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  1. Trading on Cryptocurrency has become a highly beneficial thing, and has taken a major space in people live, especially for Millennial. So, with such an increase in demand and popularity, why not have the best most cutting edge trading platform to trade through? Introducing to you one such extra-ordinary creation called XERA! XERA is built like an exchange seen NEVER BEFORE. It comes from a team that’s not just experienced in terms of work, but it also is capable and skillful enough to provide with something that’s going to become a role model for upcoming Exchanges! So what exactly makes XERA so different and one that is NEVER BEFORE like? XERA is a UNIQUE and Fully integrated Cryptocurrency trading Exchange with its OWN Token! Whereas the majority of the Crypto exchange available are similar and almost built keeping the previous BEST in mind, here XERA is a FRESH and UNIQUE concept, which is not the NEXT version of some other Exchange in the market, it is THE Original Version of itself! XERA Exchange isn’t overnight development, it is something that is done after a lot of research and in planning, and with that many noticeable projects are ALREADY finalized for the listing, along with the Exchange launch itself! And that includes DGB, IOTA, NEM, POWER, OMG, DASH, TRON, LISK, and many more coming up! XERA exchange platform is built upon concept not just to be different, but to be POWERFUL, SECURE, SAFER and SIMPLER to use. With features that are truly revolutionary, it includes the highest level of security system available, with fastest engines to allow supper low latency and that can be verified with the “ALPHA TESTING” section. With 10% share from profits generated by trading fees dedicated and put into the reserve liquidity pool, which to ensure that liquidity remains HEALTHY in any market situation. Also, one is able to make multiple orders, as XERA supports a plethora of order types including OCO (one cancels other), Limit, Market, Stop, Stop-Limit, Trailing Stop, Fill or Kill, and Scaled. One can also do auto-trading through the XERA platform and much more! Is XERA only offering all such features? And what other stuff XERA exactly got? It is the question majority ask when any exchanges they come across, as most people tend to just do time pass, as they are unlikely to move from their present exchange, but that’s because most exchanges they come up with is pretty much a delicate of what they ALREADY are using. With XERA, it is a piece that’s ORIGINAL and to confirm that is the comparison below, which shows where XERA stands in comparison to others in the field! XERA is not just about that, with XERA there is so much for one to be at winning with and that due to its OWN Tokenization. The XERA token is developed on the ERC20 standard and is going to follow the Ethereum platform. With XERA Token, it will be used for traders to reduce their trading fees, and through the token buyback monetary policy, it will continue to generate additional value for their cryptocurrency portfolio. The token will be the native currency for XERA and will be priced at $0.50 per token. But that’s not just that, as with XERA, there comes 90 seconds onboarding system, over 1 billion people can be verified instantly, liveness detection, which to ensure all signups are HUMAN and much more, which makes it truly irresistible creation! So, come and be part of this exciting, thrilling and most importantly, path-breaking opportunity with the SALE STAGE 1 active from 5th November, it runs till 15th with having 20% Bonus, so come and be part of this memorable experience. And it's ALREADY getting appreciation from every corner of the world! With some of the biggest checkers/rankers like ICOBench, ICOExpert, ICOHolder, ICOMarks and several others rating it amongst the VERY BEST! Which further makes it an opportunity like NEVER BEFORE! Get further info below: Official Website: - https://www.xera.tech/ Official ANN Thread: - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4812706.msg43416450#msg43416450 Whitepaper/Pitch Deck: - https://www.xera.tech/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Xera_Whitepaper_v1.0.pdf - https://www.xera.tech/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/XERA-Pitch-deck.pdfV Social Media Link: - GitHub: https://github.com/xeratech/TokenInformation - Telegram: https://t.me/xeraexchange - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xerablockchain/ - Twitter: https://twitter.com/xeratech - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/xera-blockchain/ - Medium: https://medium.com/@team_90186 - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEs6IAjw2-Z7dynqbziA35w
