oh looking forward to seeing the progress.
  11. Securing your wallet

    You basically past the appdata files your copied into your appdata folder for the coin.
  12. Here is the TXID for my first donation. 

    • Tx: 9ed663b639af0ea5bb4ba075abe8583172fa33f2d3122b988a5b1a9a93bd0bca

    Looking forward to being a part of your community, participating in events, and bringing some little gems of information to the table.

  13. The update is here oh yeahhhhh

    1. swingline


      The activity feed is sweet!