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  1. You can withdraw by using cryptocurrency and real money by using different methods.
  2. Method of true eclipse: general concepts, methodology description and practical application Dear friends, I continue describing unknown Gann methods that have been unfairly forgotten, but still remain efficient despite their inconsistency and mysticism. Those skeptics, who responded to the previous articles devoted to Gann by nothing but irritation and laughter, I suggest breathing deeper, because in this final work I shall talk about the influence of lunar and solar eclipses on the market and the methods of trading according to astronomical phenomena. The researches of William Delbert Gann's trade methods note that, despite the many-sided nature of his approaches, the key factor, determining his trading decisions, is to study the position of the Sun and the Moon relative to the Earth and the patterns that exist between these celestial bodies and the market situation. Read more
  3. Forecast for BTCUSD, BCHUSD, ETHUSD, EOSUSD Forecast for BTCUSD, BCHUSD, ETHUSD, EOSUSD Wave analysis of BTCUSD The Bitcoin strong upward impulse A supposedly completed development by late 2017. After that, the market has been gradually descending in a new downward corrective wave B. Wave B is highly likely to take a form of a triple zigzag [W]-[X]-[Y]-[X]-[Z]. It must be noted that the current waves of the correction B, which are waves [W], [Y] and [Z], are simple descending zigzags. Apparently, the final downward zigzag [Z] is currently developing. It consists of three parts: (A)-(B)-(C). After the local upward correction (B) completes, the BTCUSD rate should continue falling down in the (C) impulse. To suggest a more accurate forecast, let’s analyze the situation in more detail in a shorter timeframe. Read full analysis
  4. BTCUSD analysis: Bears Trap?! Update on Bitcoin trading ideas and Bitcoin price forecast for the near future I applied in this post: graphic analysis, trendline analysis, Japanese candlesticks, TD Sequential, Gann levels, Gann fan. Dear friends, I go on my series of BTCUSD price forecasts. As, since October 15, USD and USDT have divided the cryptocurrency market in two part, I will note in each Bitcoin analysis that everything written is related to the forecast for the real dollar, not for USDT. As usual, let’s see how my previous Bitcoin scenario worked out. Read full analysis
  5. What to Expect from Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork BTCUSD analysis: on the threshold of a new market phase The following was used in this publication: Graphic analysis, trend analysis, Japanese candlestick analysis, frontal volume analysis, Gann levels. Dear friends, Here’s our regular forecast for the BTCUSD pair. Last week, there wasn’t any serious news that could somehow affect the market dynamics. To be fair, the collapse below 6,000 USD wasn’t accompanied by any fundamental events either, so the return of Bitcoin to the previous resistance level may be expected with no informational reasons as well. I think one of the most remarkable events is Bloomberg’s confirmation that Tether was really backed by the currency at the end of January 2018. Even though Bloomberg isn’t an auditor and this information may be false. However, this event is exclusively positive in every way. Read full analysis
  6. NEO cryptocurrency. Review of the platform, competitors, prospects NEO cryptocurrency: The main idea of the platform, advantages and drawbacks, NEO mining. How to buy NEO, review of wallets. Analysis of competitors and prospects of the cryptocurrency The NEO cryptocurrency is considered to be one of Ethereum’s main competitors. Though these 2 platforms are both meant for the development of applications, their purposes are different. The NEO platform is developed for combining the virtual and real economies and it’s not meant for decentralisation and anonymity. The emphasis is made on safety here. In spite of sharp rises and falls, NEO remains an attractive tool for earning with LiteForex. Read further to learn about NEO’s prospects, what NEO is like, and what makes it different from other similar platforms. Read full analysis
  7. Unknown Gann Method: Square of 9 Further description of William Gann’s theories Algorithm of drawing and practical use if Gann’s Square of 9 in middle-term and short-term analysis of the BTCUSD pair. Combination of common technical analysis tools with Square of 9. Dear friends, I go on my series of articles, devoted to Gann’s studies. Today, I’ll continue explaining how to exploit Gann’s Square of 9 and draw the levels for middle-term and short-term outlook of the BTCUSD pair, to predict it more exactly. Those articles will help you understand the material, published in this post, and make up your own forecast according to Gann method, following the steps, described Read more Read full article
  8. Analysis of BTCUSD, ETHBTC, XRPBTC, BCH(ABC)BTC: Bottom is Broken Out Cryptocurrency breaks worst records Review forecast for the cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash fork Forecast for BTCUSD, ETHBTC, XRPBTC, BCH(ABC)BTC for the next few month. In this post I applied the following tools: fundamental analysis, all-round market view, market balance level, volume profile, graphic analysis, trendline analysis, Japanese candlesticks, the Kagi chart, the Tic-Tac-Toe chart Read full analysis
