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  1. Nice, this thread is loaded with useful details and information about cryptocurrencies and related topics.
  2. Cryptocurrency Faucets

    I find it always nice to see faucet links where we can earn coins for free. Any recommendations if what to prioritize on all those faucets links? Which ones give out the largest amount so far?
  3. How to Get Bitcoin

    This thread just remind me of some artworks on sale for Bitcoins and Blackcoins. Selling stuffs online could really be a good souce of these coins especially if you would have lots of buyers.
  4. How to Get Bitcoin

    Same here. I have not find a place here that accepts Bitcoin already but might get me surprised if I tried to search online.
  5. Securing your wallet

    Great advices on here. Very important to always have backup just like on your important files more of course for your online money! I have read about secured wallet being hacked so, it is more possible for less secured wallets.
  6. How to Get Bitcoin

    Good to know all those ways to earn or get Bitcoins aside from mining for yourself. I have not tried selling any stuff for Bitcoins and I thik I would do that if more establishments here are aready accepting the coin. But I am interested on looking for some work online for BTC.