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  2. The marketplace has been around for a couple of years and has undergone several revolutionary innovations that have contributed significantly to the growth of the marketplace and make it better for both buyers and sellers over the years. The heavy dependence on the marketplace for a wide range of uses such as shopping and business transactions ensures that more innovations will be introduced to enhance its performance and guarantee ease of use for the users. One of such innovations with the potential to have a huge impact on the marketplace is Winnest Innovative Marketplace. This platform promises to be a digital marketing innovation platform for individuals who want to leverage the features of Winnest Innovative Marketplace to change their shopping and transaction experience. In essence, the platform will give shopping and other activities performed in the marketplace a new meaning. Winnest is a revolutionary platform where social gambling is incorporated into a collaborative economy in order to guarantee the users of the platform rewards for using the platform. How does it hope to achieve this? Introduction of cryptocurrency One of the biggest and most influential innovations that have ever been introduced into the marketplace is cryptocurrency. In many parts of the world, transactions can be conducted with digital currencies. Over the years, there have been cases of individuals who purchased homes, cars, and made some financial investments with digital currencies. Winnest has taken it from where others stopped by introducing its own cryptocurrency and the token, the WNC and the TWNC respectively. Winnest leveraged the blockchain technology and the Ethereum platform for creating the WNC and TWNC that makes it possible for the platform to reward its users with the TWNC, its loyalty token. It equally uses the blockchain technology to provide professionals and individuals the opportunity to sell services, pay for goods and services, as well as invest in properties. This creates room for smooth transactions between the users without a third party or middleman involved in the transaction. Multiple business models Winnest promises to give its users the best user experience and has equally introduced multiple business models to live up to this promise. In the first business model, users will be charged a commission on the Winnest tokens generated on all the transactions carried out on the platform. While conducting business and transactions on the platform, the second business model allows users to keep progressing up the ranks. Progressing requires that several missions performed on the platform will lead to the integration of purchasing and expenses objectives in the Winnest cryptocurrency, WNC. As they progress, their earnings increase as well. Paid content sharing Sharing content is one of the best ways to make content available to your friends or potential or existing audience. However, Winnest has gradually added a twist to sharing social media posts. When you share a social media post on the platform, you stand to earn an income whenever a product is bought or a service is hired as a result of the shared content. Winnest offers its users a 10% commission on each product sold via the shared content. The commission will be credited into your virtual wallet in the Winnest cryptocurrency, WNC. There is also paid sponsorship, another golden opportunity to earn a decent income while sponsoring people’s products. If you have some products to promote, you can sponsor the product on the platform with your tokens. This will automatically increase the product’s visibility as a welcome banner on the home screen. The chances of getting a buyer for the product increases as more people see the banner and are aware of the product. If your sponsorship eventually leads to selling the product, you will win loyalty tokens that are invested in the business, both yourself and others. Grades and mission Each user’s profile includes some vital information such as the user’s grade, experience gained over the time, and the needed experience before the user is promoted to the next stage, the trademark of video games. In essence, while promoting products and making sales via the promotion, your chances of increasing your earnings increase as you move up the ladder and increase your sales or number of transactions. Each of the grades is a reflection of the remuneration the user receives according to his/her sales. The goal is to encourage the users to intensify their activity and expand their network if they hope to turn in a better performance that will have a positive impact on their earnings as well. Users of the platform can have a chance at earning income by advertising some products promoted by Winnest and thus boost the reach of such products on social media. To make it more fun, Winnest adds an entertainment dimension that allows users to have fun while promoting the products. The motivation lies in the fun attached to the game while the regular gains provide additional encouragement. Transaction security guaranteed The implementation of blockchain and cryptocurrency by the Winnest team is a welcome development. This ensures the absolute security of all the transactions conducted on the platform. Cryptocurrency has a legendary security reputation, a stark difference between digital currency and fiat currency. Thus, you can conduct sales or do shopping without security issues as the blockchain technology ensures that. Users can see each other’s data and confirm the reliability of a user’s data and the credibility of the user before making a transaction with such user. That’s another way that Winnest guarantees transaction security. Easy transaction With the introduction of the peer-to-peer transaction system, the platform ensures that intermediaries are unnecessary when making transactions since users can make direct transactions by leveraging the principle peer-to-peer principle behind the platform. The platform also encourages transactions with the platform’s token, the WNC coin. As a user, you can convert the WNC to any currency of your choice, including the yen, dollars, or euro. If you desire, you can as well convert the WNC coin to any digital currency of your choice. Winnest has brought something unique to the marketplace that users can take full advantage of. Users of the platform have the opportunity to become brand ambassadors and earn a decent income while taking the advantage of the several mission on the platform as well as the security features of the blockchain technology that guarantee direct transactions between users without security issues.
