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  1. ICOselector2018

    Formosa Financial Facts

    A project is class, which I was always sure about. Definitely on for picking some FMF now!
  2. Why do people only want to restrict themselves, a truly successful person NEVER got just 1 way of income, as that’s never the way to truly succeed! So we got to be open and fancy our chances with other options too. For starters, we could simply check on oil price forecast and try working on these, it can really lead into success. But IF we limit our self then we are really limiting our chance to become truly successful, which is not good.
  3. I am so happy right now to see this latest addition. I already feel pretty cool about Mith and the reason that I was able to sell my coin on the Machi X exchange without all the hassles associated with other Exchanges. The transaction was so seamless to my amazement. I got my payment notification less than 5 minutes from the time I traded my coins. So, definitely feel awesome.
  4. WHY!!! I am asking it to myself, I really wanted to invest but for some reason I didn’t and really angry with myself now!
  5. ICOselector2018

    DO You Need A Reliable Investment Platform?

    It’s obvious that everyone wants to have SAFE, SECURE and PROFITABLE investments, but certainly not an EASY deal to crack. So, that’s why you need to be cool with things to manage it through. And that’s where I feel great with established options like Bitcoin. Although, there is a lot of panic but IF you read through Bitcoin prediction, there is so much scope here and IF we are gutsy, it can be highly worthy.
  6. ICOselector2018

    Cloud Moolah token XMOO listing soon on Coinsuper!

    I will agree! I too see this as an exciting option for time to come, but I will want to be very careful with my judgment, as too early can put us on wrong track, so we got to wait and watch before going all out.
  7. When the Internet economy is booming, the sharing economy is in the air. How can we get the trains of the times, and take the opportunity to become an excellent co-constructor and sharer of the great era? Responding to the aspirations of the investors, HORAE should be born in time to realize your dream! 一、The historical mission of HORAE — discover the value of the blockchain HORAE is committed to creating a golden platform for venture capitalists who dare to challenge and venture to realize their dreams of venture capital: (1) Converging new energy in the Internet era Based on the technology of “blockchain”, HORAE scientifically uses this “unorganized organizational strength” to build the best platform of investment and entrepreneurship in the Internet era. (2) Creating milestones in the era of value Internet Value Internet has gradually transformed traditional central business companies into distributed non-profit communities. The traditional binary-opposed business model has been transformed into a shared economy in which everyone participates in and everyone gets benefits. The digital tide of assets has transformed the traditional equity in the financial sector into a token investment. HORAE provides professional token investment management services for non-professional retail investors, and then develops this service to thousands of professional token investment managers through decentralized platforms, and finally allows retail investors to invest in the blockchain of 2.0 era. First, build a truly trustworthy, transparent, efficient, and highly circulated token investment management service platform; Second, attract global professional token investors to participate enthusiastically, so that superior private token investors can stand out; Third, let more retail investors benefit! 二、HORAE’s goals and responsibilities HORAE is to lead the era of token investment 2.0, establish a new generation of digital asset management platform, and create the “Berke Hill” in the blockchain era! HORAE is committed to building a decentralized token investment management community, to creating a professional, trusted, intelligent, efficient, open, transparent and extremely mobile platform for professional token asset managers! 三、HORAE’s ace products — — DAP In the new era of token investment 2.0, Horae will launch a new digital asset investment ecosystem in the world, launching a new generation of digital asset management products DAP — a token-based digital asset portfolio. Horae itself does not produce any token investment products, and all blockchain asset products (DAP and globally distributed computing power) come from Horae-certified professional investment managers and institutions. As a third party, Horae will become an open and transparent bridge linking the vast number of digital asset investors and professional investment managers, eventually leading the era of token investment 2.0! Or go ahead, or advance together, or follow, and enter the “everyone’s age” early, and soon become the tide of the era of “building and sharing”! Change is in the air. The bright future starts with the wise choices! HORAE will be available in August! Contact information: Telegram: https://t.me/HoraeCommunity Facbook: https://www.facebook.com/horaecommunity/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/HoraeCommunity
  8. ICOselector2018

    CryptoNewsTrends – The CryptoSpace Master!

