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  1. This September, OpenLedger will head to the Netherlands to attend Bitfest Amsterdam, an international conference for Graphene, BitShares, and Blockchain enthusiasts. Amsterdam will host the three-day event that will take place on September 21-23, 2018. Participants from all over the world will flock to Bitfest to learn, share, network and collaborate. Inspiring speakers, lively panel discussions, delicious food, great networking opportunities, and engaging excursions – that’s all will deliver a truly outstanding experience to all event attendees. Ronny Boesing, OpenLedger’s CEO and Founder, will speak at the conference and [ur=https://www.linkedin.com/in/yury-cherniawsky/l]Yury Cherniawsky[/url], OpenLedger’s VP of Business Development, will take part in panel discussions. To book a meeting with our executives, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] Haven’t bought a ticket to Bitfest yet? Use the promotional code OPENLEDGERDISCOUNT and save 15% on your Saturday Conference Ticket. Note: the code is valid from August 30 to September 5, inclusive. Follow OpenLedger on socials! :: Twitter :: :: Facebook:: :: LinkedIn :: :: YouTube :: :: Telegram :: :: SubReddit:: :: Twitter handle ::
  2. Second Airdrop Starts Today Today, AgentMile opens up the second airdrop. AgentMile’s first airdrop was a huge success with 88,961 people signing up in just over 24 hours. So hurry up and jump in today to save your spot as it this one will be over in just a day or two! To get started, please go to the Telegram bot @AgentMileAirdropBot and follow the on-screen instructions. There, you can find the detailed information about the airdrop and the participation rules as well. AgentMile Referral Bonus Use the OpenLedger referral link to sign up, buy the AgentMile ESTATE tokens and get an immediate 5% bonus for your purchase. Read more about the AgentMile Referral Program here. About AgentMile AgentMile helps independent brokers, global brokerages, and landlords to list their commercial properties on the blockchain-powered MLS. The game-changing product offers enhanced leasing capabilities, management, and reporting to resolve the major industry’s challenges with the help of blockchain tech. OpenLedger partners with AgentMile and serves as the advisor and the escrow provider on its initial coin offering. Follow OpenLedger on socials! Join OpenLedger DEX Telegram Group and get all news :: Twitter :: :: Facebook:: :: LinkedIn :: :: YouTube :: :: Telegram :: :: SubReddit:: :: OpenLedger Lab Slack Channel:: :: Twitter handle ::
  3. OpenLedger shows its support for growth in the blockchain industry by joining forces with innovative projects that further fuel the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency around the world. Scorum is one of them. Bringing together the socially engaging aspects of sports blogging, the growing fantasy sports audience (beta ready), up-to-the-minute stats (beta ready), and zero-fee peer-to-peer betting in one sleek user interface, Scorum has the potential to usher in a new era of sports entertainment. Scorum has already reached its soft cap and its active and highly engaged community is looking forward to the upcoming launch. These prominent world athletes are already in: NHL All-Star Nikita Kucherov, UEFA Champions League Winner Alexander Hleb, NBA Champion Timofey Mozgov and many others! OpenLedger´s CEO and founder Ronny Boesing introduced our partnership with Scorum at the CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise Asia last month. Our partnership started with OpenLedger holding, in escrow, the funds raised in the public crowdsale. Ronny has also joined the Scorum advisory board. For the partnership to go on forward, OpenLedger has already listed Open.SCR on the exchange to offer the OpenLedger and BitShares community another avenue to purchase SCR tokens without registering on Scorum’s website for the crowdsale. Open.USD is paired with bitUSD and the sell order will be locked at 1 bit.USD until the end of the Scorum crowdsale on February 11. BUY OPEN.SCR NOW JOIN SCORUM ICO Join in and score some free SCR by sharing your affiliate links! Follow OpenLedger on socials! Join OpenLedger DEX Telegram Group and get all news :: Twitter :: :: Facebook:: :: LinkedIn :: :: YouTube :: :: Telegram :: :: SubReddit:: :: OpenLedger Lab Slack Channel:: :: Twitter handle ::
