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    Successful Forex Trading tips

    Starting the new year with a goal to achieve financial independence is a responsible idea, and Forex trading is a good start. Although there are various risks that come with trading Forex, studying Forex, how it works, and how a currency’s value is affected by various factors can mitigate these risks. In the process, you understand the importance of fiscal responsibility while achieving financial literacy. Remember to continuously study the market to keep yourself on your toes.Check out here: Forex Trading tips for 2019
  2. When crypto is applicable on the surface web or the deep web, it is crucial to make sure that all transactions are done anonymously. There will always be those that seek to track crypto transaction details, or try to obtain personal details for nefarious reasons.One way of achieving this is by using third-party deep web bitcoin mixer or coin tumbling services.
  3. dianadsouza

    Trending Cryptocurrency Market News

    ASUS Wants Gamers To Mine Cryptocurrency Even Though They Don’t Play Game One of the latest technology ASUS, to hop on the cryptocurrency mining bandwagon. The gamers will be able to use their idle graphic cards to mine cryptocurrency. Through this they can convert their earnings through PayPal or WeChat. Quantumcloud developed the software. New Blockchain Smartphone to Hit the Market Before Christmas Geneva Based cybersecurity firm Wisekey, is finalizing the production of its debut blockchain android powered smartphone, Wisephone. This phone competes favorably with already established blockchain smartphones on the Market. China Release Revised Crypto Rankings China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) has released its latest crypto rankings. It consists of 33 crypto projects. Bitcoin moved up by six places to No. 13 in the latest rankings. Blockchain Platform For The Commodity Market Goes Live Vakt, a blockchain platform created to help oil majors and trading firms reduce inefficiencies in the market, went live on Wednesday. XRP Technical Analysis XRP community is very eager to see if it will ruled as a security or not, and with SEC’s Chairman, Jay Clayton avoiding to comment the matter becomes tenser. XRP has undergone a rally and the 24-hour change of 4.25% and the price roseto $0.40.Current price: $0.38Market Cap: $15.42 billionTrade Volume: $705.63 millionGet here more updates: Cryptocurrency Market News
  4. The current market for security token offering is huge, estimates projecting market cap around $24 trillion in November 2018 compared to Initial Coin offerings. Check out here news: https://coinpedia.org/news/will-security-token-offerings-replace-ico/
  5. Bank of America (BoA) wins a “crypto storage platform” patent in enterprise accounts. Moreover, Amazon wins a “cryptography and distributive data storage” patent. BoA submits its patent for approval back in June 2014. The patent explains how an enterprise account can aggregate, securely store client crypto assets. Check out here news: https://coinpedia.org/news/breaking-news/crypto-patents-amazon-bank-of-america/
  6. Coinbase reportedly shuts down its institutional-investor focused index fund product due to lack of investors and funds. https://coinpedia.org/news/coinbase-index-fund-closed-pivots-new-product/
  7. Japanese Behemoth GMO Internet to Launch Yen-Pegged StableCoin GMO announces it is ready to enter the ‘settlement’ area of cryptocurrency business by launching Yen-pegged stablecoin, GJY. Any thoughts? Have you used Z.com yet? https://coinpedia.org/news/japanese-gmo-launch-yen-pegged-stablecoin/
  8. The US Treasury Department issued procedure on how Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) could include cryptocurrency address to the sanction list of the country.Read more here: US Treasury Department Will Add Crypto Addresses
  9. In an interview with British newspaper The Times of London, CEO of Twitter and payment service Square, Jack Dorsey said that he envisions Bitcoin as the world’s single future currency within 10 years.Read more here: Twitter CEO Sees Bitcoin
  10. Cryptojacking became popular last year as Bitcoin prices skyrocketed. Symantec blocked various attempts last year and said the operation results in heating of batteries and slowing down devices in addition to increasing bills Read more here: Cryptojacking Rates up by 85 Times More in Q4 2017
  11. Medicine Hat says it will use the opportunity to diversify economy. Hut 8, which say it will start construction right away, will employ 42 people in the new mining facility.Read more here: City of Medicine Hat to Supply Hut 8 Mining Corp
  12. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released guidelines in 2014 stating that it would treat cryptocurrencies as assets. Since then, there has been a lot of discussions about the same. The new guidelines would mean capital gain taxes also apply to hard-forked cryptocurrencies. Read more here: Guide on Hard-Forked Cryptocurrencies Gains
  13. The Bitcoin Code In South Africa. The third card in a very combine hand is obviously vital towards the hand, together with the higher its, betterRead more here: The Bitcoin Code In South Africa
  14. That NSA would launch the program overseas to track targets is “pernicious” according to a professor. Not only such extensive moves violate privacy but also reveal the extent to which some government-backed institutions and individuals with vested interests can go. Click here to read more: Exposed NSA’s Bitcoin Monitoring Tricks
  15. Financial Stability Board told G-20 in a letter that cryptocurrencies do not pose any threat to global financial systems at least for now. This is because their combining market value is less than 1 percent of the global GDP. Read more here: Bitcoin Rises After Financial Stability