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  1. SEC will create a unit to work with cryptocurrency companies... Read more: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/news/article/764/sec-will-create-unit-finhub-to-work-with-cryptocurrency-companies/
  2. Todd Gordon: the price of Bitcoin will drop below $ 5,000, but in 2019, it will reach $ 10 000 See more: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/news/article/694/Todd-Gordon-bitcoin-price-forecasts/
  3. The first bitcoin wallets have been created for the Lightning network With the launch of Lightning Network,the application developers for the bitcoin network also have livened up. The applications IOS and Android have appeared. LND Think Wallet lets you send and receive bitcoins, scan transaction details, open new channels, and create deposits in the Lighting wallet. The developer is the company Union7 Labs, Inc. At Google Play ,two Lightning wallets are offered - Bitcoin Lightning Wallet and Atom Lightning Wallet. See more:https://www.ecoin.eu/
  4. Romania's Oldest Bitcoin Exchange Is Shutting Down Next Week. BTCxChange, the first Bitcoin exchange in Romania launched in 2014, will close down starting May 1. See more: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/news/article/669/cryptocurrency-exchange-BTCxChange-will-end-its-work/
  5. Today (20.02.2018), there will be a tehnical works of about 3-5 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. eCoin.eu Team www.ecoin.eu
  6. Have a look at current Fees: At the moment: - Payeer USD Withdrawal Fee 0% - AdvCash EUR Witdrawal Fee 0.% - AdvCash USD Withdrawal Fee 0.% - Perfect Money EUR Withdrawal Fee 1% - Perfect Money USD Withdrawal Fee 1 % More: http://www.ecoin.eu/en/info/fees?type=fiat www.ecoin.eu
  7. Special offer: AdvCash USD withdrawal commission 0% + 2% bonus At the moment, AdvCash USD withdrawal is available with 0% commission! And that is not the only good news, in addition to 0% commission we give 2% bonus! Make the best use of the present moment! More: www.ecoin.eu
  8. Special offer! We are pleased to inform you that the output of AdvCash at the moment has become available for 0%!!! See more: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/info/fees?type=fiat
  9. The eCoin.eu team wishes you a happy, successful New Year! www.ecoin.eu
  10. eCoin.eu team wishes Merry Christmas to You and Your families!
  11. Bitcoin Can Probably Make It But 90% Of The Altcoins Won’t! The Altcoins are springing up on a daily basis, and people might have observed that they regularly appear on the lists of the CoinMarketCap. On the other hand, Ethereum Classic’s Charles Hoskinson foresees that about 90% of the Altcoin that will possibly end its career right on the near and approaching future. And to be fully certain of the sustainability of the cryptocurrency Charles Hoskinson believes that the Treasury Mechanic measures must be taken sincerely. And in these recent times, there are several Altcoins which have come in the very situation of examination due for employing the pump and dump strategies just to be capable of swindling their holders. For a mere example is the CageCoin which recently rose by 31,000 percentage points but suddenly knocked down just within the 24 hours. The fact that it is relatively essential that the community members fully endure the necessary due to diligence upon investing in any single coin. And this is critical at the moment when the digital currency is scaling and convincing sceptics as well, and it is not a nine-day wonder but has in actual fact of staying. Right on a divergent circumstance, Charles Hoskinson holds they view that the Bitcoin is not in the variant of the unsustainable coins and the strength of every single currency right in its communities, not its technology per se. And he elaborates that the technology can incentivize more community to come but it fully cannot be able to replace it. The Bitcoin has the well-established community of all of the cryptocurrencies and at the very same time the most resilient. The mere fact that it has survived for over the billion dollars of theft, plus the dozens of death declarations and exchange failures together with several so-called leaders who are trying to hijack to project and the founder leaving. And it is completely astonishing that the Bitcoin has endured and flourished. Furthermore, I do not really deem that the Bitcoin is going to die. To a certain extent, the better question is where it will stop. Beyond doubt, it is the only thing for all of the currencies in which includes the US Dollar. And it is merely strong for the reason that the people accept and take it for the goods and the services. And picture that if they unexpectedly stopped, the dollar would be in dilemma. Hoskinson states that he does not really think that the Bitcoin is going to die. And to a certain extent, the better question is where it will stop. He also claims that it will either become as a universal payment system or just as simply as a digital gold standard that stores and keep value. And alongside with the standard of measurement enhancing promptly with the infrastructures similarly to the ATMs, debit and credit cards, and there are hundreds of thousands of the merchants, it is quite difficult to dispute. Numerous of the contractors right in the Eastern Europe are now doing the dev work for the Bitcoin and the fact that it is quite known in Ukraine. Read more: https://www.ecoin.eu/
