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  1. Introduction to XSPEC (xspec) was created late 2016 in a genesis transaction with 95% of the 20 million XSPEC supply going to investors in it's ico. As of August 2017, the ICOSTATS website ranks SpectreCoin as one of the best performing ICOs in history only behind some older and better “known” coins. SpectreCoin features an energy-efficient proof-of-stake algorithm providing fast transaction confirmations and a fully integrated TOR+OBFS4 layer for network privacy almost anywhere in the world. Under the radar and approaching it's one year anniversary the community believed it was time for a new thread to update and present SpectreCoin to more potential users. Spectrecoin’s Roadmap prioritises privacy, security, and true decentralisation like no other coin in crypto-currency today. And the SpectreProject will further refine the desktop clients and add innovative features to the project such as low-power mobile wallet staking in the upcoming Android wallet. We invite you to join us... as the world’s economies and their people move into the digital age…. with only their cell phones. Useful Links Website Secured and simple : https://goo.gl/u9M4ct Roadmap: https://spectreproject.io/roadmap/ Blockexplorer: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/xspec/ Exchanges Cryptopia Livecoin CoinGather Trade Satoshi Novaexchange Learn more about the Spectreproject here on it's Coin Wiki! For latest information check our thread : Bitcointalk.org Note* I am just a advertiser and I do not force you to invest in any project. I will not be responsible for any of your loss.