  4. BTSR UPD!!! On February 1st, 2018 as it was announced before, we performed the burn of the BTSR tokens from Openledger official accounts. The proof is here: https://openledger.io/block/24047954 After this, the order for the rest amount of BTSR was placed. The proof is here: https://openledger.io/block/24048348 The price was calculated based on the cross rate of BTSR and OBITS to USD (as it was stated) Cross rate is 0.20040291 The proofs of the rates: OBITS 1.03 USD BTSR 0.206415 USD We will post here the proofs of burn bought our BTSR’s every Thursday Follow OpenLedger on socials! Join OpenLedger DEX Telegram Group and get all news :: Twitter :: :: Facebook:: :: LinkedIn :: :: YouTube :: :: Telegram :: :: SubReddit:: :: OpenLedger Lab Slack Channel:: :: Twitter handle ::
  5. Dear BTSR holders! Recently we have reviewed the performing of the advertising projects, and we announce the termination of the support of BTSR asset by Openledger DC. Namely - all activities performed by Openledger DC related to the distribution of any assets to the BTSR token holders are no longer available. Check please official site for full information BTSR.IO Follow OpenLedger on socials! Join OpenLedger DEX Telegram Group and get all news :: Twitter :: :: Facebook:: :: LinkedIn :: :: YouTube :: :: Telegram :: :: SubReddit:: :: OpenLedger Lab Slack Channel::
  6. Anyone holding BTSR related to our programmatic advertising platform for now focusing on all crypto related projects called www.hubdsp.com is having some 5926 OBITS dropped on their accounts proportionally equivalent to some 13 000 USD. Find more information here Follow OpenLedger on socials! Join OpenLedger DEX Telegram Group and get all news :: Twitter :: :: Facebook:: :: LinkedIn :: :: YouTube :: :: Telegram :: :: SubReddit:: :: OpenLedger Lab Slack Channel::
  7. جميع الشبكات الاجتماعية التي تقوم باستخدامها تجني من وراءك الكثير من المال، ولا تقوم بمشاركتك حصتك، لكن اليوم سنعرفك على شبكة اجتماعية؛ يمكنك من خلالها التفاعل مع غيرك، ونشر ما يجلب التفاعل، وجني المال من خلاله، اليوم نتعرف على شبكة Sola. تطبيق Sola – شبكة اجتماعية تفاعلية يمكن أن تجني منها المال ! تأتي شبكة Sola لتوفر للمستخدمين الشبكة التي يمكنهم من خلالها جني المال من خلال ما يقومون بنشره، بطبيعة الحال فهي منصة ذات جمهور كبير، حيث تحظى حاليا بأكثر من 650 ألف مستخدم متوزعين حول العالم، ومدعومة من طرف: distributed nodes و IPFS، بالإضافة إلى Ethereum blockchain. ماذا تقدم شبكة Sola: أكثر من 650 ألف مستخدم. * تبادل العائدات مع المستخدمين بطريقة عادلة.* لا يقتصر الأمر على العلاقات الاجتماعية، بل يتجاوزه لتحقيق دفعة مالية لكل مستخدم.* تحقيق الفوائد يكون بحسب نشاط المستخدم وقدرته على جذب المستخدمين لمطالعة منشوراته.* شرح طريقة التعامل مع شبكة Sola: الشبكة بسيطة جدا، وتملك واجهة استخدام سهلة، كل ما عليك هو إنشاء بطاقات (منشورات) تحوي منشورات عادية أو صور، أو فيديو، أو استطلاع، أو غير ذلك، ويمكن لكل مستخدم أن يشاهد البطاقة مرة واحدة. بعد أن تقوم بمشاهدة البطاقة، سيكون لك الخيار في تقييمها، التعليق عليها والإعجاب، وذلك ما سيضمن لناشرها الحصول على قيمة معينة من عملة SOL، والتي بدورها يمكن تحويلها إلى عملات رقمية أو عملات تقليدية وسحبها بطريق سحب معروفة. إن أعجبتك البطاقة تقوم بسحبها لأعلى، وتقديم تقييم من 1 إلى 100، أما في حال لم تعجبك البطاقة، يمكنك تجاوزها بسحبها إلى أسفل أو في نسخة الويب بالضغط على Skip، ولن يحصل صاحبها على تقييم، ونفس الأمر يحصل مع البطاقات التي تقوم أنت بنشرها، لهذا سيكون عليك السعي لجعل منشورات مميزة. نظام الإحالة: يمكنك جني بعض الرصيد في حسابك لاستخدامه في تصفح المحتوى وتقييمه من خلال نظام الإحالة، حيث يمكنك نشر رابطك، الذي بدوره يتحول إلى رصيد في حال قام أي شخص بالتسجيل عن طريقك، وكذلك سيحصل كل من سيسجل عبر رابطك على رصيد في حسابه، أكثر من ذلك ستحصل على نسبة من أرباحه طيلة عام كامل. الاستثمار في شبكة Sola: يمكنك أيضا الاستثمار في الشبكة، والحصول على رمز تشغيل مميز، بما يسمح لك بالحصول على نسبة من الأرباح، فقط من خلال الدخول إلى هذا الرابط: https://sola.foundation/ وفي هذا الفيديو ستحصل على شرح لماهية شبكة SOLA: https://youtu.be/IoA5zmFDZco عبر هاتفك الذكي أو الحاسوب ! يمكنك المشاركة واستخدام الشبكة من خلال الحاسوب من خلال الدخول إلىشبكة Sola.، أو من خلال الأيفون والأندرويد بالروابط اللاحقة