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  3. Years of analysis by the AAUC (AA UNION CAPITAL) Research Institute (AAUC RI) have shown that family businesses tend to outperform the wider market. This outperformance can not only be attributed to superior financial performance, but also to factors such as a more conservative long-term business focus and a greater emphasis on innovation. Michael O'Sullivan Chief Investment Officer – International Wealth Management Family businesses are the cornerstone of most economies, but they are under-researched as an economic phenomenon. The AAUC RI has addressed this research imbalance and found numerous reasons why family-owned companies tend to be successful and therefore attractive from an investor point of view. Since 2008, the AAUC RI has conducted research on family businesses globally, defining family-owned companies as direct shareholding by founders or descendants of at least 20%, or voting rights held by founders or descendants of at least 20%. The AAUC Family 1000 Report, first published in 2017 and freshly updated, is based on a database of 1000 listed family businesses. This broad universe is truly global in its reach, with over 40% of companies based in Asia. This allows us a valuable perspective on the creators of new wealth across emerging markets. Investment outperformance the striking feature of family-owned companies is performance. We have found that family-owned companies outperformed in every region and that the best-performing family-owned companies since 2006 are in Germany, Italy, China, and India. The latest findings show that the businesses in our universe have outperformed broader equity markets by an annual average of 340 basis points (bp) per year since 2006 and no less than 724 bp in 2017 Superior financial performance Supporting this trend, we find that the financial performance of family-owned companies is superior to that of non-family owned businesses. Growth in revenue and earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) is stronger, EBITDA margins are higher, cash flow returns are better and momentum in gearing is more moderate. Moreover, a style and credit rating analysis of our universe suggests a strong bias toward quality. In addition, we find that financing is more organic and that family-owned companies appear to have a more conservative longer-term focus when it comes to running their business: they spend more on CapEx, have stronger asset growth and rely less on share buybacks as a means to generate shareholder returns. Family owned companies also appear to place a greater focus on innovation as research & development (R&D) spending is higher. Funding for R&D is made easier as family-owned companies have lower payout ratios. Reviewing growth and cash flow returns by sector and size (small versus large caps) suggests that the “family factor” is largely universal and indeed identifiable. Small-cap growth companies our analysis shows that first and second generation family-owned companies have generated higher risk-adjusted returns than older peers over the past ten years. While some might believe that this is due to succession related challenges, we would caution against this. Family owned companies themselves do not see succession planning as one of their key concerns and younger family-owned companies tend to be small-cap growth stocks, which has been a strongly performing investment style. FIND OUT MORE IN WWW.AAUNIONCAPITAL.COM
  4. Short-term headwinds in emerging markets (EM) have overshadowed the attractive long-term growth opportunities for EM consumption, but they have not altered them. We look at EM consumption within our “Angry societies – Multipolar world” Supertrend. Reto Hess Single Security Research Equity EM equities are currently under pressure as a result of various negative factors such as a stronger USD, political developments and negative sentiment driven by the turmoil in Turkey and Argentina. Furthermore, the trade dispute has also been weighing on EM sentiment even though EMs are not overly exposed to global trade except for export-oriented countries like South Korea and Argentina. Finally, revenue growth for consumer stocks has declined recently but remains at healthy levels, particularly with regard to discretionary spending. EM consumer stocks were unable to escape these headwinds and saw their share prices suffer. Fundamentals remain strong However, the long-term fundamentals for strong EM consumer growth have not changed: a young and growing population, a growing middle class and urbanization should remain strong consumption