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  1. Andy Blignaut

    Best Way to Earn Daily Bitcoin Profit

    IF one really wish to make money and that consistently, I suggest trying out Forex, where you can be sure and comfortable with things. Right now, I am working with FreshForex, where they have outstanding setup which includes Rebate Program, where one can get upto 20 USD per lot size trade, so that’s simply thrilling!
  2. Andy Blignaut

    Ideal Business Plan To Increase Your Idle funds

    Frankly speaking, you will NOT increase your funds/money like that, instead you are meant to lose it. I will prefer Forex any day, especially with broker like FreshForex, where you funds increase “INSTANTLY”, as they offer 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus, which is truly spectacular and helps with working.
  3. I never like Binary Option trading too much, as I feel the risk factor is too high and with majority of the brokers scamming, it’s too risky for comfort. I prefer doing Forex more, which is easier, safer and a lot better in every term.
  4. Andy Blignaut

    Loan service

    You will be crazy to think about loans, as it’s not something any sensible person will desire to get into for obvious reasons. It’s just too risky for comfort and IF you lose it then the cycle of madness begins, which often destroys life!
  5. I think it’s BETTER to trade manually, but if you are just too uncertain, then I suggest analysing as better route. Right now, I trade with FreshForex, where they provide free Market Analysis on daily basis, so it’s incredibly helpful and allows even a beginner to trade without tension and fear, which eventually leads to great profits.
  6. Andy Blignaut

    Lasso Trade +3% daily!

    I am not a fan of these fancy schemes, as I feel they will not gain us much. I invest in Forex, where I know there is genuine opportunity to make money and thanks to a quality broker in FreshForex, it just eases everything out for me. With them, I can use bonuses and cashback schemes, where I can get upto $20 per lot size trade, so that’s amazing!
  7. Andy Blignaut


    I will not suggest random investments like this. As I feel it’s BETTER to go with something worthy and that’s exactly what I do with investing on FreshForex. It’s a forex broker, through which I can do Crypto trading as well but more importantly, it’s safe, secure and reliable. The BEST part about them is their 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus, which makes life easier for all.
  8. Andy Blignaut

    HYIP is trend fo now??

    Absolutely disagree, I believe HYIP is far from the trending thing. It is not even trustable stuff for genuine investors. I suggest Forex trading only, which is genuine and legitimate business with huge potential. The greatest benefit for me is because of FreshForex broker, where they provide epic services including 200% Deposit Bonus!
  9. Andy Blignaut

    Market Price Prediction For Ethereum In 2019

    It’s important not to completely follow these predictions. It’s very helpful but yet we need to keep eye on other factors. I am trading with FreshForex, which really makes Crypto trading incredibly simpler. They also have market analysis by experts, which can followed to make working even easier.
  10. Andy Blignaut

    Best Investment Opportunities

    I would say Forex is BEST investment opportunity, as with quality broker you can do Crypto trading too. I go for FreshForex with whom, I am able to work with great confidence with their 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus, it really helps with working. And gives great boost in everyway, especially for beginners.
  11. Andy Blignaut

    Is trading Bitcoin risky?

    Frankly speaking, every way is risky IF we are not having plans/strategies, but if we got that then the risk level is very much manageable. I always plan carefully, which helps a lot. I love it with broker like FreshForex, who are always there to help with low spreads, bonuses and MANY such features, it makes working incredibly easy!
  12. Andy Blignaut

    How to make money off cryptocurrency?

    I believe it is to do with having GOOD strategy and method. IF we have that then only we will be able to move towards achieving this target of ours. I do it via Forex broker called FreshForex. It’s highly reliable and trustworthy company servicing since last 13-14 years. One can trade with little fees through them and even there is 200% Deposit Bonus, which makes everything even easier!
  13. Andy Blignaut

    How to Start Trading Cryptocurrency?

    I will definitely suggest doing it via broker. As trading is sensible and you don’t get stuck. I currently trading with FreshForex, which is one of the highly reputed companies out there with countless awards. We can trade with Cryptos easily from here with pleasant conditions and the BEST part is their 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus, it is ideal way to get started!
  14. Andy Blignaut

    Invalert Cryptocurrency Price Trends

    We need to be extremely wise with following up guidance from such sources, as it can cause trouble. I tried doing it from a site called ForexMart, and it ended up badly for me with making me lose. So got to be very wise with things.
  15. Andy Blignaut

    Christmas bitcoin bonus. Free 71 $

    I am not in favour of such bonuses, as they are more of showoff. I believe we need to be wise with selection and only go with options that are established and reputed. I do Forex trading, where I can trade on Cryptos too with FreshForex. They offer brilliant 200% deposit bonus, which is the type of bonus that is worthy to use!