  3. The pre workout foods we consume is the fuel that gives us the energy we need to succeed in our workout. Like an engine requires fuel to travel vast distances at high speeds, the human body requires sustenance, nourishment, and energy to move forward and grow. However, just like a vehicle engine, various fuels will produce various results, which is well worth noting when it comes to working out, getting fit and getting your body to the optimal level of performance. By choosing the right pre-working food for the right activities that you’re engaging in, you can make sure that you’re giving your body everything it needs to achieve the best it can. Today, we’re going to explore the ins and outs of what makes which pre workout food right for….. Check more from here http://www.blackburndistributions.com/blog/pre-workout-foods/
  4. Aaron Finch

    Can my BTC used for real world trading in the future?

    In my view, it is easy to use Bitcoin now days, as a trader you can convert it to other Cryptos or even trade through it. I myself love Crypto trading and thanks to TP Global FX, I am able to do rather easily. You don’t even need to be an expert for it, but you could EASILY work out it due to EAs and all that. With TP Global FX, one could EASILY go for this and make money without much trouble. However, I do prefer trading manually, and thankfully I am able to do it smoothly as well.
  5. Online businesses are becoming a crucial aspect of people’s lives, especially for youngsters who seek quick income. And trading comes across as one of the most popular ways of earning online. However, much like everything in the world, here too there are some obstacles that traders need to face, especially ones that are due to the brokers. Whether it is to do with privacy risk, hacking consequences, manipulation, payment getting stuck or other problems, it is always a kind of a headache that no one wants. So, what is the exact solution out of all this? The solution is very simple and that is "Level01", it is a revolutionary project, which is going to transform the way of trading! Level01 is a peer to peer (P2P) derivatives exchange that allows investors to trade options contracts directly with one another, without requiring an intermediary or broker. It is world’s FIRST broker less derivatives exchange in Partnership with Thomson Reuters, and will allow trading derivatives and options in Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Indices and Cryptocurrencies through the highly advanced Level01 platform, without any broker or middleman! Level01 is a creation through which your trade matches with other trades automatically and that due to the powerful and advanced technology called “FairSense”, it assists trade matching between users instantly and smoothly. All the transactions will be handled by smart contracts on the Blockchain, with no deposit needed due to a system which allows you to use your own Cryptocurrency wallet. There is a lot that makes Level01 unique, special and a much needed concept! But certain features that are most appealing for traders are these: ⭐ Peace of Mind/Instant Settlement – Assets are immediately disbursed to a user. ⭐ Fair Market Pricing – Prices are directly from main industry players (Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg) and open for all to view at interbank rates. ⭐ Direct Peer-to-Peer – Users do not have another party that benefits from their losses, which makes It a genuine 50/50 chance. ⭐ Transparent – All transactions visible on the Blockchain ⭐ Completely Secure (Trustless) – Through the immutable and impenetrable Blockchain ⭐ Cheap – no expensive brokerage or hidden fees With such dynamic system in place, the thing that actually makes Level01 so dynamic and revolutionary concept is able to bypass brokerage platforms, which makes trading incredibly tougher for traders due to the various disadvantages such as Price manipulation, hidden fees or costs and centralization of authority over the assets. So, by providing a system that is opposite to this will affect the industry in a big way with traders receiving full benefits for their investments and speculations! Level01 is not just a random creation that came into existence, it comes from a team of high pedigree and dignity! It is a team with people of high caliber, experience and class. And with all these experts under one roof, the mission is just one and it is to create a place where everyone gets a fair and transparent system to work with. But that’s not ALL, you can get 5% Referral Commission as well for people joining and purchasing tokens through your referral link! So, come be part of the Level01 platform, which will facilitate transparency & equality, and is specifically designed to provide the fairest, efficient, even-level trading field for both the retail and commercial investors. Check below for further info: Official Website: https://level01.io/ Token Sale Schedule: https://level01.