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  1. cryptopoly.io - become the owner of all ICO

    Hello friends! We are happy to inform you that our game "Cryptopoly", which we created for you has become much better. Some bugs were fixed, we optimized it so you could enjoy the game. We are waiting for you in the game. Take all the crypts of the World! Become the richest in the crypto world! http://cryptopoly.io
  2. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Opportunity To Obtain a Unique CryptoMerchandize Knocks on Your Door We're happy to release our online shop to the public: https://bitshirts.io/ Don’t go around – visit our online shop and choose your favorite merch exclusively for you! The shop offers over 150 positions and the whole range of cryptomerch: - Shirts - Hats - Mugs - Phone Cases and much more! And of course, everything comes with the best service quality. All items have exclusive design. We’re super excited about our opening and we’ll be looking forward to your feedback on the products and store experience as we continue to roll out new merch and features! We’ll be looking to add in more cryptomerch and a wider variety of products going forward, so check back soon. Shop till you drop! BitShirts.io team
  3. When was the last time you’ve been playing games? What was your favorite game in your childhood? What kind of game you are still playing nowadays? This game is Monopoly. Every 7th person in the world play this game. Also you are interested in blockchain, bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies? So why not combine these two of your interests into one? Meet the next generation game - CRYPTOPOLY! CRYPTOPOLY.io is a multiplayer game based on the popular game Monopoly, but have the possibility of earning and withdrawing real money! Why you only buying tokens from only one ICO? Become the owner of all ICOs, create the cryptoworld! Do not even try this game if you're afraid that this will infatuate you for a long time! PLAY