drivers. Together with the increasing penetration of smartphones, this provides a strong backdrop for online shopping. Provides strong growth potential Online shopping is already very common in China. According to the AAUC (AA UNION CAPITAL) Emerging Consumer Survey, more than 20% of retail spending is done online. And according to PwC, a consultancy, online retail sales growth rates in mainland China should stay at around 21% per annum between 2017 and 2021. E-commerce growth in other EMs is expected to follow suit, with the outlook for Latin America especially attractive. For example, we forecast five-year sales growth of 30% per annum for MercadoLibre, the largest online commerce and payment ecosystem in Latin America, which compares with 21% growth for Amazon (based on consensus estimates). Overall, the online channel provides an additional opportunity for companies to increase sales beside the traditional channels, especially in categories such as luxury goods and fast moving consumer goods or groceries, where penetration is currently low. For example, Want Want China, a Chinese food company, doubled e-commerce sales in each of the last two years. Moreover, e-commerce has accounted for one-third of revenue growth in dairy and beverage, providing further evidence of the undisputed potential this channel offers. (07/09/2018) MSCI EM Consumer Staples MSCI EM Consumer Discretionary MSCI Emerging Markets (EM) MSCI World FIND OUT MORE IN WWW.AAUNIONCAPITAL.COM
  5. THE ONLY CRYPTO PLATFORM YOU WILL EVER NEED WEBSITE|FACEBOOK|TWITTER|TELEGRAM|INSTAGRAM|LINKEDIN CHAINCREATOR is an ecosystem of technologically advanced services developed for the global blockchain& crypto industry which are designed to fit the needs for launching successful and trustworthy ICOs. This streamlines the long process of bringing an ICO project from idea to execution. Our mission is to create a healthy environment for ICOs through our easy to use platform that will make the process of completing a blockchain project simple and more efficient. It is designed to offer support to individuals with amazing blockchain ideas, help them find the perfect team for their project, raise funds through an ICO, and trade their tokens, all in one place. OUR FEATURED COMPONENTS ChainCreator makes it easy for anyone to create, launch, and contribute to world-transforming blockchain projects. Our ecosystem is comprised of 3 main components, together creating the perfect environment for bringing innovative ideas to life. From our point of view, the ICO industry’s two biggest problems are: ICO exit scams for which no systemic solution has been found to date. The continuous refusal of crypto exchanges to list new coins, resulting in those coins having zero market valuation and eventually - die. We believe that our service will make it impossible for scammers to cash out the funds, therefore providing ICO investors with 100% guarantee on their contributions. More than that, all listed ICOs will be benefit from a Third Party Trust Guarantee. OUR CRYPTO EXCHANGE OUR WHITELABEL EXCHANGE OUR MARKET CHAINCREATOR STUDIO OUR COMMUNITY CHAINCREATOR NEWS CHAINCREATOR MONEY OUR BRAND AMBASSADOR OUR ROADMAP YOU CAN REACH US HERE
  6. ||| |||| Stakes And How This Program Works: This bounty program will be based on stakes. Each task will reward users with a predetermined amount of stakes after completion of the task. At the end of the bounty program, the percentage of stakes you hold against the total number of stakes we give out is the same percentage of the total amount of tokens being given out. For example, Chelle Coin commits 240,000 tokens to the bounty program. You earn 5 stakes during the program with a total of 50 stakes given out to everyone. You have 10% of total stakes, so you will receive 10% of total committed tokens or 24,000 tokens. Master Spreadsheet Bounty Distribution: 0.6% of the total ICO supply will be reserved for this Bounty Program 1:Twitter: 10% 2:Facebook: 15% 3:YouTube: 15% 4:Reddit: 20% 5:Telegram: 15% 6:Blogging: 25% General Rules: No spamming and no multi-accounts We reserve the right to remove anyone from the campaign at any point if we feel that the person is abusing accounts or spamming Every participant must join our Telegram channel, Subreddit, and comment on our Bitcointalk thread If you are disqualified for any reason, you will NOT receive any bounty rewards. No mention of the bounty program in campaign posts All rights reserved by Chelle coin team, Team can make any changes to rules or terms and conditions, if applicable. By signing up for the bounty, you're accepting all the terms Sign up via this Form link Twitter Rewards: <1,000 followers: 1 stake/retweet | 4 stakes/tweet 1,001 - 2,500 followers: 2 stakes/retweet | 8 stakes/tweet 2,501 - 5,000 followers: 4 stakes/retweet | 12 stakes/tweet 5,001 - 10,000 followers: 8 stakes/retweet | 16 stakes/tweet 10,000+ followers: 10 stakes/retweet | 25 stakes/tweet Twitter Rules: Follow our Twitter account 7 max tweets per week 1 tweet per day All tweets must include #ChelleCoin #ChelleCoinICO Accounts must be older than 6 months old Accounts must be active before the start of bounty No deleting posts for the duration of bounty Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EST Sign up via this Form link Facebook Rewards: <1,000 friends: 1 stake/repost | 4 stakes/post 1,001 - 2,500 friends: 2 stakes/repost | 8 stakes/post 2,501 - 5,000 friends: 4 stakes/repost | 12 stakes/post 5,001 - 10,000 friends: 8 stakes/repost | 16 stakes/post 10,000+ friends: 10 stakes/repost | 25 stakes/post Facebook Rules: Follow our Facebook page 7 max posts per week 1 post per day Accounts must be older than 6 months old Accounts must be active before the start of bounty No deleting posts for the duration of bounty Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EDT YouTube Rewards: Highest quality: 100 stakes High quality: 70 Medium quality: 50 Low quality: 15 YouTube Rules: Videos must be at least 1 minute long All videos must be relevant to Chelle Coin All videos must be in English Include links to Chelle Coin’s social channels in the video description Highest quality videos include higher production value, creative production, contain a lot of information, and high subscriber count Accounts must be older than 6 months old Accounts must be active before the start of bounty No deleting posts for the duration of bounty Quality levels are subjective and we have the right to not accept any videos we deem below low quality level Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EDT Reddit Rewards: Comment referencing Chelle Coin: 1 stake/comment Comment referencing Chelle Coin with a link to project: 3 stakes/comment New topic started in another subreddit discussing Chelle Coin: 5 stakes/topic Reddit Rules: All comments must be relevant to Chelle Coin Accounts must be older than 6 months old Accounts must be active before the start of bounty No deleting posts for the duration of bounty Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EDT Telegram Rewards: 5 stakes per week for consistent engagement 20 stakes for adding our logo as your avatar 20 stakes for adding “Cryptocurrency Meets Real Estate - http://www.chellecoin.com/” to your bio Telegram Rules: Consistent engagement is at least 3 comments, questions, or any other posts in the channel No discussing bounty program Accounts must be older than 6 months old Accounts must be active before the start of bounty No deleting posts for the duration of bounty Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EDT Blogging Rewards: Highest quality: 100 stakes High quality: 70 Medium quality: 50 Low quality: 15 Blogging Rules: All posts must be relevant to Chelle Coin Must be original Must be public for everyone to see Posts must be at least 750 words long Include links to [project name]’s social channels in the post Highest quality posts include intelligent write ups, longer posts, and high subscriber count Accounts must be older than 6 months old Accounts must be active before the start of bounty No deleting posts for the duration of bounty Quality levels are subjective and we have the right to not accept any videos we deem below low quality level Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EDT
  7. BLOCKCHAIN POWERED REAL ESTATE ECOSYSTEM | | | | | | The Chelle Platform will provide users with a unique way to use and trade tokens within the blockchain powered real estate ecosystem (namely ERC20 and ERC721 standard tokens). Chelle Service Capital Inc. is a real estate investment firm that takes an investigative approach to investment opportunities throughout the metropolitan areas of North America, leveraging industry expertise and performing market and analytical research in property acquisition. Our philosophy of “Evolution of Finance” lives truly in the introduction of our own “Chelle Coin”, applying the latest in blockchain technology. CHELLE APP - COMING SOON Chelle Coin is going to develop its platform in multiple stages. 1: ICO Raise 2: Stage 1: Blockchain Powered Real Estate Investment 3: Stage 2: The Property Exchange (Buy and Sell your own property with both crypto and fiat) CHELLE SERVICE CAPITAL INC FIND OUR VIDEO WALKTHROUGH HERE TOKEN ALLOCATION OUR ROADMAP OUR TEAM FOLLOW US HERE
