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  1. Are you a quick learner?

    Life is all about learning and learning from your mistakes! But what if you are not making any mistake? How are you going to learn? How are you going to be a quick learner if you don’t get opportunity to learn from your mistake? Don’t worry; as taking all your tension away is Failtoken, it is a revolutionary ICO, which will make sure that you learn from failures. With them, it is guaranteed that you will receive worthless tokens, which will make you understand how it feels to fail and then, it will help you grow in your career by learning from the experience, so do it now!
  2. I think there are very few people who are not aware of the Forest Industry, as without that we will not have the luxury that we love so much! The place we live, our houses, furniture, fuel, paper (from which money is made) and much more, it’s all there because of Forest ONLY! But there are MANY who are not aware of its value. That's why the entry of Lumberscout is going to be a revolutionary stuff, as it is not just going show you the value of Forest products, but also will give you an opportunity to be part of this massive industry. As we see many ICOs launching on a very much routine basis, but very few are worthy of looking at. This is where Lumberscout is an exceptional name. It is developed to help producers, sellers, consumers, and lenders to conduct business. Lumberscout is a kind of opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. Their token “TALLY” is a utility token for the Forest Products Industry, it helps in programmable cross-border purchasing contracts, supply chain verification, automated, biddable-inventory management, social sales projection, crypto lending access, environmental certification and much more, it is a true game changer! The presale is up and running from 15th to 25th February 2018 for the first round, so come join in now to get into the BIGGEST thing out there! For further info check here: Official Website - - https://lumberscout.io - https://lumberscout.io/presale Whitepaper: https://github.com/Lumberscout/Documents/blob/master/whitepaper.md Social Media Link – - Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2929244.0 - Twitter: https://twitter.com/LumberscoutCom - Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Lumberscout/ - Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HypfdQ7zj38Aauk5bBrAXw - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk7dpb5PZ8UzmXGfvx6nSvQ/videos
  3. Win 0.5 ETH with 90 second action!

    Who in the world does not want to have something that comes FREE! I don’t think anyone is ever that kind, which is exactly why BitBix is for you! BitBix is an open decentralized cryptocurrency, built on the innovative Ethereum blockchain. BitBix is designed to streamline and solve various constraints associated with social network gaming by assembling premium and intriguing innovations. With the Token Sale starting in next 11/12 days, so it is going to be the opportunity of a life time! Back to the actual FREE thing. They are giving us an opportunity to win 0.5 ETH. There are NO climbing of the mountain needed. All you need to do is to complete a simple survey! Which requires very COMMON info like our name, email, country, ETH address (to be used if we win) and 3-4 other common questions. So, this roughly takes 90 seconds! So, come and take your chance because this is natural herbal kind of opportunity, it got no side-effects, but puts you on a chance to gain good! https://www.bitbix.co/AIRDROP
  4. Coins4Favors - Bounty Program!

    Are you looking to be part of one of the BEST upcoming ICOs without any major difficulty? Then, now is your opportunity to do just that! Coins4Favors one of the BEST upcoming ICOs is now running on their Bounty program. In order to join in, you need to register on their website. Upon registration during the PreSale or ICO, we will get a personal referral link which can be shared with friends and other contacts. Every registration that is made following this link will be connected to our referral. Once the new user who signed up based on the referral contributes the minimum amount of Ether to the PreSale or ICO, we will automatically be rewarded with 5000 FavorCoins by the Coins4Favors smart contract after our initial buy. So, don’t miss out on this gigantic life changing opportunity!
  5. Before I start, I believe everyone MUST be aware of what Babypips is. I am sure many might be entries of Cryptocurrencies only and might have little or no knowledge about Babypips, so for them, I will just point out about it. Babypips is the BIGGEST platform for learning about trading (Forex/Binary). This is just the thing Tradercobb is for the Cryptocurrency world! They are offering a MASSIVE educational structure for us that come through their 16 years of experience in the financial field. They are the route to comprehensive Cryptocurrency Education! They offer every kind of course and package to suit our needs with 100% money back guaranteed! With already over thousands of people happy with their service, it’s your chance now to come forward and be part of this money making machine! Just like I already did and within few days, I am already loving it! But don't just believe in what rubbish I wrote, I say read what OTHERS say! Note - You can become part of their affiliate program as well to get 20% through here https://www.tradercobb.com/affiliate-registration/
  6. Have you been seeking for information regarding the Invacio’s token sale? Look no further. This post will reveal all the details you need to know about the Invacio Token sale. The token sale started few days ago precisely on the 1st of February, 2018. The Token sale will run till on the 2nd of March, 2018. The pre-sale and main ICO have been designed to both run for 30 days each. The tokens will be sold over four stages, with 37,500,000 coins (25% of total) to be sold per stage. Token prices are; Stage 1 -$0.30, Stage 2- $0.65, Stage 3- $1.05, and Stage 4- $1.40. Visit their website to participate.
  7. Free ICO that could make you 50,000 USD

    I don’t think it should be about FREE, but it should more be about quality and that’s where Hurify to me is amongst the HOTTEST deals. The greatest advantage that comes for it is that it is built on concept that is going to be part of the future. The IoT is something that is going to be part of our daily use in years to come. With Hurify, it’s going to open up this ever new marketplace that’s considered too expensive, but thanks to them, it all will be done at cheap and affordable deals, which will allow majority to access this technology!
  8. Win $1,000,000 USD - FREE ENTRY!

