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  1. Roberto Escobar has recently launched a Colombian version of cryptocurrency and alternative to Bitcoin called Dietbitcoin (DDX). This BTC hard fork coin has been initiated as an Escobar Inc. venture as reported by TheNextWeb. Roberto also wrote a book which is available on the website of his cryptocurrency, and is titled, ‘The True Story by Roberto Escobar: Pablo Escobar’s Dietbitcoin’. In its description it mentions,”After making $100 billion dollars, Roberto Escobar launches the dietbitcoin ‘DDX’ cryptocurrency”. The book includes interesting in depth chapters on “The Other Peruvian Plane,” and “Noriega, The Traitor”, as well as the basis for Robertos proposal to create a new cryptocurrency. He mentions his intentions for DDX saying, “I am the first person in the world, Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, to publicly come out and claim that Bitcoin was created by the American Government, and I am not going to be the last person to say this. The world is going to wake up. The world is going to see that this was created by them. And when they see it, it is too late, and when the CIA founds out that the world knows about this, the CIA is going to sell all of their coins, and they will destroy the value of Bitcoin…That’s why I am creating my own cryptocurrency called dietbitcoin (DDX)”. Dietbitcoin is currently running an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that consists of three rounds with 1 million DDX coins as the cap for the crowdsale. The pre-ICO round 1 offers a total of 300,000 coins for $2 a coin, a sale price from the $50 originally listed, pre-ICO round 2 offers 300,000 coins for $100 each, and the ICO will have 400,000 tokens for $1000 each. Roberto, in his book, makes it known that the elusive Nakamoto himself approached him for the creation of DDX, but it was a ploy by the US government to invade his Escobar Inc. He declares that his DDX will remain out of the reach of ‘Americanos’ who monitor Bitcoin users and track their activity. He also made contact with another crypto leader, John McAfee, founder of McAfee software but Roberto broke off the deal of them making DDX together because he believed that the vision was too small. Roberto has an interesting opinion on Ethereum (ETH) and doubts its legitimacy as a cryptocurrency due to the young age of the co-creator Vitalik Buterin. He states in his book, “Ethereum is a complete scam. This is nice technology, but it was created by a small child. Who cares about this child? I do not care. He can come here and talk to me in my face. I will say ‘Sir, you are a gringo. You think I care about the gringo coin? I don’t care.’ All of these other coins and tokens; do not even get me started on tokens”.
  2. The concept of a gig economy is no new cryptocurrency and has been around for a long time now. Many individuals, especially in the current generation, are moving from job to job to offer their services as freelancers to various companies, startups, and organizations. With the advent of a digital revolution, the pursuit of employment in freelance gigs has become far easier and accessible. Now both freelancers and employers can go online to find a suitable job or candidate according to their preferences. One such rising trend is that of a ‘digital wanderer’ where an individual makes a living out of doing various short term online jobs while they travel. This lifestyle provides enriching experiences for the traveler who earns back the cost of the trip from working multiple gigs here and there. The demographic for such endeavors are typically young adults craving new experiences and equipped with an array of skills. Boons and Banes of Payment in Crypto The one difficulty that comes hand in hand with such a lifestyle is the delay in payments from employers and clients who prolong and bargain with freelancer stipends. According to most endorsers of cryptocurrency, this problem can be easily tackled by using Blockchain for salaries. Many startups have already planned on taking advantage of Blockchain for securing deals with clients via smart contracts and even ICOs for raising capital. Freelancers could make receiving their wages less stressful by using cryptocurrency as a means of payment. They would be less troubled by the hassle of currency conversions when receiving money from clients in different countries around the world. The emergence of an app called Latium, explicitly for such freelance users, can aid users in finding employment, creating contracts, and receiving payment through the app itself. It plans to be activated within this year, and offers travelers a wide range of jobs from content writing to dog walking. Recent developments show that big companies like Netflix and Airbnb have started paying their employees partially in cryptocurrency like that of Bitwage. One of the few complications that come up when using cryptocurrency as means of payment is the issue of financial records. The crypto market can be volatile and payments in Bitcoin are difficult to tax and record. Taxation on cryptocurrency salaries are made in the same way as fiat or normal currency, that means they are based on the worth of the currency at the point in time of making the payment. However, due to its unstable nature, a cryptocurrency can be worth a drastic difference from what it was valued at many months ago. Well Suited to Freelancers No matter the volatility of using crypto as a payment, this is a situation that most freelancers are attuning to. Most gig workers can relate to the contrast in payments either being very high at one point or dropping low at another. This means that the value change a cryptocurrency may go through is not a cause for concern keeping in mind many freelance jobs are unstable in workload or stipend themselves. Furthermore, an app connecting various clients across the globe can also benefit travelers looking for such access and cash on the go. Using blockchain instead of traditional banking systems is within the domain of young freelancers who is catching on to the crypto world. Managing finances in the freelance industry would be more convenient, secured, and accessible with a mode of payment well suited to such a lifestyle.
