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  1. Neoconnect might not be in line with things like Ethereum/Dash and all these, but it is certainly one of the biggest upcoming ICO. It is a new decentralized self-regulated cryptocurrency and digital payment system that promises to change the land scape of the financial world in P2P network. So anyone can send money from one person to another anywhere on earth instantly with lowest possible fees unlike Bitcoin where fees are growing like a dinosaur! Now is your opportunity to be part of this spectacular thing where you could earn via Lending, Staking and trading! The double bonanza is to join it through this link BEFORE 1st December to get 2 NEOCOINS absolutely FREE! Get in on the offer that will change your life in a way you can only dream about!
  2. Blockchain Technology & BFX Coin

    The Blockchain is the new technological revolution that is sweeping through the internet at the moment and defying the traditional ways of doing things. A blockchain is a constantly rising list of records known as blocks, which are linked and secured by the use of cryptography. Each block is linked to the previous one by the help of a hash pointer and it has a timestamp as well as transaction data. Blockchains are designed to defy any form of alteration of the data. Blockchains usually serve as an open, distributed ledger where transactions between two parties are documented permanently and can be verified. The BFX coin typically runs on the blockchain technology and has the positive attributes of blockchain-supported platforms and concepts. It is highly valued because of the technology behind it which makes it secure and a legal means of exchange. This coin, which is a brain child of the BFX Cryptoworks Limited, is specifically designed to take care of the peculiar challenges in the gaming and entertainment industries. With it, you can get credits to play any form of online games. BFX Cryptoworks also specializes in providing pintech, development of exchange solution, simple overseas currency remittance, as well as other services. Uses of BFX coin The BFX Coin can be used for diverse purposes amongst which are: 1. BFX Coin is useful for World Wide Casino games As we already know, the Blockchain is a very useful technology for the users who want to make payments online. BFX Coin will be available for use by global online casino players as a way of funding their games. 2. Mining BFX Coin employs the Point of Stake (PoS) concept, where miners can mine or validate block transactions based on the number of coins held. This means that the more powerful miners are those with more BFX coins in their possession. In other words, mining the coin is a way of empowering people 3. To reduce transaction cost BFX Coin is processed securely on a decentralized computer network thereby helping to completely avoid the role played by traditional financial and payment processors like OKpay, Payza, PayPal, 2Checkout, and the rest. This eventually minimizes the cost of carrying out financial transactions online. 4. As a store of value BFX coin can be used as a store of value and securely kept in your wallet for as long you wish, and then retrieve it later and exchange it against other fiat currencies or altcoins. With BFX coin, you can measure the value of your wealth because BFX is a digital asset in itself. Conclusion: Though some of the functionality of the BFX coin would be developed over time, the coin remains a great concept that would revolutionize the gaming and entertainment industries. It would be wise idea to be a part of its success story by investing in the project now. With a team of highly experienced professionals behind this coin, it is a concept to beat. One thing to always remember is that BFX coin is 10x faster than the Bitcoin in carrying out online transactions.