    There's a brand new crypto raffle site and they are giving away some free tickets to help gain publicity and momentum. There's no purchase required and there's no catch, it's a simple raffle that will be performed by an unrelated third party on live video. This coupon code is limited to 1 per person. Coupon: 1freeticket and the site is https://bitcoinjackpot.global Grand prize: $1,000,000 Second prize: $100,000 Third prize: $25,000 Runner-up: $1,000 x 75 winners 100,000 tickets are being sold. $20 per ticket. Pay using any crypto. Receive prizes in crypto or USD bank wire. Draw will be live streamed on YouTube by real people when every ticket is sold! If you live in Toronto and are a ticket holder you can be there at the time of draw. It's brand new, this is Round 1 and they hope to do 4 rounds per year.
  9. It is obvious that technology is slowly and surely overtaking every field in the world. And another addition is escorting, as now PinkDate has brought this LATEST idea to reality. PinkDate is the FIRST and RARE anonymously-operated, worldwide escorting service that combines screening, booking, and payment on a single platform. With them, there is an enhanced companionship experience to trusted clients and verified escorts who value discreet, secure transactions. And due to providing a single meeting place for screening and planning a date, it allows safety, convenience, peace of mind and most important reduced costs! PinkDate is amongst the BIGGEST online escorting platform, built to grow further extending operation in over 4 countries and 30 cities. With their Token sale on and to run until 21st February it is going to be a MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY that we just can’t afford to miss as an investor. Join in on one of the BIGGEST opportunity of 2018, before it gets too expensive for your reach! Check out for more details from here: Official Website - https://pinkdate.is/ Whitepaper: https://pinkdate.is/pinkdate-white-paper-2018.pdf Social Media Link - - Twitter: https://twitter.com/goPinkDate - Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/pinkdate/ - Stack: https://pinkdate.slack.com - Telegram channel: https://t.co/mwNG2E1akO - Medium: https://medium.com/@PinkDate - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf7TbaFxyHdTOPa4uBZDGcw/videos
  10. There are SO MANY cryptocurrencies coming up, but hardly much to really write about. But here is something that truly deserves the mention and that is Kruptocoin. It is JUST the thing you would want. It is an advanced decentralized cryptocurrency providing a fast exchange for over 15 cryptocurrencies along with Bitcoin. It got kind of features that allow us to earn WELL! That is to do with trading, lending, staking, E-Trade Hub, affiliate program and one of the MOST likable feature is their Faucet wallet tablet. It is one of the NICEST and long-term rewarding things, which is just not possible to miss out on. The greatest part about Kruptocoin is that unlike other lending platforms, it got a proper system which ensures you to have RISK FREE running with getting up to 50% per month, it’s truly astonishing and makes them such an amazing thing. Then, they have unique and NEVER heard before feature called “Faucet Wallet Tablet” with a one-time cost, it enables us to earn around $10 daily, so that makes them such a mouth-watering prospect not to miss! With their pre-sale running, it is the BIGGEST opportunity to join in the join and be part of this MEGA EVENT. You can get further details from here Official Website - - https://www.kruptocoin.io/ Whitepaper: https://www.kruptocoin.io/assets/images/white-paper.pdf Social Media Link - - Twitter: https://twitter.com/KruptoCoin - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KruptoCoin/ - Telegram channel: https://t.me/KruptoCoin_Official - Telegram group: https://t.me/KruptoCoin_Group
  11. There are MANY sites where you might get the update regarding the happening around Cryptos, and then there are many where you could figure out the actual stats around the day to day happening, but there absolutely FEW sites which come with total package! That is what Chasing Coins is all about! It is your one-stop for EVERYTHING! As it comes with daily news, updates, market price charts that include the hour/daily/weekly and more timeframes to figure out the momentum across ALL Cryptocurrencies. But that’s not ALL! As with Chasing Coins, it’s also possible to keep track on the BEST upcoming ICOs during their sale or even after landing on the exchanges, it’s even providing us with analysis and unique system to help us spot right opportunities for FREE. Chasing Coins is not a finished product there, but also helps us with guidance around the Crypto world, so this is one place that you MUST have in your toolkit or have it bookmark, as there are FEW sites in the world of this caliber and class out there! So, join in the fun to ensure you are updated with all the latest around the globe! Get further info from here Official Website - - https://chasing-coins.com/ Social Media Link - - Twitter: https://twitter.com/Chasing_Coins - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChasingCoins - Telegram: https://t.me/chasing_coins