  9. What to Expect from Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Bitcoin Cash: reasons, what is hard fork, rate forecast Bitcoin Cash: what is a hard fork and what will change on November 15th, 2018. Predicting the quotes of both branches after the fork Dear readers welcome to our financial blog! Tomorrow we expect an interesting event. On November 15, Bitcoin Cash is likely to split into two new branches. The reason for this was the cardinal disagreement between the developers, who were not able to come to a single solution. Opinions were also divided among the miners and stock exchanges, therefore it is difficult to predict the consequences of the fork. In this review, you will read about the nature of the conflict between developers, what awaits investors after the fork, and what are the chances of both new altcoins finding a place under the sun. What should we expect from the controversial Bitcoin Cash hard fork? Read full analysis
  10. NEOBTC Analysis: Pulp Fiction Technical analysis of NEOBTC price and NEO and the forecast for the NEO cryptocurrency Up-to-date trading scenario for the NEOBTC pair; points of control, NEO key levels, general market sentiment. In this post I applied the following tools: fundamental analysis, all-round market view, market balance level, volume profile, graphic analysis, trendline analysis, key levels oscillators, candlestick pattern, the Kagi and the Tic-Tac-Toe charts. Dear friends, Today, I’d like to offer you my NEO price analysis. It has been more than a month since my last NEO price forecast and it is necessary to update NEO trading scenario, suggesting you new NEOBTC trading ideas. Unfortunately, since my previous forecast, the NEO altcoin hasn’t been performing that well. Read full analysis for NEO
  11. ETHBTC Analysis: a Monk Who Bought Ethereum Ethereum analysis in the ETHBTC pair Updated middle-term Ethereum price forecast. Key levels to trade ETHBTC and major prospect of Ethereum future Dear friends, Today, I’d like to update ETHBTC price forecast and perform a thorough analysis of Ethereum price. As usual, let’s see how Ethereum current trend corresponds to my previous forecast. As it is clear from the charts above, Ethereum actual movements haven’t met bears hopes for its correction. Finally, the market has followed the cryptocurrency benchmark, Bitcoin, trading in the extremely narrow channel. Read full analysis for Etherium
  12. Cryptocurrency Attacks: types of vulnerabilities, risks and results Cryptocurrency attacks and security vulnerabilities 51% attack, Sybil attack, Double-Spend attack. DDoS attacks and their repercussions. Potential flaws of cryptocurrencies. There were 51% attacks on two large cryptocurrency networks, ZenCash and Bitcoin Gold, in Summer 2018. The total cost covered $550,000 and $18 million respectively. A month before, hackers held the same attack on Verge startup, which lost about a quarter of its funds. Analysis of potential attack risks suggests that, in theory, BTC may also be attacked, so that the network could be controlled by malicious miners. It means that cryptocurrency cannot yet become real payment systems. You will learn from this article about the types of attacks and their outcomes. Read more in LiteForex blog
  13. BCHBTC Analysis: Double Bottom Analysis for Bitcoin Cash to BTC. Updated scenario to trade BCH amid the rising Bitcoin. Targets and key levels to trade BCHBTC In this post, I applied the following tools: fundamental analysis, all-round market view, market balance level, oscillators, volume profile, graphic analysis, trendline analysis, key levels, Kagi and Tic-Tac-Toe charts. Dear friends, Today, I’d like to dwell upon the price of Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin. I analyzed the pair in July last time, which is a very long period. Today, I’ll offer you BTC fundamental analysis and trading scenario for BCHBTC pair. As the last forecast was suggested 3 months ago, it makes no sense to take it into consideration now. I’ll do it again. Read more in LiteForex blog
  14. ETHUSD Analysis: Trading In the Channel ETHUSD analytics and the updated Ethereum forecast. Is ETH worth buying? Where will the price for the most popular altcoin will go? In this post I applied the following tools: fundamental analysis, all-round market view, market balance level, volume profile, graphic analysis, trendline analysis, Range bars, Tic-Tac-Toe chart. Dear friends, As usual, the second crypto analysis in the week is ETHUSD analysis. Ethereum is actively striving for the status of the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, and no other coin has shifted ETH from its top position for a long term. Read more on LiteForex site
  15. LTCBTC analysis: the rocket is ready to launch Litecoin: Forecast and analysis of the LTCBTC for the medium term Identifying trends, key levels and the most relevant scenario In this post, I used fundamental analysis, panoramic market survey, oscillator analysis, key level analysis, trend analysis, indicator analysis, Renko chart and Linear Breakthrough, Tic-Tac-Toe, Kagi Dear friends, Today I would like to do another forecast for the Litecoin and update the scenario for the pair LTCBTC. I noticed that my last forecast for this pair was written on 21.06.2018, i.e. it has been more than three months. Read more on LiteForex site
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