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/level01tokensale_schedule_final.pdf Whitepaper: https://level01.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/level01_whitepaper_final1-2.pdf Pitch Deck: https://level01.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/level01pitchdeck_final1-2.pdf Bitcointalk Forum: - ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4499211.0 - Bounty Thread: - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4500271 Social Media Links: - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/level01platform - Telegram: http://www.t.me/level01ico - Twitter: https://twitter.com/level01io - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/level01io/ - Medium: https://medium.com/level01io - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/level01io/ - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_mIObyFX4NAg7x7MxqPr2g
  6. Aaron Finch

    HOW TO EARN up to 57% profit per month!

    You MUST be extremely wise and careful with the choice of investment, it is just not going to WORK if we go out on random spree as far investment is concern, so that’s why we need to be on the mark with everything. I NEVER trust options like this where it’s more of a Ponzi scheme. I like options of Inlock class and standard, where you have a genuine concept in play and that is what makes it such exciting and WORTH trusting. Inlock credit system, where no credit card score check is required and all that, it makes them absolutely fascinating concept.
  7. Aaron Finch

    Peach-Tree Invest - The safest investment opportunity!

    We like to update everyone, please contact us via the website for further questions or inquiries. You can visit our website http://www.peach-treeinvest.com and contact Online customer messaging service anytime for anything!
  8. With the rise of Crypto industry, it has slowly become a very crucial aspect of people’s lives and a major need as well. So, why not become part of something that will help you grow your Crypto assets! Say, for example, a regulated Crypto trading investment platform! The dream is becoming reality with Peach-Tree Invest! Peach-Tree Invest is a highly secure, regulated and dependable Crypto trading investment platform, which will allow users EASY route towards making solid money easily, consistently and confidently! It comes with the incredibly straightforward system for you to open an account for FREE and startup with a very low amount of investment! With 6 investment packages available ranging from $300 minimum to $35,000+ with upto 20% Trading Returns Weekly and upto 8% of DIRECT referral commission, it really makes money making easier than EVER before! Peach-Tree Invest too much like most other investment opportunities carry some sort of risk, but with years and years of experience in the team through a highly qualified team of experts, it makes this project truly special and a lot safer compared to ANYTHING you have ever seen! Peach-Tree Invest provides complete security for your personal data as well with the website fully secure from the DDoS attack, all transferred data are SSL-encrypted and is a licensed script with the dedicated server! So, come forward to be part of something very very special to change your life forever! Check below for further info: Official Website: - http://www.peach-treeinvest.com Social Media Links: - Telegram: https://t.me/peachtreeinvestment - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/peachtree_official/ Contact us: - Email: [email protected] - Hotline: +48732100351
  9. Bitcoin, Fork and Cryptocurrency WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | DASHBOARD Bitcoin Mega It brings sound money to the world, fulfilling the original promise of Bitcoin as "Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash". Merchants and users are empowered with low fees and reliable confirmations. The future shines brightly with unrestricted growth, global adoption, permissionless innovation, and decentralized development. About Bitcoin Mega Bitcoin Mega is Complete Solution for your Crypto Currencies ICO start up business.Now you can Easily Start an ICO website in just a few clicks.Our Bitcoin Mega dashboard is carefully coded to look great on any devices. Exchange It Anywhere BCM can be exchange it anywhere from the world. It can be act as a dashboard, wallet and payment medium in one application. You may find the download platforms information end of this page. Bitcoin Mega ICO Distribution We are in fork sales now, you catch up with us and buy the tokens as soon as possible. Next to the fork sale and pre-sale, we have 5 rounds token sale in the different value. Bitcoin Mega Total Supply: 21,000,000 BCM Pricing & Bonus Bonus in percentage has been explained below, For each level goes further percentage of the bonus will be reduced. Hurry up to buy the BCM soon. Bitcoin Mega Fork-ICO ROADMAP The Upcoming Exchanges Trade BCM Upcoming exchanges list, where you can able to trade the BCM with the pairs of BTC/ETH in future.