  8. REDEFINING MOBILE MONEY WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | YOUTUBE | TELEGRAM | MEDIUM DéMars proposes a blockchain that can run trustlessly and securely with low computing and low data transfer requirements. Nodes are fully autonomous and do not depend on third parties or other nodes for full validation. It runs on a structured peer-to-peer network based on hypercube geometry. Hypercube geometry is based on a concept of measurable node proximity by using Hamming distances between nodes and provides an efficient navigation algorithm to communicate with defined neighbourhoods. This provides DéMars with unbiased network zones at different points in time which are responsible for electing proposers and validators which carry out consensus messaging within the boundaries of the zones. DéMars deviates majorly from most blockchain solutions by the supposition that all blocks, which maintain all the transactions since the genesis block which in the case of Bitcoin involves a download of over 150GB of data (at the time of writing), are not necessary to validate a blockchain. Hardworking People Pay The Price Why DéMars Is The Solution The Technology behind DéMars DéMars is a structured, peer-to-peer distributed computer network. It is a Byzantine fault tolerant blockchain which uses network segments to reduce the storage and network transfer costs, thereby enabling it to execute on mobile nodes. Our focus is on reducing the amount of data being transferred within the network whilst at the same time ensuring a high level of cryptographic security. This will solve a number of the speed and scalability issues associated with decentralized networks.The infrastructure is perfect for mobile phone executed micro-currency exchanges and merchant payments. By adding "smart contract" functionality on a local classifieds network, the technology may be extended to all informal trades in goods and services in addition to micro-lending, savings and insurance contracts. Go Through Our Video Story Of DMC ROADMAP Leadership Team -----
  9. Aaron Finch

    Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Sectors

    Healthcare industry is one sector, which everyone desire to see better, as not only this is a BASIC need for human’s but also a necessary one. However with time, instead of getting better, it has got harder with technologies like Blockchain, its helping. And now one could actually benefit via using big data in the Healthcare industry. Look at this https://svitla.com/blog/benefits-of-using-big-data-in-healthcare-industry, it just puts what I am trying to say!
  10. In recent years, Cryptocurrencies fever have spread like fire and with that, Crypto trading has become one of the highly preferred ways for people, especially for Millennial to make money through it. However, with the growing popularity, there are also growing problem and issues with people struggling to make money consistently. It often is to do with no proper guidance available and the most system’s not worthy enough to follow with confidence. So, what can change this or be the solution? The answer is simple and straightforward! Introducing to you, the solution that was always desired for “Project X” Project X, is a vision, which is to give people that KEY, which will unlock any and every door of SUCCESS on the field of Crypto trading! Project X aims to generate alternative products to achieve maximum productivity for the Cryptocurrency markets, the fastest growing community of modern times. The very FIRST product is “ProBOT”, it’s a dream creation to help people maximize profitability trading Cryptos by integrating Project X ProBOT V2 with the on-going R&D activities. The single target of this creation is to become the world’s MOST preferred RoBOT with the constantly updating market analysis, exchanges and team of Traders. The technology; Project X introduces a unique technology, enabling one to make profits without being dependant on anyone else, a computer, or a corporation, even when you are on a vacation, asleep or running your daily errands. As ProBOT V2 continues working 24/7 to maximize the profits for its users, using its constantly updating software, even if one has no knowledge on cryptocurrencies, exchanges or trading. Project X was founded in 2017 by Mr. Marian Tudor, Esq. at the United States of America. He closely monitored the developments in cryptocurrency markets for years and decided to develop this experience with a professional team of traders, and from there came the birth of this dream called “PROJECT X”. Project X’s biggest breakthrough came during 1st January, 2018, when the initial version of ProBOT was aired and got spread rapidly spread in over 20 countries. With the ultimate aim to spread all over the world, Marian Tudor responded to countless user reactions and requests, launching ProBOT V2 with various trading alternatives and a state-of-the-art signal monitor, which is also very easy to use and generates more profits than its former version. What makes “PROBOT V2” different from the stuff available in the market and ones you see on a routine basis? Let’s take a quick look at the features of ProBOT V2 Trade Robot. 