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  1. okay I have read this as well. However it is not clear which is right option or simpley we should wait ?
  2. Yes thanks. I have studied this website and observed that entries matching to this txn I'd are marked as unspent. So want to know how to resolve this and ensure BTC are reached to receiver or atleast returned back to me ?
  3. Okay. I can see few entries on my app. Please check if below make sense to you : 1cdSYgVx63Wc1RpViz2VngZ8vU3kXXVHu
  4. Can you check for : d9fedea950980c1a53d328a21f50d169423f856224ca02e09425da2f5bb5a58 I used Zebpay an Indian app.
  5. Txn I'd is d9fedea950980c1a53d328a21f50d169423f856224ca02e09425da2f5bb5a58 How does this helps you?
  6. On Block-chain info I can see my TXN is UNSPENT. After lot of reading , I am still not sure what I need to do to get that resolved ? My wallet help-desk is saying it is out from their control and receiver team is saying they have not received bitcoin so I am helpless. Please guide way ahead.