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  1. CBOE Bitcoin futures debuted Saturday December 10, with trading starting at 5 p.m. central and crashing of their website later “due to heavy traffic”Check out here: CBOE launches Bitcoin futures
  2. NiceHash founders Marko Kobal and Sasa Coh to apologize after the hack for worth of Rs.500 crore i.e. users lose 4700 bitcoinsRead more: NiceHash founders
  3. Bulgarias Varna University of Management to offer Bitcoin scholarships will be issued based on student’s background and past achievements. Click here to read more: Bitcoin scholarships
  4. Winklevoss twins stand on as the first bitcoin billionaires. As Bitcoin surpasses the high mark of $11000 for the first time. Check here: Bitcoin Billionaires
  5. "Tidex, a cryptocurrency exchange, listed MSD. A cryptographic digital token (“utility token”) that derives its value from the e-commerce business Monspace” Read more here: Why Tidex Listed MSD?
  6. Bitcoin Diamond was unsatisfied with the long time it takes to process Bitcoin transactions and the higher cost of transactions Read more here: Bitcoin transactions
  7. The Yapese, who lived Western Pacific located between Guam and Philippines called Yap, used the Rai of Yap as their cryptocurrencies dating 1,500 years ago. Check out: Rai of Yap
  8. Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi has held on 07th December 2017. The conference will open its doors for your future customers, partners and contractors only. Get more detail here: Blockchain Conference
  9. Nasdaq is looking forward to launch bitcoin futures contracts by 2018. CME Group and CBOE also have the plan to launch bitcoin futures this year. Check more here: CME Group
  10. The Abyss is a digital distribution platform which aims to growing video game industry by providing gamers and developers with earnings incentives. Check more here:Abyss Digital Distribution Platform
  11. Libra launches an auditing application called Crypto Office targeted at help enterprises with tax compliance and automation of large business processes. Read more here: Libra launches ‘Crypto Office’ enterprise tax software’
  12. Bitcoin is a hot topic after record of $10,000. Vangurad Group founder Jack Bogle now warns investors to keep their fund away from the Bitcoin industry. Check here: Avoid bitcoin like a plague
  13. Seoul government chooses Samsung SDS to apply blockchain technology for whole administration to improve citizen convenience and transparency. Click here to read more: Seoul government deals with Samsung
  14. The Series A funding in which the Blockchain startup Libra raises $7.8 million.Libra develops crypto and blockchain accounting and tax software. Click here to read more: Libra blockchain startup