  8. Sola, the first Social Media App that splits its revenue with users Sola will offer every user the chance to earn income through their social media platform. SOL token is the only currency that is used for transactions on the Sola platform and the tokens enable Sola to split its revenue with users. Owning a token doesn’t have any other benefits other than monetary. People can get a hold of the SOL tokens in different ways. Firstly on the Sola app, users can earn tokens by creating quality content that is endorsed by other users. Every card or comment the user posts that will be endorsed by others will earn them income. If users are interested in improving the Sola platform and the app, they can take part in the Bounty Development Program where it is possible to promote the service and increase distribution while earning SOL tokens at the same time. The other way to earn SOL tokens outside the app is to buy them during the current token sale that will end on 22 of December 2017. After the token sale, SOL tokens will be available for saving in your wallet or for trading on the crypto-exchanges. Currently, it is possible to purchase SOL tokens with a 15% discount, so don’t miss your chance to get the best deal in one of the highest rated investment opportunities. For more information, please visit https://sola.foundation Q&A with Sola Founder https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VySKDiYH_Z0 ICO Alert report https://blog.icoalert.com/ico-alert-report-sola-dde350b06cfe
  9. Click to join the ITO One of the highest rated investment opportunities, the SOLA project has generated a lot of interest and excitement for many reasons: • It’s a working project with 650,000+ users; • The sale will activate the business model and accelerate the growth of the user base; • The project has the adequate valuation. Sola raised several investment rounds from VCs, and are perfectly aware of the risks of overvaluation; • The hard cap is only $ 5M. SOLA are ready to grow along with the service, and raise more when they have proven progress and growth. Until this moment, there are 10,000+ registered participants and counting, so we suggest you act fast. You will see the progress of the sale on the Sola website. Please, carefully look through the terms of the sale one more time: • Total supply: 150,000,000 SOL. • Tokens for sale: 50,000,000 SOL. • Hard cap: 5,000,000 USD. • Soft cap: 750,000 USD. • Token price: 0.1 USD. • Token type: ERC20. • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, BTS, LTC, DASH, bitUSD, bitEUR, bitCNY. • Supply is fixed, and no more tokens will be issued. • Unsold tokens (if any) will be burned. • Tokens will be distributed after the end of the sale. There will be three discount tiers based on the progress of fundraising: • up to $750K, the discount is 15%; • from $750K to $1.5M, the discount is 10%; • from $1.5M to $3M, the discount is 5%. Sola created a simple, user-friendly app that is meant for everyone who is interested in posting quality content, looking the others posts and even making money out of it. While other competitors are using traditional feeds, Sola has taken an innovative approach and uses a ‘stack of cards’ interface instead. This way the user can always see only one card at a time and is able to switch between cards by endorsing or ignoring it (swiping up or down). Endorsing a card helps it to spread across the network as the endorsed cards are shown to more users and will let the user who posted it to earn SOL tokens. For more information, please visit https://sola.foundation Q&A with Sola Founder https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VySKDiYH_Z0 ICO Alert report https://blog.icoalert.com/ico-alert-report-sola-dde350b06cfe
  10. Airdrop company During the registration for a demo account, you’ll have to provide the Etherium wallet number (this is optional). By giving this information the user receives IVC tokens — a sum equal to $10 + also receiving the referral link. If someone will use this link for registration — the user will receive $1 reward. The offer is available until December 8 or until there are 8000 users. Do not hesitate to register! The procedure is very simple. Find it out here: https://medium.com/investy/airdrop-company-e256d17944a5 Contact us in Telegram for any questions. Please, follow us via Twitter, Facebook. Demo: demo.investy.io Go To Token Sale!