  10. MOBOX Ltd. is the team behind Token Tycoon and they have been in the video gaming industry for over a decade now having published popular mobile game titles such as Heroes Evolved, The Greedy Cave, and Clicker Heroes. Thus by looking at their background it comes as no surprise that they are the ones who developed Ether Online, which earlier in the year was ranked 2nd in all dApp games, right behind CryptoKitties. Token Tycoon is a multiplayer online strategy game that tests your entrepreneurial skills with the prime end goal of becoming the greatest token mogul! It is a first for this genre of blockchain games where the objectives translate to true to life business decisions, from establishing companies in many different industries, diversifying a portfolio of enterprises and even hiring employees to handle your businesses daily trivial tasks. Keep in mind that everyday as an in game incentive you have the chance to win some cryptocurrency that is if you can keep your tycoon skills ranked high enough on the leaderboard. Token Tycoon (TT) has great gameplay mechanics and integrated tech features that helps create a smooth, seamless and decentralised game experience for all users. First of all, players will no longer need to install third party plugins, which prevents the going back and forth between addons and the game. As well, to lower some barriers for the newbie blockchain gamers every TT user will have their own wallet that supports multi-cryptocurrencies integrated into the game and the costs of GAS will be extremely reduced. Lastly, to support a larger gaming audience TT will be catering to the mobile (iOS, Android) space by being fully cross-platform. This will provide users with an on-the-go experience where they can play the game through their PC, iOS and Android devices. Current Presale Information: TTC PRESALE All users who join the TTC presale (Min. 1 ETH) will have a permanent TT membership allowing them to benefit from a 10% discount on game purchases! TT membership users will also be invited to join Token Tycoon – Alpha Test. After the game goes live, if it is not what you expected, you can convert back all your TTC within one week. TTC Presale Key Points: - Token Tycoon Coin (TTC) is an ERC20 Token - total supply of TTC will be fixed at 850 TTC tokens - TTC in the game instead of other cryptocurrencies such as ETH. - TTC is set at a fixed ratio of 1 TTC : 1 ETH (an item that is selling for 0.1 ETH can also be purchased using 0.1 TTC) FLASH SALES To gain an advantage in the game with your businesses, collect as many Manager & Wonder items as you can! These specific and valuable assets offer special bonuses to grow your businesses more rapidly. Players can acquire the Managers & Wonders at a 35% off discount only during the Flash Sales. (Update: Pisa Tower has already been sold out in less than 24hours) TYCOON WHEEL A fun way to acquire some Managers or Wonders is to test your luck by spinning the Tycoon Wheel! The odds are great to win one of these unique assets and because every spin result will be written into smart contracts, fairness and transparency is guaranteed. (Note: Talent Cards are used for recruiting Talents when the official game launches. Value: 0.01 ETH) ETHER ONLINE EXCHANGE It is very important for the TT team not leave any of their previous Ether Online players in the dark and lose out on their investments. So for a limited time to give each EO token holder more value and by taking advantage of the interoperability on the blockchain those users Pets are exchangeable for Token Tycoon Managers, who will have a +50% more value compared to their Pets! Check below for further info about them! Official Website: - https://tokentycoon.io Whitepaper: - https://tokentycoon.io/pdf/whitebook_en.pdf Social Media: - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TokenTycoon/ - Discord: https://discord.gg/4adU7v6 - Twitter: https://twitter.com/EtherOnline - Telegram: https://t.me/tokentycoon Written by https://blockchaingamer.net We Are A Blockchain/Crypto Gaming Media & Market Community, Bringing You The Best & Latest News From This Industry!
