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  1. Yeah, this forum is turning into a reddit-esque place where a lot of people that know about Bitcoins come together and share ideas. I learned a lot of things about cryptocurrencies here, plus you can stay updated with all the latest news.
  2. "Ask and thou shall receive".. Thank you for the cookie, swingline! Once I get a little bit of Bitcoin added up I'll try to donate, since I spent it all recently.
  3. Most importantly: How do we get a cookie? I want that award too!
  4. The most important thing is to not do YouTube videos just to make money. You're never going to succeed if you do something that you're not interested in and you want to just make money out of it. Videos are going to not be that high quality so your fanbase may not be that "loyal".
  5. Thanks for the tips! I used to mine but I heard that it's not worth it anymore. I may try the exchange scheme which seems like the best here, but I have to study a lot about the stock market and stuff. Still, I don't have much to lose.