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  1. Unique pvp gambling game!

    A simple demo version was added. Try it. FireCoins Demo
  2. Unique pvp gambling game!

    FireCoins Choose the fire you like, throw woods into the flame and see how it brings bitcoins to you in real time. To select the desired fire click on it in the "fire selection box" or on the “play now”. You will be moved to the page where you can throw woods into the flame. Each fire has the following parameters: ROI - how many times your bet increases. Wood cost - the price of one log for this fire in bitcoins. Minimal bet - the minimum number of logs that you need for the game. All bets - the total number of logs thrown into the flame. Jackpot - the value of Bitcoins the player who made the last bet before the fire goes out. Fire up date - the date when the fire begins to burn. Timer increase - how many minutes timer grows from the minimal bet. Timer - how much time the fire will burn without firewoods. At the fire page you can find the fire in the center, with following parameters to the left and entire history to the right. The "Bet" button is located under the flame. You can choose the amount of firewood and throw them in the flame by pressing the button. The price of one log for this fire is indicated in wood cost. If you throw 10 logs into the fire, where one firewood costs 0.01 BTC, you’ll pay for that 0.1 BTC. Now you will receive Bitcoins by each thrown firewood by other players in this flame until you’ll get your ROI back or until the fire goes out. Initially, the burning time of the fire is 30 minutes. Each bet increases the burning time of the fire for a certain time: 20 minutes with ROI 150%, 15 minutes with ROI 200%, etc. 1% of each bet and all the leftovers goes to the jackpot. You’ll get the entire jackpot if your bet will be the last, before the fire goes out. It meansa that the more often you throw firewoods on fire, the longer it will burn and bring you profit. The minimum bet of fire increases as the jackpot grows. For example: minimum bet of fire is 4 logs. When the jackpot becomes more than 25 logs, the minimum bet grows to 5 logs, when the jackpot becomes more than 36 logs, the minimum grows to 6, etc. The jackpot provokes players to throw firewood into the fire even when it is already close to fading, there by increasing the profit of all other players. Join now!