    BWEX is cryptocurrency exchange platform that easy use and fast. Our business model is simple, we takes (0.1%) fee for each transaction. The large number of happy customers will bring larger volumes, which also result in greater profits. Our first target is 500 Million (In USD) daily trading volume within 12 months of launch. The second target is 2 Billion (In USD) daily trading volume within 5 years. Customer Search Strategy Having a customer search strategy is very important in a business, especially for businesses in the heavily populated cryptocurrency industry. We believe in how marketing contacts customers. The cryptocurrency community is huge and the news of excellent service will spread quickly. On an international scale, we will spread this message with campaigns pioneered by local managers. Our message is simple and easy to understand by everyone: very small fee + amazing service. Token Distribution Token from Bit Win Exchange is BWC At ICO, 1 BWC = 1 USD. ICO BWC will have a total supply limit of 25,000,000 BWC. 15% of token will be given to the team; 10% will be allocated for promotion of ICO; and 75% will be sold at ICO. All unsold tokens will be destroyed The rest of the supply will be the total token supply, in total it becomes 40% of the profits. This ICO is the only time that tokens are made and offered to the public. Funds collected during ICO will be used to reach customers, research and development, and employ the best people in software development, security, marketing, customization, and customer service. When ICO begins, BWC will have a ready-to-use product, so you know exactly what you will buy before deciding to participate in ICO. ICO BWC Schedule Pre Launch starts on January 1, 2018 and ends on January 15, 2018 with a total supply of 1,000,000 tokens at a specified price. Pre ICO starts on February 1, 2018 and ends on 28 February 2018 with total supply on Pre ICO is 3,000,000 Tokens with prices starting at 1 USD = 2 BWC ICO starts on March 1 and ends on March 31, 2018 with a total supply of 14,750,000 Tokens with prices ranging from 1 USD = 1 BWC As the owner of the token, you are entitled to get a share of the profits of the Company. 40% of all net profits will be automatically distributed to the token owner, which is proportional to the number of tokens owned and 60% of which is used for enterprise development, BWEX takes charge in the form of various digital currencies, which means the token owner is paid in various digital currency. So having a BWC token equals having a portfolio of various digital currencies. Payments will be made monthly. To get paid, you can store BWC Token in exchange or in ERC20 wallet connected to your wallet. Your monthly payment is equal to 40% of the profits earned by the company in the last 30 days, multiplied by the number of tokens you have, divided by the total number of supply token. The payment date will be announced on the BWEX website. Monthly Payment = (40% x Benefits x Tokens you have) / Number of Supply Token BWC is an ERC20 token created in the Ethereum blockchain. • Be prepared for ICO BWC To buy tokens at ICO, you can buy them with BTC or ETH and other payment Types we have worked with. Join Our ICO and Get 40% Profit Share - https://bwex.co
  13. The number of growing ICOs is just increasing day by day, but how many of them are there for something that is good for the humanity? I believe none! But now, Pay It Forward (PIF) is coming to create something that will help the whole humanity. PIF is the latest addition to Cryptocurrency family, but with a unique touch! It’s the way that is going to make the LATEST trend when it comes to giving! The ultimate goal for PIF is to implement and integrate the PIF Token platform into charity institutions and serviced based organizations to accept and utilize our donation, tipping, and rewards system on a very local level and scaling into many regions. With the use of blockchain technology, it will ensure transparency, efficiency, convenience, and lowering the costs. So, now is your chance to join something that is not going to make things easy for you, but it is going to make you feeling better from inside, with the Initial Crowdsale going on now on EtherDelta until $285,000 soft cap is reached, it’s your chance to get in and contribute to such a major cause. You can receive up to 15% bonus as well. Get further details here Official Website - - http://piftoken.co/ - http://piftoken.co/crowdsale/ - https://etherdelta.com/#0x28b5b331dfe6e4c350a0531b9a0af3b12b5fcc83-ETH Roadmap/Team - - http://piftoken.co/roadmap/ - http://piftoken.co/team/ Social Media Link - - Twitter: https://twitter.com/PIF_Token
  14. Investors are warned against ICO Risks

    It is absolutely vital to make investment where we are comfortable and where we know that we can gain fairly well. That’s why my pick is Sphere ; it’s the coolest upcoming ICO you ever got to find. With thrilling concept based on decentralizing social network and having path-breaking concept. It is meant to be the game changer, so we just can’t afford missing out on. We can get 50 SAT Tokens FREE for signup right now.
  15. How many times do we think about our family and their future? I think most of the time, but very rarely we do actual effort to get it working in right zone! But now, it will be POSSIBLE. That is all to do with SafeHaven, as they open up the space for us to do something that is MUST. Now, it’s time for us to take the step to secure future of our family and don’t put them into problem even IF we are not around anymore! Join in SafeHaven not for yourself, but for your family.