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  1. GoBelle

    [GIVEAWAY]200,000 BitcoinToken Raffle

    I don't think anyone actually believe in online raffles anymore, especially in the cryptocurrency space. It's like believing in Santa Claus.
  2. Probably not because serious projects, like stablecoins, still seem to be headed towards Ethereum. The problem with EOS is that distribution is very unfair and after just 3 months there are problems with centralization (see the Huobi Chinese validators cartel).
  3. As a former MTG / Yugioh card collector, Gods Unchained excites me. They’re building a trading card game that looks incredible and is backed by some serious investors like Coinbase. It’s honestly the most excited I’ve been about anything in the space for awhile. My bet is games like this are going to be huge for driving adoption.
  4. Finally an average person can have their own token with tokenaire.club. I’m personally going to use it to give voting rights to my followers on what content they want to see from me and similar things. So damn pumped for this!!
  5. People complain about not having a lot of capital to invest in crypto, but are too lazy for airdrops, which is literally free money. Go do the joinwell.io airdrop just by joining their telegram and sharing your ref code with friends, you get Well tokens airdropped to your wallet.
  6. Aligatocoin is building an auction sale platform with pay via eye technology (I haven't seen this technology anywhere else). Does anyone think Aligatocoin going to be able to compete with the ecommerce giants Amazon and Ebay?
  7. Will be interesting to see if photochain succeeds in being a secure P2P decentralized marketplace for trading photography. I do some photography in my free time, so this interests me. Anyone looked into it yet?
  8. 1. It's the only decentralized exchange that has fiat gateways. 2. Their smart contracts are working right now on the testnet, and they'll have Turing-complete smart contracts on the mainnet by the end of the year. 3. Its consensus algorithm, LPoS, does more than 100tps right now, and this number can be expanded greatly (it's actually the only crypto-project using LPoS; it has shown that it can stay decentralized). 4. Transaction costs are very low and this won't change, because the fee is fixed. Right now they cost around $0.0045 per transaction, therefore with $1 you can do 222 transactions. 5. The token creation is done via their main client, which is actually by far the most user friendly and featured wallet out there. Just try it and you'll probably end up agreeing with me. 6. It does not use Proof of Work, for anything, therefore it's environmentally friendly. 7. They have extremely active software development: https://github.com/wavesplatform/ - 36 repositories, half of which have had code added in the past week. Do your own research as always, as this is just my opinion.
  9. Has anyone heard of the City of Eden project? Being a techie who loves science, this project really caught my attention as this team of engineers has literally formed its own utopia (hence the name) and is working together on solving real world problems using blockchain, med/bio tech, aerospace and other solutions that are open sourced and available to token holders.
  10. With the current condition the market is in, I think most people run to safer investments like precious metals. Recently found Pecunio, a cryptocurrency backed by gold which seems pretty solid to me. Gives it greater stability and trust to invest in it. They were also recently invited to Nasdaq for an interview, so this gives it a bit more credibility. Has anyone taken a look at it or invested in any gold backed crypto?
  11. GoBelle

    Thoughts on Reward Mob?

    Have any of my fellow gamers here heard of Rewardmob?
  12. Has anyone downloaded the Pitch Investors Live app from the iOS app store? Seems like a much more convenient method of selling tokens than anything else I've seen.
  13. Opinions on this? TrueReply - voice based surveys, on Alexa powered devices, paid in crypto. They also have other use cases like voice based surveys for healthcare and market research companies. But what really caught my attention was incentivizing people to take voice based surveys for crypto on devices they most likely already own. Their ICO is already running I believe. I don't have an Alexa device, so wanted to know if anyone has already tried it out yet?
  14. The 2018 roadmap for Waves is looking pretty good: https://blog.wavesplatform.com/waves-roundup-for-2017-d48905d6adf8 Never looked much into Waves before, but after doing a bit of research there is no doubt in my mind that this will be one of the top projects for 2018 for 3 reasons: 1. It’s probably the easiest blockchain platform out there where you can launch your token in under 5 mins. 2. You can earn passive income by leasing tokens to nodes (similar to how Stellar is passive through inflation.) 3. Turing complete smart contracts are on the roadmap for end of 2018. I can easily see it doing at the very least a 10x this year… anyone else HODLing Waves?