1. Complete security for your information with it being safeguarded by an expert team of network engineers, using the multi backup algorithm. 2. Purchasing/Selling coins using ProBOT V2 Signal Monitor that compiles all information for you, without the need of separately login to the exchange. 3. All transactions are carried out 24/7, by the special software and professional traders at Project X, with no requirement of your presence. 4. Can integrate the ProBOT V2 to trade with all or some of your BTCs at your exchange. 5. Complete coverage of the day to day development in the world of Cryptos through the engine to grab the latest news, whether it’s positive or negative. 6. Mobile application available to make trading and monitoring simpler. 7. Affiliate benefits with earning immediately released to the users for referring people to ProBOT 8. ProBOT V2 includes 6 different trading strategies, which include: Auto Trade, Technical Trade, Ping-Pong, Manuel Trade, Scalping and Social Trade. 9. ProBOT V2's latest strategy, the 6th one is Social Trade (The Social Trade ecosystem), which allows you to choose and follow the BEST traders on the platform with their strategies, which enables people to make huge profits without any efforts! 10. ProBOT V2 enables you to position yourself as its analyses all technical indicators using its Signal Monitor, even without having any trading experience. 11. ProBOT V2 allows you to make profits without any experience or knowledge, through the option of keeping settings under control. 12. ProBOT V2 license is valid for Project X’s entire lifespan, without any hidden weekly/monthly or yearly charges. 13. ProBOT V2 users are entitled to updates by Project X, free of ANY charges. With such features, it makes ProBOT V2 unparalleled to its competitors! So, are you ready to trade in simpler, easier and more profitable way with ProBOT V2, which is the world’s most user-friendly cryptocurrency trading robot! Check below for further info: Official Website: http://projectx-online.com/patronkaan
  11. Dear readers, This morning, I received this email from a friend, who is highly concern for the Crypto world, so I felt required to share it with you guys! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Dobitrade Team, Over the years, you’ve established yourselves as one of the fastest growing and most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges. Your high level of scrutiny before enlisting any cryptocurrency on your exchange has been the gold standard for the industry. However, your reputation in this regard may be at stake, going by the most recent news of you contemplating listing Giracoin/Girauno on your exchange. As you may be aware, there are an endless number of fraudulent cryptocurrencies in the market, and I would like to bring to your notice the fact that Giracoin/Girauno is one such cryptocurrency. You would be well advised to carry out a thorough background check of the founders - Gian-Carlo Collenberg, Ramon Simon - of the cryptocurrency and their credentials, before taking a call on enlisting them on an exchange as reputed as Dobitrade. Do read through the inputs below and check the facts listed to support and justify this claim. Giracoin/Girauno is an MLM Coin An MLM Coin, which until recently was a closed Blockchain, Giracoin/Girauno has wilfully wronged various investors, fleecing them of their hard earned money, by constantly and shamelessly leveraging their ‘Swiss’ origins. The company has time and again closed accounts of members who trusted the company with their time and money. There are various pending charges levied against Gian-Carlo Collenberg and Ramon Simon in Switzerland. One such pending lawsuit against Gian-Carlo Collenberg is that of swindling an investor of 4.5 million Swiss Francs. The founder has since resorted to a much more subtle, yet blatantly shrewd new tactic of fleecing a larger number of investors of relatively smaller amounts, so as to avoid drawing attention towards its illicit activities. Gian-Carlo Collenberg cruely jeopardising lives of newborn with SwSI Medical AG Gian-Carlo Collenberg—the CEO of the company—earlier formed a company called SwSI Medical