  11. WEB-SITE | TWITTER | MEDIUM | TELEGRAM | WHITEPAPER Investy is a platform for decentralized investments, enabling investing in cryptocurrencies, funds, portfolios and private traders in an accessible, transparent and safeway. Token Sale IVC (Investy) Investy management team with our partner OpenLedger responsible for global marketing and Token Sale support are announcing dates of public Token Sale conduct: Start date is November, 24, 2017. End date is December, 18, 2017. Also we are proud to inform you that after Token Sale our token will be listed on OpenLedger DEX exchange. What do the token holders receive? 1. DISCOUNT. The token holders will receive reduced commissions, the more IVC tokens are on the wallet, the lower the commission is. Imagine that you are investing $ 10,000 in management, and you double that amount for a month. At the base platform commission of 5%, an investor shall pay $ 500 of commission. But if you have our tokens on your wallet, for example, for $ 5000, the commission will be $ 250-300. Not a bad saving? If you no longer want to use the platform, you can simply sell the tokens. 2. SUBSCRIPTION. Tokens will be used as subscriptions to platform services, so, if you want to use functionality of a demo account or trading robot testing, just keep a certain number of tokens on your wallet. After you no longer need any platform services, you can just sell IVC on the exchange. Thus, the IVC token combines two functions: first, it is a product token, because it will be used as an advance payment for subscribing to the platform services after its release. Second, IVC is a discount token, because the IVC holders will receive discounts and reduced commissions depending on the number of IVC on their digital wallets. What is the value of the project? TRANSPARENCY OF DATA. We provide an investor with a marketplace where he may choose a trader or fund and be sure that those data about the work results that he sees are authentic. Also he may be sure that no one will lay hands on his money. Many funds do not provide transparent reporting for their investors, and often their official numbers do not exceed the growth of bitcoin. There are many such examples, and this cannot help but please. According to the current situation, many good traders cannot attract investors, because they do not have the competencies necessary to create and advertise a certain fund. SAFETY OF INVESTMENTS. There is no need to transfer your assets, they are always on your account, you transfer only access to the transaction, and the rest is assumed by the platform. We are the first ones to develop and implement an expert system, the platform assumes the role of a gateway and blocks all fraudulent transactions. Investing via Investy you can be sure not only that your money will not be withdrawn, but also in the absence of fraud options from trader’s side. No one can lose your deposit. It is maximum security that you can imagine at the moment. TRUST. Thus, we solve the problem of distrust to such services and markets, which will positively affect both professionals in financial management and people who want to invest their money competently. Unlike forex brokers, etc., we do not make money on the losses of our customers, but rather work according to a win-win system. A trader gets profit - an investor gets profit- the platform gets profit.
  12. The HOTTEST ITOs AND Great News For BTSR Holders BTSR holders had a buyback on September 3, 2017, of 20.000 BitShares (BTS) from the BTS-BitTeaser account which were used to buy back OBITS and drop on BTSR holders. Furthermore, over 9000 BTS from the ICOO and other accounts were used during this buyback and drop. From this date, the buyback and burn on the four usual currencies of BTC, ETH, BTS and USD will be replaced with the buyback of OBITS from the bitUSD market, and then rewarded to all BTSR holders. OBITS holders benefit from all OpenLedger projects within the ecosystem, including eDev.one, GetGame.io, Apptrade, OCASH and ICOO. Revenue from BTSR and HubDSP will be is based on the Stablecoin BitUSD and used in the buyback and rewards on BTSR holders. The BTSR asset was created to allow token holders to enjoy revenue related to traffic and activity when it comes to advertising blockchain and cryptocurrency related activities on OpenLedger’s Automated Advertising Platform, HubDSP. Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger, explained, “The Real Time Bidding (RTB) software which runs the HubDSP platform was acquired for a six figure USD amount as we immediately saw the potential, and it will increasingly generate significant revenue. ICOs/ITOs with a need to generate awareness and exposure are now using HubDSP at a rate which is exceeding our financial projections, and creating the conversion and ROI which is exceeding our customers’ expectations. We can confirm that contracts worth a significant amount have been signed for HubDSP, and BTSR token holders will all benefit from the profits achieved.” For more information, please visit hubdsp.com Follow OpenLedger on socials! Join OpenLedger DEX Telegram Group and get all news :: Twitter :: :: Facebook:: :: LinkedIn :: :: YouTube :: :: Telegram :: :: SubReddit:: :: OpenLedger Lab Slack Channel::