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  1. THE MOTION Attraction NOW is on discount - $28,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Message us directly for more details. Payment plan can be negotiated
  2. "The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more" Charlie Munger

  3. AET/Amusement and Edutainment Technologies sell their attractions for Bitcoin and fiat​Website: www.5d.by/en A unique attraction «Motion Sphere» based on Virtual Reality Glasses!​Absolutely new to the entertainment market - attraction of virtual reality "MOTION SPHERE". If you purchase this attraction, you install it into any mall, amusement park, water park, zoo or any place with enough traffic! The virtual reality helmet gives you the opportunity to look at any point of the game world, 360 degrees of view plus incredible movements of motion platform! Motion platform consists of Dynamic platform - 3-DOF electric with 3 degrees of freedom: · ✔ The slopes of the left and right -± 20°; · ✔ Movements up/down - 0.20 m; · ✔ Movements back and forward; · ✔ Speed (max) - 0.58 m / s; · ✔ Acceleration (max) - 0.7g; · ✔ The platform is equipped with an emergency stop button system. Visitors can do to stop the session if necessary; · ✔ Controller of precise positioning platform regardless of the weight of visitors; "Motion Sphere" is an independent business, and very attractive for investments. The payback is 3-5 months latest! For more info, please email and visit official website http://www.5d.by/en/attractions/motion-sphere.html For better understanding VIDEO: The video was made this year at IAAPA 2014 expo in Orlando, FL! Price: 30 000 USD or equivalent in BTC Follow: https://twitter.com/5DAVATAR
  4. Absolutely awesome ride "Rift Ride" with Virtual Reality glasses and 360° games! This attraction is perfect for pleasure and business! Advantages are very simple and important -Price - Takes very small area - Incredible fun - No need in dark indoor room - 3DOF platform - Software Security - Visitor quantity control - Owner password ( for statistics etc) AND! Perspective to unite Rift Ride in network!!!! Games and videos are 3-5 minutes long, optimal time so people do not wait too long in a line! Price - 15 000 USD or Bitcoin equivalent For more info : http://www.5d.by/en/index.html
  5. 5D cinema attraction! Ready to go concept Ready to go 5D attraction in the trailer! We offer two of them for super discounted price - 35 000 USD each or BUY WITH BITCOINS This attraction consist of the movable designed trailer that has a 5D cinema with 3 seats inside! Dynamic platform - 3-DOF electric with 3 degrees of freedom: Lean forward and back -± 20°; The slopes of the left and right -± 20°; Up-and-down - 0.20 m; Speed (max.) - 0.58 m/s; Acceleration (max) - 0.7g; Its a motion attraction, with special effects!!! (wind, rain, water jets, lightening, smoke, snow, bubbles), 3D active glasses, audio stereo system, projector system and screen! There are 15 movies in a set! Its perfect for small business. Movies are 3-5 minutes long that gives you a good profit on selling tickets if the location with high traffic of people! The price is on discount! Usually its 68 000 USD NOW ITS 35 000 USD per each Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vjy4NSX0FFA Visit website: http://www.5d.by/en/index.html or PM Photos and more info are available upon request