  11. Life is really precious and beautiful for those who are healthy! It means little whether you are Bill Gates or Donald Trump, If your health does not match that standard! With health such an important aspect of human’s life, it needs to be taken care of the MOST! However, with the rising population, it is becoming even harder for the majority, who lack financial freedom to have major healthcare solutions for themselves. Therefore, it’s fair to say that even the “Basic” need of healthcare has become increasingly challenging! And despite such an alarming situation nothing much seems to be done about it! But now time is changing and so are the choices, with the rise of the Blockchain technology, it is going to be the bridge to the solution for the healthcare industry. And making the BEST use of it is “dClinic” – Connecting Patients to their Care teams! dClinic is created on simple purpose to bring revolutionary and pathbreaking changes to the Healthcare industry along with giving investors a massive opportunity with the dClinic Health Coin (DHC) token! The common most problem faced today in clinics and medical facilities are the one-on-one model of patient-provider interaction, which is rigid and creates the data silos, which prevents collaborative efforts for positive healthcare outcomes. This is where dClinic comes with the team of highly qualified experts and their years and years of experience behind to bring the solution to the public! The dClinic platform leads to a Shared Care model, where the patient is at the centre of their care and the care is provided by care team members who could be providers, clinicians, specialists, organizations and even family members! dClinic puts the patients at the centre of their care and doesn’t allow brick wallets to constrain their access to care with the use of the Blockchain technology to assist and reward consumers for their participation and adherence to their care plans. Therefore, it is clear that dClinic is going to take over from the old system, which is not just outdated but also dangerous for the public! dClinic is poised to disrupt the Healthcare industry with the introduction of this NEW model of the healthcare, which encourages collaborative efforts for positive healthcare outcomes! The thing that makes dClinic so different from all available similar platforms is the use of Blockchain technology, which allows the consumer’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) in the form Shared Care Plans, to be truly Longitudinal (representing Whole of Life), which can be securely shared in cooperation between the consumer and their care team members. With the system that will reward EVERYONE, and more importantly, it will work as the way to make the WORLD BETTER! The dClinic platform makes use of dClinic Token (DHC) to enable reward-based care planning between patients and their various care providers. The dClinic project is already rated amongst the TOP on sites like ICOBech, ICOmark, TrackICO and several others, so everything is absolutely proven for people to feel at ease and with the kind of system that's in place, it is likely to further grow in the market, which not only is great for investors but something that will also boost the whole industry as well! And furthermore, the dClinic project is not just a fancy head's creation but a realistic project that's ALREADY running towards ensuring that Healthcare in coming years become easier, especially for those who are not financially strong and also to make it reach to a far wide audience! With some thrilling locations for the Vitality dClinics and Hospitals, it makes this project even BETTER! There is a total of 5 billion tokens to be created, and 50% of those will be reserved for the reward pool alone! Out of the rest, there will be 20% available for the public to purchase through the Presale and Crowdsale. The first Phase of the Presale is already running from 31st of August with 30% Bonus, so don’t miss out on this adventure that is going to be life-changing in many ways! Check below for further info: Official Website: https://dclinic.io Whitepaper: https://dclinic.io/assets/doc/dClinic--whitepaper--new.pdf Litepaper: https://dclinic.io/assets/doc/dClinic--litepaper-1.pdf Investor Benefits: https://dclinic.io/assets/doc/dClinic--investor-benefits.pdf Social Media Links: - Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4904556 - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dClinic.io/ - Telegram: https://t.me/dclinic_io - Twitter: https://twitter.com/dClinic_io - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dclinic-io/ - Medium: https://medium.com/@dClinic_social - Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/dClinic_io/ - Gplus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/116813445911329431927 - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dclinic_io/ - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWTnsxaZNVX5hdjkxQnb8vA Contact Us: - Email: [email protected]
