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  1. Andy Blignaut

    FreshForex Forecast

    EUR/JPY too much like UJ was down and we saw it dropping near 150 pips. The week started on a very positive trend, but soon things worked up and we saw the bears taking over. With some recovery today, it still remains into a very much bearish zone. So, absolutely cool to go for shorts here.
  2. Andy Blignaut

    FreshForex Forecast

    USD/JPY pair this week is bearish so far. We have seen some recovery but by large, we are purely running towards a major bearish run. The trend for today is bullish, but overall the week should continue to close into bearish zone. A good opportunity to short here.
  3. Andy Blignaut

    FreshForex Forecast

    GBP/USD pair this week has moved very violate ways. As we saw it reaching almost 150-200 pips up before dropping equally fast towards. However, we did saw some recovery today with pair at 1.27-28 range. We feel it will be good time to go for shorts.
  4. Andy Blignaut

    FreshForex Forecast

    EUR/USD pair this week so far is moving in neutral way with no clarity to be seen. We have seen the pair bias towards the bullish zone, but was quickly pulled down. So, now things are uncertain and it’s better time to do scalping instead of long term trading.
  5. We need to have very solid strategy to succeed with Crypto trading, it’s not something that can be done easily, so a lot of effort is to be made there. And only then we will be able to make it work. I am grateful to my broker FreshForex with whom I can plan very nicely with their analysis by experts and more so, I love their Rebate program, which helps me getting upto 20 USD per lot size.
  6. Andy Blignaut

    How to make money off cryptocurrency?

    There are many ways to make money with Cryptos but the BEST way as far I know is via trading. I do that and able to gain a lot via it thanks to broker like FreshForex. As not only they have all Cryptos available to trade but they the thrilling 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus, which I just love and helps me trade truly feely.
  7. Andy Blignaut

    Is this the Crypto Trading exchange you wanted?

    I seriously have no clue about this one, I feel it’s not sensible to try something like this one, it will not lead into results. So, it’s sensible to go with ones which are proven ones instead of trying anything new, which could really lead into massive disasters and worries. So, that’s why we need to be wise.
  8. Andy Blignaut

    aassioX: Our Crypto Exchange

    I believe that one got to be very careful with making investment on such options, as it could be very risky. So, we need to ensure that we work it out in very careful and organized ways. I will NEVER suggest random join ups of any ICOs, or anything as such since I know it will not lead to success.
  9. I will always go for Bitcoin because it is a type of option you can feel eased with and more so, it is something that you can work on with relaxed mindset. I trade on it through FreshForex, where they have top notch conditions from tight spreads to over 150 instruments to pick from. The best part of them is their rebate program where upto 20 USD per lot size can be gained.
  10. I don’t do it via exchange instead I do it by Foreign Exchange (Forex), and that’s with FreshForex. They are a highly reliable and trustworthy company servicing since over a decade now. They have the feature to thrill that include small spreads, fast execution, zero balance protection, instant payments and much more, which all combines into EASY working and brings the much needed rewards for ALL.
  11. Andy Blignaut

    Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2018

    In my view, the BEST option to invest is BItcoin, as it is basically the leader in whatever direction the market goes. And that’s where I feel it is so very important to make it as the main option. I do prefer trying other stuff too but at lower levels, to help myself staying secure with things. I trade on these and thanks to FreshForex broker, I am able to find it all relatively simpler and enjoyable with their low spreads, high leverages and bonuses! Especially the 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus.
  12. Andy Blignaut

    One of the Most Trending Ways to Earn Ethereum Cryptocurrency

    Very frankly speaking, I am not a huge fan of these ways. I feel its far better and beneficial to go for trading, where you have complete control over the proceedings. If we specially talk about direct purchasing, then it’s just too risky with possibility of getting stuck. I trade with FreshForex, where I get awesome features that enables me to perform pretty well.
  13. Andy Blignaut

    FreshForex Forecast

    EUR/JPY this week again was neutral with no clarify in the trend at all. We did saw it dipping sharply to close out, but with the way market is behaving, it is likely not to go too deep with the bearish trend. We once again expect neutral trend to continue to roll ahead. Good days ahead for the scalpers.
  14. Andy Blignaut

    FreshForex Forecast

    USD/JPY started the week with the bearish trend, as was running since last week. However, we saw that change with the price reshaping towards 113 levels, but the last day saw it dip sharply to recover back equally fast. But with closing of the pair on positive side, it signals towards a bullish trend in coming week.
  15. Andy Blignaut

    FreshForex Forecast

    GBP/USD was mixed this week, as price was running around 1.27-1.29, with no major clarity on the possible outcome. It seems not the ideal of the times to join on this for now. It’s more sensible that one go ahead with wait for the moment where there is clarity on the movement. So, things as we see remains neutral!