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  1. What other coins would you like raffled off?

    How about LEND or STORM?
  2. [ANN] Traxion - Transitions you to a crypto-ready society

    ANN is now live and updated. Please refer to the website and whitepaper for additional information about the ICO.
  3. [ANN] Traxion - Transitions you to a crypto-ready society

    NEW ANNOUNCEMENT The bounty pool for this campaign has been readjusted, from the previous 15 Million TXN Tokens to 5 Million TXN Tokens. The 10 Million TXN Tokens will be used for affiliate program and commissions. Also, (2) Two new campaign categories have been added. LinkedIn and Reddit, both of having 5% allocation from the bounty pool. Allocation on all campaign categories have now been adjusted in this order: Signature: 20% | Content & Media: 20% | Translation: 10% | Medium: 5% | Telegram: 5% | Facebook: 15% | Twitter: 15% | Reddit: 5% | LinkedIn: 5% Announcement Translation bounty is on hold. Will be resuming it once the updates have been finalized. Those who reserved for the translation may continue their translation after it. In the meantime, those who have participated in the social campaigns may resume with their activities as the changes only apply to translation campaigns. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
  4. [ANN] Traxion - Transitions you to a crypto-ready society

    Announcement and Press Release February 25, 2018 - Crypto "Bank-in-a-wallet" Platform Traxion Launches An ICO and Seals A Co-op Deal February 27, 2018 - Traxion secured US$1M seed fund in just two weeks, according to Traxion CEO Ann-Cuisia Lindayag March 14, 2018 - Traxion pre-sale to start on 05/01/2018
  5. [GIVEAWAY]200,000 BitcoinToken Raffle

    I would like to participate in this awesome giveaway. I've already followed BitcoinToken Twitter account. Thanks swingline for informing me of this giveaway!

    Will Everex do an airdrop after their token distribution?
  7. 67 Bitcoin Exchanges Compared

    I'm also trading on Bittrex before but I got my account locked there after I keep on having unusual logins from unknown IPs. Now I'm trading using Kraken, Bitstamp and Cex exchanges on Coinigy platform.
  8. 67 Bitcoin Exchanges Compared

    Anyone here using Coinigy as their trading platform?
  9. [ETH]0.25 ETH - Ethereum

    I just want to say that I received the prize from sir Swingline and also would like to say thank you to him for the awesome giveaway as it gives me an opportunity to win ETH. Thanks, sir, and I appreciate it much!
  10. 0.25 ETH - Ethereum

    Wow! I never expected to win the giveaway. Thanks, Swingline!
  11. Thanks for giving me a reputation. I already registered under your referral at Adtoshi and now going to view some ads. 

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      No problem, enjoy!