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  7. How Not to Be Afraid of BTC Volatility Anymore

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  8. Bitcoin ATMs broadens its range in Philadelphia

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  9. http://www.govtech.com/budget-finance/Bitcoin-ATMs-Gain-Populatiry-in-Philadelphia.html The world’s most dominant cryptocurrency broadens its scope in the Philadelphia area. The state witnessed additional Bitcoin ATMs within the area, which spelled good news for the cryptocurrency users within the area. Plenty of the locals have embraced Bitcoin. This is reflected by the different Bitcoin-accepting businesses in the state. Therefore, the addition of new ATM machines is something users got excited about. True enough, these ATMs serve a less sophisticated process for those who want to convert their crypto coins right away. Despite the charges for the use of the machine’s services, it brings a high degree of convenience for Bitcoin users around the area. Do you think that Bitcoin ATMs will boom in other states/countries as well as what Philadelphia currently experiences?
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