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  1. Welcome to the first lottery organized by the staff of HamRadioCoin! To participate just to respond to thread on http://www.hamradiocoin.com/talk/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=34 by entering the address of your HAM wallet (and if you want to publish your callsign that would be great).The December 25, 2014 at 08:00 pm (UTC + 1) we will extract four random numbers that correspond to the number of each post in response to this thread. we will choose 4 winners.Prizes will be as follows:1st place: A complete SDR receiver. With this device you can receive all radio transmissions from 23 to 1800 MHz, all mode (AM/FM/USB/LSB/CW etc.) After need to provide a shipping address, details via MPThis device can be used on Android, Windows and other operating systems with a USB port for external devices.We will send you the full kit, USB receiver, antenna, external antenna adapter, CD with software or link to the free software. Just install the software and you can immediately use your new radio receiver. Generally there is no license requirement for receive-only devices.2nd place: 7,500 HAM to your wallet3nd place: 5,000 HAM to your wallet4nd place: 2,500 HAM to your walletWe would like to welcome you to the HamRadioCoin community and take the opportunity to wish you all happy holidays to you and your families.Always remember, amateurs are all one big family and always available to anyone who is in trouble!
  2. hamhrc

    HAM MAP!

    We are building a map of the activities that accept HamRadioCoin: http://www.hamradiocoin.com/ham-mapIf you'd like to add your business to the map contact us: http://www.hamradiocoin.com/contact-us
  3. Windows wallet updated to with fix bugs and total hashrate! IMPORTANT HOW TO UPDATE WINDOWS WALLET: Open your old HAM wallet and save a backup of "wallet.dat" in a secure folder. Now you can delete your old wallet from PC. Overwrite with your the file "wallet.dat" in folder "C:UsersYOUR-USERAppDataRoamingHamRadioCoinwallet.dat". Now open your new wallet and is all OK. DOWNLOAD: http://www.hamradiocoin.com/download-wallets
  4. Welcome to all amateur radio operators, forum users and founder, friends of radio. With first post we explain how are amateur radio or HAM and why our coin! Although there are still millions around the world, most people do not know or do not know exactly what to do.Few amateurs know the crypto currency and vice versa few lovers of currencies known radio amateurs. Our currency also aims to bring these two worlds.Meanwhile, we say that the amateur is recognized as a service in the various countries of the world and not just a hobby.A ham radio operator to be such, must pass a test or series of tests (depending on the laws of their country) and later obtained a license to transmit and a callsign unique in the world by international conventions.Amateur radio operators in the event of natural disasters or other issues are the only ones who can put immediately in contact with any part of the world (thanks to their widespread presence everywhere) via short-wave frequencies. This is due to ionospheric propagation, the signal bounces off the ionosphere and back ground at different points.Amateur radio operators have also provided a number of non-geostationary satellites in orbit to communicate. Above a frequency on the VHF band can contact ISS astronauts (International Space Station).The activities of amateur radio allows you to touch many aspects and also subjects such as physics, astronomy and so on.For example, take advantage of the Aurora Borealis to make connections are not possible, use the lunar surface to bounce the signal and get it back in a different part of the earth and communicate.There are endless possibilities for amateur radio, even with the advent of massive technology used today.For example there is a network of radio-mail-server that allows you to send and receive email using only the radio transmission if the place where you are you do not have internet available. For other can also transmit still images and video in real time on dedicated frequencies.Amateur radio operators are much less known today with the advent of technology in every field but remember that whatever happens they are the only civilians in 1 minute can continue to communicate with the world.If during an earthquake, a tsunami, etc. is lost internet connection or drop the mobile phone masts amateur radio operators using shortwave will always continue to communicate without problems.HamRadioCoin is a project dedicated to creating an alternative way to spread the word about Ham Radio Community. Our top priorities are to help new merchants become established, to introduce new ham radio enthusiasts by using a dedicated crypto currency, also for establish a communication hub, using DX Communicating technology, to help countries affected by natural or political disasters by the local amateur associations.Please note that this Wednesday evening will be made ​​an important videoconference among the founders of HamRadioCoin.The topics to be addressed in the planning of donations, further development of wallets and network in general, future strategies to make this really useful currency to the amateur radio community looking the right results for which it was created.Of course we must also stabilize the price, it makes no sense to make donations etc.. if there are such wide variations in the price.Recall that this currency is born for a specific community and not to make speculation.We invite you to follow our official website and social next days to have information after the outcome of the conference.If you want more information you can visit:- http://www.hamradiocoin.com/about-ham-activity- A.R.R.L. (American Radio Relay League): http://www.arrl.org- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amateur_radioThis is a test of request HAM via radio: http://youtu.be/ks4_ZS4uu6oGreeting to all! HamRadioCoin Founders!
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