  3. In an interesting update from the Edward Snowden papers, reveals that the US government has expressed considerable interest in Bitcoin ever since its use became popular. The Intercept, an online magazine, has posted the leaked undisclosed documents from Snowden that actually provide evidence that the United States National Security Agency or NSA has been keeping track of Bitcoin users from around the world as described in a 2013 report for the agency. There could be a coincidence of the report leaking not too far away from the recent ban on American use of Venezuelan national cryptocurrency Petro coin by President Trump. The report is cryptic with code names and classification of data that will help the NSA “track down the senders and receivers of bitcoins,” as the report stated. The Bitcoin monitoring mission by the NSA is called “project Oakstar”, and the purpose of its initiation was to tackle terrorism facilitated by Bitcoin or crypto transactions. The report indicated that the NSA was not randomly tracking users but were monitoring persons or groups involved in suspicious activities and whom utilised the privacy and anonymity of Bitcoin for making illegal transactions like laundering money. An expert from the NSA report states, “[NSA agent] is hoping to use the access for their mission of looking at organized crime and cyber targets that utilize online e-currency services to move and launder money. These illicit finance networks provide user access to international monetary systems while providing a high degree of anonymity.” Utilising the professional surveillance tools accessible to the NSA for security purposes, data was able to be collected, decrypted, and interpreted to gain the identity of protected Bitcoin users. There were reportedly two other platforms monitored, the first being the Liberty Reserve, that had dealt with money laundering involving cryptocurrencies leading to its close, and one other. Bitcoin is not the most privacy controlled and anonymous cryptocurrency of all coins in the market, yet it was considered top priority for the NSA according to the report. Unapproved Access Even though Bitcoin incorporates Blockchain which makes all ledgers public access, the NSA infiltrated further into users private information to get more in depth research on potential terrorists. NSA hacked into users computers to gain sensitive information like passwords, sessions of the user, billing information, IP address, and media access control address. They dug deep into what targets they acquired and tried to highlight any connection the select Bitcoin users had with illicit activities. It seems that no matter how hard the government tries to uncover and penalise Bitcoin and Blockchain users, the crypto community will always find a way to retaliate and strengthen their stance on supporting a decentralized system.
  4. The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange or TASE, has announced that crypto based companies are banned from the market indices. The regulation has been instituted by the Israel Securities Authority (ISA) after the authority had announced their plan for regulating cryptocurrencies in the TASE market earlier this year. An ICO regulations and guided working manual is to be published soon this year and according to the ISA, the change of TASE regulations has no association with this new crypto update. The committee has instead issued a cautionary statement about investing and trading in cryptocurrency. ISA claims, “Such investment incurs many exceptional risks, including an absence of liquidity and ability to convert the currencies to money, exceptional price volatility, illegal activity, and risk of fraud”. The warning from ISA further states that investor must be be prepared to face the high probability of risk from investing money, directly or indirectly, in cryptocurrency or crypto company. They elaborate on the risks of losing money and assets when it comes to the crypto market and trading in cryptocurrency as well. Many banks like the Bank of Israel, do not categorise cryptocurrency like Bitcoin as a valid type of currency but rather as an asset. Anat Guetta, the chair of ISA, has held the post from January this year and has already taken her stance on cryptocurrency. She states that barring crypto companies from TASE will safeguard the market against passive investors that are prone to such risks. She further warns of the volatile environment surrounding crypto investment and high risk of losing money in this market. As per the new regulation, the ISA will review the regulations in TASE and block out any company related to cryptocurrency. This means that any business, exchange, platform, or company that allows investing, trading, and mining of crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ether, and other Altcoins will be restricted from investing in TASE. This regulation is temporary for the length of this year, until it is reviewed again and reinstated or not based on the market projections and developments. Chairman of the Israel Bitcoin Association, Meni Rosenfeld, responded to the new regulations on cryptocurrency, by stating, “There are indeed several risks in investing in digital currencies, and people should take them into account in order to make wise decisions. Investing in this sector is not suitable for everyone; it is only for those who understand both the potential and the risks”.