  12. It Is All About Litecoin What is Litecoin? Litecoin is peer-to-peer or P2P internet currency that facilitates instant; and the close to zero cost of payments to every single person who’s making its transaction at anytime and anywhere in the entire world. And Litecoin is an open source, a global payment network that is fully decentralized without having any central authorities. The mathematics sheltered the network and at the same time empowers individuals to take control of their very own finances. Litecoin features a quick and reliable transaction confirmation times and also improved storage efficiency than the leading math-based currency. Together with the strong industry that fully supports, the trade quantity and also the liquidity and Litecoin is a proven medium of the commerce harmonizing to the Bitcoin. How has Litecoin ever started? Litecoin was released utilizing an open-source client on the GitHub on the 7th of October year 2011 by Charles Lee which is a former Google employee. And it was a fork of the Bitcoin-Qt client in which differing primarily by having a decreased block generation duration period and increased the maximum count of coins, then a different hashing algorithm with the script instead of SHA-256, and lastly with a slightly modified GUI. And during the month of November in the year 2013 in which the aggregate value of the Litecoin experience an immense growth that covers a 100% leap that happens just within 24 hours. Right after then, Litecoin has reached up to $1 billion MarketCap right in the same month of November year 2013. And as of February this year its market capitalization is at over the summation of $136,512,971 US Dollars together with the price of $3 levels. And then Litecoin version was released in November year of 2013; in which the release include the fixing right for the vulnerabilities and also added a well-improved security right to the Litecoin network. How the Litecoin development goes? As the Litecoin developer team has released the version in earlier of December of the year 2013. And the new version has offered a 20x reduction right in the transaction fees; along with the other security and the performance upgrading right in the client and the network as well. The source code and also the binaries were being released early to the people in the “#Litecoin” right in the IRC channel and on the official Litecoin forums, and on the Reddit, together with the information for the power users to be able to add a Litecoin super mode right in the configuration file, while the main site was to be updated right after enough of the network was running the new version. And this particular release method was being used to be able to ensure that the small fees of transaction right from the version clients would not be delayed by the customers running the older versions. And in April of the year 2014, a new version of the Litecoin was released with the version in which has fixed some of the minor issues along with important fix associated right to the Heartbleed security bug. What are the differences of Litecoin from the Bitcoin? The Litecoin Network aims to be able to process a block with every 2.5 minutes rather than the Bitcoin’s 10 minutes in which the developers claim allocates right for a quick and easy transaction confirmation. And a drawback is a higher possibility of orphaned blocks. The advantages can therefore include a greater resistance right to a double spending attack over the same duration period as the Bitcoin. However, a total work that is done is a consideration. Just for an example was if the Litecoin Network has comparatively ten times less computing work done per block than the Bitcoin Network, then the Bitcoin confirmation is around 10 times harder to reverse even though that the Litecoin Network is similarly to add confirmation blocks at a rate four times more rapidly. The Litecoin uses a scrypt right in its proof-of-work algorithm together with a following memory-hard function requiring asymptotically in which are having more memory than an algorithm in which is not a memory-hard. And the Litecoin Network will be able to produce up to the summation of over 84 million Litecoins or four times as several currency units as will be issued by the Bitcoin Network. Read more: https://www.ecoin.eu/
  13. Attention! Posted on: 04/11/2017 19:29 We detected that two of our forum accounts were hacked. Please, keep in mind: ecoin.eu does not organize any kind of contests in the forums! Please be careful and do not participate in any kind of contests in forums, do not send your money to fake contests and accounts! Note: We are working with money ONLY through the Trading platform ecoin.eu. We never offer to do transfers through forums or other websites! We use forums or other websites only for the purpose of sharing information. If you notice any offers within the framework of the forums to make money transfers, doing it not officially through the ecoin.eu website, please immediately report to ecoin.eu support! Read more: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/news/article/641/ecoin_does_not_organize_any_kind_of_contests_in_the_forums/
  14. Do I have to get verified on eCoin.eu? See more: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/support/faq/
  15. How fast is Bitcoin withdrawal? See more: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/support/faq/