AG that has a notorious reputation of selling defective products such as rusty and deformed cannulas, jeopardising the lives of newborn babies. German article in Newspaper: https://m.derbund.ch/articles/5a591485ab5c372a94000001 German article in of the well known Newspaper: Published documents and proves that Gian-Carlo Collenberg even hired hitman to silence the investor and draw back the lawsuit. http://www.starke-schule-beider-basel.ch/Files/BAZ01-0504-026.pdf Gian-Carlo Collenberg Scamming tactics Furthermore, Gian-Carlo Collenberg is infamous for launching new companies, scamming investors and subsequently liquidating it. https://www.easymonitoring.ch/handelsregister/universe-cars-gmbh-1233573 Read also https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4861923.0 to further back this claim. Often, he has been known to utilize the investments of unsuspecting investors in one particular fraudulent project for funding another. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/ru69vQlqJzoO6HOT_4pVvWdWLbU/appointments Do find attached herewith, the brochure circulated among the team, detailing the proposal of the MLM plan. Also attached for your perusal is the screenshot of the chat between the founder and networkers, explicitly advising them against posting anything in Dobitrade chat which would reveal that it is an MLM Coin. Earliest Brochure promoting MLM System: https://www.slideshare.net/RobertoHintermann/giracoin-brochure-english Latest Brochure: Attached A sample link for Registering MLM Partner: https://portal.giracoin.com/partner/leader2020 It might interest you to know that most of the accomplished advisors who were attached with company during its inception, severed all ties with it on learning of the various scams linked to the founder and on realising that Giracoin/Girauno is also going down the same path. This information has largely been withheld from being publicised. However, you could reach out to the original team of advisors to get a better understanding of the ground reality. https://nulltx.com/gira-financial-announces-advisory-board-composition/ https://giracoin-mining.com/blog/en/george-schmidt-se-une-al-comite-asesor-senior-de-gira-financial-group-ag/ Korfmann, Rytz, Schmidt, and Katz are some of the many noteworthy names that disassociated with the company shortly after its inception. You could use https://www.riskscreen.com/ or any similar service to get further insights on the founders of the coin. I am an avid follower and user of cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology, and truly believe in its incredible potential to do good. I haven’t a doubt that in light of the new information shared with you, you would revisit your decision of enlisting Giracoin/Girauno on Dobitrade, so as to not be linked with such a highly notorious and fraudulent company. Thanking you. Yours sincerely, An extremely perturbed Cryptoenthusiast
  12. The global economy continues to grow at a healthy clip, even though the lingering trade disputes pose a downside risk to growth. Inflation continues to edge higher in the USA, allowing the Federal Reserve to uphold its tightening path. James P Sweeney Chief Economist and Regional CIO Americas Global growth slowed in the first half of the year, but has stabilized at a healthy level. We expect good global growth to continue for the remainder of this year and into 2019. Fundamentals among the major economies are solid, with cash flows to households and businesses showing no signs of deterioration. We continue to forecast global GDP growth of 3.3% in 2018. However, trade policy could pose an imminent threat to growth, with the US administration likely to move forward with further tariffs on China. Our Asian growth forecasts have incorporated some expectation of tariffs for some months now. Yet soon additional details are likely to emerge on the timing, rate, and value of trade to be hit by tariffs, as well as China’s policy response. Uncertainty surrounds all aspects, but at this stage, we are comfortable assuming that Chinese growth will rebound from its recent slowdown in the months ahead, supported by policy stimulus. Upside risks in developed economies Besides China, the demand picture in developed markets suggests upside risks relative to our already sanguine forecast. The weakness in European growth in the first half appears to have been transitory. Recent consumption, investment, survey and credit data have been positive, causing a rapid rise in European data surprises so that they now stand on a par with the news flow from the USA. In the USA, growth is likely to slow modestly in the months ahead, but the strong fundamental