  5. The trade volume is specklessly diminishing among the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading platforms, for instance the percentage is evidently more than 90%. The relapse is after the regulatory frameworks which were pressurized on the cryptocurrency exchanges in India. The RBI, Central bank of India has come up with staggering strategy that is limiting the trading within the locality. However, this is not supposed to in case the country wants to expand the business. The current dealing in Bitcoin exchange platform of India, has bounded between 300 to 400 BTC daily to the sudden drop of 30-40 BTC per day. The fact which fears out the citizens to invest in cryptocurrency is the capital gains which the Income Tax department authority has taken into public action. Sometime ago, customers also had to restrict themselves from using credit, debit and prepaid card transactions whichever included bitcoin and altcoins. These steps were followed right after the severe action taken against the Bitcoin transactions with credit cards. However, regarding the transactions, government had requested the companies dealing with cryptocurrencies to integrate know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering protocols to safer the transactions. Dr. Amit Lakhanpal, Founder of Money Trade Coin Group had supported all the regulations and protocols from its nascent stage till date. Also, he has made an appeal to the government and the country’s Supreme Court to legalize the digital coins in for daily use. Meeting all the demands, the coin has legal rights to trade with cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, the confused crypto-holders will get a way to habituate cryptocurrencies in their daily lives.
  6. Every now and then, where you least expect it, dreams can really come true. Such a marvel recently took place last Saturday at the Mumbai Mid Day Housie. Money Trade Coin Group helped make this day memorable by sponsoring the event, which led to housie winner Sanjay Thakkar claiming his cash prize. The lucky man from Thane was overwhelmed with his victory and had a heartwarming plan for where his money would be spent. Due to financial burdens, he was unable to fulfill his daughters wishes to study further. Until now his employer had managed to help him put his daughter in a school in Gujarat, but with other complications in his life like the death of his wife and the expenses involved in caretaking for his elderly parents, Sanjay was in need of assistance. With these funds, he can now give his daughter a good education in one of the best schools in India, and focus his efforts on keeping the rest of his family financially secure. This unexpected source of charity helped hardworking Sanjay finally catch a break and the selfless use of the winnings revealed his honorable intentions.
  7. Bitcoin suffers bad times as price dips below $ 7000 crypto market has seen 34% decline in the month of January 2018. Although the entire market is in panic, the crypto experts and researchers reported that the cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market and definitely price of bitcoin is falling but still its value is high than what it was 3 months before. Considering the History of Bitcoin one can say that after every major fall in the value of bitcoin, it has managed to regain its value and position back in crypto space. so we must assume an uptrend is imminent either way
  8. An air of Cryptocurrency is flowing all over the world. The numerous Cryptocurrencies in the financial market are competing against each other to emerge as the winner. So, to build its hold and prove it's prowess in the volatile market, Money Trade Coin is leaving no stones unturned. The Money Trade Coin Group recently launched wallet and exchange services at Poland in East Europe as well as at Thailand in Asian countries. The two registered companies in Europe, MTCX Crypto Technologies, and MTCX Digital Securities Exchange will provide an array of services to aid investors. The group has also announced MTCX Crypto Solutions in Thailand. The introduction of these authorized companies will benefit Money Trade Coin to substantially step into the global financial markets and reach the desired position.
  9. The technological boom has brought about a new member in the financial world. After a stagnation period, Cryptocurrency picked up a massive pace in the business and financial sector thrusting the economy of several countries. In this fast-paced world, we need everything quick and easy. So, all are transactions also need to be done in the simplest ways possible. Creating a Cryptocurrency isn't a difficult process, you just need to understand and apply a code-base. But what's arduous is the transaction and use of the Cryptocurrency. Though we have many Cryptocurrencies in the global market, all don't provide effortless transaction facilities. Imagine you've do carry a transaction but you need to login to the site on your website each time, tedious isn't it. Desktop websites make it troublesome to complete your financial transactions. As such, some leading digital currencies have come up with Mobile Wallets to ease your difficulties. One such Mobile wallet introduced by the Money Trade Coin Group recently is MTCX India. It makes buying and selling of Money Trade Coin and Bitcoin facile and trouble-free. Though currently, MTCX India permits only Bitcoin and Money Trade Coin transactions this emerging cryptocurrency will soon provide an array of services to serve everyone and will include more cryptocurrencies on its list. Experience easy and fast transactions with MTCX India today!