    There is no easy thing in life, especially in the world of Cryptocurrency. But if you have the skills and ability, then you can work things out for betterment and ease. It is not EASY but very much doable if you are determined, which I am. The major help for me is through CryptoNewsTrends, it is the CryptoSpace Master, which gives complete coverage to all the news and developments. It makes working incredibly easy and allows one to perform well!
  9. ICOselector2018


    It is really foolish to say that you can make solid returns without investment. I always love making investment and there are many reasons why I believe investment in Bitcoin is awesome. If we make right investment, then we could make some serious money and that too without any MAJOR trouble at all. So, we just need to work it out very carefully and we will move in pretty solid way.
  10. It's not hard to imagine your life today stuck in 6 to 9 job, day in and day out. Yet your financial situation is near the level of broke. So, what exactly you are doing wrong? The answer is not much, as majorities are taught to do their work like a robot with minimum expectations and absolutely no goal in life. So, is only Miracle can turn your life and lives of many around towards? Is the miracle required to give you the Financial Freedom? The answer is no, Miracles are not required, because something BETTER and realistic has just arrived to solve everyone’s problem in the simplest way. Introducing to you Bitaedifex – The RARE breed in MLM! Bitaedifex is simple Bitcoin MLM site, which enables Bitcoin investors growing their holding and making some Bitcoins of their own. It is a very simple and straightforward system in place, which allows good profits with no shady elements in trying to grab attention. Bitaedifex, unlike other MLM sites, this doesn’t have any referrals or Affiliate bonuses, which means everyone gets EQUAL benefits. And there are no fake theories like Trading Bots or the misleading false testimonials of people are used! With Just 0.02 to Buy-In, you are guaranteed 4X (0.08)! There are just 2 levels which for simplicity sake will be termed the “building” (with 5 slots) and the “top” (with only 1 slot) levels. A member buys-in by purchasing a slot (or as many slots as he/she likes) either randomly or on an existing table. Depending on the number of slots already taken, the member either proceeds to the top level or waits for the table to be filled out. As soon as all 5 slots are bought, the member at the top level automatically gets paid 0.08 (or 4X) while each member on the building level moves on to the top level on a fresh table (or several fresh tables if more than one slot was bought on the building level by a single member) and awaits 5 buy-ins behind him/her in other to be paid. Bitaedifex is built by a highly qualified team of professionals with also being Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, allowing people a simple, profitable and straightforward system, which is absolutely transparent and completely sustainable as well! So, change your life today by becoming part of this thrilling ride, which promises to be a game changer! Visit the site below for more information: Official Website: https://www.bitaedifex.com
  11. There are no doubts that China is growing and growing fast, but is it the case with the Crypto industry as well? It probably is with a lot of major developments recently, especially with the rules and regulations. With China striking hard on ICOs and Cryptocurrency, it’s a lot that’s still riding in massive Chinese Markets. Hence, it is very crucial to have a proper grip on what’s happening in this region. I do that and it is easy with AsiaCryptoToday, which pretty much keeps me on the tab with all the stuff and enhances my chance big time.
  12. It is obvious that the world of Crypto is big and in order to be successful in this, you got to stay ahead of others and that’s where CryptoNewsTrends provides the daily dose! It is all-in-1 site, which enables people to keep on with daily Cryptocurrency stories and all such stuff. But that’s not all, as it comes with unique features which enable one to stay on top of everything and able to perform in best possible way. It’s absolutely FREE as well, which makes it such an epic choice for every Cryptocurrency trader.
  13. ICOselector2018

    Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Set For Success In 2018

    I think you need to change regularly, it is not sensible to go with just 1 option all the time, it is BETTER and more sensible to go with multiple options. It is a way that helps most with gaining. I keep track of the whole market and with AsiaCryptoToday, it’s very easy given their complete coverage of things. As to succeed in real terms, you MUST be aware of all developments and happening or else you just can’t move anywhere.
  14. ICOselector2018

    News and Trends only at CryptoNewsTrends

    Cryptocurrency is something that has got great potential in terms of making money. But it really requires us to be ahead of others in the market and it’s not easy thing to do. However, with CryptoNewsTrends, it is the BEST way to keep on with latest news and trends given their complete setup that combines everything and works as making things incredibly easy. So, with Cryptocurrencies, you just don’t need to go anywhere else!
  15. ICOselector2018

    Features Of The Tokenaire Platform

    Seeking to know the features of the Tokenaire platform? Then you are at the right place. Tokenaire is a platform that leverages the blockchain technology in order to provide users of the platform with the ability to perpetuate content directly on the blockchain. The Tokenaire platform supports voting system to engage with your community of followers. In addition, Tokenaire has a Specialized trading platform to bring market liquidity together in one place and to ensure only officially-issued personalized tokens are listed.