  3. When Bitcoin was launched in 2009, one major promise it came with was to improve the speed with which financial transactions were carried out online as well as make everything more secure and anonymous. Unfortunately, after just 9 years down the lane, the speed of Bitcoin is already becoming an issue as buyers and sellers sometimes wait on end to confirm their transactions. Everyone has not been comfortable with the development; even the people behind the crypto coin are already getting unease hence the attempt to carry out the Segwit2x which has since elicited mixed feelings from users. Ethereum on the other hand, claims to be the panacea to the problem of speed the users of the Bitcoin blockchain are experiencing. While bitcoin confirmation takes an average of 10 minutes, Ethereum has a faster confirmation time is 12 seconds. One thing is sure about the two crypto giants – they are built on the blockchain technology. BFX Coin Faster Than Bitcoin Having seen the downside of bitcoin, BFX Coin has come on board to deliver a technical knockout to Bitcoin. How, you ask me? BFX Coin comes with features that make it 10x faster than Bitcoin in the speed of transaction. It equally comes with other benefits which we shall talk about in the course of this discussion. Taking advantage of the BFX Coin simply means improving financial transaction time by 10x and saving business people a lot of time. You can easily confirm the success or otherwise of the transaction made and move on with other things rather than waiting with uncertainty hanging over your head for hours on end. Why BFX should be your preferred coin When in business, we must learn to shun emotions and face reality. In the same vein, we need to ask ourselves whether we are really comfortable with bitcoin’s speed or need another coin that performs better. BFX Coin is the answer to bitcoin’s snail speed. Here are some reasons why you should prefer BFX: It has better algorithm when compared to bitcoin It is 10x faster than bitcoin and saves a lot of time for other important business transactions Transactions are highly secure and safe from frauds Some things you want to know about BFX Coin The BFX Coin is a product of BFX Cryptoworks Limited. This company was created in 2015 by experts with a solid background in virtual money such as bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins, and the finance world in general. The company is a pioneer in international financial system integration. BFX Cryptoworks Limited is out to source the best human resources and technology to deliver financial solutions and make transactions that are done online without major hitches. BFXWorld successfully launched its ICO and raised 11,877 Ethers (equivalent to 1,459 bitcoins) worth $11,627,904 by issuing 8,448,223 BFX to the public. The ICO ran smoothly and the expected funds were raised because of the number of persons who participated in it. Conclusion BFX Coin is a viable alternative to bitcoin and promises to provide better functionality. Investing in this project would be a wise step in the right direction. BFX is listed on the Coinmarketcap.com and is fast rising in value. Now is the right time to invest in it when the price is still within reach.
  4. I don’t know about asking myself, but all I know is that I want to have one with the higher potential. That is why I am currently investing into Sphere; it is a really hot upcoming ICO with major scope. The biggest advantage with it is that right now we can get up to70% bonus; it’s the thing that makes it such an epic option.
  5. It might be just a name, but there is a lot to this! Angel Token is not just there to pile on the list of ICOs. It is there to not just help you but all the undervalued cryptocurrencies/assets that have great potential but may not be as widely recognized as they could be. Angel Token is a unique Ethereum based token for anyone who wants to benefit from the crowd-intelligence and combined crypto capital of 100s of investors working together in a power private investment community, which maximizes the growth of a portfolio of small to medium-sized crypto assets. That’s not all but it is also the FIRST ICO with guaranteed investor protection, it means that investment in Angle Tokens can be made with comfort due to their immutable Ethereum Smart contract protection the bulk of your Ethereum investment. IF for any reason we decide no longer to be involved then we can return our tokens as in ICO investor with receiving back up to 80% of the invested Ether amount, so the BIGGEST opportunity is here. It is the route to heavens for your life! All details are already available here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2385917.0
  6. There are many ICOs that we could put our self into to be able to gain fairly decently, but nothing like Bittxcoin, as it gives us the opportunity to change our life with having options like Mining and to do this at early stage with having once the value shoots up. That’s why first users who work on mining can acquire value due to its usefulness and popularity. So, that’s why this is the time to make the decision and change your future!
  7. The No.1 Bitcoin Mixer!