  10. Money Trade Coin(MT Coin) is a unique cryptocurrency that enhances the cross-border money transfer procedure. MT Coin transfers encrypted money across borders with SWIFT( wire transfer) and also become Secured Alternate Local Currency. MT Coin would be introduced as a partially pre-mined coin using JavaScript APIs, with the focus on making money transfer a hassle-free decentralized process.With MT Coin you can easily transfer Pre-mined cryptocurrency to any person. Multi Signatory Wallet – Escrow Account An autonomous escrow account to facilitate the international exchange of goods and services without any commission based mediator. Highly Secure Transaction High-value transactions requires KYC( Know Your Customer ) and safeguard your account of being hacked by AML (Anti-Money Laundering) feature Secure Wallet · PIN Figure Scanning ( Biometric) · Retina Scanning (Future) Mobile Conformations Only one wallet per phone which captures IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). MT Coin address will never freeze that means you can store your MT Coin in any mobile wallet and provides unique internet identity (IID) Helpful MT Coin links: Official site: moneytradecoin.com MT Coin Wallet: https://www.mtcxindia.com/ (India) https://www.mtcxoasis.com/ (UAE) For more Enquiry: https://goo.gl/sE62z7
  11. The words ‘cryptocurrency, ‘bitcoin’ and ‘mining’ might ring a bell to you. The internet certainly recognizes it - the digital world has been set ablaze by block chain technology and cryptocurrency in a few short years. A few years ago, bitcoin currencies like bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum possessed a somewhat ambiguous reputation: the potential of an encrypted and peer to peer form of currency capable of direct transactions was desirable to many. We haven’t even gotten to the good news, which is that the future of cryptocurrency only looks better and better with each passing day. While we won’t be able to discuss that here, we can tell you what the uses of cryptocurrency are and why you should consider investing in it. Instantaneous Payment, Globally It can often take days for money to be transferred from country to country. That transfer also comes with a high processing fee. For large payments, that fee can be a hefty sum. Cryptocurrency takes care of both problems, as transfers are completed in a matter of minutes with a negligible processing fee. Universal Acceptance Imagine you’re in a foreign country and all you’ve got is Indian currency. You can’t pay for anything with that – it has no meaning to the citizens of the foreign country. But that’s not true with MT-Coin, bitcoin, ethereum and the like. You can use a Money Trade Coin anywhere, no questions asked. The value of one coin is the same here as it is in any part of the world. Unconstrained by global exchange rates, your money gets transferred faster and cheaper. A Worthwhile Investment Option Currently, this is by far the most popular use of cryptocurrency. That’s not a surprise: for all its growth, it’s still in the nascent stage and people are trying to make hay when the sun shines. The trend and analysis only indicate an upward growth for it, as does the historical picture. Case in point: take a look at the growth of the bitcoin since 2009. Fraud Proof Unfortunately, we still live in a world where crooks cunningly attempt to dry your bank account through whatever means possible. A century ago, you could lose your money by being robbed in person. Today, it’s still possible to suffer from credit card charge backs and fraud. None of this is possible with digital currency. They are by their very nature immune to counterfeit and shady transaction tactics. An Increasing Number of Tangible Real World Applications Granted, cryptocurrency is not at the stage where you’re going to be able to walk into your local store and pay for a packet of chips with it. The real world applications are only just being investigated. Yet, industries as varied as travel, education and non-profit are already accepting cryptocurrency payment. Some airlines and universities have begun accepting digital currency. All of the aforementioned is nothing but a preview of the transformation that cryptocurrency is set to bring. The wheels are in motion. Shortly, Money Trade Coin a new age cryptocurrency with collective benefits will replace the old traditional method and become secured alternate local currency across the globe.
  12. Types of Cryptocurrency

    Moving to the next facet of virtual currency world is Classification or Types of Cryptocurrency. There are hundreds of virtual currencies in the market, though describing each one of them in order to their market capitalization and Block Chain network will require plenty of time. Many researchers and economist stated that the virtual currency is a forthcoming future of currency. Globalization, digitalization, and technical advancement are developing the trend of a new form of investment in the market with numerous benefits over traditional stereotyped investments. Here, In the article, we will explicate the leaders of virtual currency world. Bitcoin It is first widely accepted virtual currency, be a trendsetter it had opened the door of cryptocurrency in the global economic market. Today many well-known companies such as PayPal, Microsoft, Dell, and Newegg accepts bitcoin payments. The value of Bitcoin has gone through many sequels of appreciation and depreciation and had achieved the highest rate of 5000$ on 1st September 2017. Ethereum After the Bitcoin second, most popular currency is Ethereum, launched back in 2015. After the DAO happened in 2016 the faith of investors has been devastated, it still continues to operate due to a strong team of developers and enforcement of smart contracts. Litecoin Litecoin secured third ranking in the crypto market in terms of acceptance. It has launched in 2011 and uses the same fundamental structure as bitcoin therefore often referred as ‘silver to bitcoin's gold'. Ripple Ripple works on consensus ledger which does not need mining process to be involved, reducing utilization of computing power and network latency. It was released in the year 2012. However, according to researchers Ripple's network and codes are more vulnerable to hackers reducing safety and privacy of users. Money Trade Coin (MTC) A new age cryptocurrency launched recently on 17th September 2017 in Dubai, UAE under the charge of founder and director Mr. Amit Lakhanpal. Money Trade Coin has many distinct features from other cryptocurrencies such as Highly E-secured wallet, Bio-metric identification, Multi-step verification, AML & KYC norms, 84 million partially pre-mined coins & integration of SWIFT code and messaging system. It is a first cryptocurrency which has international incorporation certificate. Dogecoin, Dash, Namecoin, Monero, and Z-cash are also key players in the market. Apart from above-listed cryptocurrencies, there are hundreds of currencies, as the explosive growth of virtual currency world.