  12. BITZON First Marketplace powered by the Blockchain Connect buyers & sellers all around the world to trade value in cryptocurrency WEBSITE | TELEGRAM |FACEBOOK | YOUTUBE | MEDIUM | TWITTER Bitzon is the first multi-store for bitcoin lovers, join up and follow our Bit-philosophy! E-commerce is growing astronomically, it’s projected to make about $2 trillion by 2018. The platform is developed to help buyers and sellers get the most value out of e-commerce, using the most reliable technologies available! Buyers will have the choice between using our token and or other coins and credit. We offer the buyer an incentive that is to use only our token, to save 10% of all lifetime purchases. On the sellers’ side, they have a platform on which they will pay monthly, on this platform, they are able to list their products and services, choosing any of the available currencies to receive as compensation. Now they also get an incentive to sell using our token, all sellers will pay no exchange fees and only pay 50% of the monthly subscription payments. Unlike other market platforms that require that you only use their coin, we give you the option to use other coins, credit cards or debit cards. We offer 24/7 support for sellers as well as buyers THE BITZON APPROACH Fast transaction processing: Bitzon is a new cryptocurrency system designed to offer buyers and sellers the distinct benefits of blockchain technology and its digital framework. It offers fast transaction processing that only takes two seconds for transaction approvals. Merchant reputation System: In addition, the network will offer a merchant reputation system that will allow buyers to evaluate available merchants and make an informed choice. This will limit criminal activity on the network and could lead to greater transparency. This will also guarantee honest reviews from customers due to the immutability of blockchain registration. Competitive Advantage Items may be sold for cryptocurrency or other currencies. Sellers receive payment in the currency of their choice, including cryptocurrency. Pre-Sale & Values Bitzon is released on the basis of the Ethereum ERC20 platform. It’s compatibility with third-party wallets services, exchanges and listings will soon be easy-to-use & integrate. The Mobile Marketplace Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can mange every thing. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate in global marketplace. Token Sale and Distribution Bitzon's official video walk-through ROADMAP With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieving. TEAM ADVISOR
  13. Aaron Finch

    Cloud Moolah token XMOO listing soon on Coinsuper!

    You should check it yourself, as you will understand it's really good. Anyhow, some of the key features that really got my attention are as followed. The core feature of the MOO Store is the CloudMoolah Points (CMP), it's an in-app virtual currency, which will be the primary transacting virtual currency used in the MOO Store. The CloudMoolah payment aggregator will be integrated into the MOO Store and process all transactions using CMP. And most likeable part is that CMP can be purchased with fiat currency at US$0.01 per CMP via Credit Cards and Local payments method or converted from MOO Token. I hope I have listed down some of the features right to help you understand how good it is!
  14. Aaron Finch

    Cloud Moolah token XMOO listing soon on Coinsuper!

    Never to late mate to join anything! If you read out their concept, you will realize it's not a mistake but an error that should be corrected asap. It's one of those under-rated options but in future it is going to be amongst the TOP names!
  15. Cloud Moolah is basically a mobile gaming Steam Store for Southeast Asia, with an inbuilt Kickstarter for game developers and virtual items marketplace, and is set to be listed on Coinsuper by the end of this month (August)! Cloud Moolah is creating the MOO Store that will utilize the XMOO tokens. Gamers can use the tokens to exchange for Cloud Moolah points that they can use to pay for in-game content and services. Developers can use the tokens for game publishing services. More information can be found here https://medium.com/@Cloudmoolah/xmoo-has-found-a-home-afaca55a1f5b