    When we talk about Bitcoin, it is considered to be anonymous and absolutely secure. But if that was the case then how hackers target any particular person? It’s because it is not as anonymous as people consider or it seems to be. That’s where Bitcoin mixers (blenders) were introduced. And in all this the name Bitcoinmix stands out, it is arguably the BEST Bitcoin mixer and can be trusted completely. Their service enables users to mix the coins at random with other similar parts of other people before reaching its final destination, so we obviously receive new coins making things anonymous. So with the ever increasing hacking stories, it’s time to secure yourself! Try it now!
  8. With so many ICOs, it is hard for any person to make the right choice but now I invite you to join something that will ease all your tensions and will make investment making decision walk in the park. Now join CoinFi and become a part of this path-breaking concept! With providing us the decentralized market intelligence platform, it is going to take all our worries away. So go ahead and join through the initial stage with the KYC system that is RARE for any ICO.
  9. What crypto sites do you visit daily?

    I obviously visit many of the mentioned sites, as to keep up to date with the happening. As per my obvious interest, it is with Santacoin that I visit regularly. They are just some 72 hours from the launch, so the excitement makes me visit them nearly 10-15 times a day, it might increase as the time decreases for their ICO launch. They are absolutely on the lines of Bitcoin, but at the value that’s not even 0.50% of it, so investment on them can be life changing!
  10. Is Bitcoin for rich people only?

    Now, it is certainly for people with higher range of investment, but the industry that Cryptocurrency is. I believe that is suitable to all and more so poor people. The biggest benefit is that one is able to make huge returns from smaller investment. But, it is all down to right choice that we need to make. I have already taken the life-changing opportunity that is Sphere; it is an ICO that is meant to change the rules of the game for betterment! And, give us (public) the way that will not only help us earn but also stop our privacy from becoming public property!
  11. Cryptocurrency value rising fast

    Cryptocurrency is a kind of opportunity that comes once in a lifetime, and anyone who is not willing to take this is just going to be stupid. But it is absolutely crucial for us to involve our self with kind of options that can be beneficial and got good concept to have high future. I am certainly involved in one such project that is Exsulcoin, it is amongst the BEST ICOs I have seen in recent times. Not just to do with the team they have, but the concept of helping out refugees-led projects. It is just the kind of thing that you could feel pretty cool with. And, currently just 1 ETH is enough to bring 1000 XUL (their symbol) tokens. It is life changing deal!
  12. I have been part of many ICOs in recent months, but I have seen nothing like Epiq Nights! It won’t be wrong to call them the BIGGEST ICO right now! I know many people scratch their heads with what I said, but what I meant by biggest ICO is that, mostly we see ICOs without any background or pass record, which means people just need to judge well. But with Epiq Nights, it’s totally different, as they are ALREADY a successful BRAND. They are the leading Herbal Supplement providing company with massive followers, so them turning into ICO is like cashing in with their already successful brand! So, it is going to be massive and that’s why I consider them so SPECIAL!
  13. Before I start, I must say is that I have seen NOTHING like INVIA World before! The simplest reason for this is that they allow us the opportunity to be part of this giant Crypto field and able to do mining! Currently, I have their “PRO PLUS MINER” package and it is just EPIC! Their whole concept is amazing as it’s based on unique software that allows them to scan the entire crypto mining market for the most profitable coins, and then they adjust their equipment to it. After the plant has mined various Altcoins or Bitcoin, they flow into the INVIA World Kryptowallet and are switched to Ethereum or Bitcoin for us (customers), and this concept is known as actively managed cryptomining. So, this is just what I always wanted! That too without having to go through any complicated process for altcoinmining or bitcoinmining, so really Invia is the way forward for miners! BUT, that is not all, as you can have a chance to win a NEW iPhone X by joining it from here and purchase any package of your choice! Good luck to all!
  14. There are many ICOs that come and even go, it is all without any major impact, but now Qash has arrived! They not only are making a huge impact, but also promises to be revolutionary with their liquidity platform that aims to grow the cryptocurrency economy into a global, mainstream ecosystem. It is what makes this so special and is one of the most loved ICO. The major comfort is that they are licensed by Japan FSA, so is absolutely safe and secure! Quoine is launching a single globally-sourced trading platform (World Book) with an associated suite of services (Prime Brokerage) that brings together the entire global network of cryptocurrency exchanges to enable the highest level of liquidity to all markets! Now is the time to join in before it’s too late, they are to go live on 11/6/2017, so get in with this code 28yRFND156815 to get 20% bonus. Thank me later!
  15. Nowadays, it is absolutely common to see more and more ICOs popping up as if they are mushrooms, but very few are able to make their mark. DFS is one of those rare ICO that has truly arrived. It is the FIRST of its kind built on the Ethereum blockchain network; it is likely to set the stage on fire on Fantasy Sports games with their epic concept. As they feature their own network of games across nine professional sports, allowing users to complete and win using their tokens. Their (DFS) token will be exchangeable to Ethereum or other options which makes it so likable!