  13. Money Trade Coin has initiated its first revolutionary step into virtual currency market with introducing concept of SWIFT code and messaging system into crypto world. Money Trade coin will be world’s first cryptocurrency which would be adopting personalized SWIFT code & SWIFT messaging system to ensure robust and secure, transactions taking place across the globe through Block Chain technology. SWIFT codes are allotted by Society of Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunication and its network is too wide which can be estimated by presently running SWIFT codes approximately 40,000 in the count. SWIFT technology in transactions is only used for messaging system. As per the industrial requirement it keeps updating new message code to transmit different financial transaction. SWIFT has maintained its dominant position in the global processing of transactional messages with its innovative ideas and constant technological advancement. Its robust framework of message format allows huge scalability which resulted into greater acceptance by users. SWIFT code and messaging framework will be integrated into Money Trade Coin from March 2018 onward which will ease the process of a transaction ensuring safety, making Money Trade Coin to be forthcoming future of crypto world.
  14. Working Mechanism Of Cryptocurrency

    In this article, we are enlightening the most important aspect in the world of digital currency which is as follows How does cryptocurrency work? Or working mechanism of cryptocurrency Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that are run by the Cryptography or encryption. Cryptocurrency works on highly complex computer coding system and incorporated by many essential components such as Block Chain, Wallet, Private & Public Keys, Miners. There are two ways by which user can make money through virtual currency • Mining • Investing Mining: It is a process of authenticating and validating a transaction. Miner records each transaction in public ledger and earns appreciation for the same. Investing: This is another way by which you can make money. Value of cryptocurrency is based on supply and demand bar; however predefined supply algorithm usually plays an important role. Money Trade Coin a new age cryptocurrency is also embedded with all the fundamentals of Block Chain, like all other cryptocurrencies. It posses appealing features with highly secured e-wallet, AML & KYC norms, biometric identification and multistep verification which makes it distinct and outstanding in today’s crypto world. Coming to the brief discloser of basic component of cryptocurrency running mechanism: Block Chain Cryptocurrency uses decentralized technology which enables users to secure payment and store money without disclosing their name or involving the third party. This technology runs distributed public ledger called Block Chain, which keeps a record of all the transactions. A Block Chain is nothing but a series of compiled blocks each having a connection to the previous block which helps to retrace every single transaction from day one. Wallet Cryptocurrency wallet is secure digital wallet exercise to store, send and receive virtual currency. There are different types of e-wallet such as Desktop Wallet, Mobile Wallet, Online Wallet & Paper Wallet. It is highly advisable to keep a backup of wallet and private keys to encrypt them. Private & Public Keys A private key is a secret key which is used with an algorithm to encrypt and decrypt code. A private key substantiates identity of cryptocurrency holder and allows them to exchange the units. The public key is created from private key & this process is immutable. To understand the concept in the simpler way we can compare a mailbox with a public key and a private key as a key to the box. Miners Miners are a tech-savvy person or group of people who serve as record keepers and create new copies of Block Chain, adding recent, previous unverified transaction to accomplish those transactions. Miners get rewarded with crypto coins for their efforts and technical intellectuality.
  15. We sincerely show our gratitude to Trade Arabia a leading business news portal of the Middle East and Arabian Gulf countries for covering the story! Source: http://www.tradearabia.com/news/BANK_328129.html Courtesy: Trade Arabia Bussiness News Information Trade Arabia BitCoin Global FZE had announced soft launch of Money Trade Coin in Dubai, UAE. The soft launch had witnessed many dignitaries name Govindaji, Raza Murad & 50 representatives of elite trader and institutes from India, UK, Singapore for PICO (Private Initial Coin Offering). They had also made the global announcement of a collaboration between BitCoin Global FZE, UAE and Money Tarde Coin Ltd UK in the article. Many highlights and benefits of MT-Coin are depicted in the same article.