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  1. FarmaTrust, a UK blockchain startup and global tracking system has officially signed a partnership with the Mongolian government to pilot a one-year projectLets check out detail info here: Mongolian Government to Stop Fake Medicine
  2. Conincheck users withdrew a total of $373 million on Tuesday after resuming of the service. Since startup reported a $533 million cybertheft. Coincheck hackRead more here: Coincheck users withdraw $373 million after company resumes the withdrawal service
  3. The largest cryptocurrency exchange, Bitfinex has announced EOSfinex and built on EOS.io technology will brand high-performance decentralized exchange.Read Detail info here: Bitfinex Is Announcing EOSfinex Read more: Bitfinex Is Announcing EOSfinex to Build On-Chain Exchange
  4. DeepOnion,works with TOR network (The Onion Router). Onion Coin works with proof of stake (PoS), x13 proof of work (PoW).VoteCentral, DeepSend, DeepVault Read Detail info here: What Is Deeponion?
  5. China is planning to block Crypto-Related Websites trading or ICOs using the Great Firewall of China that prevents from reaching foreign exchange sites.Read Detail info here: China is planning block Crypto
  6. The Ontario Securities Commission has approved Canadas first blockchain exchange-traded fund that will launch on the Toronto Stock Exchange next week.Read Detail Info here: https://goo.gl/Gt9HmB
  7. The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) has entered into partnership Ripple. It will facilitate cross-border payments in real time, secure and simple way.Check out detail info here: National Bank of Abu Dhabi partners with ripple for cross-border payments
  8. Co-founder and CEO of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey tweeted recently saying that he supports Bitcoin and is a long-term path towards greater financialRead more here: We support Bitcoin says CEO and Co-founder of Twitter & Square
  9. The Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto is a series of Bitcoin puzzle created to credit the creator. One those puzzles is a painting and is the third in the series Click here to read more: Bitcoin puzzle
  10. IRS has guidance on Bitcoin or cryptocurrency taxation. However, it treats cryptocurrencies as property for tax purposes.Check Detail Info here: IRS’s guidelines on Cryptocurrencies
  11. Status has announced a $5 million investment in New Vector the company to create industry&s largest decentralized messaging app. Read more here: Status invests in Vector to create a blockchain-based messaging app
  12. Bitcoin apps are about price speculation

    Many people are interested in Bitcoin. Bitcoin apps now focus on price speculation and trading cryptocurrencies rather than making payment with it.Read More here: Bitcoin apps are about price speculation
  13. MATRIX announced ICO ended with a complete success of raising 13,227.5 ETHs. launched in 2016, the BlockChain startup is looking at market value of $360MCheck here: MATRIX ICO Raises 13,227.5 ETHs for 50 Million Tokens
  14. According to Lex Sokolin, a director of fintech company Autonomous Research, Bitcoin forks could increase up to 50 this year from 19 forks last year. Read more here: Bitcoin forks could welcome 50 more forks this year
  15. Lightning Network, an innovation by Lightning Labs is the main hope for professedly bitcoin’s scaling issues, but is facing some delays. B.Safe Network Click here to read more: Bitcoin Layer