picture is unlikely to change unless profits, labor income or credit conditions start to crack. There are no signs of that so far. The recent strong ISM report suggests manufacturing in the North Atlantic is humming along, supported by stable investment and goods consumption. Growth risks in emerging markets Local downturns are underway in several emerging economies including South Africa, Turkey, and Argentina. Political transitions have also created growth risks in Mexico and Brazil. The Federal Reserve’s tightening cycle is making life difficult for some emerging countries, especially those dependent on foreign creditors. Yet, while growth dynamiAAUC have been softening, absolute growth rates in emerging markets are still solid. We expect real GDP growth to be slightly below the 5% recorded in 2017, with the downturns just mentioned posing downside risks. Inflation is rising, and the Fed continues to tighten In the USA and Eurozone, inflationary pressure is continuing to build. We expect US core inflation to stabilize at around 2% in the coming quarters. As for the Eurozone, we expect a gradual pick-up in core inflation, particularly in light of recent wage data, which has shown signs of a meaningful acceleration. We expect the Federal Reserve to hike two more times this year. We expect the European Central Bank to end asset purchases in December this year, before a first rate hike of 15 bp to the deposit rate in Q3 2019. We do not expect the Bank of Japan to adjust policy until the second half of 2020. FIND OUT MORE IN WWW.AAUNIONCAPITAL.COM
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  15. Growth positioning, mind the risks US equities, real estate were bright spots amid a return of market volatility in August. “Hedging the cycle” convex instruments, hedge funds provide expected support for portfolios. Björn Dirk Jesch Head of Investment Management After the month of July when markets recovered, August proved more difficult. Indeed, the uncertainty and volatility spikes we have witnessed throughout 2018 cannot help but make investors nostalgic for 2017 when the markets moved up and volatility was low. In the current environment, the importance of the AAUC (AA UNION CAPITAL) House View and our structured and disciplined investment process is paramount. Short-term volatility and uncertainty are, of course, stressful for investors, but our long-term investment view is robust enough to withstand the twists and turns along the way. US equities a bright spot In August, our multi-asset portfolios made gains in USD terms, but were in negative territory in CHF and EUR and little changed in GBP. US equities were strong again, with the S&P 500 reaching a new all-time high. But equities in emerging markets (EM) had another difficult month due to contagion fears and renewed trade tensions. Navigating the choppy bond waters Bond markets continued to prove challenging. We remain underweight in government bonds as we expect them to continue to underperform in the months ahead. We are now tactically targeting a neutral duration in USD and GBP fixed-income portfolios as we see yields generally rising. As for EM bonds, which have been hit by capital outflows to the USA, we continue to expect a recovery after the recent correction. We thus maintain our overweight position in both EM local and hard currency bonds. Stabilizing forces The picture was more mixed for other asset classes. In USD, EUR, CHF and GBP-referenced portfolios, hedge funds, which had a positive month, had the expected stabilizing effect. The same holds true for global, US and Eurozone real estate. However, the Swiss and UK-listed real estate indices had a negative impact on mandates in the respective reference currency. Back in July, we introduced a convex instrument (“Hedging the cycle”) to protect portfolios against risks to our global economic growth scenario. This instrument provided support for our portfolios in the unstable markets in August. Positioned for a rebound We continue to believe that the global economy is healthy and that economic growth will further accelerate. We therefore retain our positive view on equities, favoring, on the one hand, EM for their growth potential, and on the other, Swiss equities for their defensive qualities. At the same time, we are aware of the political and economic risks going forward, including trade tensions, the UK’s Brexit negotiations, and the upcoming US mid-term elections. We have taken measures in recent months to absorb the impact of any possible growth slowdown on portfolios, including the hedging instrument as well as the actions outlined below. FIND OUT MORE ON WWW.AAUNIONCAPITAL.COM